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Just moved all my BTC into ETH. I just think i'll make more profit with ETH.

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Oh no

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Also bought on more ETH on this lovely Sunday dip.

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isnt eth a dead shitcoin that only goes up bc of gas fees?

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yikes bad move chief.

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move into all into BNB and now we're talking.

mETHheads deserve the rope

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Business Marketing Theory i have. BTC has succeeded at legitimizing cryptocurrencies as an accepted commodity for the most part. Once that become the case, businesses and corporations will start to search for a better bang for buck option when it comes to cryptocurrency technology. ETH is better bang for buck than BTC

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ETH is gonna get flipped. Money skelly hasn't gotten sharting or ETH 2.0 running and now he's gotta deal with CCP and US banker gangs. Pretty obvious how it's gonna turn out imo.

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Ok so assuming BTC is gonna get flipped by ETH and ETH is gonna get flipped. Who is flipping ETH?

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U should have waited a bit. Atleast until April.

T. Insider

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BTC will not get flipped by ETH. BTC does exactly what it's supposed to do which is muh store of value. ETH is broken at the current level of use because you're paying $50 dollar gas fees to trade $100 bucks in shitcoins and it's not going to get fixed. Now BNB is on the scene and it actually functions properly because they threw away muh decentralization ideology.

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so its just another exchange? Whats special about it?

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It can only trade Ethereum-compatible tokens. You know, since it's basically just a private Ethereum network, like Quorum.

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Goooood, twice the greed double the fall.

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Hmm, I guess only whales can afford the decentralization. Perhaps that's inevitable? Poor people will just have to trust someone richer than them not to scam.

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At least double the profit..for sure. My Notre Dame degree. Along with growing up in shady wealthily family has taught me one thing. Business always want the cheapest material that get the job done with the least amount of effort for the maximum profit.

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>cheapest material with the least effort and maximum profit

That isn't ETH, buddy.

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Sir im also invested within many different coins. Including Digibyte. Used to gamble, now i dont have the urge to with crypto, it gives me the same rush. Thing is im holding for the most part and making serious gains.

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BTC will remain king for min. 5 more years.
If something does flip it, it won't be ETH, but most likely nothing will.
Ethereum will start bleeding hard before BTC goes parabolic, and wont be in the top 5 if there is an alt season. No matter what, something is flipping ETH. My money is on BNB, but ADA and Polkadot have a chance (maybe lol)