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This is just in guys


Rekt in peace for all LTO holders.

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Faggot you almost had me.

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Fake and gay

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Sadly this is legit news anon. Mainstream media will pick up the news soon. Keep coping.

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Fake link is still fake and gay.
Gibs actual link to something that exists or kindly suck your mum off

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6/10 not the worst

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Why do people fud like this? I will never understand the intentional mislead against a firm project? Do you really just like causing absurd uncertainty?

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priced the fuck out ahhahhaha

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Who the hell needs lettuce tomato onion anyway

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I have no worries. Been sitting on 50k since .18
I will make and you will not you evil cunt

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fuck LTO and fuck VIDT

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Get out while you can anon, the hype with this coin is fishy and reminds me of supply chain coin fad in 2018. On the other hand this can take off like VET (also a overly hyped semi-scam coin), but 99% this will end up like waltonchain and ambrosus.

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both 404 just kill yourself you're better off.

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1-2 LTO generals a day you call that hype faggot? Rubic is pumping again go fomo in your dog nigger

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>pointing out it's fake
>not instantly posting 'MFW IT'S REAL'
You're a fucking nigger faggot GET OFF MY BOARD.

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I was also at first in that at first glance it seemed to resemble vechain, but with more research I found it to be one of the most legit crypto projects I've come across and it really has the business and tokenomic fundamentals already far ahead of what its currently valued. Not that replying to you matters anyway because you're a priced out troll.

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can you be anymore of a fag

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just to troll people. its funny

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I got fucked by ambrosus in 2018 kek. But in that case, I was banking on them actually securing clients and years later they don't have a single paying customer. Can't deny LTO has paying customers going for it

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Never do that again you fucking Faggot

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All their clients are literally who though. I bet some are just dummy company created to artificially boost their transaction per day. Not to mention largest transaction generator Legal Things is owned by the CEO himself. This is just pump and dump shit like WTC, won't be scammed by European Mo Bing sorry.

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And do you have any proof that they have any paying customer other than medium blog posted by the team?

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>All their clients are literally who though.

say that again

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what I can't hear you

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Dying boomer company, irrelevant in 2021. Not to mention IBM is not their client, it's their client's client kek.

Won't do anything to price, see RLC or Iota

>United Nations
Kek, scam coin like ambrosus and devery have official partnership with UN too. Literally anyone can sign partnership with them as long as you pay money.

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UN partnership flew over my crib

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at the end of the day your $1000 dollar investment doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things

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Lololol you're gonna use UN partnership as your shill point?

Devery enter partnership with UN, team exitscammed literally months after that.

Ambrosus partner with UN, we all know how it ends. Ambrosus revealed as scam.

Anyone can partner with UN, even my grandma.

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You see the similarity between devery and LTO regarding their partnership with UN? Both are "project" in some shithole third world countey.
They're literally wasting investor money for charity in shithole third world country that nobody else give a fuck.

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just sold 100k

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Weak fud

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HAHA sorry to break it to you kid but catering to third world countries is in every crypto's roadmap for the " greater good" Cardano is catering to Africa.

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btw what the fuck even are those sources? Forbes at least everyone knows about and has legitimacy. Who the fuck goes to blocktelegraph or prnewire for crypto news lmao.

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Actually legal things is now owned by KATE innovations. Keep up bub

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for the uninitiated

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A no name company acquired another no name company. Yeah sure that's bullish as hell. Who the fuck even named their company KATE anyway.

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and you link me no name sources about some literal who coins that no one has ever heard of trying to disprove LTO's legitimacy, doesn't work. >>29359230

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A billionaire.

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I work within the UN and it's a bunch of shit. They have a million 'initiatives' and 'partnerships' which lead to nothing except some exposure for a topic. VIDT was a cool project, Rick is honestly a shit CEO and LTO is a crap forked L1 chain. Its at 200-300 in ranking for a reason. Stop day dreaming, we are over half way through the current bull.

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>I work within the UN

and my dad works at Nintendo

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Hardly. It's not a difficult gig to get and the only benefit is being tax free and not paying the goverment.

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So much this.
Their CEO even used pornstar as some marketing material for their coin, can't think of worse red flag for a project trying to cement their position in B2B field.
Dude is just some european tranny wannabe libtards trying to dump their bags on you guys.

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He's a successful CEO making deals with billionaires and you guys are literal nigger trannies /biz/ shitposter. I can't take you guys seriously. You got priced out get over it.

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What billionaire? Their team consisted of 6 dutch guys without any sort of credibility. But yeah sure a small no name company acquiring another small no name company is great news, right?

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Not even trying right now.

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Give me one thing you've been successful in your life and I'll invest 10 eth in you instead of Rick... Oh wait...

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They are real companies paying actual money for transactions which offer an actual service (ie anchoring, with DiDs coming).

>saves a real business 7mil euro a year

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And you're sure that they're all real company not just dummy created solely to inflate transaction number and their clients count? You haven't learn about 2018 partnership fad I guess.
Move on guys, this bull run is all about BTC, ETH, and DeFi. "Partnership", "clients", "real world use case", that's so 2018.

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lto is the baby version of Oxen. iykyk

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Just translated the article:

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People kept saying how LTO was unfuddable earlier, so this is what you get, I guess

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Buy the dip, faggot
>they said again and again
Then shill this trash on /biz/
>good I have bot ocean subscription and use bots for trading and low risks on DEX

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priced out faggot

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Their fud is based on some anon downplaying literal billionaire investors exhibit A

Downplaying legitimate partnerships and actual clients who are already using the network

about a pornstar being used to market it when it was just Rick answering a Reddit AMA question that took place in some obscure altcoin subreddit about who his fav pornstar is and not literally using a pornstar on their platforms to market LTO.

and fabricated stories about working at UN with no proof

and they're all coming from the same fag.

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bullish af kek

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Honestly, the fact that it is so completely and utterly unFUDable and seemingly has no downsides despite its mysteriously low price is the scariest thing.

Every project has a weakness, or at the very least a downside. I’m deep in LTO and I can’t find one, besides not being able to find clients or Europe’s entire economy never recovering from COVID, both of which are unlikely

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Dude. Waltonchain was unFUDable in 2018 when they released strings of partnership. Until that OMG I won tweet and Alibaba partnership, finally it's revealed that all of their partnership are duds.
If you're going to believe some medium post and infographics created by LTO team about their partners and clients, you're making the same mistake as those salty walties back then.

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why do these faggots keep talking about the bull run? i give a fuck about the LTO returns in 2-3 years, not now you fucking retards. literally one of the only coins that doesn't rely on it's users dumping their bag on someone else before the music stops. stay poor.

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The team will have exitscammed 2 years from now and you'll be left holding unsellable bags.

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>i instantly market sold


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Thank you for caring for my financial well being Anon.

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read this, holy fuck LTO holders BTFO

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Holyshit OP is actually right. No wonder the price is dumping hard right now.

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thank fuck for this dip. may actually be able to get to a makeit stack.

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Thats not an argument, faggot

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aren't there food and animal tokens for you to be aping into nigger?

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Did WaltonChain have the same number of transactions? Was WaltonChain working with governments? Genuinely asking, was not around in 2017/18 for it


A UN partnership seems pretty legit and hard to fake

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Aren't there any arguments against this concern? I thought this was unFUDdable

>> No.29366491

This will moon and then biz will FOMO in at the top, as usual.

>> No.29366679


There's nothing to argue there my nigger. He's mentioning Waltonchain which I have no idea about or why it rugged, and saying how LTO might follow the same fate. That's not an argument about LTO's legitimacy.

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LTO is the truth

>> No.29367091

No wonder you fall for the shill easily. LTO is just dutch version of china hustle, not a successful one too given their mcap ranking.
Also UN partnership is irrelevant, everybody can partner with UN easily. In 2-3 months nobody will give a fuck about UN partnership, especially one in a shithole like afghan.

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>everybody can partner with UN easily.
Can you show me another network doing something similar? I mean UN partnerships are easy to get right? Or something like they're doing with the Ministry of Transport in the Netherlands? Just one project.

Also just a heads up, you type like a pajeet

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what a bunch of lame fudders
what the fuck is the point?
why is this one coin rent free in your heads

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> UN is irrelevant
>LTO is a dutch scam

But your fuds are literal trash tier and they say nothing I'm being serious. Do you wanna fud harder? Actually start giving links and proof to your claims.

>Holyshit OP is actually right. No wonder the price is dumping hard right now.

This is why no one can take you seriously you say this while OP provided two 404 links lmao

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Devery team exitscam months later while ambrosus tanked so hard and never recover.

>> No.29367519


Here you go samefagging again giving the same no name source links as the " other anons" . >>29359230

While Forbes an actual legitimate news source


>> No.29367637

>this company exit scammed so that means LTO will too!
nice logic. and ambrosus tanked cuz after 3 years they have yet to sign a paying customer. can't say LTO is in a similar situation...

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Remember Horizon State? Another example of crypto project that partner with UN then exit scam months later: https://medium.com/horizonstate/united-nations-igo-joins-forces-with-horizon-state-to-accelerate-sdg-innovation-38bd9f8f54d0

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Fuck i lost 10k

>> No.29367734

>Opinion expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own
The link you posted is literally forbes opinion column page.

>> No.29367784

fuck bros my hands are getting really shakey

I bet these anons are providing us this insight for the greater good, because they care about our financial wellbeing. It couldnt be for any selfish reason at all, right guys?

>> No.29367948

>It couldnt be for any selfish reason at all, right guys?

>> No.29368031

Which paying customers do LTO have?

>> No.29368042


Bro give me a good source like how I linked you Forbes, you're giving us links about these other no name companies who paid these no name crypto pr sites that no one ever visits (prnewswire, blocktelegraph) to write about their supposed UN partnership.

The link you posted is literally forbes opinion column page.

uhh no Forbes opinion column is here https://www.forbes.com/opinions/

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File: 3.30 MB, 2370x6000, 16124531995721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

assuming your not one of these fudding pajeets, here you go.
daily transaction count: https://lto.tools/txs/

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Here, they namedrop the UN stakeholder as well.

>> No.29368797

Sold all my LTO stack. Ultimately the chart don't lie.

>> No.29368822


First of all for Devery should be ashamed of themselves for not even carrying such a simple task as making sure 6000 kids in a fucking school stay fed.

Second this doesn't compare to LTO's project which is to create a blockchain framework that would support a digital land registry known as the “goLandRegistry” in Afghanistan.

>> No.29368862


So you sold at the bottom of the dip after you bought at ATH

>> No.29368893

Reggie fisasme- or Myamoto sun desnaire

>> No.29369126

My point still stands, anybody can partner easily with the UN. So UN partnership means nothing.

>> No.29369266

guess we'll see soon enough when they begin transactions. if its <500 daily txs, then yes, the partnership will essentially be a meh

>> No.29369327

I'm confused. Why should I care?

>> No.29369420

you shouldn't. lto very bad coin. now shoo newfag

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My god this thread is trash - just sell all your LTO bros I’ll happily buy more for staking. I mean cmon we got UN employees in here, don’t you trust them???

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A niggerville Gov agency trying to regulate a blockchain network. Niggers gona nig.

You smell like curry.

>> No.29369669

seek help anon

>> No.29369700

Link's fake m8.

>> No.29369706

Shhh pajeet. Better ways to earn 20c.

>> No.29369759

Trying to get these goat fuckers to try harder. SEC ?! Who gives a fuck.

I wouldn't pay them them for this poor quality fud.

>> No.29369823

Keep coping bruv. Chart seems to agree with the negative sentiment. Next stop 0.1.

>> No.29369894

How fucking basic you gotta be to NOT realise that Afghanistan is basically a pilot for this scheme, fuck me. What, you think if it's successful everyone's just gonna call it a day there?

>> No.29369907


>KATE Innovations, owned by billionaire John Fentener van Vlissingen acquires LegalThings from Firm24. LegalThings offers real estate companies solutions for digitizing the entire (rental) contract cycle. Together with shareholder BORON, KATE is actively investing in realizing its ambitions within the real estate sector.

>offers real estate companies solutions for digitizing the entire (rental) contract cycle

understand that this is one the things LTO specializes in, to be putting real estate and landmarks on a blockchain framework, and a billionaire just acquired them to help accelerate this process. These news came months after the UN partnership. It's great news to say the least. Now whether you think it's a good idea to spend your $100 dollar allowance on this token or not doesn't really matter in front of the trajectory of growth this company is going through and that growth is reflecting on the company's token.

>> No.29369940


I got rekt by this. And now I hold LTO. But the UN partnership was literally all HST was proped up by.

>> No.29369942

BTC just took a huge $4k shit
This, there's already plans for India, Sri Lanka and others.

>> No.29369950

Doing wonders for my IL. And I'm still 10x. Stay poor watching the 10 day chart

>> No.29370180

India, Sri Lanka, etc. Just another shithole that nobody give a fuck.
>KATE Innovations, owned by billionaire John Fentener van Vlissingen
There's no mention of his name here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dutch_by_net_worth

>> No.29370288

Your FUD isn't working.

No LTO holders on biz sold his stack. How do I know?
Just check the number of "cancel lease" transfers on our node and you will know.

There are none. Fuck off.

>> No.29370376


> wiki link of Dutch billionaires.
Do you want personal access to this man's banking accounts to verify his billions? The absolute state of LTO fudders.

>> No.29370443

Show me proof or good source that the man is indeed a billionaire then.

>> No.29370483

Lol. Google his name

>> No.29370514

He has his own wiki page, my dude

>> No.29370530



>Sadly this is legit news anon. Mainstream media will pick up the news soon. Keep coping.

Also let's still remind everyone who are reading that you posted a fake link at the beginning of this thread to trick newfags I guess into selling their bags. Anything you said and will say on here holds no validity from the start.

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This will be the state of LTO soon

>> No.29370743

Holy shit you're right, literally 0 cancelled leases EVER on the biz node. WAGMI

>> No.29370779

I'm retarded, how do I check this?

>> No.29370787


lmao there you have it

also >>29370530 as a stark reminder so everyone can see what kind of fudder we're dealing with.

>> No.29370967

looking up the node address on the LTO explorer.


change the transaction 'Type' on the right dropdown.

>> No.29371043

Thanks fren.

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