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my guess is we have around 3-4 days left

bitcoin is showing cracks and the whole market is violently responding to them. take profits and be prepared

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I'm going down with the ship, just like last time.

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this is like the 15th bear trap this year lmao

(((they))) are shaking all the goycels out

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I bought the top in 2017 and by some magic bought the exact bottom sub-$4k, whatever BTC has coming it’s nothing compared to the hell ive just spent 3 years in.

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I know some genuinely sub 100 IQ retards who just bought in and think it’s gonna keep going up and up.

I thought the top was a few weeks ago, we surely have to be at the top now. I’m sick of it I cashed out already I want to buy the dip already

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Every Sunday you retards make these threads

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yea, no.

sell retards, paper hander bitch nigger.

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it was supposed to 100k what the fuck WHY IS IT CRASHING WHY

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It’s hitting 80-90k before dropping. If you haven’t figured that much out yet you’re actually ngmi

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BTC is down 1%, are you anons fucking retarded?

every sunday this happens, you are literally fucking dumb paper handed incels.

buy my bags at premium prices...

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I love when people panic sell bitcoin and post about it “crashing” and it’s down 3%.

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People are taking profits, it's 56k PER COIN

doesn't mean the dips won't be gobbled up again. Sell if you can't take the pressure, I'm happy to buy at a discount

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>it's j-j-just a dip b-bro
why would people willing give up gold, i will tell you. because BTC is not gold. it is worthless and now people realize this.

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Anon is right. I came to this conclusion after looking at the chart for one second.

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ngl, laughing hard at these comments, you are braindead.

check crypto prices in few days and buy my fucking bags at premium prices you incel.

i'll be dumping on you.

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You're right, it's not gold, it's much more valuable

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Nobody cares about your newfag opinion retard.

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BTW nice peter schiff role-play u gold whore.

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it's only as valuable as people believe it to be just like fiat. the government has an entire apparatus in place to stabilize fiat, and keep it the world currency, which means it can't fail, because it would drag down like 2/3rds of the global economy with it.

bitcoin is just some shit, numbers on a screen, it is literally worthless if the power goes out. it represents nothing. you can't even burn it for heat like paper money.

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Why does ETH dump harder but pump softer?

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Shillbot or just plain idiot, I can't tell with these posts.

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Beartards will be hunted and killed in their homes

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you're a dumbass, it will go down. just fyi i am holding but i know it will go down. i'm proving my thesis in real-time.

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