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imagine taking a picture of the dip, and not buying it

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Typical Sunday dump. It’s annoying.

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Should've bought BSV instead

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>gain all week
>dump it all on Sunday
>only up 1% week over week

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>thinks he will be able to time the markets
>hasnt been selling 3% at every new ATH

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zoom out you brand new drooling mongoloid

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BSV is being delisted on all the sites because it's confusing new users.....
>OkCoin has delisted BCH and BSV yesterday. This was because the exchanges found it to be confusing for new users because of the same naming scheme.

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Get out gme fag

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>that's why you only had .667 btc to begin with

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The only GUH in sight is you using robinhood. Also go back

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Do you know how to read candles?

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BTC will tank in exactly 12 days

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It’s over.. it’s really over.. Bull run is DONE. Crypto is through.. Silver was the way to go..
>tfw lose everything

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>get off at 51k last dump
>it shoots to 56k
so by that logic it should go up to 60k now right? right? like fucking real it will, this shit will be at 48k in the morning
life isn't real, life is hell, this is a reality show where i am the star, and the world laughs at my suffering. prove me wrong.

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If this is because of Inflation no, unironically what is this stupid shit for, because it should be pumping to 100K as an inflation hedge. It reacts as bad to market crashes as the stock market and doesn't act as a hedge against inflation lol

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Buy pokemon cards... as an inflation hedge!

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man fuck off this is barely anything

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people are going to actually suicide when the real correction happens holy shit lmao

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Dump is Sunday dump and convo going on right now on twitter about tether

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I'm actually suprised we didnt hear about more crypto suicides last bear market.

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Not enough retarded normies fomoing in with loans last time. Maybe we'll hear more since there is a lot more media and public attention, simmering down to people who have never invested into anything in their lives before this.

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this doesn’t even feel like bait. go the fuck back tanner

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The rise of dumb money this year has primed the pump

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