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Get in on this early.

>First Dex on the MATIC chain
>super cheap and fast transactions
>already mooning, Just broke into price exploration from initial listing
>price target - $1000 to $3000 for now



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>Twitter (10K followers, not pajeet)

Pic related, this shit is seeing actual usage bros, it's gonna take off. Get in while it's cheap.



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This is NOT A DRILL gentlemen, we just hit price exploration and we are going to $400 minimum end of day

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This is going to destroy Uniswap and BSC. Why wouldn’t you buy this? I look for projects that are being used.

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I buyed a huge MATIC stack instead

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/biz/ this is BSC (cheap and fast) but decentralized. Absolute no brainer and it's brand new token. This will MINIMUM 3x. Directly to the moon, TONIGHT.

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Buy the fucking dragon

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/biz/ im trying to help u ;_; why does no one pay attention when there's an actually good shill

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This is the next exchange you see YouTubers shill after filling up their bags

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Loading the dip.

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Unironically going to rival Uniswap.

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Because biz doesn’t actually like to make money.

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>Cross chain functionality with Rubic (RBC)

this is also /ourcoin/

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Unironically this. I have a gut feeling that Rubic will soon announce a partnership to integrate Quickswap into Rubic as their L2 solution for the time being.

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Should also say that the Quickswap twitter account retweeted the Polygon/Rubic tweet so I'm almost certain something is in the works

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Kek wills it

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brother this is an old pic its at $20M liquidity

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one last bump, don't miss the train /biizzz//

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$1000 EOM

$10,000 EONM

$100M Liquidity EOM



may 3 2021

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Harmony pool is lucrative on there

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Bought a huge matic stack and will prob throw some more at quick. Thanks anons

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wtf guys dont dump on me please.....

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this looks like a "hold my bags" thread that shit crashed HARD

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this is so fucking based. i'm making trades so fucking fast and so cheap. literally 1 matic (which is like 15 cents) seems like it'll last me forever for trade fees on this shit. has... ETH won...??? i'm going to cum

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By the way, this is what Rubic will be using to facilitate their cheap trades. Per the MATIC/Polygon AMA.

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it looks like rubic only supports one token though right now

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so why wouldn't I just invest in Rubic then

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because the quickswap village is starving sir

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Rubic has a ton of bagholders from the pump and dump campaign while QuickSwap is much more robust and has better support.

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Because this is a new dex with big potential, newly listed, easily could 4x in days

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Just buy the fucking dragon

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newfag guide:

the first decentralized exchange on MATIC has been released at: https://quickswap.exchange/
how to use:
>go to https://wallet.matic.network/
>deposit ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 (matic mainnet)
>pay gas fee once to transfer on/off layer 2. takes about 10 minutes
>add Matic Network to Metamask (instructions here: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/metamask/config-matic/)
>your ETH is now on layer 2 and you can use Quickswap and swap tokens for less than a penny. takes a few seconds.
>1 MATIC (about 15 cents) will last you in fees until the end of time (you can swap a little eth for it)

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What does EONM mean, anon?

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>End of New Moon

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Rubic is actually already integrating Quick Swap through matic on their platform

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end of next month lmao>>29356646

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the entire project was coded by one pajeet who is also the lead dev of another project. he impressed the fuck out of some pretty big names when he made this DEX. next project he’s working on will be bigger too.

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>>copy and pasted uniswap on matic network
that being said, I bought quick and matic
literal food token copy pastas are mooning, so

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no look at the routing when you buy a token it swaps for optimal profit (sometimes 2-4 swaps for this) and look at the contracts. the base code that was forked was uni but a lot of it was changed and optimized. if you find the dev + next project he is lead dev of now you can make it, he’s actually a really impressive dev. this was just a fun project for him, the current one he’s working on will be bigger.

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layer 2 + uniswap is what i've been waiting for. i wonder if normies can handle this

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probably not for a while unfortunately. eventually with an easier barrier to entry though.
quick swap dev is the lead dev for bonded finance btw if anyone was wondering.

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AAVE is also involved through aavegotchi

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Shilled forever, matic is a scam coin and quickswap has the EXACT same design like UNI, go die in hell with your shit coin, in a bear market you don't die you will cease to exist with every cell you have, low liquidity in a Bull...

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imagine being this fucking stupid

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Pajeet coin
If you want an exchange on matic, buy rubic, at least it does not smell curry

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>betting against the pajeets

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