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Take a look at the cost difference between a Flux and OCR contract below.

ETHUSD on OCR Contract with 31 Nodes:
Max gas spent in a day was 7.08 ETH or just over $12k USD.

ETHUSD on Flux Contract with 21 Nodes:
Max gas spent in a single day was 76.96 ETH or almost $148k USD.

1 - (12k / 148k) = 91.89% reduction in Gas costs

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What the fuck is ocr. What makes it so much cheaper. Why the fuck is there gas anyway just fuck that shit.

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Who cares linktard. Your coin is dead. Move on

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The oracle. God protocol.

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no one cares about this boomer coin. fuck off

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and LINK still won't pump. What's the point frens

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There are 25 other OCR price feeds allready. They are like 3 ETH a day to run across 9 nodes.

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based thread op

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more like autism coin. strong hold.

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no one cares
your scam is dead

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LINK crabbing during a bull run is autistic too. Nothing ever goes right for Autists when it's going right for normies.

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I wonder what new feeds can be viable at a 91% price reduction

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it's profitable to run a node now. OCRv2 (tsigs) is still on its way. Arbitrum by end of March.

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this is how i know stinkies will win in the long run

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Thought arbi was by March what happened??

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All the fudders are gonna rope so hard

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Arbi is still coming, off chain labs expect it by march. OCR is another cost reducer. I think this will bring gas fees to cents. Every DeFI app will need to switch to LINK as their oracles if they haven’t already to remain competitive.

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anyone got anymore hopium?

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You had 3 years

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We can still kill ourselves

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How long has this been publicly available info? When did you notice this change first?

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This where diamond hands get tested . I have nothing to lose betting 200 $ on this 3 years ago . Moon or nothing

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OCR has been out max 7 days but now we've got a little bit of data to look at and dig through. I only noticed the changes when an anon posted a screen cap of OCR contracts at work a couple days ago.

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>it's profitable to run a node now
uhhhhhhhh this is pretty big news right? like for the network?

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yeah fuck blockchain, fuck crypto

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no it's not. it means nothing. seethe

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FPBP based

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Nobody gives a fuck faggot just pump this piece of shit already

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Mind clarifying a bit? I'm OG but not sure what's the difference between OCR and T-sigs

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fundamentals dont matter in a bull market

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kek I wish, I want $81k link like everyone else

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super weird responses.

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oh wow cool