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Why are we up 525%? Oh tha right, trust the McPlan.

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Feels Good

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feels good to win mcbros

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Never going away

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Can you rugpullers go pls? It worked the first time, I don't think it's gonna work again.

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why should i buy when there was a huge dump in the chart?

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whats the mcdonalds coin etherscan

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McComfy af. I’ve never seen such an active tg makes me super bullish

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You groomed 30 more suckers to buy your McScam
Will you tell these fools when you plan to pull the rug this time?
You are all still a bunch of McFaggots

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Mcswap exchange is baller! Looks incredible.

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you have to be the same autist "based chad" from clover protocol, you right in the exact same way and the proyect feels similar in nature.

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I thought it was a rug. Then my moon bag went 5x yesterday. Turns out it’s a legit coin. The team hopes McDonalds sues cuz it would mean massive publicity. Imagine watching all the McLawyers fumble with this smart contract and anon devs. Could legitimize crypto for skeptics.

Liquidity locked for 1 year
37M supply
<1M mc
*massive meme potential*

No brainer

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Putting energy to this dumb plot twist is a waste, its not believable at all

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Kek and we’re still up 550% hahahahahahahahahahaha

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They've rugged twice actually this will be number three

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No true but nice FUD

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Not true, weak Fud

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This is going no where
You McFraudsters are rats
Just a fresh round of victims
McRugpull is soon
McFaggots Forever

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What sold me on $MCDC was that when it went 270x and dumped..... early buyers held.

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You are all niggers. You are all the blackest, dumbest, yarn-haired, knuckle-dragging, crack-slanging, chicken bone sucking, butt scratching, shit flinging, banana eating, spear chucking pavement apes that have ever disgraced this planet. You are the lowliest gang of magpie porch monkey mulignans humanity has seen since the first Sicilian had children with a chimpanzee. Cambridge's anthropological society has recently founded a new field of study, aptly named "Niggernometry", directly inspired by the garbage that dribbles from your gaping purple nigger lips. Hidden notes found in Farrakhan's secret bunker reveal the true origins of the alleged Israeli "Kangs," - their bloodlines all trace back directly to the seed of McTiaga. In short, you are all massive niggers. Good day.

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You’ll never McListen baka