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Grayscale Investments, the largest fund manager in the industry (owned by DCG, also parent of CoinDesk), has filed for authorization of investment trusts based on tokens for data oracle Chainlink.

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Crypto Long & Short: Interest in DeFi Is Surging. You Can Thank GameStop
One of the most iconic moments of the past week was when Keith Gill, otherwise known as Reddit trader DeepF**kingValue, testified in front of the House Financial Services Committee: “I am not a cat.” All who enjoyed the video of the meeting in which a frustrated lawyer struggled with Zoom settings (who among us hasn’t experienced Zoom awkwardness?) immediately knew what he was referring to, and some of us may or may not have spluttered coffee all over our keyboard.

It wasn’t so much the power of memes that made his remark feel important, nor was it just the humor that made us sit up. It was more the deadpan delivery, staring at the screen, addressing some of the most powerful people in the world. To me, it synthesized a loud shift in attitudes toward authority. With that throwaway remark, Mr. Gill demonstrated loyalty to his tribe rather than to the establishment, a sentiment we see playing out not only across social media but also in classrooms, culture, startups and even in the intimidating world of finance.
The surge in value of “anti-establishment” bitcoin, which broke $1 trillion this week, as well as of meme coins such as Dogecoin, are to a large extent an extension of this. The lack of trust in the establishment’s judgement, and the visible weakening of its influence, make alternatives more viable.

This goes beyond individual crypto assets. The congressional hearings highlighted a growing awareness of structural risks in our capital markets. This, combined with recent industry trends, points to strong potential growth in an area of digital assets we have not yet talked much about in this column: decentralized finance, or “DeFi.”

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The concept is about so much more than high investment returns, although there are potentially plenty of those to be had for those willing to take on high risk. It’s about the emergence of a new type of financial market, not created with professional investors in mind, but which will end up benefiting from their interest. This week, that got a strong boost.

Under the hood
The GameStop drama awakened a greater interest in financial market plumbing, something that very few had bothered to care about before. When we see what looks like institutions trampling on the retail investor, we have questions. Few congressional hearings have been as eagerly followed as this one, in the hopes of getting answers and of seeing the beginning of change. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/crypto-long-short-interest-defi-220100384.html

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you speak like a glowie

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Join the dots:
Mastercard be the next hederahashgraph Global Governing Council member?

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There were "grayscale trust applications" for dozens of sitcoins. Im doubtful they were even the real grayscale.

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This week, crypto fund manager Bitwise launched a DeFi fund, which tracks the weighted value of a basket of tokens. And some U.S.-listed trusts may be on the way: over the past few weeks, Grayscale Investments, the largest fund manager in the industry (owned by DCG, also parent of CoinDesk), has filed for authorization of investment trusts based on tokens for data oracle Chainlink.

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What does this mean? Brainlet here.

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Number go up

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Thanks. That explains it

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>gains over the past 7 days
>ETH: 5.12%
>BTC: 15.97%
>LINK: -1.17%


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Buy HBAR or Chainlink?

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Nothing will happen until Sergey stops dumping and the 200 MA Daily is reclaimed. Until then fuck off

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>Grayscale Investments, the largest fund manager in the industry (owned by DCG, also parent of CoinDesk), has filed for authorization of investment trusts based on tokens for DeFi protocols such as yield optimizer Yearn Finance, money market Aave and data oracle Chainlink. (Note that filing for authorization does not indicate intent to launch, but the possibility is there.)

Read the last part fag. There will be no Grayscale LINK fund, I know 2 people inside the company

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In all seriousness probably means they will begin to tokenize stocks on chain and use LINK to facilitate that since now they can 10x amount of data on chain. Then arbitum goes live and they 1000x everything. Or maybe I’m wrong idk

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Your "3rd short" you supposedly took out last night is going to get BTFO again lmao Just kill yourself. Sure is doesn't necessarily mean the fund is going to happen but they are clearly considering it otherwise they wouldn't have wasted resources filing.

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There are no shorts. He's a larper who wants you to lose money.

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>going to get BTFO
>$33.43 and tanking

Sorry to literally burst your bubble

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It was around 31.50 when you made the post if I remember correctly. Plus we have been bouncing around $31-35 for awhile

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can they make a formal announcement so I can feel better about everything else pumping

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Was in the other day mentioning how I’m not selling, but it’s having trouble with 35$. Only refuse to sell because I’ve tried swinging link before and it never works out. But still having trouble with 35$

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Great your thread says $35 too bad you've never given proof in the history of your larps here