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I'm cumming bros

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Literally nothing is stopping this train, despite my hope for more accumulation, the moon mission has launched

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stay broke tranny

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I wanted more time to acoom but I can't help but enjoy watching my investments quadruple today

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can someone give me a good time to sell this? i have a small stack ill hold forever but i want to sell my big stack because im a poorfag and cant hold for years

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Unironically wait until BTC starts to crash and then sell

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smae, happy, just gonna dca anyway

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>he doesn't realize the ride hasn't even started yet
The floodgates are holding. Fantom isn't pumping, it's just consolidating closer to where it should be. It should currently be at roughly 15B mc at least, probably higher. Let's see if we get there this month.

I have a lot of great info I've been told (but cannot share), all I'll say is HODL this shit. Something big is coming this week.

>"The king will bleed as the merchant smiles. The third law stands true, though all 48 are important. GME gives "power to the player". The waves will crash against the rocks, as the throne lies slick with blood. In the end, three branches will become one, and the master will be replaced."

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Somebody post the Fantom copypasta please

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just tell us nobody actually gives a fuck its an anonymous forum we all need tidbits of data pls do the needful sirs

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Anyone here still buying?

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I’m getting ready to fomo

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>>29324599 (OP)
Korean government and Fantom

Afghanistan government and Fantom
Fantom in Health -https://forbes.com/sites/lukefitzpatrick/2020/07/06/fantoms-blockchain-tech-is-being-trialed-in-afghanistan-to-solve-a-surprising-world-health-organization-who-problem/?sh=350264aa3844
Fantom in Energy -https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blockchain-firm-fantom-unveils-pilot-193717908.html
Fantom in Chamber of Commerce -https://fantom.foundation/blog/acci-fantom-pilot-program/
Fantom in National Standard Authority -https://fantom.foundation/blog/ansa-fantom-blockchain-issuance-program/

Dubai’s government and Fantom
Fantom in Smart Cities -https://cointelegraph.com/news/smart-dubai-initiative-receives-a-boost-as-dag-platform-comes-on-board

Ukraine’s government and Fantom
Fantom in CBDC and IPhttps://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/ukrayinska-delegaciya-pid-golovuvannyam-volodimira-zelenskog-66549

Fantom is the biggest non-ETH DeFi platform with over $170M TVL. All the DeFi projects are porting to Fantom

Flashloan Wrapper deployed on Fantomhttps://ftmscan.com/address/0xa89a83890cc5d43d710846cefcb4a41007a37347#code
DAI will deploy on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/tx/0x483876ba9d5132272397a51de82499fe465a1a5f67e4e63979ef91052c71983b
Keep3rV1 launched on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/address/0x7aeb9634c4e7b30ffa169ef17d0be29c86ee82f0#code
Cover Protocol contracts were deployed on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/contractsVerified
UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets -https://fantom.foundation/blog/unilend-integrates-ftm-and-fantom-synthetic-assets/

yearn.finance and all of Andre Cronje's multi billion dollar projects are coming to Fantom

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Close to 6 fig he’ll with 140k stack and 1100 Linkies. Wish Link wasn’t a $34 stable coin

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one thing he talks about is xar and zar network

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is there no way for burgers to buy without exchanging

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we are so early, Fantom is going to be top 10 coin

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Information like this will obviously be traced back to me, because as far as I know only a handful of people know about this (including team). Sorry, you'll just have to figure it out... Or better yet, just hodl and the results will be the same

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lol what? youre complaining about a 1% fee?

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>It should currently be at roughly 15B mc at least, probably higher.
Holy hell that's delusional as fuck.

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Think he means from Ethereum

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try top 3

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poor if it wasn't obvious
thanks their fees are a lot kinder than metamask

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kek xar got thrown into the dumpster half a year ago.

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why? no it's not

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dude theres nothing cheaper

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>mfw 50k ftm

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well friends I just got back from the second errands at the laundry mat and IT HIT $0.39!!!! Dad brought bed bugs into my place and so this laundry trip was exhausting as practically everything has to be washed or heated and covers off couch and bed. I'm hopeful for better days after this recent long string of bad luck (fractured my calcaneus early Nov and only started limp walking recently). hope it's smooth sailing for all of us soon Fanties

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Did it? :)

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Fantom: The Next Top-10


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>Something big is coming this week.
A dump?

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This is THE ftm schizo, just have faith anon

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swingies and sellers definitely have that in their portfolio's future, yes

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Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions
Hide your intentions not by closing up (with the risk of appearing secretive, and making people suspicious) but by talking endlessly about your desires and goals— just not your real ones.

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>"The king will bleed as the merchant smiles. The third law stands true, though all 48 are important. GME gives "power to the player". The waves will crash against the rocks, as the throne lies slick with blood. In the end, three branches will become one, and the master will be replaced."

What the actual fuck?

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anyone else remember ftm schizo from the 2 cent days? i was down 50% and holding for days and this dude made me get comfy and i was just thinking about it and hoping fantom would be fucking massive

fuck i wish i bought more at 2 cents OH WELL only tens of thousands of dollars while im poor as fuck. FUCKING RETARD

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:) looks like we've got a smarty pants here.

A lot of it I tried to make pretty blatant for those who actually realize what's going on haha

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you will never be a real male

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is the FTM schizo Harry Yeh or something?

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Harry Yeh more like harry nuts lol

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he's a legit schizo, guiding us all

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Our very own Q

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this is getting crazy

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kek i told my friend about fantom at 2 cents and he didnt listen. if i bought more at 2c id be rich by now

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a fucking 20x almost so far ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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price is now 39 cents

by EOY price is at least $ 10 per one Fantom

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For those of you who do not understand Fantom and what it does for the crypto space, or if you are a tech brainlet. Imagine if Andre Cronje was a boss tier tranny, and he was able to figure out a way to turn trannies into women seamlessly without gender reassignment surgery and dilating. And this info leaked to /LGBT/ and you found it on there before all the other normie homosexuals did. This is basically what Fantom is doing for the crypto space.

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Just getting started.
Your mate isn’t too late for another 10x at least

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how can it keep going up when bitcoin crashes?

>> No.29340193

i bought at 11 cents
am i gonna make it bros...

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I know, my dilemma is if I go all in now, I will have less fanties than if it crashes. There is very little doubt this is the ATH

>> No.29340282

Yeah bro WAGMI

>> No.29340323

depends how much you bought

>> No.29340348

Is 50k stack enough to make it

>> No.29340365

i bought from 3 cents to 11 cents

>> No.29340392

I believe. The Twitter updates been bullish as fuck.

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Not quite 1M eoy but almost kiddo

>> No.29340426

Holy shit guys we’re gonna make it

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Found the tranny. Yeah, wont be reading anymore. Will just post the daily.

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663 sats. wow

>> No.29340643

Fantom is going to do same what Chainlink did

we are so fucking early, gains with Fantom is going to be huge

Fantom has now 15,939 holders


when chainlink has 434,976 holders, see


so see how early we Fantom investors still are

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10k stacklet here I just need Fantom to take over the world economy to make it

>> No.29340714

this is better than chainlink dude

>> No.29340840


i agree, but you get the point how early we still are

>> No.29340905

i'm dumping this piece of shit scamton at 10k sats

>> No.29340991

more like 10M sats

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It just keeps pumping

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how do I cope with not buying more

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i'm actually looking at apartments to buy right now

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the price per coin doesn't matter you absolute amateur

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its probs roosh or that alex miller guy in TG they are both schizo af

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40 c motha fuckas fantom make green line
go up like / / /

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>tfw your entire portfolio is just fantom

>> No.29341411

woahhh $0.40 might hit tonight!! Asians hopefully take this over

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really tempted to sell my 3k stack of GRT at 2.30 to buy more fanties but I literally just bought 20k fanties at .16 I can't justify buying it at .40 now. think I'll hold out and just hate myself instead

>> No.29341532

Wow ok chad

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I have a 20k stack and already more than doubled my money over the course of like a week. I know it's not a lot but I feel good about it. I was late to chainlink and only got a 1.5k stack of that but I'm doing okay so far. I hope I can make enough to buy a nice little house for my family and maybe a little apartment in Tokyo for fun.

>> No.29341569

holy fuck

>> No.29341590

how does $400k sound?

>> No.29341591

Anybody got the copy paste of the guy tipping .1 FTM and people being elated about it?

>> No.29341603

you son of a bitch, were in

>> No.29341611

Welp I've officially hit 6 figures with FTM.

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sold at .34 thought that was the top

>> No.29341671

Welcome to hell mofo

>> No.29341699

we hit 1b market cap!

>> No.29341730

Passed NANO that absolute reddit shitcoin for good, and reddit still knows absolutely noting about FTM lol. When those fags fomo in we are going to $20.

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I wake up. The year is 2026
Two 10/10 women are lying next to me and two others are setting the table and serving breakfast
A fifth takes care of my sexual needs
I give them 0.1 Fantom each
>Anon you do not have to give us a whole week's allowance already. You gave us a whole Fantom yesterday
I give them 0.5 more and they all freak out
I go to my backyard balcony and look down at the city while i claim my delegation rewards on my phone
I then go for a swim in my olympic sized pool
After a nice massage and a drink from my bar i go to my home office and pay this month's expenses directly from my Fantom wallet
Including the salaries for my chefs and housemaids i spend a total of 23 FTM
I go to my garage i pick one of my 12 cars to go for i drive. I tell my driver to stay, i want to drive for myself today
I go to the best restaurant in town for a luxurious lunch
>That will be 0.08 Fantom anon
I transfer 0.1 and tell the waiter to keep the rest as a tip
He tries to hide his excitement and thanks me with a big smile
I then go to a exclusive bar to meet up with my friend and business partner. He also invested in Fantom back in 2021 and is now a multimillionaire living off his staking rewards like me
We have a few drinks and decide to take my private jet to my vacation home in Monaco and have a party
A few hours later we are at the casino playing some poker and having a great time
Its getting late and i invite a few of the women back to my place
On the way out one of the doormen says that he admires my watch and i give him 1 Fantom and tells him to spend it wisely
>T-thank you anon, its way too much
We get to my place and go to bed soon after
I wake up the next day and my only problem is to decide what to do today

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I just aped multiple ETHs into this aigmi

>> No.29341769

I cant wait to compare where we are in a year to your comment, truly a milestone but we're just getting started.

>> No.29341789

only a 34x from here to match the vaporwave ghostchain known as cardano

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>> No.29341818

at least 2x short term, easily

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https://discord gg/YfePcHn come home fantie tranny

>> No.29341913

wtf does this image even mean?

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>Selling while all the announcements came out last week and today

My god anon, are you ok?

>> No.29341922

I'm a bit of a poorfag, but my overall portfolio is at 0.8btc now. 1.0 was a target I thought I may never reach

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if you know ygmi

>> No.29341983


this is going to be bigger succes story than chainlink

congrats all who made it with chainlink, but now chainlink is top and you cant make it link anymore

now you can make it with Fantom, and we are now still very early

wait when Fantom gets more attention, and btw, Fantom holders numbers rise very fast as we speak

>> No.29342048

If you check the ftm graph it was a struggle to hold for a very long time, but have faith because we're gonna make it

>> No.29342064


>> No.29342104

god damn im so glad this is the only coin ive bought

>> No.29342135


I bought your bags at .18 lmao

>> No.29342150

How much exactly fren?

>10k FTM is now a suicide stack

>> No.29342154

only bought 2500 at .19 fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

>> No.29342186

you both made money though...

>> No.29342191

kek some dude sold at .11 with millions a week ago

>> No.29342215

Thanks frens
Holding over 50k FTM now. Currently swinging PRQ and if it goes in my favor soon enough Ill ape more.

>> No.29342269

that's probably the desperate fudder that can be seen around here

>> No.29342307

I bet he was bragging too

>> No.29342324

Etherscan doesn't show staked ftm in pwa wallet does it?

>> No.29342329

Why couldn't you fuckin niggers keep this low key until end of bull run? Now I have to keep m ugh eye out for something new. Fucking cunts

>> No.29342336

so how should i be playing the minting game here? I have used a few strats but cant seem to find one better than the others.

>> No.29342397

never mint that's how the devil takes away your fantom tokens

>> No.29342401

Nice one, don't try to swing ftm for a good while just saying.

$500,000 portfolio end of year for you fren

>> No.29342429

how can it keep going up for a year

>> No.29342432

it doesnt, it all goes to the same staking address with 1,6B fanties. its impossible to tell how high you are, but a 500k stack is quite massive.

>> No.29342453

There is absolutely no way 10k is a suicide stack. I'm a poorfag with 30k fanties - and I've literally invested like $1200

>> No.29342560

We will retrace to .40 in roughly 15hrs no FUD guys were climbing higher don't worry.

>> No.29342636

>tfw completely fucking broke right now and for the foreseeable future

Oh well, at least i bought 4k at 11 cents. It'll probably not change my life, but might see some nice profits. Give me some hopium lads, I need it

>> No.29342761

4k? Realistically you have at least 12k$ eoy

>> No.29342801

Is 45k stack enough?

>> No.29342825

Are you new? Fantom government pilot programmes will come to a conclusion in three months, renewed contracts for full deployment in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Australia. Every AC project and chainlink is going to be ported onto fantom network without forking. This is the globalist coin fren.

Congratulations fren, you are going to be rich as long as you don't swing trade.

>> No.29342929

cant be liquidated atm, if you arent minting risk free atm you are ngmi

>> No.29342930


>> No.29342931

I minted my stack and now I just want it to go back to regular FTM, how do I do it? Shit doesn't make sense. I'm still staked so does that have something to do with it?

>> No.29342986

I can live with that.

>> No.29343006

4k staked and delegate for the longest time period will grow your stack every without spending fiat to buy more. You will be comfy but won't be able to quit your job until you get more FTM

>> No.29343018

you can't get them anymore, your tokens got sent to andre cronje, i tried to warn you

>> No.29343035

thank you frens

cheers from brazil, wish you all sweet gains and smooth transitions

>> No.29343071

good fucking luck i had to deal with chat to do it. fuck minting

>> No.29343153

go watch some videos fren, the ftm system, is a bit complicated in that, if we tell you the wrong thing we could possibly lock your funds up, there are multiple paths to being able to mint and not all are equal in terms of safety and return

>> No.29343202


>> No.29343228

Bitcoin is used as a store of value like gold/silver now, finite supply of btc is great when hyper inflation hits the US economy. Endless usd printing by the federal reserve will collapse the economy/stock market. It's improbable for btc to hit 2017 prices since institutions are fomoing into btc. Digital currency is what the great reset is dude. Defi is the future and fantom is the king.

>> No.29343278

anons, this minting system is of the utmost importance for you guys to learn, fucking learn it before you can be liquidated...it is the key to ridiculous gains, but also 1 wrong move could liquidate you or lock your funds until the ftm price appreciates enough.

>> No.29343396

some anon posted this a while ago. is there more to it than this?

>I recommend this:
<staking tab>
(1) delegate 80% of your FTM to one of the big validators (leave 20% liquid)
(2) lock delegation for the longest time possible to get max staking rewards
(3) mint maximum sFTM

<defi tab->fmint>
(4) lock as collateral all your sFTM
(5) mint fUSD (to a c-ratio of 600-700ish) to get max minting rewards

After that you can do a couple different things with your fUSD, up to you:
(A) add it to the liquidity pool for 0.3% of liquidity pool rewards proportional to your amount in it (I tried it and the rewards are slow, doesn't seem worth it)
(B) restake, swap your fUSD for wFTM and stake that wFTM via steps 1-5 again
(C) swing it, swap fUSD->wFTM when FTM is cheap, and wFTM->fUSD when FTM is expensive
(D) do nothing with it, just collect your staking + minting rewards

>> No.29343449

i wonder when they are going to introduce liquidations, and if it will create selling pressure and push ftm downwards

>> No.29343580

For the last year I’ve maybe stopped by Fantoms Reddit page once every month and every time either the most recent post or the 2nd most recent post is a post on how coins got stuck transferring to opera or whatever and they don’t know how to get them back. I’m sure some just need assistance cuz they did a minor fuckup but I’m pretty sure some did a real fuckup and couldn’t get them back.

In fact there was an anon here who fucked up transferring I believe sub 1 cent. And lost 400k of his fanties and he had to rebuy them. So it ended up only being a 2-3k mistake or something. And clearly doesn’t matter now that he fucked up back then.

But I ain’t messing around with any of that staking crap. I’ll just sell at 10$ I don’t need 8% a year or whatever

>> No.29343641
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>> No.29343655

staking is literally a 60+IQ move. y-you aren't a literal retard are you anon?

>> No.29343657

Lol user error

>> No.29343670

I am probably who you are thinking of I lost 300k fanties because i accidently erased my private keys, my keystore file got corrupted and i had the wrong phrase in my paper wallet backup. the BNB bridge was fucked last month thatswhy people got stuck fanties. staking is 100% worth it.

>> No.29343738

I am doing the swinging, if you catch it correctly you can super charge your stack, so far I have banked around 2k additional FTM (from my original 15k stack that I added around 4k to recently), I am currently swinging around 2k FUSD in the funi system...and i keep adding to this by minting more wftm as the ftm price increases, I am currently up about 1k Fusd from what I owe the system from minting.

>> No.29343814

>60 IQ move
Better than midwits. Thanks just staked a 45k+ stack.

>> No.29343822

niggerbrain stop fudding every thread fucking pajeet

>> No.29343830

The thing you have to remember about FTM gained this way though is that they come in the form of Wftm and you are currently purchasing them at a premium of about .1 per unit...you are going to want to use the swap to convert the wftm over to ftm to bank any gains you make from swinging...I would keep some of this liquid though just in case you mess up and need to add some wftm to your collateral to avoid any negative situations as they come up, but currently the only risk is locking your FTM until the price rises

>> No.29343855

only bought 8k at 17cents, i dont think im gonna make it bros....

>> No.29343867

<staking tab>
>(1) delegate 80% of your FTM to one of the big
validators (leave 20% liquid)
>(2) lock delegation for the longest time possible to get max staking rewards
>(3) mint maximum sFTM
I did this, and I get the concept of trading against USD, but I don't want to fuck up and am poorfag so I just want to go back to staking my normal FTM and undo the minting.

But it sounds like the way to do it is just lock all my sFTM as collateral, swap it for fUSD and then I can immediately swap the fUSD for wFTM and them swap that back to FTM 2.0?

Am I right on this?

>> No.29343887


>I'm a poorfag with 30k fanties

you are not poor, that is big stack of fanties, and you are rich in future with those fanties

>> No.29343940
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here are the new tiers

>> No.29343957

If you do this though please make sure you are paying attention to any developments and are prepared to pay back any minted assets when they announce liquidation. I have only recently started to swing (admittedly I didnt understand the system at first) and have gained no less than 4k ftm (2k banked and another 2k waiting as wftm after paying back my mints) on my currently 27.5k stack...my figures may be off by a bit I am just taking the numbers from the top of my head

>> No.29344016

Yup that was you

>> No.29344028

I admit I never messed around with the defi tab. But I've staked 60k FTM. If I press "mint max sFTM," I get to mint fUSD using that 60k while also still staking rewards? It's just double free money?

>> No.29344077

its all good, I have over 500k fanties again now and its only 50% of my folio. crypto is so ez man.

>> No.29344101

ive been promoted to clergy :)

>> No.29344134


I don’t care. I have enough where at 10$ I can sell half and not have to worry about anything but sucking on titties for the next 10 years. I ain’t fucking around with staking. I barely know how to set up 2FA authentication.

>> No.29344161

it is right now anon

>> No.29344177

based retard, you'll be swinging that big FTM dick in dubai soon brother

>> No.29344194

No because to get your fantom back you have trade your minted coins at 1:1

>> No.29344211

Yeah but luckily you fucked up so early. Sure you had to eat a few k but who cares now

>> No.29344223

alright bros but whats the next big thing after ftm

>> No.29344273

Cashed out 500k prof

>> No.29344288


>> No.29344349

Please shill me on what this absolute schizotier coin does. Holy fuck

>> No.29344380

I hope I can get to Baron soon

>> No.29344391

shill me please

>> No.29344400

it looks like you can swing it though? With no risk of liquidation for now.
I'll try to read the Fantom minting page again to understand but maye I should just stick to regular staking

>> No.29344408

that's bullshit, there's no retconning the ranks, don't be like the disgusting nulinklets who are trying to change the link ranks

>> No.29344436
File: 1.91 MB, 750x1624, 18FFCB0F-64FD-4899-938A-929CD73BB5B7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29344445

I probably should stake, yeah. I looked at staking calculator, and while a return of 500-ish fantoms a year doesn't seem like that much right now, it's going to be 5000 free dollars each year if ftm reaches 10 dollars

>> No.29344472



>> No.29344488

So you’ll have 5 million and making 5k a year off staking?

>> No.29344491

everyone in the last thread (even OGs) and 6fig holders were fine with it, follow the cross link

>> No.29344550

So price go up because fast cheap and support for more shit coming?

>> No.29344580

Sold it all, dont get too greedy bros

>> No.29344632

All hype aside, how high can this realistically go before the next crash? I only have a tiny stack of 500.

>> No.29344633

something else to mention here...if you are minting fusd, you can buy wftm with it and hold the wftm, or even convert it to ftm (and stake this but it is risky if the price plummets because you are locked) doing this basically allows you to use the system to leverage your stack, I am not sure what the leverage amount is but it definitely adds at least 10% more to your stack..the catch is you are paying that inflated price for wftm so the gains would need to be something decent so you can sell a small portion of the wftm back to cover the minted balance..hope that makes sense, I think I have a good grasp on the system at the moment but I am still learning things...does anyone know if you have to hold onto your fusd to earn the wftm rewards or does the act of minting generate the rewards?

>> No.29344639
File: 300 KB, 595x823, 1585368669440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fine, i shall accept my promotion to high-end prince with grace and set my sights on the king role

>> No.29344788

Imagine if you are on /LGBT/ and a tranny was able to figure out a way to turn trannies into women without gender reassignment surgery and dilating. That is basically what Fantom is doing for the crypto space.

>> No.29344800
File: 105 KB, 711x420, 20210216_113107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29344840

How do I choose a good validator for staking?

>> No.29344849


>> No.29344890

>does anyone know if you have to hold onto your fusd to earn the wftm rewards or does the act of minting generate the rewards
i'm pretty sure rewards are continually generated proportional to the amount of collateral you have minted against

>> No.29344949

first time I have seen this but this is quite literally how I was trying to explain this shit to my family the other day, same faces as the pic too

>> No.29344963

how did you get 5m fanties?

>13.1% APY

5m fanties would net you USD 247,000 P/A assuming price stays the same EOY

>> No.29345014

thats what I was thinking, I havent noticed a dip in my rewards for any period of time I am in wftm during the trade..the system is really ridiculous right now...but you guys have to understand...we are using our own money in their beta system, testing it all for them...one of the reasons we are able to do what were doing.

>> No.29345015

Literally me also trying to explain it to cunts, turned 200k stack into a 600k stack. Kek

>> No.29345061

why? cryptos still got awhile to go

>> No.29345094

How low will apy drop if were at $10, $20, $50, $100?

>> No.29345105

Oh and if you bank up Fusd from swing trading and shit in the defi area, you can wait for the ftrade to come out and then use the fusd to purchase things like...link....btc...eth...w/e else is on the chain...the there may only be a few tools in the system atm but you can combine them in crazy ways to do cool stuff, get creative anons.

>> No.29345129

Based and Holopilled, also checked

>> No.29345139

ugh I want to understand how to do this shit so bad but it's so difficult to make sense of, how do you make money out of thin air without risk? are you just timing the market and trying ot buy more fanties when the price drops with your minted fusd? seems like you could fuck yourself really easily

>> No.29345165

yeah i increased my initial stack by almost 3x now just by fMinting and buying fanties with it

>> No.29345177

is it too late to buy? I sold my FTM to hop onto another shitcoin right before it fucking mooned like a retard. will it dip again like the last time it hit 0.26? I want to accumulate some fanties this time, for real

>> No.29345208

>my $80 I put into this little coin months ago is now worth almost $1k
Holy shit

>> No.29345238

the way I understand it is, you mint your ftm. converts into fusd.
you buy more fanties with that fusd
<you owe fusd>
when fanties hit $1/$10/$100, you pay back that fusd

>> No.29345251

Ignore what I said

>> No.29345257
File: 2.82 MB, 1600x2000, 1609470525556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh hey it's you my fren from the other thread, our souls are twins with identical stack journeys

>> No.29345291
File: 311 KB, 1000x1000, 1612173378201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you find decent coins to hop on that early? I keep FOMOing into coins after they've already started mooning. pls help a poorfag

>> No.29345300

just had a huge pump, will most likely have a fair decline as whales take profits going off of historical trends

>> No.29345305


>> No.29345315

No idea

>> No.29345328

No, this will be a news week.

>> No.29345329

can i just ignore this minting stuff or am i missing out big time by not learning it

>> No.29345338

Quads say x4 eow. Czech'd.

>> No.29345377

The best way to find new projects is look at the people that post their portfolios with a lot of gains. Follow the smart people on biz, they exist.

>> No.29345381

Ftm has been on biz for a few years now anon

>> No.29345415

thank you anon, you're helping me a lot. I'm gonna keep working on this shit till I get it. collecting all these comments so I can practice when I put some more money in. fucking feel like a retard but I'll power through

>> No.29345459

Apartments?? Ngmi

>> No.29345478

Exactly this guy gets it. You are borrowing money and purchasing something knowing what you are buying with your borrowed money will increase in value, its simple

>> No.29345494

well just the one in which i would live

>> No.29345536

Haha bro we have made it, mint to .88c gives a good barrier

>> No.29345547

two weeks and price is $1 - $2

>> No.29345572

will this be able to hold over 1 dollar forever? if it can i can almost live off staking rewards living like a poorfag but thats enough for me. especially only putting 1500 in

>> No.29345579
File: 1.01 MB, 1295x864, 1609352054277.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh shit it's starting to click for me bros, thank you, jesus christ that took me way too long to understand lol, I've been thinking about this for the last two weeks trying to wrap my head around it.

>> No.29345625

I see. Thank you.
Ok. I hope I can pick up some cheapies.
Sometimes I check, but they aren't all available on binance. thank you for the suggestion though.
Most of the time I don't browse the crypto threads, I buy stocks because I'm scared of putting a lot of money into a coin and having the rug pulled. I want to get into crypto more but I'm a newfag to it.

>> No.29345713

also refer this post
>i wonder when they are going to introduce liquidations, and if it will create selling pressure and push ftm downwards
I think you can leverage your whole stack with no downsides atm.
Another anon in another thread has been doing this for a while and said he would settle fusd debts and stop minting when price reached $1

>> No.29345768
File: 758 KB, 1200x998, FTM Moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When gf asks you to sell your FTM already:

>> No.29345789

If your FTM is already staked, do you still get staking rewards while its convertd to sFTM? Or is it just delegated without any staking rewards until you convert your sFTM back?

>> No.29345925

please note i said
>historical trends
there's been a lot of fomo so the coin is hard to predict at the moment. could see it pump to .5 or more this week, or crab. hard to say, but usually i've seen it dip fairly significantly after a large pump because we have like 80 whales with huge wallets who have been waiting YEARS for profits

>> No.29345954

yes you still get the staking rewards, no problem there, what they have is liquid staking, they let you use your locked ftm in the defi space while staked..if I am not mistaken with the way the system works, even if you lose all your sftm in the defi system, you wont lose your ftm and they will remain locked into the system until you either make some money in the defi system with additional added ftm or the price of ftm goes up...am I right here?

>> No.29345964

Nothing. This is it. 7 figure hell if you're willing.

>> No.29346039

I know it isn't guaranteed anon, I just think that if I fomo in now I'm already really late so I may as well wait and see. I should've gotten into crypto early but as a poorfag it seems so much less reliable than just buying stocks.

>> No.29346073

now i'm starting to think HBAR is the scam. gonna dump my HBAR and buy FTM

>> No.29346084

literally the opposite. crypto is the only way you can make money as a poorfag

>> No.29346109

yes, read both of these articles

and you should fully understand the process with what you know now.

>> No.29346113

ok man now I'm having fun, I understand, thank you for all your help, seriously, this is awesome.

>> No.29346120

can this shit hold over a dollar? im afraid of a crypto crash coming and it drops 70%

if its above 1 dollar i can almost live off staking rewards and im a poorfag but if it crashes im a poorfag again. trying to figure out if i should cash out when it gets high or try to live off staking

seeing all those alts die in 2018 is scary

>> No.29346140

I'm staking my FTM right now. how do I know which validators are legit and which aren't? there's less information to work with here than GRTs delegations

>> No.29346180

yeah I realized that I spent time looking into stocks but in the end people that have been in crypto have made a lot more. I guess it's because I was always afraid of another crash and getting rugpulled on bad projects or shitcoins. but i am still pretty much a poorfag just with a few more bucks since I didn't have enough starting capital.
do you have any recommendations for a new project or should I just try to catch fanties on a dip?

>> No.29346214

look for the C Jenner validator
might have to go to page 3

>> No.29346229

the macros are completely different from 2017/2018. the global economy is melting down, US dollar is printing money like its going out of style to give to poor niggers, and mean while crypto has been steadily developing and received global recognition from governments and major institutions. theres going to be dips but its all up from here

>> No.29346239
File: 7 KB, 204x247, Barrel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanna be early for once? Get into RLC - its heavily shilled here on biz.
FTM is great too, but its tough to buy into such a huge pump.

>> No.29346258

Guess it depends where anon. Good for you but be smart. Find some land with your fanties.

>> No.29346259

why that validator over the rest

>> No.29346260

stocks aint bad i did a 5x off gamestop and i got my money in safer shit now and its all just steady going up

>> No.29346314

this sounds really fishy

>> No.29346352

kek just fucking with you, use connors or gofantom

>> No.29346413

i got a couple early on but sold way too early since i was surprised it was mooning so hard. and didn't want to fomo back in and eat shit. sucks man.
is it even early for that? sorry, i don't know that much shit about crypto, but it's about 2 usdt already.

>> No.29346481

>fantom costs 40 dollars to send


>> No.29346544

>not sending via bnb network


>> No.29346563

Thanks, I read those 2 and reread this one


and I think I'm getting it now.

>> No.29346569
File: 416 KB, 852x1136, fantomsonkamehameha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, so theres more you can do with Fantom besides staking? I don't know what any of this 'minting fUSD' or any of that means and I have 130k staked.

>> No.29346632

lol gamestop was my first entry into stonks, i knew basically nothing about it before i downloaded robincuck and bought five shares at 140. was so confusing seeing circuit breakers, non-public information, complete guesswork, after markets, etc when used to crypto. in the end i had six shares i sold on average at around like 80 bucks when i realized it was probably all bullshit, and i should have sold, but hype an all that. gonna be hilarious when gamestop actually becomes a decent company due to breaking back into the PC sales market. overall i learned that the ways stocks function is not for me with all the weird rules and obfuscated information, but im glad i gave it a chance i guess. only lost chump change in the end. still, if i had put that money into fantom...

>> No.29346635

that's where it costs 100 FTM to send retard

>> No.29346725

It is but it isn’t. I mean we will be getting rich per se. But everything is going to be fucked. I mean buying link in early 2018 was a catch 22. Your buying into this shit that brings in a society that makes getting your balls molested by TSA at the airport seem like 1776 levels of freedom. I don’t even give a fuck about “making it” anymore.

>> No.29346869

stake stack
mint stack into 'borrowed' fusd
swap fusd for ftm at current rates
watch ftm continue parabolic run
<1 month passes by>
sell some ftm for fusd
pay back pittance of all fusd borrowed

>> No.29346877

Afraid of the system failing? Big changes in the near future anon. The federal reserve can't keep printing money, inflation will hit hard and the safest place to put your money is in crypto. This is it mate

>> No.29346966

hahahaha oh man this is amazing, what a complete revolution, this is going to take the finance world by fire.

>> No.29347015

or market drops like a stone and you lose half your stack

>> No.29347168

yes maybe in the future, but the next month or two seem very safe to be minting and borrowing like this, once they introduce liquidity it's a different story, but right now it's pretty clear they want to encourage people to experiment with the platform with little risk. what a great opportunity.

>> No.29347320

so the riskier / more rewarding play is mint an entire stack, ride the wave up, then unlock the collateral? which would leave me with more FTM than i started with

>> No.29347419


>> No.29347461

>inflation will hit hard and the safest place to put your money is in crypto.

This is a lie. Gold and silver are the safest place. Granted you don’t need to put 100% of your money in gold and silver to protect whatever your net worth is in a collapse. You only need maybe 10% in gold and silver. And then crypto is obviously good to have but not as safe as golf and silver

>> No.29347488

That's basically what I just did, I minted 80% of my stack, coverted it to fUSD and bought wFTM with it, once I can repay the fUSD I'll have increased my stack by ~25%%.

>> No.29347581

ive been considering just going full crypto/silver. i so far only have 10oz silver (still hasn't shipped been 18 days lol..). i want to get at least 100oz. just feels like the us dollar is getting weaker and weaker everyday, it's insane

>> No.29347585

nah andre is legit
plus these "free money" opportunities only exist because we're so early. massive risk = massive reward. only more people adopt risk will go down, reward will go down.

delegation apr = ~12%
minting apr = ~6%

>> No.29347689

that's my play, I've pretty much cleared all my assets into silver and crypto, still have a 401k and a tiny etf I got through family, but beyond that I have no faith in the US system anymore, it's clear it's falling.

>> No.29347791

100oz is unironically a nice stack. I think someone showed how if you own 60 ounce of silver you are in top 1% of holders in the world. 1 ounce of silver historically is 2weeks worth of days wages. So you got about 5 years worth of wages post deflationary collapse with 100 ounces

>> No.29347799

so fUSD operates as a proxy for the value of actual USD?

>> No.29347874

im trying to decide between full on staking or selling soon. if this holds above a dollar i wanna stake but if theres a 70% crash ill be fucked

>> No.29347969

yes, it's the stablecoin for the entire FTM ecosystem. 1:1 with the value of the actual USD

>> No.29348034

fuck off fud fag

>> No.29348044

how do i exchange ftm to fusd?

if my fantom is worth 10k i can switch it to 10k fusd and itll hold safely?

>> No.29348089

wow that's good perspective. ill work on getting more then. i always wanted to get into precious metals, just always lacked capital

>> No.29348129
File: 31 KB, 522x522, stuffedpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this time its different
>itll go up forever

>> No.29348143

im tinkering with everything right now and you can mint a wide range of pegged f tokens


only ones i saw worth minting.

>> No.29348162

is there any point doing this as a 3k stacklet?

>> No.29348250

You had me until the qanon bullshit, now Im actually gonna avoid FTM because of this post. Thanks

>> No.29348336

how does 39 cents a day sound?

>> No.29348339

read through these and you'll start to understand:


the C-Ratio plays a major role, so you can only ever borrow against a certain percentage of what you've minted, but yes, when you mint sFTM you can the convert that to fUSD and buy wFTM with it. Once you repay the fUSD (after FTM price goes up), you'll then be able to unlock the wFTM you bought and then it's part of your stack.

for me, this process will increase my stack by 25%.

>> No.29348357

Silver piece the size of a silver dime has been basically a days wage throughout history. And it’s true in much of the world today as well. When Americans hear that some rice paddy farmer is making 2$/day they are like OMG! But that’s right in line with historic economic reality since that 2$ will buy you a silver dime at a coin shop. Whereas some fat ass insurance salesmen making 300$/day while providing zero real value for society is making the equivalent of 10 ounces of silver a day if he conceded his days wage to silver. Which flies in the face of all sane historical economic reality, and is only made possible thru massive inflation.

14 silver dimes equals 1 ounce of silver.

>> No.29348384

But yeah you don’t need like 1,000oz or whatever. 100 is relatively comfy.

>> No.29348389

no like actually swapping fantom for fusd to just keep it in the wallet without worrying about price

>> No.29348404

I shorted this on ATH a few hours ago lmao
First time i was able to exactly time ATH

>> No.29348405

how's turning your 3k stacklet into 3750 sound? then you could do it again and get it to 4600 or so, etc, etc...

>> No.29348418

recommended C-ratio? other anons have said to keep it between 500-600.
what about with the current/projected movement?

>> No.29348483

you could do this in theory to hedge against dips yes, it's purpose is being a stable coin, so it wont lose value if FTM does.

But, you'd need to actually swap your wFTM to fUSD, not borrow it.

>> No.29348522

33c bottom incoming, buy the dip

>> No.29348537

Yeah if I had put all my other holding into FTM a month ago I would have like 3 million, I'm ok with 500k tho

>> No.29348659
File: 33 KB, 771x342, c ratio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is what the UI says, they won't liquidate you right now since we're early if you fall below 300%, just lock it until it comes back up through price fluctuation, if you're above 500%, you'll earn rewards.

>> No.29348737

uh guys, am i retarded

>lock 50,000 wFTM
>mint 3500 fUSD
>trade 3500fUSD for 7000 wFTM
>add 7000 wFTM to collateral
>collateral now 57,000 wFTM

c-ratio went from 580% to 654%

>> No.29348756

i couldn't bring myself to swap any of my holdings
PRQ, ALGO, and FTM are basically my portfolio and i just can't part with any of them. i imagine putting it all into ftm would be better for the long run but i love PRQ, and ALGO i feel like is going to be one of the safest crypto investments in the states even if its sloooow.
yeah, i'll slowly aim for prob 100oz or so. seems like a fine amount

>> No.29348846

yup you're doing it right, once the price goes up pay back the fUSD with some of your new value and pocket the difference.

>> No.29349226

ive done an experiment

i have enough cash else to bail myself it things go bad so...my collateral is now 66,000 wFTM

>> No.29349348

Back to sub 30

>> No.29349409

>just brought another 10k at 38c

Feeling ropeable

>> No.29349430

so with a 30k stack is it even worth staking forever if im poor? should i just try to pull out at the top and if it crashes after alt season buy back in then? i have a small stash of fantom stored on exchanges ill just leave in there forever unless i become homeless or some shit

>> No.29349444

as long as the whole market isnt dumping its gonna be fine bro

>> No.29349452

>not shorting at 38c

>> No.29349477

please god make this happen

>> No.29349502

just hold you pussies god damn i was down 50 percent almost instantly on ftm and i held the entire time and im a poorfag and a newfag and im still holding

>> No.29349580
File: 8 KB, 202x242, 293 c-ratio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys wanna see something truly retarded

since i can't get liquidated (for now)...

>> No.29350089
File: 94 KB, 946x683, 12312313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you minted here?

>> No.29350661


>> No.29350702

it's happening TONIGHT!

>> No.29351077
File: 362 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200706_120146_com.coingecko.coingeckoapp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember buying in at 0.012, I couldn't believe it was so cheap. glad I filled my bag
>pic related

>> No.29351088

you're not wrong but you stink of reddit
enjoy your coin used for labels of 10k units of diabetic foot cream

>> No.29351423

nicely done anon, wagmi

>> No.29351505

yeah that's fine, just means the price of FTM wen down since you locked, when it goes back up so will that percentage, they want you to experiment, so it's all good and honestly as safe as it gets right now.

>> No.29351513
File: 962 KB, 830x692, NICE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29351730
File: 239 KB, 961x816, 1613864200664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29351763

Rajesh my son by the will of ganesha we will take the rite of karmic defacation, my brother. shit in the street with me 1 time every day for good luck, we shall be rich in FTM tuesday sir. Shptirial blesaings brothers.

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