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>$1.52 million net worth
>mostly hold BTC and LINK
will I ever make it?

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long term winner

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Only 1.52? I thought this subreddit was for rich people :/

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Fuk off, most of biz is in 5 digit hell

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I just started 5 digits hell. Was only able to get there by stopping my attempts to swing

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I can't focus on work because it feels like it doesn't matter, but I'm not rich enough to retire. Its actually extremely stressful

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You are such a faggot and ungrateful. You deserve to miserable if you can't appreciate what you have.

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lol imaging being a 7let in >current year, and barely one at that.

I made it to seven figures in 2017 on Stellar Iota and Ether

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>only six figures


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you are actually seething right now lmao

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1.3mil here, shit fucking sucks

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1.52 million is 7 figures

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If LINK drops below $33 I'll be thrown back into 6-fig hell.

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there are only 42million humans with 1mil in their bank accounts, probably more like 80 somthing mill total.

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All these years buying shitcoins I kinda forgot what I'm supposed to do with the gains. wtf

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not after taxes it's not

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No of us will. Biden launches the nukes at 12:00am Eastern Time Zone. Might as well get something to numb the pain if your not instantly vaporized

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>will I ever make it?
you already made it

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for me it'd be $1.1 million after federal and state taxes

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based retard

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this is rare pepe, don't have it yet,
thank you.

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im halfway to where you are
same picks
godspeed brother

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>3.4 million net worth
All in link never held bitcoin, only used it to pay for stuff here and there.
Will probably rope on principle if we crab this bullrun like we did in 2017.

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I'm at 1.6 mil. Everyday I ask myself whether I should cash out or let it ride. I keep holding because the regret I'd feel if I sold before a 10x is worse than if it all just goes down by 80%. Might cash out 500k for a house, and hodl the rest.

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If you stupid niggers aren't taking profits and enjoy life already just kill yourself and give me all your shit because you are obviously a genetic failure incapable of feeling any sort of substantial happiness.

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half of that goes to taxes

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You've already made it. You should walk a mile in my shoes.

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why the fuck does anyone pay taxes. stop funding the parasite class. move somewhere with no tax.

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I've got 3k LINK. will (((I))) make it?? I just want 1 mil

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Some people have families, kids, roots, friends, etc. It's not easy to uproot to another state, much less another country. I'd imagine if one were a single man with little family I could make the move easily.

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huh? and checked..

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I imagine the stress of having that much in something so volatile right now will kill you quicker than cancer.

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Kiss sucks!

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You already made it retard, you just don't feel it yet. Move to a tax free country, cash out when you reach 2-3million and invest a part into boomer stuff like real estate, another part into lending stablecoins on AAVE or other defi protocols, another part in stonks or indexes or whatever, and that's how you will have free money for the rest of your life. Don't fall for the consooomer meme though, that never ends well. Good luck

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