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Does anyone else feel like it's their last chance to make it?
>Loss of identity and increase in globo homo society ie The Great Reset
>massive money printing and wages stagnating
>mass automation and unprecedented job losses coming
>increasing civil/politcal unrest
>Rights and privacy rapidly deteriorating

It seems like the middle class life is quickly vanishing. I feel a lot of pressure to reach financial independence ASAP and acquire property and secure my future. I'm scared of what the future will look like in 10-15 years. Does anyone else share this feel?

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Yep. Anon you are not alone. I have these thought from time to time. I try to take as much profit as possible from crypto and use it to buy land. Everyone who says to HODL will not make it in the globalhomo future. They may be rich on paper but they won't be able to experience what it means to own something as everything will be owned by the asset-elite class. People seem to think crypto is scarce but the only asset that really matters is land / real estate. Crypto, specifically shit coins, are infinite..useable land is not. If you do not own at least 100 acres by the end of this decade you and future generations of your family will never make it.

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bump to prevent globalhomo-ist from sliding this

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I get your worries, but there will be enormous opportunities in the next twenty years.
It will be harder and harder for the middle class, but if you focus on the right emerging markets and new technologies you will still be able to make it.

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see the SSG, maybe we can (( make it))


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80% of arson goes unsolved.

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Lolol not like these things did not happen in the past.
Imagine what was it like for average roman citizen past 450ad

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Your ownership of land doesn't mean anything to an army.

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>It seems like the middle class life is quickly vanishing.
You must be very young to actually think that the middle class still exists. You're just part of the richer poorfags. There is factually no middle class anymore, UNLESS, you're in China as they're building the middle class, which is why jews hate them so much.

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Not that different.
Take the Pirennepill.

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Invest in $BULLET.

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Stop overthinking anon. JBB
Just Buy Bitcoin.

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yep. and it stresses me out that I really need to make it this run so I have at least level of freedom before it all goes to shit

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Correct. Every real power player owns land and estate, since they are the most finite resource on Earth, and it can only gain value.
Same goes for your LINKS or whatever. You will survive if you manage to become part of the elite by being a noveaux rich
The middle class has been dead for the last 20 years. Outside the west it will still exist (see pajeets going apeshit for a 800$ airdrop). But here? You are gonna see unrest due to changing quality of life and nations becoming more authoritarian to control the mistakes they made between the '80s and early '00s.

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I'm trying, I emptied by account last summer but only bought ETH so I've only gone from 30k -> 150k. I want to hit a million, but even with 500k I can use it to buy/renovate/refinance several rental units and be fairly secure if inflation goes crazy or I lose my job. I'm moving to a low CoL area and saving everything. Luckily I'll be near my parents who own an off grid home and 100 acres of land if shit got really bad.

I've been super stressed because I need to make some moves out of ETH to accelerate my gains and feel like I'm running out of time

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its funny how BTC and ETH holders on here are telling newfags that they missed the boat. if that were true then they should be selling their BTC and ETH. ETH holders sadly are ngmi if they dont cash out this bullrun.

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yes since i just turned 26 what the fuck is the point of being rich if you're not young enough to enjoy it. wasted all my 25th year of life bc of the pandemic now im closer to 30 than i am 20

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Land and gold and silver and commodity stocks are the only things that will survive.

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the future you chose


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yeah I was hoping to make money off crypto before sthf because I don't have much but my disability check, I wanted to make something

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Come home white man

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Drive home white man

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Come eat white man

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Welcome home black man

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Dress well white man

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>they force us to eat bugs
>priced out of bug eating
what do

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Plug it deep white man

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Unpopular opinion: Dried crickets and other select bugs are pretty tasty.

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Buy link white man

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property will be worthless since everyone will take whatever they want
we should think about what will have real value i dont think gold or silver is gonna be worth shit maybe guns and seeds or what else do you scumbags think will be worth anything after the reset?

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Try dried crickets that are seasoned. They're like crunchy nuts or lightweight popcorn.

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20% odds of getting caught is actually something I wouldn't risk.

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Will GRT be used in the Great Reset?
And I am still early or am I late to GRT?

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>thinks that society is about to undergo extreme changes or even collapse
>his solution to this is to become a landlord
Jesus christ, anon. are you retarded? It doesn't matter what side of the fence people are on politically, they all agree that landlords are among the first groups to get the rope. Fascists and communists would be banding together to lynch you.

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That's scary as fuck. I wouldn't live in those things unless of out of options.

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desu container home as a concept isn't a bad idea, as long as you can furnish their exterior and interior aesthetically. I wouldn't call it home if you just slap some long windows and glass doors and call it a day. Maybe okay for store or semi-permanent office, but not for dwellings.

Pic related is a home design made out of containers

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unless there's a real commie revolution, I think land is pretty safe. Landlords are some of the most powerful people politically, the elites wouldn't dare to hurt them

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>bc of the pandemic
Because of the ruling class finally consolidating their power and abolishing individual nation-states.
There is no pandemic, which should be glaringly obvious to you at this point. If you still believe there is, you're ngmi even with a 12 figure portfolio.

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GRT will be used to index every single post you've ever made on the internet, and Roko's Basilisk will use GRT queries to custom craft your personal hell.

I own 10k GRT so hopefully it comes for me last.

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we should not eat like animals we should eat the animals. that being said animals that have in their diet insects are more nutritious for humans than those that did not eat any insects in the grass they ate

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I would eat them. Loved Timon and Pumbaa when I was a kid.

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We should return to monke and follow our monke ancestors who ate literally anything because fuck it.

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True, Ive burned my fair share of houses when I was a kid for fun, never got caught. Russian

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this thread is fucking retarded
reminds me of when the world was supposed to end in 2000

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what else are we supposed to do aside from going fully innawoods? Land and property is something that will always have utility and value

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Only problem is land can be taxed and seized easily by the government or a revolution. How good are landowners doing in South Africa now? Not good, since the blacks are killing them and threatening to take their land by force. And thus no one will want to buy land in SA, so they can't leave. If they had crypto, then they could easily just leave with their crypto, even if it's stored as 12 words in their head in order to avoid border and capital controls.

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If it gets so bad ppl can’t cash out crypto’s then your land title also means fuck all . Any jogger with a gang can come

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When prepared correctly a lot of shit can taste good. It's completely unfair when /pol/ says "EAT YOUR BOWL OF LIVE CRICKETS GOY!" because we would prepare them into a powder and make high nutrient goods with it. It would be like handing someone a plate of cow raw intestines and saying EAT UPDOESN'T IT LOOK DELICIOUS

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>land will always have value
value for you for its utility but it will not remain valuable in economical terms considering any fucko with more firepower will be able to come to your land, rape your wife cut your head and take your land so your deed will be worth shit during the new age

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> Does anyone else feel like it's their last chance to make it?
No, because I'm going to be on the side of the new world order.

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now we can fucking live in a general electric motor thank you very much wow your ancestors might puke right now

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exactly. these fucking retards cant seem to grasp that

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If a fucko with firepower is meeting me with firepower, at least they're risking their lives in the process. I doubt America is going to drone their citizens anytime soon. There are always bunkers anyway.

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No one said you have to live in unfurnished container like a LA hobo, you retard

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>Land and property is something that will always have utility and value
You're only allowed to own that property as long as the government gives you the ok. They can take it away from you whenever they want, and suspending rent payments due to covid is one step away from straight up nationalizing your property, handing you a check for 40% of its value, and telling you to fuck off.

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race and gender based taxing soon under president kamala

we';re fucked

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New financial overlords

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You WILL eat the mealworm pizza, Anon.

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but the question is: once you cash out your crypto, what are you going to use the cash on to bring with you into the bunker? we need to collectively use our pathetic brains to find out what is going to be worth a shit when we enter the next stage and we need to do it now on this decently active thread on this shit hole

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you guys are right, I wasn't thinking about full chaos but it seems like a serious possibility. But if that is the case I see no other option other than going fully /out/. I can be thankful that I'm moving to Northern Canada at least

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If society totally breaks down the police and army will become regional warlords like in 1920's china. Private militias will become roving gangs and bandits.

You have to acquire guns, learn to fight and attach yourself to a charismatic leader. If you fight and survive, you will become the new nobility as all the conquered land will be redistributed to the victors. That's how civil wars and revolutions go down in history.

If shit really hits the fan, that means law and order breaks down, so everything can be had with coercive force.

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enjoy your limited capacity semi-automatic rifles, retard

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if shit really hit the fan it wouldn't be like mad max, it would be like the road. and then everyone would starve.

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All together now,

You WILL take the vaccine
You WILL hand over your savings
You WILL own nothing
You WILL eat the bugs
You WILL hand over the kids
Shhh, I'm speaking....
You WILL be sterilized
You WILL take the chip
You WILL get in the fucking pod
You WILL upload your conscience

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You do know that the government can seize your land anytime right?
You best hope you have a sizeable posse, otherwise you will be buried six feet under

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For me it's the recurve bow

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>If shit really hits the fan, that means law and order breaks down, so everything can be had with coercive force.

THANK YOU. next step for me would be to learn how to fight since physically I've achieved a decent level and get weapons in this worthless country called spain but its gonna be hard considering the authorities are making it harder and harder.

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no but my nitrate salt ownership does

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>But if that is the case I see no other option other than going fully /out/.
Remember that crypto, especially untraceable crypto, is borderless currency that will have value no matter where you are in the world. Unless the entire world collapses at the same time, all you need is your funds safely in your XMR wallet, your seed phrase memorized, and a way to get out of whatever country you're in.

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Yeah this. Apparently all land will be seized and we will have to pay rent to the elites to keep it.

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The middle classes have always been problematic for the elite because the middle classes are in a position to see the exploitation of the proletariat, and are often exploited themselves, just not to the same degree. Just about every revolution in history has started with the middle classes mobilizing the working classes into rebellion. In China and Russia though, no one is above the law (the law = the CCP in China and Putin in Russia), not even billionaires. The wealthiest man in China got lippy and was "disappeared" for several months. They're not worried about a growing middle class.

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Yeah, I’m trying to make it this year. Things will spiral out of control even more than they have already. Trying to make enough money to move from DC to Miami this year.

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no because I'm very handsome and persuasive
good luck being a stupid ugly faggot though

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>We can print organs
>We can't print meat

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>Unpopular opinion
You have to go back.

>> No.29342415

thats why you also need 10 sons and weapons/ammo, its gonna be like old times again

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>You can't stop what's coming

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>prints your dick off

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I totally feel this. I feel like there is a 5 year period or less to make it and then we are fucked

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that's because your brain works

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Your property deeds mean nothing to me and my arms. Also jfl if you think Gates/Bezos wont use niggers/leftists mobs to take all your property. The liberal idea of property rights will be dead so I dont really see a point, or am I wrong?

>> No.29342650

Looks comfy
t. SEAnigger

>> No.29342683

Many places have online markets now. You can easily pay with credit. Of course, if your assets are freezed, you might have issues, but I doubt it will come to that anytime soon.

If anything, you can talk to your neighbors and arrange something. If you live in a city, you're fucked

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This. Also, the government can already seize your property via eminent domain. "Private property rights" do not exist

>> No.29342743

I would print a thicker and bigger dick for myself not gonna lie.

>> No.29342834

yeah but I'm still way more handsome with a gorgeous frame
good luck with that glassesman

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Great Depression 2.0 will happen under the Biden administration. Stocks will be worthless during hyperinflation. The best hedge is unironically crypto stored in wallets. You could flee from the US to any country in the world. Once I've made gains from bitcoin mining stocks, I will go all in on Chainlink

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That's not how that works. 20% of cases getting solved does not mean you have a 20% chance of getting caught. Your chance of griefing a house in minecraft depends on your actions and the surrounding circumstances. Flint & steeling a house and walking up to admin telling him you did it means you have a 100% chance of getting caught.

>> No.29343249

>Your chance of griefing a house in minecraft *and getting caught or not* depends on your actions

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You deserved communism...

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I predict the next century will be of stagnate social mobility and greater class division. I've seen an anon use the term "brazilification" to describe America's future - though this easily applies to the entirety of the west. In 50 years, most major metropolitan areas will have large swaths of people depending on UBI to get by as they occupy their time with consumerism and social media. They are like serfs, unable to leave their cities and being the main source of revenue for corporations that act as their noble lords. People will squander their UBI checks on subscriptions for internet, food, housing, and transportation. Never able to escape their circumstances, as it will be near-impossible to find a decent job with consistent hours. Even then, those who are smart enough to join a profession will have to compete with a job market flooded with Asians and under-qualified PoC. Even if one manages to get a high paying job, they will most likely squander the potential for creating inter-generational wealth as society has already conditioned them to consume as much product as possible.

The top 10% of society will have it good. All bodily needs fulfilled, and all the time in the world to pursue meaningful activities. Think of a setting like Judge Dredge or Cyberpunk 2077, and that will give you an idea of what sort of class divide we are walking into - given current trends continue. They will commute to "work" in electric VTOL aircraft to the top of sky scrappers, and never actually walk on the city streets; returning to suburbs far outside the metropolitan areas they commute to. Make it your goal to be in the top 10% of income earners with a combination of passive income and your job. Save for your kid's college, pay for private school, develop a plan such that your children and their children will have it better so they don't have to deal with the indignity of being a UBI serf.

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blow job ID. haha.

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I feel the exact same. However I also feel like we've been through shit like this at least twice in our lifetimes. It is a reality that things are worse and will get worse, but the perception of it is exaggerated.

What we've been offered our whole lives is an endless Shepard tone of dread and despair, mixed in with the breads and circuses "modern life" offers -shitflix, videogames, social media, endless "feeds" and algorithm driven content (the term feeds, alluding to the endlessly flowing troughs of factory-farmed chickens, has to be an intentional mockery to us).

That said, I think fearing for the future and acting on it as best you can is infinitely better than succumbing to being sedated, entertained, brainwashed cattle. This sounds like those "I'm 14 and this is deep" things but it's true (brilliant psyop to devalue thoughts like these btw).

There's no point in wallowing, crying victim, fucking around, or trying to make changes come from external sources (governments, society etc). Number 1 priority is your person and your life situation. If you're lucky enough to have good and conscient people in your close circles, nudge them in the right direction. Then the rest of friends/family, neighbourhood, etc.

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If I was forced to be a UBI serf I would just funny moment. I come from landed aristocracy I'm not gonna be treated like that.

>> No.29343886

Wtf dude, way not been a UBI serf? What will you do when you make it and have all the money you need? People will be free to do whatever they want of their life.

>> No.29343951

90% of biz:
>Bladerunner would be so cool to live in omg

same 90% of biz when pod living is happening:
>g-gguys I'm scared

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Careful with those spicy words

>> No.29343980

by funny moment you mean do an hero or go on a columbine?

>> No.29344071

>10-15 years
>he doesn't know we have a matter of months to make it

>> No.29344117

based /k/ schizo

>> No.29344135

Killing yourself is the ultimate cuckery.

>> No.29344189

>I've seen an anon use the term "brazilification" to describe America's future
>mfw I'm brazilian
my advice for future americans:
- send your children to private school
- live in apartments since they're more secure. If you want a house it must be in a gated community
- if you're poor your best bet might be living in a small town. My town has only 17k people and it's pretty white, mostly italians and portuguese

>> No.29344258

i totally agree it is better to experience something than to experience nothing but my question was what did you mean by funny moment

>> No.29344482

I consider myself a Kshatriya so I consider waging warfare against whatever future enemy-state a perogative. Would never do something like columbine tho.

>> No.29344538

Like theyre not gods; history belongs to whoever takes it.

>> No.29344542

That's because you were poor and only had Toon Disney, of course you'd eat the bug.

I fucking loved that show.

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yes as always history is written by the alive, the winners

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Don't like to trade crypto, as it's hard to get a rewards with it, but I am a fan of binary exchangesDoes anyone use Baex( #baex)?

A many of people are speaking about it, and I want to know your view. As for advantages, people talk about a large number of popular shares and market tools, as well as a referral system and transparent open-source code. Is it a good decision?

>> No.29344764

The future is virtual. Economic growth in virtual reality is infinite.

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>> No.29345017

Report this as propaganda.

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I'll eat the bug and take the vax, just 100 percent guarentee this shithead and musk go bankrupt and I'll line the fuck up.

>> No.29345695

yes, i occasionally imagine being a normie & not owning crypto, sitting on the sidelines watching everything go to shit while Bitcoin moons and i'm just fucked.

I truly feel like this is one of the last chances we all have to free our family lines from eternal wage slavery.

>> No.29345935

What are the people in Davos Group buying? How can I find out that info?

>> No.29346038

OH what a horible fate, draw, play music, do sports, fuck chicks and do science non stop, what a horrible fate...

>> No.29346341

Owning land that you yourself live on is great. Make sure you have friends nearby though. If society collapses, people with friends will do better as either marauding warbands or primarily defensive

>> No.29346513

More realistic are the self contained ecologies they're building in New York. They have everything a prole would need and are easily locked down, so if necessary an entire building can be locked down like something out of Judge Dredd

>> No.29346652

There won't be any communists or fascists. It'll be neo-feudalism. Landlords will be minor lords and barons to Charles Schawbs kings.

>> No.29346860

You need manpower. If you can't rustle up 100 men with guns on relatively short notice that should be a priority. 100 ex vets with automatic weapons and a couple of armored vehicles make you a local Lord. At that point, if the collapse is total, you become the government and start collecting taxes.

>> No.29346993

At least bladerunner had a kino aesthetic, I wouldnt mind this world half as much as I do if we didnt have to live with the weak ass global homo postmodern sterile apple iPhone aesthetic.

>> No.29347111

I'm collaborating with the Galactic Federation, so no.

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> Anonymous Smart Contract
> Anonymous Token
> Feeling pretty good, fren...

>> No.29347454

How long until this is considered a conspiracy theory


>> No.29347554

minus 6 months or so

>> No.29347579

UBI doesn’t mean you don’t work anymore. UBI means you work your assigned hours (40/week min) at your designated worksite.

>> No.29347661

I absolutely feel this way. I've been buying crypto since the stimulus started

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>How long?

Do you pay attention to how this works? It comes pre-packaged as the counter to any questioning of it just like "Replacement Migration".

>> No.29347684


And you taking your mandatory vaccine that killing you a little at every new shot.

>> No.29347992

Jews do not hate China. The middle class is building there because jews have made deals with China to help propel them forward economically. The Jews will abandon the west when there is no more to leech and China will become their new host.

>> No.29348232

If a billion niggers come to Europe I will be migrating to a nigger free Africa. They can have Europe, Africa has way more resources. Awesome trade

>> No.29348426

Yes. Its why i rage when retards talk about price dips like they are a good thing because “lol buy the dip”. I fear there will just be more dips to buy until they one day shut off the internet and we are just perma fucked.

>> No.29348507


Here’s the black pill on land: it’s a meme bro. There’s a shitload of worthless land all over the world including the US if you live in a flyover state. The only places where land is a good investment is in a densely populated urban hellhole controlled by Democrats. If you want to live somewhere not pozzed there’s plenty of cheap land for sale but you’re never going to be able to sell it.

>> No.29348566

I mean we already have to pay property taxes i.e rent to the elites. How much worse can it get?

>> No.29348682

This. Compare your standard of living to the middle class of the 60s.
Owning a single family home, an acre of land, a car and a pet without having to do the math on whether or not you can afford to grab a latte on the way to work shouldn't be some aspirational utopia. America was there and we left it behind.

>> No.29348772

It will not be as grand as you think. You will get to draw, but only on the collectively owned tablet. Never with oil and brush. And forget about freedom of expression, you'll only produce art the hive approves of.

You will play music, but you will have to be content composing on a computer, never having the true freedom of composing with a set of instruments. Try staying content when you bow down to social pressure to only make music in the style of what's already popular.

Sports? Confide yourself to non-competitive athletics - UBI serfs will make fun of you for "over-achieving".

Sex? I hope you like polyamory. When people don't own anything, people will look down upon monogamous relationships.

As for science, enjoy participating in studies which produce nothing of value to humanity - the majority of scientific studies already don't provide better insight into the workings of reality. Even then, you'll never get funded to do what you actually want to do.

Content to give up the freedom to participate for freedom from worries? All you get in return is slavery.

>> No.29348831

I hope small towns survive. In my best wishes, they become more desirable to live in.

>> No.29348848
File: 16 KB, 500x402, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah about that...

>> No.29348853

Where's the pic taken?

>> No.29348885

We're doomed.

>> No.29349049

The 60s was an anomaly. The living standards experienced then were never going to last, amd will probably never be seen again. Stop thinking of post war America as the standard, it was created by a unique collection of events that will likely never be repeated. The proles were never meant to live in luxury.

>> No.29349055
File: 3.80 MB, 464x260, FondHonorableCockerspaniel-size_restricted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's me to the letter. I have been avoiding the wage slavery all my life by skating by on shitty dead end jobs mixed in with the NEET life. I am now far beyond the point of no return. There is no hope for a successful turn around. My last chance is getting rich quick off this insane market. If I don't make it, I unironically think it's over for me. Relationships are being strained to the limit and time isn't sweet to anyone, especially me.

Pic related. Me after waking up from this coma and realizing I am fucked.

>> No.29349216

America is becoming south America and the Philippines.
The natives (white and middle class) will either assimilate and become poor, ascend to become the rich 10% or break off to remote areas and become guerrilla fighters clinging onto their ideals.
You're best bet is not to be tied to anything. Be as liquid as possible.
Aim to be the 10%. Your networth should be there or close to it already. Quit taking doomer pills and improve yourself for what is happening.

>> No.29349296

>wishes someone would be best frens with him if the reset happens

>> No.29349349


trips here gets it

>> No.29349425

Well, if you can predict the future soo well go buy a lottery ticket. Who is predicting UBI will be like that? Show me facts and articles written by people working in this field. Even in China and Cuba you have artistic and intellectual freedom if you don't go against the State, it will be like the feudalism, but with a better living standard, if you have good rhetoric etc you will be part of the ruling class, that is how human hierarchy is and always was. See our history, even nobodies like Socrates and Diogenes made their way just because they could think and have a good rhetoric.

>> No.29349603

my advice is that you stop thinking of things like a woman, and start thinking of survival like a man

>> No.29350345
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>thread is specifically about the Great Reset/Brave New World type situation
>majority of posts are about Mad Max breakdown of society scenarios

so fucking dumb. embarrassing

Yeah this is me pretty much. Unfortunately it's too little too late. I only got into crypto Spring last year but even then I had no indication of the nightmare world that was being carved out for 99% of us, I just wanted a hedge against inflation. In almost a year I've only managed a measly 2x. I made a lot of shitty noob investments, every time i made gains i took more steps back. the fact I'm even green is amazing

Now I'm just hodling coins with a lot of upside potential. i can't do futures, i'm too much of a pussy/retard to chase pumps. the telegram groups i'm in, i feel sorry for them getting hyped at news and all their particular claims to decentralisation. in normal times i would be there with them but i'm only in it for short-term pumps (if any) and i have a horrible feeling the old world they think we still live in is over

I have no idea what i'd do with the money i just know i have to go somewhere that isn't completely insane

>> No.29350375

That is true, and soon we will have cheap robots to make our own food and electricity, there will be cheap and fast satellite internet soon also. Honestly, check your head, are those things you guys are saying remotely true? remotely possible? Look at how technology is growing, you guys are just afraid of fags, niggers and womans. Stop been so fucking weak and see things as they are. You will be trapped in a slavery only if you are stupid and unable to see propaganda, and honestly you guys are just afraid because you have been brainwashed in to right-wing propaganda, there is a shit ton of people brainwashed in left-wing propaganda, just search for facts and see things as they are, we are going to have accessible goods and education, you are only going to be a slave if you are willing to be brainwashed into propaganda.

>> No.29350494
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>buying land to secure property that cant be taken from him.
>doesn't know about the power of eminent domain

>> No.29350628

This. It was an economic and societal anomaly.

>> No.29350736
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Lease land and dig tunnels. Return to tunnel monke.

>> No.29350782

>t. complacent boomer

>> No.29350990

>>We can't print meat

>> No.29351264

If you want a prediction of the future, go read some dystopian science fiction. Many hallmark dystopian science fiction novels have accurately predicted social changes we see in modernity. 1984 and A brave new world are some obvious examples. They are one of the most accurate indicators of the kind of things we'll be walking into.

>Show me facts and articles written by people working in this field
The World Economic Forum did just that, the Great Reset is along the lines of how they wish and expect the world to be rolling into. They just don't delve into the deeper implications of the loss of personal freedom. Also, can you only make decisions if an authority figure gives you their facts?

>artistic and intellectual freedom if you don't go against the State
Are you serious? Freedom with a leash is still slavery. If you look forward to being a slave, just admit you want to be a slave. Don't try to deny the fact.

>See our history, even nobodies like Socrates and Diogenes made their way just because they could think and have a good rhetoric.
And yet they are far more important than their peers who thought like you.

You don't seem to value liberty all that much, I find it strange anyone would laud becoming a serf.

>> No.29351599

>See our history, even nobodies like Socrates and Diogenes made their way just because they could think and have a good rhetoric.
Socrates was sentenced to death for "corrupting the youth of Athens."

>> No.29352585

You a nigger or nigger adjacent.
You get what you deserve.

>> No.29352726

land can easily lose value anon. this is why the richest own liquid land and liquid estates.

>> No.29353452

nice boi

>> No.29353715
File: 44 KB, 600x443, Neflite_Disguised_as_Maxfield_Stanton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we just kill all internet mods and take away women's rights instead?

The great ctrl+alt+del

>> No.29353893

We have until July if BTC doesn't break $100k by end of July the correction will happen. If it breaks it, we will see ~$180k top then an retraction down to $40-$60k. No need to worry just yet. Alt season is kicking off next month.

>> No.29354043

thats fucking horrific

>> No.29354133

Top right looks good if it was a home improvement store that sold shovels and 2x4s, for living in it's garbage of course.

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