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Are bobos dead?

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Chinese are still asleep

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shut the fuck up and stay in the ground bobo or I’ll have to hit you again

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there are things worse than death

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yes only up up up

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>25+ bobo threads a day
You tell me jackass

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No. Bobos are immortal. They don't die even if they're killed.

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No. /biz/ loves going Bobo at the slightest hint of downward momentum. They're just hibernating.

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That mumu doesnt look comfy at all

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i like bobo because he is cute

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no they’re just getting liquidated faster than they can post emboldened by their doomed shorts.

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imagine dying like this holy shit, the ancients were pretty fucked up

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No, they grow stronger by the day

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long answer short: they're taking meds

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the horn they have in the front is meant to distort their screams so they sound like bulls mooing. it's pretty fucked up

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im reading the history now, the dude that invented this was tricked into getting inside the bull to 'test' the horn and was locked inside and set on fire. He was freed before dying and then thrown off a cliff. All of this is legend though but it wouldnt surprised me if it existed, very fucked up

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The based Emperor )))Diocletian((( used one of those to execute (((Christians))).

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is it time to wake up yet?

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pretty based if you ask me

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Things are funnier when it's Bobo time on /biz/.

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they will be back once f2 pool starts dumping more bitcoin onto the market again, starting now

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nice digits
also read up on iron maiden and blood eagles. they're pretty interesting.

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we need to bring that bull back so we can roast socialists and communists in it

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Bobo has been slayed after 10k to 20k then it was over.

the run up to almost 60k a lot of BoBo rugs being sold to the bulls.

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fuckin checked, will do
is that the one that threw them to the lions too?

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im sure we can invent more fucked up shit today for them

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Blood eagles are way too brutal to be psychologically damaging. Now just hear me out about this one.

Crazy over the top death methods, such as Iron Maiden, blood eagle, that bull method (or any other crazy fucked over the top) is actually a sign of weakness usually. It's because they do this to display savage intent to enemies, and like a small dog barking a lot, displays brutality as a cover up for underlying faults. That's why Romans used to go with methods of crucifixion. Because crucifixion is slow, costly, very human resource intense and overall not the most brutal/efficient method. Probably why crucifixion is one of the worst ways to go and it's a huge psychological blow to the enemy.

Look up the Appian Way to see some real fucked up stuff

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It also displays that they are not afraid of expending huge amounts of resources and time to display brutality.

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noted fren

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nope, opened a 20x short at 58k

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Why would you want to kill socialists and communists? Their ideology isn't even popular

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>Their ideology isn't even popular

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He possibly did, and Nero is said to have used lions as well to execute Christians. But "execution by lion" wasn't used only for Christians, it was a method used to execute criminals in general (but it wasn't exactly a common method) -- it was not a special punishment just for Christians.

> Short documentary about the spread of the Jews before and during the Viking age:

> Servants of Satan

> The Spread of Christianity from Year 314 to 580

> 16 Facts about Christianity

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here comes the crash assholes sell now.

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It isn't. I'm a zoomer and no ones a fucking socialist or communist. They support trannies and fags and niggers and shit but they're still pining for corporate jobs and consooming.

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Based. Thanks fren, saved for later

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moar based videos here https://archive.is/Se01B

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The Iron Maiden is fictional.

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im reading up on the wikipedia page and it says there was an older version that the spartans used

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he goes down
this will make u reddit bastards weep
OMG it grow
then KEK it dumps
why u cry like a girl??
ar u lost again with your shit bot for trading?
> be smart use bot ocean for cex and dex trading, forget about scam strategies

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I took profits on january 10th and lost them all on gme

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For me it's Scaphism.

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Are you new? Anything that shows display of power with white origin is now fake

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wouldnt want to go out this way

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>I'm a zoomer and ________________________________________________________...
Neoliberals specifically vote for Democrats based on their socialist policies, zoom.

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Bobo has been too busy killing BSC shitcoins to deal with bitcoin.

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brazen bull is a fairy tale. plenty of iron maidens exist today while this bull shit is vaporware. also nice quad

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