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Is life just a series of debt traps until you die?

>18-30: Student loan debt
>30-60: Home debt (((mortgage)))
>60-death: Medicial debt from old age

How do you sidestep these debt traps?

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i am convinced that that post was a psyop and the house was funded by chinese investors

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>Go to state school
>Rent until you can buy a home with cash
>Be healthy

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how the fuck do people get stuck with student loan debt? im going for cs and i have like 1k of grant money left to spend on whatever i want after every semester

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That girl is my hero

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Just get a 15 yr mortgage and pay it off as quickly as possible. Also, if you aren't a retard getting a full ride to a small school isnt hard

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Sorry sweaty, im actually Jewish. Shalom

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There’s no point in University unless you know you’re 100% guaranteed to get some extremely high paying job.

So basically 90-95% of people shouldn’t goto uni

That saves the initial debt snowball from ever starting

>b-but I can’t be a degree Chad
Nobody cares, it’s not the 1970s anymore, every cunt has a degree now

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That woman isn’t even attractive, simps are pathetic.

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OF is known for short term renting for photo shoots.

>Falling for the "you need a diploma" meme
>Falling for the "you should leave your family" meme
>Falling for the "eat shit and and exercise" meme

You sidestep these distractions by not consuming Jewish media

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>grant money
not everyone is poor or a nigger. if you're middle class and aren't a niggerball player, you get fuck all.

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Bet she votes too.

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>18-30: Student loan debt
Only go to college if your family is wealthy, has school savings, or you get a scholarship.
>30-60: Home debt (((mortgage)))
Multigenerational living.
>60-death: Medicial debt from old age
Accept mortality and by that point you should have at least three passports, two of which have free healthcare.

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That house is going to feel increasingly big and empty as the years crawl by. Camwhoring and sex work in general leads to a pretty lonely and isolated life

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*eat shit and don't exercise

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Look for peen?

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That girl is not even hot. She's below average by the look of those legs

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>18-30: live with parents, dont go to college
>30-60: inherit house
>60-death: Medicaid

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If anyone needs a whitepill, less than 1% of the whores on OF make that kind of money, if that post is even true

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shell just get some numale soiboi redditor who thinks its empowering or some shit once she gets lonely enough

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Thats what simps like. A girl they think they have a chance with

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These anons get it

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This. Didn't go to college, just got a mortgage, but have enough in savings to pay it off if I want. I choose not to because the rate of inflation from BRRR will make that 2.25 APY look like nothing. How did I save? Buy used cars, get the cheapest data plan, don't waste utilities, and eat at home most of the time.

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>the whitepill is that most women are whoring themselves out for free
I feel blessed knowing this bit of data thank you

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Really made me feel better. Thanks anon.

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we need to start killing simps, what the fuck

this girl is like 6

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>How do you sidestep these debt traps?

Overthrow the federal government and institute a monetary system that isn't based on government-manipulated interest rates

Good luck with that faggot

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I know at least 3 whores I went to highschool with who started doing only fans (two of them have black cuck boyfriends) two of them stopped doing it because they werent making any money. I don't know the other one that well so I don't know if they still do it.

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She's probably exploiting some meme fetish.

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>don't waste utilities
I like to take two baths a day for fun, is this wasteful

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This. If even true she’s above 0.01% of her fellow skanks. Onlyfans is a sad platform in my desu opinion.

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yeah there's a guy who wrote an article about it but his source was his ass and his method were literal negative iq. nobody knows how successful onlyfans girls are, because they don't publish data.

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cope. true, but still cope.

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a bit

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Yeah I just checked her twitter. She's a Star Wars cosplayer. That fanbase is an easy target lmao. And she's actually kinda hot ngl in a girl next door type of way

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I bet she acts like a dog since her looks aren't too off from one.

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She got it on a mortgage so don't feel too bad about it

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I'm 22 years old I have my moving business and I'm going to create and build my own tiny home. I will likely never pay rent.

And I do not have any credit cards.

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>tiny home

that's lame dude enjoy your outhouse on wheels

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This bitch really posting a gross amount fucking lmfao.

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>Student loan debt
try not be an American / capitalism etc.

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kek, 90%+ of camwhores have a bf behind the scenes. It's often them who push them into doing it to begin with.

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I love the fact that america is this cucked

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onlyfans is the girl version of making it in crypto

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FAFSA fucks middle income families

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She likely won't fall for a simp because simps are the people she aims to take advantage of.

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If you never get married and live frugally, then debt shouldn’t be a huge problem. 15-year mortgage is probably doable.

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You have no idea how right you are lmao. Most camgirls get paid in bitcoin and they're more efficient than the average mining rig.

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What's up with /biz/ becoming an incel support group lately?

Is this really what modern conservatives have become? Just a bunchy of whiney beta males crying about women constantly?

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hate this butter faced butter bodied bitch

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i hate simps i really do, they have completely fucked the pussy market.

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uhhh who the fuck gave this fat ugly whore money? who was it? shame shame on you lonely faggots

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That 4chan in general and has been for years. Go back to rddit newfag

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Go back
You're barking up the wrong tree. No one on biz does this shit, we're all too kikeish.

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someone post her lewds i ain't paying a woman for this shit

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And they say being a woman isn't life in easy mode

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Can't even be mad at her. It's the simps' fault.

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are you a liberal? reddit nigger

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10 years ago when i started working i decided i wanted to live in munich
i estimated a nice appartment close to city center would cost about 500k in 10 years
so i got a job, left the city and made some money; as i got back now, 10 yrs later, i had to realize the same appt. now costs 1mil minimum
real estate agents tell me that with a yearly income of about 100k i dont even need to try buying a flat here now, even with my saved money

its all just a fucking scam, all i wanted was to live rent and mortgage free so i dont have to slave away for some fucking bank

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>How do you sidestep these debt traps?
by not being born from inferior genetic stock that is incapable of creating generational wealth

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strait up. being a hole is an easy life they say

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Live within your means instead of being a nigger and accumulate wealth generationally?

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>And I do not have any credit cards.
>he doesn't want to get 2% off literally everything he buys
You don't have to go into debt dummy. Just pay off your credit bill on time.

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im seething so much when i see these ugly whores make bank, i can't even cope with my 30k linklet stack

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exaclty, ugly whores should be cheapp. how did this dishrag dumpster slut get paid?

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I had an academic scholarship that covered half of my tuition and worked throughout college. I was lucky. Seeing a middle class family that makes like $70k/year, which is absolutely fine in my state, try to pay $20-30k/year for tuition is disgusting and university admins need to be thrown into the gulags they love so much

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more like
>start work at 18
>get mortgage for apartment
>pay off by 24
>live rent free
>get second mortgage
>rent out
>increase income by 1k/month
>32 paid off second mortgage
>get third mortgage
>build duplex
>rent out for 2k/month
>paid off third mortgage at 44
>never have to work again

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Ah yes, reddit; the home of /r/incel, /r/MGTOW and /r/the_donald

Thanks for the invite, but no thanks, incels.

He lost. Have sex.

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People going to expensive places without any grant or scholarship money. A lot of kids also don't understand just how easy debt can pile up and don't understand that they likely won't get a high paying job right out of school.

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>Seeing a middle class family that makes like $70k/year, which is absolutely fine in my state, try to pay $20-30k/year for tuition is disgusting and university admins need to be thrown into the gulags
I agree, but
people should also recognize what they have to work with. No sympathy for anyone complaining about $30k tuition when you can go to an in-state college for <$10k anywhere.

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the jew wants you to consume shit that goes down in value
it's up to you to break free from shit debt

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>be pigfaced 4/10

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Look at the size of this bitch. That’s one of Floyd mayweather’s baby mama

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I'll never understand the american plight of student debt
If you're going to college for a degree that won't land you a comfortable job that can pay the debt then why are you even getting student loans?

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Different strokes for different folks.

Have never been in debt my whole life. It's all about taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, and they always do.

Deployed overseas and saved, bought a big house with a pool for 90k cash in 2008 during the crash.
Got my aviation ratings with cash and the airline paid for half of it because they are starving for pilots.
Dabbling in college for free because of GI bill, but probably will just save it in case I lose my physical and have to shift careers in to trade skill.
A bunch of investments over a fairly broad portfolio.

It can be done, key is patience and consistency.

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She's like a 5. How is she banking on OF? Do simps really?

>> No.29336122

big fax no printer

>> No.29336128

Makes my heart feel good if this is the case.

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>start work at 18
>get mortgage for apartment
>pay off by 24

Where do you live lmao, I'm priced out of the ghetto here (500k starting)

>> No.29336132

thats the biggest mistery here
shes not even that pretty, belle delphine making millions? sure, shes a 10/10 easily
but a mediocre hoe making enough in a few months to buy a decent house?
not that i begruge it to her, but where do all these simps come from?

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dude i have sons..you know that came out of women lol. you are most certainly the faggot. repeat after me.. reddit is for fags, and i am a faggot. see that wasnt hard.

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she's kind of cute but I wouldn't pay to see her content. I can see the appeal though if you're a simp. she looks like my 3rd or 4th choice if I was at a bar

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>Live in Europe in your mom's attic like 50% of the population
Society hates this simple trick

>> No.29336266

The vast majority of girls get like 10 viewers or less, begging simps for chump change

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just look at this goddess

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I really appreciate the subtle difference between female whores and/biz/raelis.
I had only 1k to my name 3 months ago and now, thanks to crypto, I'm almost at 20k. Sure, it's not a house, but I didn't have to sell my body and soul (yet).

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i decided long ago never to get any debt, i also had no money so I did without, but now I have a lot of money and still have no debt. debt is for middle tier

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jesus. this makes not even want to talk to my gf for the next week. so fat so so fat

>> No.29336408

She's pretty big but it's not a terrible proportioned body. Let's see the tits.

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File: 1.00 MB, 1125x1942, FB7210B8-A7E4-46C1-B436-C7B67BD2AF20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That girl did NOT buy that house man , OF pays these girl with large followings off to make posts like this basically as a billboard , look at all the quote tweets it’s a bunch of bitches saying “welp I’m starting one now” it’s all strategic the same girl in my pic , posted her net worth of about 500k , a penthouse in Miami like that is 6-8 million MINIMUM and comes fully furnished and she bought it with her 500k?? Naw

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How do i make money as male from onlyfans?

>> No.29336694

your butthole

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>reddit is for fags, and i am a faggot
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. You're already one step ahead of the other incels. Bravo!

>> No.29336764

Do people like ball shots too?

>> No.29336780

no but seriously my cousin makes bank spreading his shit. thing is he doesnt even have to. Our family sold off our oil companies years ago lol. he's just a sick fuck.

>> No.29336781

Chinese are not the ones subverting western civilization. Stop watching Alex Jones

>> No.29336787

tbf she could have made far more than $500k. Weren't the top onlyfans girls pulling millions every month?

>> No.29336843

based whore

>> No.29336848

right well said bro
get yours pig girl
but like I'd literally tell her to fuck off if she tried to chat me up at a bar or something

>> No.29336850

>Student loan debt
>Imagine being American and not having free education

>> No.29336863

i can ask my cousin.

>> No.29336893

Well, time to kill myself

>> No.29336938

Dressing up as a star wars character so literal subhumans will pay her.

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>Medicial debt from old age

Didn’t even see this one, fucking country of cucks

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The first whore is ugly as shit.
This... as well.

I hate simps, I wish I was born with a pussy.

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>i am convinced that that post was a psyop and the house was funded by chinese investors
It's actually an MLM post.
OnlyFans isn;t just women being prostitutes, its them prostituting each other, if you get a woman to sign up with your code you get a % of her earnings.

Women grooming each other in to prostitutes for simp scraps and this gigachad takes a cut of every dollar

>> No.29337087

dude i couldnt be involuntarily celibate if i wanted haha. im trust fund kid. i dont a job i just lift weights and chill on the beach. i just throw my grandfathers hard earned money into fake internet money because its fun.

>> No.29337213

I am in physical pain looking at this. Like actual, physical pain. Help me bros, Crypto is the male equivalent of this, how can I escape the world??

>> No.29337259

That's a shitty story. The world basically priced out an entire generation of people in the span of 10 years.

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imagine shilling oneself for someone that is using you to shill out their product so that they can get more people to shill themselves.

shillcepted and brilliant!

>> No.29337338

they're making a down payment at least
in their mind that means they "own" it.

>> No.29337488

Itd be nice they told you this in high school

>> No.29337543

Do actual research, take a personal finance course, properly diversify your portfolio. Get into cryptocurrency, stocks, and bonds. Finally hodl, people like to say day traders make bank but they don't. Hold on to solid investments and give them time to do their job and make money.

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>that's lame dude enjoy your outhouse on wheels
Technically a "tiny house" is just a house that is 800 square feet or less, wheels are not required.

Pioneer cabins like pic related are technically tiny houses, and at one point basically every house in America was a tiny house.

>> No.29337770

>can't just walk into the wilderness and build a tiny house because every fucking parcel of public land is controlled by the govt and they don't let you build on public land
it's fucked

>> No.29337809

how? she's not even that pretty

>> No.29337814

>Crypto is the male equivalent of this
whats the onlyfans equivalent of getting rugged?

>> No.29337861

having any worthwhile man who finds out tell you to get lost forever

>> No.29337863

i bet she forgot to pay taxes

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I just puked. Thank god I am into 2D women.

>> No.29337970

>How do you sidestep these debt traps?
by realizing that it's not entirely real and that you should rack up as much as you can while maintaining on those refinanced low payments until you fucking die and obviously don't have to deal with it anymore lmao

that's what boomers did

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Yeah it is, which is why the trend with modern tiny houses is put it on wheels. Just move to a different chunk of state land when the sheriff catches on to you and tells you to leave. But if you have your own land a stationary cabin is really the best way to go.

>> No.29338132

modern women are soulless, loveless human shells, they don't care about that. Don't kid yourself, when you have that much money there is a line up of literally hundreds of 10/10 male partners waiting. This women has 'made it', she has literally no problems.

>> No.29338178

Simps find out you made a heckin transphobic tweet 5 years ago and they all do mass chargebacks

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>The world basically priced out an entire generation of people in the span of 10 years.

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goblins like this make a FORTUNE on onlyfans and buy houses. i hate simps and i hate this clown world

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>they have completely fucked the pussy

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File: 1.22 MB, 1200x1438, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 4.43.31 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29338663

>there is a line up of literally hundreds of 10/10 male partners waiting
wrong faggot
there's simps and simps only
good girls love bad boys

>> No.29338677

who do you guys hate more, women or "men" that give money to women?
i really can not decide

>> No.29338750


>> No.29338753

the men because without them it would't be even possible

>> No.29338808

>Be Australian
>Get undergrad
>Loan debt $33,000 with the government
>0% interest only mandatory repayments when income exceeds $1,000 PW AUD

>$88-90,000 in savings at 25
>Entry level houses in my area $180,000
>Going to keep my savings in stocks
>dividends I get for owning stock PA exceeds the rent I pay :^)
>When I hit the cash for a house government has $15,000 subsidy for first home buyers

>need to figure out if my money is better in shares or owning a home at that stage

>E,g I will pay less tax without share income, won't pay rent with house idk, we'll see.

Feels good bros

>> No.29338812

Men absolutely. The women are scum, but that's expected. Men who pay for this aren't even human.

>> No.29338830

I see you're angry. I am angry too. But that doesn't change how the world is currently. The only option we have is to remain focused and make it through crypto. This is the last chance. Max out your credit, do whatever it takes, just make it, or else you are fucked for life playing a rigged joke of a game.

>> No.29338866

To solidify it: you wont see people screencaps of complaining about earning nothing on OF here on 4bait and there's already more supply than demand + pirating. Also wait 10-15 years to see each one of them hitting the wall with a ruined reputation and no money left.

>> No.29338876

This, if you're living in Burgerland it does not make financial sense to not use credit cards, unless you're so weak willed with debt that you need to go full Dave Ramsey with your finances.
Personally, I would prefer it to be illegal for credit card companies to force vendors to use the same price for cash customers, but given that the government wants to eliminate cash in the first place, I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.29338877

strait up. if 4chan stopped watching porn for a week or two. went to bar had a few drinks, they would get laid. its literally that easy.

>> No.29338985

lets just spam her twitter

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the rest of you can get fucked but lord know you won;t

>> No.29339125

I was friends with a 39 year old virgin for awhile, dude fucking had a mental breakdown and spent like $14,000 in paying sluts online to video chat.

It's legit a real thing, good for the girls I guess

>> No.29339201
File: 148 KB, 849x694, 1612607365331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29339204

Check’d and dubs of truth

>> No.29339210

You honestly think there aren't any gold digger men out there?

>> No.29339245
File: 22 KB, 200x239, chad-skinny-doctor-thumbnail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hope some of you listen.

>> No.29339277

yea maybe you're right
but i've got rejected so many times that i can't do it anymore

>> No.29339351

this, just put on a cute outfit, cute face mask and cute wig and you gonna be having sex all night
don't forget to shave!

>> No.29339389

lord knows I've gotten mine and then some
I'm god-tier looks and smarts tho
literally I understand what hot girls go through and honesty I despise 99.9% of you

>> No.29339390

do you go out by yourself or with huge group of guys? no chick will approach a group. you have to go solo. sit at the bar. shave your face unless you have an even beard. a women will approach you.

>> No.29339413

this one bothers me less because its clearly a deano shitbox

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File: 128 KB, 900x1300, Nice guy VS Real man.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut the fuck up you fucking simp

>> No.29339497

By the look of it, she spent the rest of the check on meth.

>> No.29339518

black t shirt and nice jeans. no gay fadora or stupid funny shirt. and cologne. dont go in smelling like BO or trash.

>> No.29339525

Begome homeless, die early

>> No.29339574

i've sat at bars alone this is complete bullshit
only works if you are chad then ofc you could wear a diaper in public and still get laid

>> No.29339592

>dont go in smelling like BO
bitches love my bo bruh

>> No.29339663

>only works if you are chad
that's right
sucks to be you I bet, dickshit

>> No.29339693

listen you sad cunt. i have fat friends with ache who crush ass. get your mindset right. make eye contact. and be yourself strait up.

>> No.29339725

post face incel

>> No.29339746

bro it's a numbers game
you win some you lose more
get out there studboi and stop being such a whiney faggot

>> No.29339772

women can smell a bitch from a mile away. dont be a bitch dude be a bro

>> No.29339775

What a fucking legend. I dream to be that based.

>> No.29339790

>the deepstate wants the average person to have financial freedom
What kind of deepstate do they believe in?

>> No.29339808

why so you can jerk off later?

>> No.29339824

lurk moar newfag

>> No.29339865

shit bro you for sure gotta go

>> No.29339950

>whats the onlyfans equivalent of getting rugged?
when we report these thots to the IRS like we did last time in the thotaudit

>> No.29339962

>I dream to be that based.
look at you simping on dudes now
great look on you bro best of luck with that

>> No.29340044


>> No.29340067

Well my parents paid for my college and I'm now 25 with enough money to buy 2 fairly large homes and a decent HSA for medical. Not sure what yiu mean by traps really.

>> No.29340069

Fuck this gay earth and most of all fuck simps

>> No.29340083

That thing im going to post then hitting the gym. i has a fat friend with long greesy hair because he thought his face was fat. He asked me why he wasnt getting laid. i told him strait up. That he smelled, his hair covered his face, and he wore sweaty T-shirts. Anyway i helped a bro out. conviced him to get a fade even though he was terried. bought him a nice shirt and some slacks with baby powder. That night he got his dicked sucked. women just dont want gross nervous dudes

>> No.29340093

fuck you and FUCK this incel beta/alpha shit. i don't give a FUCK anymore

>> No.29340108

Get a trade instead of going to college/university and live in Aus or Canada for social health care.

>> No.29340140

Literally who cares? They can't kill you

>> No.29340151

you think there's a market for my mangina? I do a really great tuck and my pubes are red so it's double lulz. who gonna simp for me biz bros?

>> No.29340159

>18-30: Student loan debt
No idea, got a scholarship for a federal university. I think this is a murrican problem.
>30-60: Home debt (((mortgage)))
Unless you work a shitty wagie cagie job, it's perfectly possible to pay a house in 10 years.
>60-death: Medicial debt from old age
Avoidable if you live a healthy lifestyle, but you will tank at 80 though.

>> No.29340174

how does one become "NICE GUY" and other "REAL MAN" though?
With the ammount of external factors that affect people, from family, economic status, place of upbringing it shapes people into certain types of person while mixed with their genetic predispositions. How many "NICE GUYS" are half product of bad enviroment and how many "REAL MEN" are half product of a good one?

maybe deepstate is afraid of millions of unemployed people

>> No.29340211

perfect that's confidence women love that shit. now wear some of your dads clothes because he probably has better style....shower...hair gel. and go to a nice bar. not a dive bar shithole with old women smoking cigs

>> No.29340218

>That night he got his dicked sucked. women just dont want gross nervous dudes
good on you bro
I have some dudes I'll help out on occasion
it's seriously easy as fuck just get your shit together

>> No.29340243

wouldn't a 7% dividend on 90k be only like 6.3k a year? I imagine avg rent is at least double that

>> No.29340272

Lol this one's apartment is tiny as fuck.

>> No.29340299

>I imagine avg rent is at least double that
for flyover faggots maybe wtf?!?

>> No.29340300

>maybe deepstate is afraid of millions of unemployed people
So they are encouraging women to make an onlyfans and men to trade shitcoins to stop unemployment?

>> No.29340311

Yes anon, that is how the system is designed. That is also why the government demands it's gibs from your crypto earnings even though it refuses to regulate or acknowledge it's legitimately. If you are free from the system, you might do something unpredictable and dangerous. Like thinking or personal growth and improvement.

>> No.29340312

yeah i pay 1200 a month without utilities for a 3 bedroom condo overlooking a river with a forest.

>> No.29340337

This bitch is absolutely average, simps deserve to have every penny squeezed out of their beta wallets

>> No.29340351

Holy fuck how do retards still fall for ancient bait

>> No.29340385

they suck shit and they should be made for lunch instead of being tolerated

>> No.29340394

make them "self employed" and if their fail, it's their fault
I dunno man, I'm just playing devil's advocate

>> No.29340397

I feel for her. She will live a very unfulfilled life and become depressed if she isn’t careful

>> No.29340455

nigga wtf who cares are you gay?

>> No.29340719

just buy some cheap land in Alaska and settle the last frontier

>> No.29340736

Only fans has actually rented these houses to entice others to join their site and spread their buttholes

>> No.29340769

dude if she get depressed thats on her. literally the oldest book "bible" tells you that being a whore is a miserable lift. and i pay for sex on occasion by bring them taco bell. but yeah like who the fuck doesnt know that being a whore will lead to a destitute life?

>> No.29340800

Currently up 400k no debt. Feels good bros

>> No.29340908

hell yeah dog keep it up. get that generational wealth

>> No.29340921

>60-death: Medicial debt from old age
I thought medicare pays for everything when you're old

>> No.29340926

Why does he position the btc trading as if it's a bad thing? Much more respectable than onlyfans shit.

>> No.29341089

>admiration for success is "simping"
kys you low iq mongrel

>> No.29341375

I'm the change I want to see faggot
have fun sucking cock the rest of your life

>> No.29341474

If you're not majoring in engineering, computer science, mathematics or business, you can learn a lot of what you'll need on your own nowadays. Hell, trade school is a better option for most.
>Relying on the education system to set you up for success

>> No.29341483

Those two statements have 0 relation with one another. You prove to be retarded with every post.

>> No.29341519

>You prove to be retarded with every post.
that may be
but at least im gorgeous

>> No.29341652

shes not even hot shes average at best, who the fuck is paying to watch a girl they could actually fuck in real life if they just had minimum social skills.

>> No.29341982

>shes average at best
nah she's a 4 at best

>> No.29342178

That's what enrages me the most about this onlyfans shit. Even lumpy-looking uggos are are to pull in serious cash with this bullshit. It'd be one thing if it were just the girls who were legitimately model-tier, but it's not. Some dumb fat blob of a thot with a shitty webcam spreads her legs and that's thousands a month. Fucking hell.

>> No.29342210

>Fucking hell.
sound more british

>> No.29342271
File: 58 KB, 680x497, america yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29342402
File: 20 KB, 280x335, 1582679961130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's only a trap if you play _their_ game

>> No.29342423

stfu up retard

>> No.29342597

Why do you care about waht someone else does with their body? Why do you want to control what everyone else does?

>> No.29342699

You misunderstand. I'm not enraged at the 3/10 fat chicks making bank off onlyfans. I'm enraged at the ocean of simps willing to pay a 3/10 fat chick for the privilege. The rage is directed at the complete lack of fucking standards.

>> No.29342776

post your tits you stupid bitch

>> No.29343203

It's more than likely a marketing campaign to fool girls into opening an account on OF. Or a survivor bias. 99.9% of women with OF don't even make $100 a month.

>> No.29343252

That's because you played yourself like a goy. You should have bought an apartment with a mortgage back then and you would be able to still save money (though not as much) and also build equity and benefit from the increase in valuation.

>> No.29343401

You can literally have your life set just by being born a woman. And they have the nerve to say being a woman isn't life's easy mode.

>> No.29344128

Who's paying to see you this piglet naked

>> No.29344248

Getting too old or getting their money makers (aka their bodies) too damaged, I guess.
And even then one takes many, many years and there are enough interested people to support you, and the other isn't likely, plus it also does have enough interested people still. We don't have a shortage on men with strange interests.
No matter how you put it, women have it easier.

>> No.29344344

chinky chinkers and faggots

>> No.29344530

what about going to school to become a jannie

>> No.29344535
File: 490 KB, 449x401, laughinggirls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he isn't in the top .1% of his state's graduating class and didn't receive merit scholarships paying for his entire university education

>> No.29345050
File: 243 KB, 1656x1760, 1611104946734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thou shall not Simp
>Thou shall not associate with Simps or THOTS

>> No.29345070

>based chonker

>> No.29345197

Are you a below average woman? You can latch onto an above average beast of burden and put all of your debts into his name, or you could spread your disgusting vagina online and simps will throw fist fulls of money at you.

>> No.29345626

>1 post by this id

>> No.29345823

>What's up with /biz/ becoming an incel support group lately?
you must be new here

>> No.29345951

Women unironically have been a disaster for the human race ever since Adam and Eve or that Retarded thing that crawled up on land.

>> No.29346163

>invent time machine
>travel back in time to 1965
>>start work at 18
>>get mortgage for apartment
>>pay off by 24
>>live rent free
>>get second mortgage
>>rent out
>>increase income by 1k/month
>>32 paid off second mortgage
>>get third mortgage
>>build duplex
>>rent out for 2k/month
>>paid off third mortgage at 44
>>never have to work again

>> No.29346559

Ugly bitch. And why the fuck would a sword made from light cast a fucking shadow

>> No.29347687

Easy come, easy go. Those whom receive something that is not earned with inevitably lose it and come to a bad end. Man or woman. Work on yourself, not to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex or achieve higher status but as a goal onto itself.

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