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Only if you have a goal in mind and the school is providing the curriculum you need to attain that goal. Otherwise it's a debt trap.

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If you want to be a doctor or engineer, yes. Everything else? No

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full scholarship/in Europe?
us and you gotta pay? you better have a good plan, and select a degree where you get to work in a line of work where you get paid well.
Otherwise no.

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Depends, my parents pushed me into it, I majored in business admin because it sounded responsible. Graduated on the Deans List two years ago. I'm an elementary school janitor now. Hoping it pays off down the road. I'd say it was worth it just for how much pussy I got.

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Fuck me my boomer insticts are saying yes but these days students have the highest debt with the lowest job market prospects. I dont know how you zoomers manage, perhaps fields like engineering are worth it.

Also a cheesy quote that still holds is "Never let schooling interfere with your education".

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Yes but take half your credits at community college, avoid private universities unless you’re getting a masters or PhD in a field you’re absolutely certain you want to be a part of and try to choose a major that professional coaching will improve your life in.

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Why got something better going on?

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god she's cute.

go to college only if you're getting a useful degree or just any degree if your gonna do lawschool or something. make sure you go as cheaply as possible for the least or no debt.

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if you don't live in a shithole, college/uni is free and you learn cool stuff
if you want real knowledge in any given domain it's very good, for finding a job it's kinda meh

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>god she's cute.

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truly a based boomer who understands the current climate

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This. If you don't have a solid plan for the education you're doing nothing but wasting time and money.
I dropped out in 2001 because I had no plan. Started back in 2019 with a solid career goal combining two different degrees plus two years of specialized study in France.

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No. Fuck no. Its only good for hearing faggot boomers and Karen boomers bitch about republicans and spew out bullshit 20 years out of date.

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Graduated in may with a degree in computer engineering. I now work as an electronics engineer in a rural area. Low cost of living, $78k a year, had a $16k signing bonus last year which I dumped into link at $6, right as it began mooning. I also have 3 $10k bonuses for this year, the next, and the one after. Cozy job at DoD, telework once a week (eventually being expanded to a permanent option), coworkers are unironically pretty cool. Moving into our new research facility next month, pretty high tech with caterers bringing coffee and food every day. Life is good.

It's hit or miss for most graduates in engineering, I have a friend who worked at Northrop in Huntsville, and he's currently looking for a new job because he hates it there. It really varies from person to person, but everyone I know has a job that pays well at least. I took my current job so I could dump bonuses into crypto in addition to DCA, eyeing retirement before 30. I don't think I'd have been able to do all of this with a degree outside of engineering.

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Fuck, I hate math and I'm really bad at it. It's over if you're low iq.

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Reeeeeeee i'm sitting here with my 30,8k€ embedded systems job

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if you are aware enough to ask yourself that question and not blindly go, i think you know the answer

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I was bad at math and grinded through it. Cut corners where you can, engineering is all about being resourceful without sacrificing results. I had previous exams for Calc 3 for instance which helped me study. Definitely recommend meeting other people and becoming friends with them, helps immensely. But yes, being low IQ is unironically a filter nowadays. Thank immigration and outsourcing. I wish you the best lad.
Which country and what sector? I don't think I'd have studied engineering if I was a britbong, from what I've heard the pay is absolutely shit there.

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If you're a low IQ, extroverted chad sports star going to fuck that college pussy, sure. Otherwise probably not.

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nice shop

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only go for Engineering or medicine;

Otherwise you can go blue/grey collar with a lot less training and make similar amounts of money to a college grad. I ended up working in the blue collar field of recycling, which is surprisingly lucrative (for the company) because a typical facility is a secondary mining facility (all that scrap metal), refinery (waste plastic to crude oil), and lumbermill (paper/cardboard gets bought by amazon suppliers) which is very dirty work.

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god he's cute

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you need to tell us what your plan is first to answer that question

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What if I want to teach English in Japan for example? I would need a degree in English philology or linguistics right?

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Assuming you’re American & don’t live in a fly over state, then yes as long as you start off at a community college, & then transfer to a public university. Apply to as many scholarships that you can. Other Anons have listed engineering/coding/STEM, but if you graduate with little to no debt then government jobs or a career in academia is 100x better than a typical Wagie private sector job. In the public sector you get tons of benefits like health insurance, increased pay over the years, paid sick leave, paid vacations, etc.

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No, you can learn almost everything now on the internet for free, degrees are only useful if you are going to move to another country cuz helps a lot with paperwork, thats it.

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Tbh I highly doubt most English teachers in Asia have a degree. A family friend is moving to Vietnam to teach English and he's retiring from the Army soon, I don't think he has a degree in anything. Granted, I'm sure Japan has higher standards than Vietnam, but I'm not convinced a degree is one of them. Perhaps some sort of standardized exam or online course you have to take.

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You just need to pass some kind of English proficiency exam that makes you eligible to teach English, but I forgot the name of it. Look more into it.

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Austria/Electronics, there are many companies in that field in my area, but i went to engineering school/HTL (a different kind of high school) and not a university.
I'll start University next year since my type of school is not recognized in most other countries.
Regarding wage I'm doing slightly worse than others working at other companies like mazda or glock with ~100-200€ more per month. Changing companies makes no sense since i qualify for a scholarship after 4years consecutive work which is this September.

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in the real world, professionals with real math degrees do all the important and complex math work that has to be accurate no matter what. the engineers and developers will never carry the liability of having to get the numbers right

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I did a B.Sc in Architecture and got a decent job out of school. I got ~70000 first year plus benefits but with Rona we lost OT pay so I am sitting at about 58ish now. Going to go back to masters to wait out the recession but to also be able to get licensed and increase pay at work. Only doing that after working for 3 years was because I got enough from scholarships and have enough savings that I can burn the next two years getting my M.Arch and still have enough to get my own place if/when I work again.

If need be I won't do architecture and do programing or CAD stuff since I am credentialed to that too. School has worked so far only because I had a plan and a contingency plan. Luck helps too.

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Don’t listen to anons that say College isn’t worth it cuz of the debt. They’re using stupid females & retarded financially illiterate faggots that don’t know how to properly come up with a plan to graduate with little to no debt as their argument to not go to college. If you have no degree (or a technical skill), then you will always be forced to compete with EVERYBODY ELSE and you’ll keep being priced out of a decent standard of living. There was an anon here that fell for the “College is a scam” meme and he was forced to work so many shit jobs and he’s just a NEET now. It’s better to get a government or other public sector job than be forced to work in retail or some other low skilled labor job like an Amazon worker.

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Just look on linkedin or indeed - some of the jobs are sketchy but there are a lot of odd jobs you can get teaching english in person or over the phone.

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Thank you for the comments.

Any idea how hard it is to get to teach English in an asian country? I mean not everyone can do it, I suppose. At least some experience and good credentials would be required.

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It’s not hard for most countries. I assume Japan would be the most strict just like an anon above already mentioned, but English teachers in Asian countries are usually the laughing stocks of society, even those guys know that Americans/westerners that go to Asia to teach in English failed in their own countries.

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You do need a degree to teach English in Japan (and most countries, but not including Vietnam, like in other anon’s vetfag cousin anecdote). The major doesn’t matter, typically it’s a degree in photocopying. It’s a very comfy way to get a work/resident visa in Asia if you don’t need to worry about money. (Not so comfy if your TEFL pay check is your primary income.) Japan has an endless number of schools/eikaiwas looking for pale gaijin faces. You’ll eventually find one that’s happy with 2-3 hours work per day.

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>Don't live in a fly-over state

In a fly-over state like Iowa you can actually get a low-training blue collar job that allows one to live a middle class lifestyle (working in ethanol or food processing, for instance) if both partners (assuming you do normalfag things like get married and have kids) are working.

Good luck finding that in the ultra-competitive dystopias in New York and California.

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You have to admit that blue collar jobs aren’t for everyone, & not everyone wants to risk injury, being disfigured, or getting dirty all day long.

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It’s not hard but you do need a degree. Vietnam is currently an exception and Cambodia is always the Asian country of last resort. It’s not a career if you’re ambitious or really set on working in a cubicle. It definitely beats retail/service jobs, and it’s a good option if you’re simply looking for a way to move to a country and get your bearings.

>t. crypto/property owner

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That's good anon wishing you the best. Austria sounds comfy outside of your taxes. I'm from Florida, living in Georgia now. Probably only staying here for 2-3 years and then looking to relocate.

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Unironically what would you recommend for a sex offender to major in, a two year degree or trade? Asking for a friend.

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Sometimes its nice making 40-50k a year in a low cost area when other people are complaining about McJobs and postings requiring a PhD and 3 years experience.

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lol no those returns have been diminishing in harder the past year. I'm going to do with 1 on 1 instruction post-corona style online college because structured mentorship is the way for the things I want to get better at after already making it.

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Probably a trade.

What did you do anon?

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For cucks yes

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it's pretty ok overall, yet wages are lower compared to the us/Switzerland and and taxes are also ~10-15% higher depending on the state. So if you'd move to europe i'd rather move to Switzerland since its almost the same otherwise.
I'm thinking of relocating afterwards for 3-5 years to save up more, yet getting a job that requires a clearance like i assume you have (since you do some dod work) is pretty much impossible.
So ill probably into Switzerland, yet they aren't known for their huge electronics sector.

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CP, modern day leper now. Its rough out here, guess i deserve it. I just want to make it.

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What did you expect honestly

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I got a business management degree and now, a few months after graduation, I'm making 19/hour full time with pay increases slated for the near future.

Worked for me, But apply for every possible scholarship you can first.

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Mental health wise yes, financially no

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That’s a man

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Switzerland sounds comfy.

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Yes but stay away from meme careers mofo

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currently looking into scholarships/bursaries from my leafland government to go to college finally at 26, really been postponing it however because i dont want to go to class on fucking zoom/skype~ any advice on where i should start, or what are good majors/directions to go in for college?

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God does Vitalik have a sister?? Cant stop imagining his boipucci nao uwu

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I'm balls deep wrestling with the sunken cost fallacy right now. Did 1 and a half years, now it's either 4 months of a student co-op while this bull market runs out, or back to construction making money I can be putting in to crypto, I don't know what to do.

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>Cut corners where you can
This is the way to go. Make friends with the Chinese or Indian students, they have vast networks and plenty of old tests to study off of. Most profs do not change their tests every year. Also learn how to cheat. Write the long hard formulas on your calculator or something. The biggest tip for engineering students is to skip most lectures and only show up for tests and labs. Your time is better spent doing lab reports, projects, assignments that are graded, and studying. Do not feel bad about cutting corners. Remember that you're paying for an overpriced piece of paper in the end. Most profs don't even give a shit about your education and would rather be doing research 100% of the time.

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I used to write programs for my TI-84 and the "code" for them was just notes for the exam. You can "edit" the program on your TI-84 during the exam and it just displays the "code" you put into it. Anyone doing the entire degree 100% honestly is a chump who will be exploited his entire life, which is a sad reality but true nonetheless.

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When I was doing my degree we could only use certain scientific calculators, no graphic calcs.

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Varied from class to class for me. About a third of them let you use them. I also wrote a fuckton of flash cards that I'd keep under my thigh for a couple classes. I'd say I did the degree 80% legitimately, which let me focus more on research and assignments

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Go to a community college and the cheapest decent local or state school. Major in CS, Math or Engineering. Profit.

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