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Would i fomo if i bought right now?
Im a poor anon

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Anons? I know you have the knowledge that i dont deserve it right now but help a poorAnon out

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look, if you buy now, and it goes down, you will be in comfortable profit in a week or two, you could try to wait for a correction to like 5.80 or something, but nobody knows whats going to happen. all you really need to know is that this is undervalued and buying now will yield you profit if you hold for more than like 3 days.

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Look into the new vortex feature that ENCOURAGES people to use their BNT to borrow more BNT and then borrow more BNT against that. It's entering pure ponzi territory.

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Getting mixed signals here
I'll look into it

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so aave is a ponzi too?
any borrowing more bnt with vbnt means there is bnt locked in the protocol.

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have my stop limit order set to 6, will sell my whole stack with a nice profit should it come to that
rebuy at about 4 again after that

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That sounds like me when I sold my ADA at 36 cents and planned to buy again at 20 cents. Never ended up happening.

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you are right, its probably a shit idea, better to just hold

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>using stoplosses during the start of the goldenbull

have fun staying poor

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Put a small percentage of your portfolio into BNT. Maybe 5-15% and hold it until the end of the bull run. It looks pretty promising, I think it can make a 10x-20x easily.

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negro stop using SL during a bull run, you can also get easily scamwicked you idiot

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how? its a stop limit, no one can see the order until stop price is hit

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Assuming they aren’t selling order book info to someone for $$. If robhinhood does this you can be sure other exchanges would.