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What kind of games does /biz/ play?

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Killing bugs in factorio while you watch charts is pretty comfy.

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I've been dumping hours into Dyson Sphere Program lately

it's fun

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tic tac toe

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Shitcoin roulette

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Stardew Valley & some Enix Square RPGs

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i play a lot of blackjack against a computer

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pretty much only indies, strategy games, and a few competitive games.

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fighting games, fps
i require absolute competition and intenity
killer be killed, doggy dog world

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The game of life motherfucker

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Mind games

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>kill newfags
>steal their stuff
>watch them cry

I also play chess.

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The objective answer is Dark Souls 3 while waiting for Diablo 2 remaster

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fuck this game
related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh-mxJNBPLg

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Based and honeycomb-pilled

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Megami Tensei

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the one where i try to trade, shitpost, and take care of my son before my wife comes home from work and i have to listen to her tell me about her day,

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crusader kings II

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I can't seem to immerse myself in vidya at all anymore, kinda sucks because I used to like games. I mostly just shitpost and lurk telegrams while watching charts and listening to music lately.

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I've started a new FNV playthrough, can't decide between NCR and independent.

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space station 13

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rocket league
grand champion level

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per aspera - terraforming mars

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Eu4, Kingdom Come and Red Dead

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Open source poker. Closed source poker is how you get raped.

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imagine being such a autist virgin community that you actively scare all women away from your "sport" to the point that you literally have to create your own women for your community by gaslighting otherwise normal (ok not really normal) guys into transitioning

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Counter strike 1.6

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Playing mountain blade warband right now because my laptop isn't good enough for mountain blade 2, building myself a PC soon though

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Medal of Honour : Allied Assault, online
i'm old school cool

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>killer be killed, doggy dog world

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Capitalism Lab
Crusader Kings II

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Card games are the closest thing to gambling with shitcoins

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COD, Battlefield 1, Rockstar games, HOI 4, EU 4. That’s about it.

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>I can't seem to immerse myself in vidya at all anymore, kinda sucks because I used to like games. I mostly just shitpost and lurk telegrams while watching charts and listening to music lately.
That's where I am in life. It's a natural transition.

Getting into more real world skills and activities played a part too. Instead of selling in an in-game shop, I'm selling IRL or I'm training martial arts instead of playing mortal kombat

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I don't even honeycomb my base. I just make a stone 2x2 and PVP out of it all wipe. I never get raided because the farmbots shake in the presence of the AK spray chad.

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My man

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RuneScape. Selling account for linkies

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You are giving your money to globohmo chinks to play a fucking rng game for children.

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i like rollercoaster tycoon and rocket league (only diamond, not gc like the other anon.) cyberpunk was a fun distraction for two weeks. i sold all my gaming shit to start my crypto portfolio earlier this month though.

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cant play games for more than half an hour without changing. they just dont do it for me anymore

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Flight sims. Racing sims. I try not to play video games too much, its a distraction. I could be reading or looking at charts instead.

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Visual novels like Muv Luv, Clannad, etc

Ck2 and Eu4. ~1000 hours of hoi2 variants like darkest hour

I also replay fallout every once in a while

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Original Diablo

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open source?
what site?

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Who tf plays video gsmes go /out/

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i play a lot of planet coaster :) It's a very good creative outlet for me! One of my childhood dreams was to run an amusement park, and if i ever hit 8 figures maybe i'll feel comfortable trying to make it happen :)

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zero-sum games

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the game of losing at life
i'm very successful at it

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Extract camping in escape from tarkov

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I like to play on my switch while I'm watching charts in real time, mostly comfy games like stardew valley or civilization where you can take your eyes off the screen at any time to focus on your crypto for a few minutes
when I'm playing games on my computer or ps4 I like AAA single-player action games, shooty boom boom multiplayer games like battlefront, and JRPGs / MMORPGs

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need for speed or sonic
legit anything that keeps up with the rush of crypto

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Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon

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TF2 is based.

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If /biz/ and /his/ had a baby. Victoria 2 is the best paradox game

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Wouldn't you like to know?

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Jazz JackRabbit

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I don't really care, I'm just confused. Are you one of these guys who thinks a site is rigged cause the villain hit a 2 outer?

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It really is. I personally open a vote kick every time i hear a woman in voice chat.

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NCR are a bunch of dorks, I killed every ncr npc in the game last run

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kill yourself redditor

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Chess for sure

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none. No distractions. Vidya is a time and energy consumer and should be put aside.

Read a book and learn to code, it's better.

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Warband and Vidyascape. OSRS is for faggots.

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Ave, hail Caesar

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Forgot to add I like Yugioh (goat format only) and chess also (like all the other cool kids)

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Ive been playing CoD Cold War and Civilization 5 a lot lately. Also some Starwars battlefront 2

Also can we please make a /biz/ steam group? For vidya and /biz/ shitposting

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Killing floor 2, not much else.. might sink some time in to a good free PS+ release each month. Started collecting Pokémon cards recently, finding that fun

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>t. 20 year old self improover

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Modhau. And only Mordhau

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My last few characters were Legion, trying something different, might go ahead with NCR but not hand over full power to them

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Rocket league and gta online

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your form and execution are exquisite.

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Monster Hunter.

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Mechwarrior, mordhau and total war.

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>Not having the original games

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red dead redemption 2 was the best game i have played in years.
what an amazing game.
solid 9/10 100+ hours np
imo it's rockstar's masterpiece as of now.
it's damn good.
and i hate vidya.

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Forgot pic

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good idea
Everyone in this thread has good taste except for this guy:

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Path of Exile, solo

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Mind games

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Same, I struggle to play vidya anymore. Only games I can play are ones I have nostalgia for. Nothing else gets my attention anymore.

Too busy focused on physical activities and advancing my career. And shitposting.

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The Fallout series, FIFA, Battlefront 2, Cyberpunk 2077, & Apex

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Mr. house is objectively the only good option. Imagine choosing 1. NCR who is incompetent just like our current government 2. A bunch of Roman fag larpers 3. Independent Vegas where you’ll have packs of niggers, raiders, & corrupt scum taking over in a power struggle & Yes Man will probably betray you

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none because my pc broke, plus it made me depressed

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I play osu! religiously. Global rank is ~130. I'm NEET and made it in crypto in 2017. This run I've made 6x what I made last run already. Just finished buying my 10th masternode as well. Stakenet is my retirement plan. You faggots don't even know what is coming.

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Risk of Rain 2 and some WoW

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Thanks for the tip

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So I can experience in a game how it feels to have a life...

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Ace Attorney

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I’m from /tg/, so the majority of my games are tabletop RPGs with other nerds. When I want to play a single-player game I do Crusader Kings 3.

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this and tf2

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>I also play chess.
How do you get good at chess? Do I have to memorize patterns?

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>I also play chess.
Based. What's your ELO?

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EVE Online

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made me chuckle

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