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This shit has crabbed for way too fucking long. That's it. I'm out. I'm putting all my money in BNB now.

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thanks OP, just sold 100k

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I would trade my entire portfolio to make my wife look like that.
I'm so tired of tiny asian pussy.

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It's never too late to change your wife, anon.

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Made for bbc

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I think it might be too late.
Been with her 10 years and our personalities mesh perfectly, we are best friends and have exactly the same interests.
We get into arguments like once a year and it's just so easy being with her since everything is great all the time but I'm just tired of fucking a 115lb bag of antlers.

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>Bag of antlers

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die mentally ill queer

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You know what to do

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Why does she have fire hydrant hands?

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so she can pump your ass full of cum

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So why doesn't she know about your link stack, anon? Why must you still keep secrets from your best friend? Are you ashamed of how many stinky linkies you have? Are you embarrassed by how much of your savings rely on this one bet working out?

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Oh okay. I guess I've got that going for me.

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has he commented on him being a fat endorsement meme yet, must have gotten through to him by now

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no kids?

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How old are you both ?

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She is not that hot, just average. I went to school with her.

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I make $135,000/year and have $500,000 in the bank.
My link stack is only 10,000.
I make more holding SPY than I think LINK will ever make me.
I have one kid from a previous marriage but no kids with my current wife.
I'm 31, shes 29.
she's definitely average, I'd say a soft 7 or a hard 6 but shes definitely cute. Name the school and I might believe you.

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Never really understood how people can stay together for that long and not lose interest in eachother or just flat out be tired.
But who knows, I'm just a internet retard.
God bless you anon.

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What do you do for work?

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Augusta University

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She definitely didn't go to college. We are also on the worst coast.
HVAC sales and occasional installer.
Blue collar bullshit.
I make 7-10% commission off of any job I sell, I usually sell a couple a week and I get yearly bonuses on top of my commission.
I made almost $215,000 last year thanks to COVID (and bonuses), all the relief funds basically guaranteed every home I went to wanted air conditioning because they could afford it now, which is usually an extra $7k-$12k per job.

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You sure broski? That picture is ~7 years old now.

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Tell her to hmu, I have a weird fetish for slightly above average looking women.

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oh, I'm retarded. I thought you were implying you knew my asian wife not the chick in the OP. It all makes sense now.

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>I'm retarded
we've known that ever since you said you have an asian wife

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fair enough.
I didn't marry her to be a coomer though. I married her because shes awesome. Downside is the sex is boring.

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Are you happy?

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Generally yes. currently I'm pretty depressed for a bunch of reasons that aren't really relevant.
Kind of want to quit my job because I legitimately hate working and despise talking with morons about how to heat or cool their home for 8+ hours a day.

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meant to quote you here >>29327799, apologies.

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You know how to sell shit and you have the money, why not start your own business and sit on your ass all day browsing /biz/?

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I actually just did exactly that. Got my business license approved two days ago, now I'm waiting on my contractors license.
Already got a few of my work buddies that said they would come do installs and service for me once it gets going but I'm just really not looking forward to the amount of work its going to require to get this company off the ground.
Kind of undecided on if I really want to invest my time in it at this point since i'm just not that excited about HVAC anymore.

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You have a 10k link stack, this will be worth 3m eoy

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Sounds like you could do with a business partner to take some of the strain off and bounce your thoughts off of someone. I fucking hate my unemployed ass if you can be 31 making $200k+ selling cold metal boxes.

Bezos ditched the selling of books when he could make more being the middle man for everything else. Either that or find satisfaction keeping others employed or have another kid.

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Imagine not having your own personal braphog

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I wish.

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you think so frens? I'm so tired of LINK being a crabbing piece of shit

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It is fantastic how many messages you can get by adding some punctuation to this post