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Made around 3k USD trading BNB and EGG and ETH this weekend, yet my stable job and friends act like 15 year old playing Valheim and CS spending hours of hours doing nothing

How can they hate money so much ?

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some people are just low iq
most people
just a fact

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Why don’t you play CS with them? You only need one monitor to trade crypto

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okay, but have sex.

also nobody cares about your friends or how much you make. stop trying so hard feeling validated.

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It's hard to break out of these habits. I'm trying to make it now, but it seems like I'm too behind the curve to make the right choices when it comes to altcoins.

And investing in btc or eth won't net me the 100 or 1000x I need to "make it".

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Lol same.

Fucking countless hours spent farming wood on viking minecraft. I'll join them again when I'm rich.

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Go back zoomie faggots

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all you need is one coin to "moon" or do very well to propel you to make it. from there you trade more

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So do mine so I get on their games when they're not looking and destroy their shit.

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The fact that you’re so upset at them shows just how jealous you are that they’re happy and you’re not

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I guess. I'm hoping ftm, bnt or grt skyrocket, but I just don't have the knowledge to pick a super obscure coin that can go 1000x.

Dunno if picking coins that are well-known already is the right strategy tbf.

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a buddy of mine tried to convince me to do ubereats. The man has a credit score of 600 and is in 13k in debt from purchases he has made for his youtube channel.

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money scares them - more precisely two things about making extra money that scare the norman shitless

First is the obvious risk excuse, but what the norman really means is that he is scared to take responsibility for his actions. Risking money on an investment would produce a tangible result and as such the consequence of his own actions is inevitable. That's a frightful possibilty to a norman, one that he avoids even thinking about.

The second is the risk of making extra and sticking out of the crowd, even if for a moment. Normans fear sticking out more than death, that's why they always follow the herd, trust the media and ostentatiously ignore anything that does not conform to the flavour of the day herd tastes. Having money increases the risk of "doing the wrong thing" and they'd rather suffer in abject poverty as long as that is what the herd expects from them, than making even a little extra on something not generally acceptable.

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Wow you are so much better than them!

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How are you supposed to chill out when you're laser focused on making it? At some point my life started to be ruled by opportunity cost and maximising output in absolutely everything, and ever since that I've never been able to enjoy anything
Are there people out there who can actually play games without constantly thinking about how their crypto is going or about the goals they have to achieve?

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A friend tried to get you to become a pizza delivery guy?

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less competition for you

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My friends do the same shit and 2 have already killed themselves.

They do it because they don't know what else to do and will wait up til the moment they're already fucked to do anything about it.
How happy can you be when your forcing your childhood at 30 years age ?

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interesting perspective
keep it up.

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I'm 31 and spend all my weekends waking up at 2pm and playing video games all day with my wife. I've already made it, faggot.
I options trade once a week and make 4x more money than I ever did working at a job I had for 10 years.
I do about 2 hours of a research a week and then spend 3 minutes selling contracts.
You just haven't figured out how to play the game yet.

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why not both

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You know you can do both right? Are you a monitorlet? I have 4 monitors 2 for crypto 1 for browsers and game on the main monitor. Unless you are like scalp trading you can easily just tab out and swing while you game ... maybe you should just get better at multi tasking

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>Made around 3k USD this weekend
Same. Comfy
I did mine in this decent pump group tho instead of trading. I always am shit at trading, pump group so much easier wish I'd joined sooner
Invites just opened on this one
discord gg/SNqPpk5Pjw
Non whale one so it's pretty decent

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legitimately don't understand how someone, barring extreme mental illness, can routinely play videogames past the age of like 25. it's so boring. i'd rather be pursuing physical hobbies or studying crypto scams.

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>tfw the one of my friends that killed themselves was the hardest working one in a respectable field
Feels bad.

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they are 30 and force themselves to play video games?

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Same. I can play videogames for maybe 30min - 1 hour at a time these days.

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I sold half of my sweet bnb to buy back in at a lower level. when it hit the bottom I panic sold the other half and took a loss. Then is skyrocketed to ~300$ over night.

Guess who is still waiting for another dip to jump in again....

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Because it's impossible for people to look at crypto and not feel like they already missed the boat.
That and the volatility and risk is very scary.
>normie first hears about GRT
>Jumps in at 2.75 since thats when he heard about it.
>gets rugpulled.
>loses money
>car breaks down next day, would have been nice to have that money
That is how it is most people. If you cant imagine your """investments""" as a pile of money you then light on fire and watch burn, you simply cannot do this.
And there is NO SHAME IN THAT.

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How are you trading? Just day trading or crypto futures?

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spinning the wheel?

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Just today I deleted my modded minecraft files and American Truck simulator.
I haven't touched these games for months even years.
I am this close to uninstalling them. I hope to meet this fantastic chick in 2 weeks. I don't need vidya no more

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Yes, he also works at apple as a pc tech so idk the fuck he's doing. He could of short changed his company by doing the repairs under the table.

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I am going through the same thing. Feeling restless and can't really focus on anything else other than crypto and working on goals. Actually right now I have a twitch stream running on my other monitor but here I am on /biz/ reading about crypto, and I am also DMOR on some small projects. Covid and lockdowns made this worse in that since there is nothing else going on, achieving as much as possible during this lost time has become a must, adding to the pressure. hope wgmi anon soon it is draining

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>having friends
normies out reee

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where can i start with learning to trade options? ive finally gotten to $50k in coinbase by pure luck. but thats just been me buying when i have extra money. i need to go to the next level and learn how to actually read charts and trade.

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Anon take a step back.

While your friends were having fun with each other and were content with their life. You were gambling on a fucking crypto token called ¨Egg¨ and made a little bit of money on the BNB hype. A hype every newfag spotted since you visit this anime board filled with scammers, trannies and racists. A degenerate trade since it could easily be a 5k loss.

Yes, you made money but be real to yourself, your the loser, and you are missing out.

I can't wait for another bear market, at least the god complex of all these bullrun traders will fall down.

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I told my friends repeatedly to buy BTC at 3k and 6k. They didnt listen. Frankly, just ignore them and move on. hang out with them if you want to, but don't worry about other people's finances.

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Thanks God you're not like your fellow kids.

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Be humble anon.

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what if i told you that i do both

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Retard hands typed this post. No rather OP saw a good opportunity and went for it, took the risks, and did research on crypto in general. We know all these people want better lives, who doesn't? The fact that you try segregating muh "EGG" from whatever you think is respectable tells me all I need to know about you though.
Psychology > Fundamentals. Cope.

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Last three weeks I've been selling $4 CSPs on Nokia. I don't think I will again this week as it looks to be heading under $4.

Learn the wheel strategy as a start and branch out from there.
With $50,000 depending on much you're willing to throw around you can easily make a decent amount every week/month.
I started with $200,000 that I'd saved up I currently have a mid 6 figure portfolio and off the Nokia trades I've listed above I've made a little over $25,000 in the last 30 days.

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>your the loser

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Drop a redpill
teach the bro's

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Based. OP gotta step it up and either do both, get in touch with friends more, or be a little more humble. Everyone's got different goals. Just hit them with the "I told you so" later on if you really tried convincing them to trade with you.

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I read crypto all day, make positions, then play a match of CSGO in the evening with my frieds to wind down, reset, and break up the monotony before I start the next day. You're a retard OP.

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Your buddy is right. I am earning $25/hr gross and the tax deduction for mileage complete pays the driving expenses. Weekends go as high as $35.

There is a giant media blitz and cultural shift pushing money into these services. Always be selling what other people are buying.

So take it with someone from a credit score of 800 and a net worth over $500k. It's just the most consistent way to make extra money. I know jr. Devs that take home less per hour after they get buttfucked by taxes.

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crypto is my only source of income and I spend most of my days playing video games and masturbating

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play valheim and own crypto. fag

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thanks i will start reading up on that now, im comfortable using about 10k while im still learning. is coinbase pro a good enough platform to start with?

>and a side note, my buddy has been diving into footprint charts lately and has been very consistent with his trades. i understand the basics of that but it seems like its just completely way over my head.

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This, I was about to say - this thread is OP's precursor to his eventual "I finally made it why don't I feel fulfilled?" thread, meanwhile his friends - while ignorant of gains potential or otherwise being uncaring of money - are probably having a great time. Sad, many such cases.

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This is a larp

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You made a measly 3k and you already are developing a superiority complex? You are a piece of shit

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holy shit, youre really able to clear that much? i did uber/lyft for a few months a couple years ago before ubereats took off and couldnt even clear minimum wage. but earning that much and not having to taxi people around sounds more enticing.

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Meanwhile I freaked out of egg because of some dipshits and went with wynaut which was ended up being the worst decision this week.

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well I need around 100 times 2x or 5x to make it guess.

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Imagine if you pooped in AOC's mouth and she ate it

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>implying i wouldn't the exact fucking same if i became a millionaire
I just want a nice house, car, a dog, and a garden. That's not too much to ask for

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This resonates with me. I have no problem taking responsibility for my actions and failures, but sticking out is horrifying because you get hammered if you do. Normal people know this by instinct, autists have to use mindfulness.

It can be very hard to not interject when people are saying things that are very wrong or could be financially devastating. I usually keep quiet, but I did speak up when the market first started to dip and everyone was of the mindset that they should stay the course. I told them that Japan closed their schools and they don't close schools for ANYTHING, that it was going to get worse before it got better, but it will get better. I know at least one person listened and saved 20% of their entire portfolio.

If pay rates had properly scaled with actual inflation most of us wouldn't be doing this. Even great jobs don't pay what their historical counterparts, even in the 90s.

Ironically, it's part of why food courier work is paying way better than it should. They struggle to get drivers because it's such an unorthodox thing. You are supposed to get a normal job. I have shown my poor friends that I make $25/hr side gigging and they just never pick it up. They just keep being wagies at $18-20 md suffer an unreimbursed commute.

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Is it ?

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You will not net x100 on shit coins either because of all rugpulls, and failed projects. Realistically you can make x5 more on shitcoins than on ETH and BTC if you take trading as part time job 4h a day 6days a week.

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>the thinly veiled brag about your self proclaimed superiority over your friends because you made money trading shitcoins on the internet

Maybe you should just not be friends with them if you hate them so much, and go make friends with other faggots who think all there is to life is making money. In fact based on how insufferable you come across I would bet don't care about you that much and only tolerate your friendship out of pity because you don't sound like friends at all to me.

tldr you sound like such a faggot holy shit

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you make more money holding long term. you’re not better than your friends because you take a degenerate gambler’s approach to investing, no matter your luck.

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I day trade and play with friends on weekends. I refuse to touch shitcoins because 24 hour markets would ruin my life since I'm so fucking obsessive

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You aren't. It's the exact reason I didn't choose to pursue a law career 15 years ago. I knew if I could bill hourly I could never justify fun. How could any two hour long movie be more valuable than the $200 minimum that I could bill for?

The goal was to get a solid job to where any side gig would not worth it compared to my main gig, but then corona happened and uber eats demand spiked. The saving grace is that I can listen to documentaries and engage with enjoyable media while not giving up the cash value.

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I'm trying to get back into video games to help myself cool off from the stress of watching my portfolio fluctuate and grow. Valheim seems pretty fun.

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Congrats. You are king of the wagies

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>I'm a degenerate gambler larping as a hedge fund manager
>my friends found affordable hobbies to pass the time with friends while they save their money responsibly
>why am i so alone and broke in 2 years asking them for money?

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Leave this board faggot

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i mean, i play video games and hold btc. am i going to make it?

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Yeah, the market is flush right now. Food is paying better than passengers and I can crank any music or audio I want.

I would drive more but I have three kids and a full time job already. Someone has to be here for them, and my wife goes out when I am here. It's $1000/wk extra minimum. Most weeks are $1,500.

Drive garbage cars or see if you can get a lease on an electric vehicle. Check to see if your state has tax credits. My lease cost me $3000 for 24,000 miles and then the state paid me a $2,500 credit.

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How much capital are you throwing around to generate enough to create that kind of income? Did you go long options to get your initial capital?

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Make me faggot
what are you going to do about it, huh? Nothing?
Psh, that's what I thought...

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I made 2.5k this weekend while playing valheim with my friends. It's a pretty good game you should try it

>> No.29323656


It's all gravy on top of my full time. I could sit and watch anime and make $0, or I can make $25 listening to documentaries and podcasts.

To each their own. If you haven't made it yet then this is what you should be doing. So many people will spend months dicking around with their four figure poortfolios when they can they could make that much in wages just driving around.

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don't worry anon, in 30 years when you make it and you get to sit around doing nothing but play vidya they will be very jealous

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>Implying you cant crypto and play games at the same time
>Implying its not actually beneficial to have other hobbies to distract you from being too invested and making emotional decisions

What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you stare at graphs 24/7?

>> No.29323887

OP is a fuckin loser
I literally wash trade normie groups every few years. It's easy just be a douchebag and curse all the time but actually be a nice bloke, or actually be good in gaming.
Otherwise just socializing, it's not for everybody and that's okay.

>> No.29323894


In 30 years they will be boomers at the peak of their careers that refuse to retire.

If you want to play video games the best path is to grind up enough for a manufactured home and then retire. Soak up low income bennies and gibs. This can be achieved in as little as two years.

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This guy gets it

>> No.29324139

You seem like a great guy

>> No.29324278

I dont get it, why it has to be XXX/BTC? I just need to buy the coin right?

>> No.29324421

How much money did you put in anon? What price you got in and when did you sold?

>> No.29324711

because I rather play a single player cozy game with myself. i have discord and telegram friends(bot from internet and IRL) i do crypto screen sharing and some small defi dashboards and shit with

>> No.29324903

being a sociopath doesn't make you special, shithead

>> No.29324969

been there done that, im recovering my losses with this pump
i guess the lesson i learned is not to set stop losses in a bull market

>> No.29324993

Do you mean uber eats / doordash anon? I didn’t know it paid so well I figured it was like 10 an hour if that after car repairs

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Started with $200,000 and finding stocks that had a lot of open interest to run the wheel on. Quite a few of the stocks I got assigned on ended up going up quite a bit while selling covered calls which made me a decent amount of extra profit. I got to $370,000 in two years and then went back to work with my buddy for a year and put most of the income into my portfolio while still running the wheel. Currently sitting around $570,000.
some months I make a shit load, my worst months I still clear more than my decent paying job paid me.
I paid off everything this year so i should actually be back to growing my portfolio more by summer.

>> No.29325120

Do you think you're "making it" by manually making $3k over a weekend? "making it" is when you're making $3k every minute while you take a shit or sleep. GTFO with your arrogant attitude and start making real money faggot.

>> No.29325162

Did you play with big wallet?

>> No.29325289

Hilarious how inflated the egos of all you faggots are

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Every time I feel bad about being 28 going on 29 only having like 15k in stocks, silver, crypto I remember there are literally people who wage slave and sink all of their money into fucking games.

Who plays video games past 20? My friends and I. Collectively got totally bored of thrm pretty early into our 20s.

>> No.29325428

Redpilled. He makes a measly 3k and he's already to call his friends retards. Jesus christ.

>> No.29325438

Truth hurts doesn't it

>> No.29325459

>/biz/ - Business & Finance
was just a number, don't care if they make 50$ but at least then can try and improve their lifes

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this is true
i have 100k and fucking stressed all the time
>are the feds coming for me?
>what if the bank decides to shut down my account?
>what if i get hacked?

>> No.29325596

I do both.

>> No.29325597

You're just a gambling addict. At least your friends are having fun while you waste time (and potentially money) swinging like the retard you are. The smartest thing to do is to buy, hold and play videogames while your assets increase in value.

>> No.29325710

Yeah looking at candles chasing the golden egg all day is healthy.

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>I can't wait for another bear market, at least the god complex of all these bullrun traders will fall down.


>> No.29326102

That sounds like cozy weekend activities for adults that know their adults. I'd be your friend.

>> No.29326126

>investing in property, stock markets and provide for your family is a bad thing

go back to fucking r9k

>> No.29326180

>all these faggots mocking op for not playing bing bing wahoo
>>you're just jealous!
Why do nocoiners even come here?

>> No.29326208

>gambling with crypto

>> No.29326292

I literally only hang out with 2 of my friends these days anymore. Boyfriend and girlfriend couple and we've been friends for over 10 years. Both are invested into crypto and the dude is an active trader just like me. We both made similar profits this month, only 100 dollars difference (he beat me).
You're right though. I feel like everyone else is pathetic entitled manchild/womanchild that are counting down the days to UBI so they can rot away in a pod.

>> No.29326409

Nothing wrong with playing games that are actually intellectually stimulating bro, as long as they're not a priority in your life and making money comes first.

>> No.29326451

Going to have to disagree with you, anon. That type of 30 somethings are rarely happy. I'll bet you some ETH that they regularly bitch about their struggles "finding meaning".

>> No.29326484

Is that why literally 100% of my picks are in profit you nocoiner faggot? Stay poor

>> No.29326608

This is a perfect characterization of the people that refuse to invest anything into stocks or crypto.

>> No.29326701

Eventually you realize the best game is winning in life. After that every video game seems boring in comparison.

>> No.29326893

fokken nice. i left amazon warehouse a couple months ago and have been looking for something since. guess im gonna start doing this now. ive got a corolla i keep regular maintenance up with so that should be good. any particular good times or spots to go out during?

>> No.29327013

maybe because they don't know how to trade coins? I mean look at the ETH fees, you need to trade with several thousands to mitigate them. No one's going to do that unless they have significant insight into cryptocurrencies.

>> No.29327029

ok nice for you. but that's not the normal use case

>> No.29327099

I'm 33 and still love playing video games. is there something wrong with me bros?

>> No.29327138

but this is like "tech" nerd guys, with solid income and education and jobs. it's not some wagecuck at mcd. they can spend 4 hours reading about how to craft some fucking sword in witcher, but understanding defi? noppe

>> No.29327207

crypto futures, 1-3 days TF: got super lucky this weekend with BNB and EGG

>> No.29327208

Sure, but I'm also in my 30s. Most of the people here aren't. Even with my leg up by the time they are my age trading with what they currently have they can easily be where I'm at.

>> No.29327217

you need to compartimentalize anon, it's a good practice that will even make you more efficient in how you handle cryptocurrencies.

>> No.29327269

this level of cope and seethe

>> No.29327406

Based, I was looking into the same thing

>> No.29327495

in my case, it's just being hideous and not intelligent. I'm hideous so any kind of outdoor/physical activities make me extremely uncomfortable. And I'm too dumb for crypto, I just pick a coin that seems to not be shilled by pajeets but so far while I have not lost any money I haven't gain any either.
Video games are easy, they're a known quantity and the multiplayer ones can even approximate a social life.

>> No.29327621

why is biz always like this? you throw in some random events that happened to describe a bigger scenario, then they are like "OH SO YOU BOUGHT A STEAK, WHY STEAK IS SO DISGUSTING"

>> No.29327778

i do both , but when market moves you gonna trade more too

>> No.29327868

I play vidya eith my friends from school because its the only way we can connect now since we all live in different states

>> No.29327869

I have friends outside computers and trading, doing sports and cooking and whatever

I'm asking why fucking THIRTY YEAR OLDS don't make their lifes better

Already have more than enough to live comfy for 5 years without salary , locked in.


>> No.29327954

not what I implied at all, learn to read

my main point you autists miss is that what i really mean is this:

If you gonna spend all day on a computer, at least do something useful. I'm not against sports, cycling, hiking, museums, drinking or anything you like

>> No.29328010

no, but for sure i'm "making" it way more than some geek plaing diablo 3

>> No.29328075

why is this more gambling than doing 100 runs in wow trying some rare axe drop?

>> No.29328142

i have solid stacks of link, bnb, eth and btc

then i use like 10% to margin swing trade, putting back profits into solid holds

>> No.29328208

deus ex and bg2, now those are games>>29326180
don't know, they have like 10 video boards here but yet they wanna come here and troll

>> No.29328271

depends, do you hate money ?

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I like this one more

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This is beautiful. The same effect is responsible for all those "wasted potential" failure cases. They are so terrified of attempting to take control (read: risk) that they wallow in inaction and succumb to mediocrity.

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Nice pic of Occasio Fellatio

>> No.29328936

>hooked up to a simulation within a simulation
Post foreskin with timestamp

>> No.29328957

video games fucking suck

>> No.29329180

It’ll never be enough. You could make a billion dollars and they will still rip on you

>> No.29329785
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People work for not having to work later faggot, no to make money ad infinitum. For all you could know one of them could have a big stack of BTC or gold somewhere and they're just relaxing instead of being an OCD fuck who bashes his "friends" in an anime+vidya forum for not being watching a food shitcoin for 3 days.
You know how sad you would look to an acquientence here.

>> No.29329862

they could, but I know most of them don't Well can't know for SURE but it's low probablility that all is like that

>> No.29330866

You know them better than me so ask yourself. Would they brag about their fortune to everyone they know? Would they show off with expensive clothes and jewelry? Would they bash their family and friends for using their free time to have leisure?
Or would they just keep it easy, work for some time and save enough money for a retirement and enjoy most of their time? Even if it's just playing counter strike in a mansion, they're using their freedom.

>> No.29330935

so you unironically think like 15 friends I've known for 8-10 years all sit with fat btc stacks?

>> No.29331308

maybe they don't want their friends to know and take advantage of them

>> No.29331487

Lol they are happy.

I have a discord with my friends I make six doggies we all live in a city and go out and have drinks together when we can.

Investment is a hobby.

>> No.29331552

Lmao autocorrect


>> No.29331684

I lost money on crypto this weekend. I unironically would have been better off playing video games and letting my holds go up.

>> No.29331696

I played Valheim and CSGO on the weekend, expect I actually had crypto and want my financial freedom too eventually.

>> No.29331765

No, but from the information you give it's more likely that they would keep it in secret than you. If in the next years you get fat stacks they would notice by your faggish complaints, but if they were the ones getting stacks they would just ask you out to have some fun because they see you as a friend not as someone to step on and be superior to.

>> No.29332256
File: 567 KB, 600x595, 1507802141651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I got lucky and dumped some worthless shitcoins on some other poor sucker! why aren't my friends doing this too?!?
what an insufferable faggot you are

>> No.29332366

Many of those people were pajeets so good for him

>> No.29332533
File: 381 KB, 338x396, bull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, it's good to dump on jeets I agree. I got a 2x on egg but at the end of the day, it was nothing but a gamble.
I am not superior to my friend because I swing shitcoins and he trades stock, and even if I was posting about it here seeking validation is beyond cringe

>> No.29332701

I made 10K from about 2 hours cryptoing then played video games all weekend

>> No.29332793

You get mad at them for being addicted to their simulation, yet here you are trapped to the same monitor, except instead of looking at fake animations and meaningless achievements, you spend all day examining numbers and watching money go up. At least they can have fun with each other.

Life is short. were going to be dead in 100 years. Do whatever the fuck makes you happy. If being rich makes you happy, go for it. if its providing for your family or community, go for it. If its spending your free time gaming with the lads, go for it. The longer you worry about what others are doing, how happy they are, and their own successes, is more time you've wasted. People have different ideas of happiness and success, they cherish different things and there's nothing wrong with that. Posts like these just make you seem underlyingly jealous. Just do what you enjoy, that's it.

>> No.29332934

thats good, you found something you enjoy which gives you fulfillment. People enjoy different things, and there are definitely people who feel the same enjoyment from gaming with their friends. There is no one right way to enjoy things, it all depends on the person.

>> No.29333190

Imagine being a sanctimonious shitcoin trader and trying to act like you're winning for a measly $3k on the weekend rather than having fun.

Before you say cope, I make a lot more than that trading futures every weekday and I still play vidya.

Get some new friends that deserve you.