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extremely important note:
do not disregard:
>swingies get the rope
>DYOR https://bancor.medium.com/

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Don't care still making 20% gains and buying back in everytime it dips.

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I'm selling 20% at $8, the rest at %12. EZ.

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The real pumped hasn't even started

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The nobanc cope is everything I ever wanted and more

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Just dropped a $10k suicide stack into BNT. am i gonna make it?

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unironically yes. congratulations anon. just make sure you pay attention to the advice in the OP.

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Do I have to restake my rewards into the pool or is it automatic?

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Welcome enjoy your stay

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You have to restake

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Ok, I guess this is a good thread to ask because there are a lot of niggas who use binance here.
I recently tried to buy some usdt with my CC but instead I bought... dollars?
I can't do anything with them. Not even withdraw.
What the hell happened?

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you gotta restake for now

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nice. what pool you in?

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TVL -> MC is a meme. Chart looks identical to badger before it got justed. Have fun staying poor

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I also have 400k GRT I'm in the process of undelegating so I can put it on Bancor as well. They've won, the market just has to figure out what we know already.

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Made 40k in the last 4 days thanks for ur concerns anon

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Im so fucking happy anons. I’m new to crypto. Lost my ass in the COVID shut down. Had to move back in with my parents. Have been dumping everything into this for the last couple months worrying if I was being retarded or if I was going to die a poorfag. BNT is the tunnel with a light at the end. Fuck stocks. Fuck selling weed. Fuck wage slavery. I may not make it this run but this is the first time I’ve felt like I could make it and if I do it will have all started with BNT. I want my farm and truck and out of my league made it girl. LETS GOOOO!!!

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dang...a lot of gas..

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not until you sold you haven't, dump incoming - have fun staying poor

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>have fun staying poor

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Airtight, someone spill the beans. What's up with YAX

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jesus anon. were you rich or early, or both?

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ETH/BNT staking stacks of both, you anon?

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Of course there will be a dump but it will be short and we will continue upward afterward. Nothing goes straight up.

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let rewards accrue and restake once arbitrum is live

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$30 stable coin

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tfw too poor to pool even with 95% of my wallet in BNT

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>dump incoming
The only dump soon to come is your ass in a barrel.

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I had a 10k BNT stack and dumped it after the team fucked the v2 launch

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Mostly early. I was staking on Bancor when we had less than $20m TVL, at one point I had 1% of all the value on Bancor ($150K with $15M TVL). Not any more, kek.

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whoever is buying right now is retarded and greedy. It's going to correct hard.

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Honestly anon I was in a very similar boat, but just got really lucky by talking on the telegram and getting into one of the private groups. When I saw how active the devs and insiders were I knew to hold, without that access I probably would've sold too.

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I was following the team and the project really closely, I was even in the OG BNT v2 LINK pool. After they fucked the v2 launch they went quiet for a while and dodged a lot of questions, I lost faith.

If only I had access to the private groups...

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dumb fucking nigger, you probably sold your uni for a ps5

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Checked and sorry to hear it, anon. I remember those days of immense v2 hype in June, it's been a crazy rollercoaster since then. My buy in was $1.20 and when it dumped to $0.50 one of the main reasons I didn't sell was just "what's the point"

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Staking link and bnt in the usdt pool. Pretty comfy

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does that mean you are now printing tether

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brainlet take anon, if you can't see the value in Bancor now then I don't know what to say except ngmi

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Did they ever come clean about why v2 failed?

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Almost like TLV plays different role with DEXew than with yield farming brainlet. Stay poor and seething

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he doesn’t know about the dump wall

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cute animalcoin buyer = low iq, low test
coin that literally has bank in its name buyer = high iq, high test

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Oh no the chinks are waking up aren't they

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Chainlink Oracle front running I think

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Pass the link anon

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kek'd and checked

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I've started looking at depth charts, can you tell me what a dump wall means? i know that the green indicates the demand for buying at lower price but ihave no idea how to apply that knowledge

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bnt stacklets report in. 1k stacklet here

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1k bancies in my pocket.

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26.89 here

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this thread is blessed

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173 reporting in

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Not kek’d, though. It was due to the fact chainlink oracles weren’t suitable to perform automatic pool balancing. They had to come in from an entirely new angle with the elastic supply model.
That’s another insanely bullish thing about the BNT team. Not many projects could have pivoted that quickly after their v2 grand plan didn’t pan out. The fact the that v2 didn’t work, then they came back a few months later with a a completely different model that did work, shows how deep their understanding of AMMs is, and how good their ability to iterate new solutions.

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It’s gonna crash ? Why ? Shan’t I see?

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someone just redeemed the first of 100 BNTEEs https://bntee.shop/

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Can someone explain to a brainlet what the difference between rewards and APR is?
If I deposit BNT into this pool what % return is it estimated I will get in a year?

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Small amount of sell orders and large buy wall means it’s undumpable for now. If a whale dumpA the dips will get bought up in a spit second.

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apr is what youre getting on your investment from fees from people trading the pair. rewards are rewards, incentives for you to supply liquidity, if you deposit bnt into the pool you will get 88.31% return in rewards and 3.85% return on your investment in fees, which i think come in link? not sure about that.

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bnt bros.. I sold at 5.4 yesterday to put it into bnb at 339. I'm really not going to make it am I.

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i'll personally make sure you are drawn and quartered for your sins

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There's still time for you little one

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Was that the dip? I was hoping we would see $6.10 again. I tried to buy this morning and my transaction failed on 1inch. Fuckers

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$6.30 is probably the lowest we are going

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Yea I'm just waiting for bnb to go to 400 or something to get out, and pray bnt goes down a bit. Will get back in then.

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So for you get that 88% reward as soon as you stake?

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Damn, congrats anon. You made it/ will make it

>> No.29327275

that's the exact opposite of what you should be doing but wishing you luck regardless

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Where does the funding for the rewards come from?

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Is 1500 bnt worth it if only staking bnt? Is there a specific pool I should wait for to have space?

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Why yes, I AM going to make it

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I think it could go to 5.80 or maybe just above 6.00

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liquidity mining
in order for the system to work BNT has to be 'mined' by the protocol to match single-sided deposits. that BNT that is created goes to 'liquidity providers' aka actual users who have put BNT they own into the system. if there were no liquidity providers the protocol would just hold and burn the BNT it creates. that's why this shit is literally like buying a money printer and why anons have been tellling biztards to get in for weeks, months, possibly even years

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Did Synthetix just dump their treasury into bancor? Holy based

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no you get 88% over the course of a year obviously
minting new tokens, anyone got the graph showing how rewards are outpaced by whatever
yeah i would say so. everyone DYOR, there are things i havent mentioned that you should know about eg:
IL protection gradually comes up to 100% after 100 days in the LP.
rewards may end at some point next year

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it did that last dump.... I dont think itll dump to that price this pump

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When is it correcting. Only keeps going up.

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i can see it going to 5.8 - 6, but it depends how much it pumps. it dipped all the way to 5 last dump, if it dipped to 6 this dump that would be just around previous pumps high.
what makes you say this?

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good stuff man
seethers and copers don't understand the fucking risk and gamble of a situation like that
thanks for being a backbone LP. well, I don't need to thank you, the protcol is :)
we are still early biztards. you can still pruchase your own money printer--it's just going to get more expensive, but don't get priced out, please.

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maybe when btc crashes, probably no sooner than that. Last time it got sucked up immediately though

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It's still massively undervalued.

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Yes they fucking did.

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I'm about to buy into this hard, someone explain why it sucks. Want to hear bears first.

>> No.29328073

Fuck it I’m buying now. If it goes lower oh well.

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Welcome, enjoy your stay. It’s gonna be a fun ride

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10.8m worth of SNX liquidity just got added.

>> No.29328176

I'm all in. Let us go

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thanks buddy. if I’m only staking bnt, is there any downside to being in a pool with something that dumps? Should I just pick the highest reward that’s open, even a stablecoin?

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Incredibly bullish

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im not the most knowledgable but, there wont be much downside unless rewards end sooner than expected, as long as you pool for at least 100 days you wont suffer from any impermanent loss.
im currently in the DAI pool, ill see how things go but i may be switching to link or eth at some point, do some research on how rewards are extended and which pools are most likely to have them extended.


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why is this bullish??

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the shills are strong with this one. That's the second twitter account I saw today dedicated to exclusively shilling bnt lol

>> No.29328516

holy shit lol nice

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>why is nearly 11m being staked in a single transaction bullish
nigger really?

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I tried connecting to Bancor with ledger and it connected with another address I don't use, does anyone know how to fix that?

>> No.29328773

hes dumb and poor, this is what we're surrounded by on biz

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5 minutes in photoshop. Thoughts?

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Shit forgot pic

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i am literally trying to learn, but i saw added and not staked so that's my bad dehhh

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Based and bancpilled

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based. do one where the cop is mommy galia though

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So bancor:
>is like uniswap but useful and good
>has no trannies, instead has attractive real women
>is jewish operated

1000 usd end of summer.

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lemme get this straight
>provides liquidity with similar fees to uniswap or sushiswap
>mitigates IL on volatile LP pairs
>lets you take out loans against staked capital at a lower collateralizaiton ratio than aave
>simliar yields compared to some yfi pools, especially considering the appreciation of bnt rewards
>higher TVL than yfi
>working arbitrum implementation
>only rank 88
what am i missing? i understand that mcap/tvl ratios and % yields aren't 100% correlated with price, but you'd expect it to have a little bit higher valuation given all these facts. there's got to be something wrong, what am i missing?

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no, the toilet guard is perfect see >>29329050

>> No.29329640

>reddit has never heard of it

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It won't offer meme and scam coins

Checkmate bancorians

>> No.29329778

Bullish af

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That's right.
>what am i missing?
We're in the smart money phase. Whales are moving their bags in. Clever anons are seeing the potential and even some lucky brainlets are in it for the memes, basically like 2017-2019 LINK.

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I have too much free time

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we'll all have a lot of free time on our hands soon enough

>> No.29330422

what you're missing is that all of this is coming out one after the other. Vortex was just released like last week, and the devs have more down the pipeline. It's only rank 88, last week it was in the 100s. Soon everyone will know. If you're jumping in now, you're still early.

>> No.29330425

this is the meme that stopped me from buying or even thinking about bnt in 2017 kek

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fucking kek

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now we ridin in the lambo with her. who has that pic i need it

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>what am i missing?

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> take out loans against staked tokens

>> No.29330825

imagine realizing this right when v2.1 launched

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I guess it's better than not realizing it at all

>> No.29330898

Vortex is basically AAVE baked into the protocol

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Oh nice, only against BNT and i don't have quite enough but still great feature.

>> No.29331001

Where are the youtubers?
I'm ready for my bags to be pumped

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File: 1.33 MB, 1242x1122, 02A82C42-2CA4-4A8B-BF7F-6AE4554F37A7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to be interesting to see us break our previous ATH in the next couple weeks. I suspect a pretty decent pullback from 2017 bagholders. These threads are great btw, good organic shilling

>> No.29331197

People said that about loads of projects with previous 2017 ATH and i haven't once seen it bare out particularly.

>> No.29331265

>only against BNT
For now. Other tokens are planned.

>> No.29331300

Yeah same to be honest, but Bancor was one of those coins in 2017 that a lot of retards got burnt on. Maybe there aren’t a lot of bagholders, but its pretty significant psychological resistance imo. Hopefully BTC gets its -30% thats been due for a while and I get another chance to buy some more

>> No.29331335

You might consider trading your BNT for vBNT right now (current rate: 1.5 vBNT for 1 BNT) and swapping them back sometime later since the rate will probably stabilise at 1.25 or lower.

>> No.29331378

you are missing the fact that the reddit and youtube faggots havent caught on yet.

>> No.29331389

If link gets it I freehand coom on the spot.

>> No.29331606

GRT whitelisted boys

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Wait hold on so it's expected that the Sunday close in less than an hour will cause everything to plummet, however when people unstake their BNT to sell the vBNT is burned and with buying pressure reduced the ratio goes down so that even if it starts plummeting it will only mean the value of vBNT will go up at the start.

>> No.29331741

between the snx dump (fillup?) and this, we're seeing a lot of action on a sunday bros
this week will be crazy

>> No.29331798

Fellas got 16000 BNT. If I had to pay taxes, what's stopping me from taking a loan against my crypto and use staking rewards to pay it off? Was going to get in the BNT/USDC pool. Am I retarded?

>> No.29331881

You buy Monero and TORN it to an "orphanage" in Vanuatu

>> No.29332039

Should I undelegate my GRT and start staking on Bancor instead?

>> No.29332145

I want to stake my BNT in the BNT/ETH pool. How much BNT do I need to stake in order to cover gas fees and turn 100$ per day?

>> No.29332179

9k stacklet will i make it?

>> No.29332284

Congrats. Right now, I'd probably choose wBTC/BNT.
Better rewards than the ETH and LINK pools, fees and volume also pretty high and rewards are very likely to get extended.

>> No.29332307

you should sell that vaporwave
nigger pick another pool my rewards on that one are getting smaller every day
you will not rope

>> No.29332324


>> No.29332369

136b market cap puts each BNT at 1k. Just sayin

>> No.29332380

Easily. My regret is having funds locked un GRT. Had I them at correct time I could've already made it.
Either massive leg up in GRT or slow price imcrease in BNT and I am good anyways.

>> No.29332462

I'd say at least 1k as staking minimum until contracts got optimised and L2 is ready. As for the $100/day it's hard to say as it depends on a lot of factors.
Of course.

>> No.29332720

Even though im only using Bancor for passive income from my LINK, these threads are incredibly comfy and I hope you all make it

>> No.29332886

I have 100 BNT
I am going to buy another 150

Am i Early to this
I have 4.55 ETH stashed on my trezor

>> No.29332958

Thanks marine, same to you. If we meet in a McDonalds sometime after the 4th IR I'll nod at you while ordering a caviar-sandwich from this now Sergey-owned and LINK-powered chain.

>> No.29333391

which pool do you recommend?

>> No.29333414

I'd trade that ETH for BNT dude, but that's just me

>> No.29333467

25 yfi was just deposited to bancor directly from their vaults, not from some holder....what does it mean bros?

>> No.29333559

Just pick one with high rewards + apy. You get both when you stake

>> No.29333577

Is it that easy?
Alright. We are good to go now.

>> No.29333658

Wttffff was that

>> No.29333679

There's talk that some rewards for certain pools won't be renewed but that LINK, ETH, and WBTC pools are definitely going to be renewed. That may matter in your decision.

>> No.29333766

Tfw only at 100BNT, these threads are so nice and comfy. I'm happy for all you stack chads. 1k would be real nice according to MC

>> No.29333797

Can I stake RLC yet my niggas

>> No.29334020

looks like you can but only with double sided liquidity

>> No.29334187


Same here anon. I also bought 100 BNT this morning. Will accumulate in the coming weeks and stake once Arbitrum is released. We're still early and our patience will be rewarded.

>> No.29334300

Easier than ever thanks to corona and diversity hires

>> No.29334581

the only thing missing is time right now.

>> No.29334759

Hold me bro

>> No.29335099

quality fud lol

>> No.29335522

sounds like we have a solid chance at cracking 3 digits

>> No.29335647

Just upped my stack to 1100, I think it'll end up going down to $6.00 but I'm not gonna bother chancing it. If it does, I'll have 2% less than I could have, but I'd rather just sit back and be comfy.

>> No.29335850

Easily. That mcap puts us in the top 3

>> No.29335892

are we banc maxis now

>> No.29336135

Tfuq was that pump n (cum) dump that just happened??!

>> No.29336306

bitcoin dumping

>> No.29336346

I only hold bnb and bancor, thinking about just fuckin going all in on bancor. Any hope for 350 bnb tomorrow and 6 bnt?

>> No.29336473


>> No.29337251

>trade BNT for vBNT
I actually just did this. Not only that, it looks like I'll be able to stake the vBNT for 270% APR when space opens up.

>> No.29337279

Based leverage long chad.

>> No.29337370

I'm OK with that.
Good catch, although I'm guessing it will be very difficult since everyone wants to get in

>> No.29337390

and then everyone will know that you have made it congrats Anon

>> No.29337602

>BTC dives
>Bancor barely flinches


How is Bancor so fucking resilient? I'm officially long on BNT

>> No.29337690

the whales are scooping it all up. Check out the buy walls

>> No.29337735
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stakelet with a stacklet here
i am like a baby

>> No.29337747

Some anon warned us that something big was coming right about now...said "exactly four hours from now" at 2:33 Central time

Digits and we all make it

>> No.29337790
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Coming back to this does that mean that vBNT IS A SORT OF TIME HACK?

>> No.29338105

I did too but I think it would have been better to just stake bnt right now with the high APY

>> No.29338453


Reference here


Uhhhhhh...whats the next phase bros

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I have dumped my entire portfolio into this(bought 3900 at an average price of a little under 5) and I am staking.
I'm gonna forget I have it, get a real job to have shitcoin funds, and return in a few years.

Will i make it?

>> No.29338779

Yes, staking BNT is probably better right now. I only hedged a little bit with vBNT.

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>Will i make it?
There is no doubt.

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File: 81 KB, 827x741, B39CAB01-21FE-4991-8048-32027A43A6C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is it so fucking expensive to enter a pool

>> No.29339182

welcome to the world of smart contracts

>> No.29339286

I'd watch https://ethgasstation.info/ and try to get it where the Green is under 100.
The team did say they were working on a way to lower the price.

>> No.29339303

Complex contracts requires significant work from miners

Arbitrum should reduce costs a lot

>> No.29339304
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What is a suicide stack

>> No.29339366

one thing that bothers me is that all pools are bnt pairs. how often is it less expensive to route your trade throught bnt? that's an additional 0.25 to 1% fee compared to a direct swap. have i finally found the catch?

>> No.29339449
File: 74 KB, 1697x464, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably people doing the same shit I am.

>> No.29339570

Except it also means you will never need more than 2 hops. With uniswap you can end up with a lot more than that depending on what you're trading. And in any case, that won't matter much once arbitrum is live

>> No.29339671
File: 126 KB, 1280x1274, 1613871381795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, but you're underestimating the volume this creates

>> No.29339766

Where is the best place to stake 1100 BNT without gas fees raping me?

>> No.29339826

afaik you can only stake on bancor.network and the gas fees are the same on all pairs

>> No.29339847

why should I not swap all my vBNT into BNT and stake it again? Isnt that just free money?

>> No.29339850

god the way this barely dips when BTC does, and then when it does it shoots back up anyways is so god damn sexy

>> No.29339895

you will get locked out on your original BNT stake (that gave you vBNTs)

>> No.29340078

yes, but if I make a lot by staking BNT then swap it back to vBNT and unlock it is it not worth it?

>> No.29340156

>never need more than 2 hops
when do you need >2 on major tokens though? all the highest volume tokens on bancor are fairly liquid in one or two hops on other dexes already
but why?

>> No.29340274

its a risky game right now, you need to get a good rate on that swap (vBNT>BNT) so monitor that for a bit before you swap. Then, to get your initial staked BNT back you need to return the equal amount of vBNT you got when you staked them. Think it through carefully.

>> No.29340277

Any fees for unstaking?

>> No.29340318

What pools would you recommend. I'm considering LINK/BNT or ETH/BNT

>> No.29340322

Yes, same as for staking

>> No.29340473

because the pairs don't matter anymore. You can trade any pair with any other pair. With tranny shit you would have to select a pair that has a large enough volume to cover your transaction, usually ETH. Bancies allow you to directly swap GRT for any other coin like wBTC no matter how big your transaction is.
yes, that's the game plan if you're willing to lock yourself up for long.
read the thread nigger >>29332307 >>29333559

>> No.29340919

I thought vBNT will never be bigger than BNT

>> No.29341004

hmm...yes, I have to think about it. If the rewards get extended on the LINK/BNT pair then I dont see why I shouldnt do it

>> No.29341135
File: 500 KB, 1262x1130, 1613787858694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the permanent liquidity bro. Not all of us were meant to make it.

>> No.29341188

I didnt say it would, I said get a good rate because it fluctuates

>> No.29341373

fucking whale. grats senpai

>> No.29341599

he thinks you meant where vBNT > BNT, not that you were indicating the direction of the swap

>> No.29341702

what does vBNT > BNT mean to you then lol xD
yea i get it. If I trade at 0,66 or something that the rate is now it can go up to 0,99 or something and I might get rekt, but not sure if this is wont matter in the long term because the rewards will make it even.

>> No.29341828

I'm shit posting not writing code

>> No.29341887
File: 14 KB, 221x250, FBED3921-1EF7-47CF-AF08-D418AE4A469C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stacklet reporting in for a based thread

>> No.29342140

you mean stacKING? Making me look bad

>> No.29342141

sure bud

>> No.29342315

for the love of god don't even consider leveraging vBNT if you are asking about it on a Korean finger painting image board.

>> No.29342361
File: 210 KB, 2048x2048, 1613094513032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've got 10k link staked, and a little over 1k BNT unstaked (unsure whether to stake now or wait for L2/Arbitrum for gas fees to be worth it).
Am I going to make it?

>> No.29342641

nah bros, encourage then to leverage up at 0.65, it’ll be fine!!

>> No.29342789

It won’t but it will go up from here once the protocol starts burning it. They are aiming for .85

>> No.29342848
File: 3 KB, 125x121, 1613772649364s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No wonder jews would create something like this. You can't make this shit up

>> No.29342953

I should just keep quiet. The more supply locked eternally or the more anons have to buy vbnt at a loss the better the price action for me but I just don't want you guys getting burned

>> No.29342954

Somene give me a rundown on why Bancor has beat GRT?

>> No.29343133

you can stake your GRTs on Bancor for better returns goy

>> No.29343139
File: 47 KB, 1244x232, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please vote for this.

>> No.29343140

yeah, let them. locking up supply and presenting easy trade opportunities for those who are looking. we have a few weeks to make some serious money here before this trade disappears forever.

>> No.29343246

Fuck off Messi

>> No.29343363

You shouldn’t keep quiet. Shitty communities= shitty token prices. All of our interests are aligned for once. This is a complicated protocol and it takes a minute to understand it. It’s better if we figure it out together rather than letting someone get burned.

>> No.29343448

alright guys I have the stupidest fucking question you may hear all year. thank god this board is anonymous.
I’ll be staking 2400 bnt all from mobile. does my phone have to stay connected to the internet with the bancor pool open to generate rewards?

>> No.29343464

im confus

>> No.29343511

agree, but bancies are the jews of /biz/ so this is not gonna happen
no lol

>> No.29343569

No it doesn’t have to be connected. Balls of steel asking biz this question. Looking forward to a bunch of ragetards screaming at you shortly for trying to learn something new.

>> No.29343672

Sadly, within 20 minutes of the GRT pool opening up with IL protection... The entire GRT pool got staked. Like instantly.

They need to vote to raise the pool cap now.

>> No.29343679

Yeah on second thought biz is incapable of collaboration anymore anyway. Fuck it

>> No.29343699
File: 23 KB, 400x321, 29265B0C-4082-4149-B94D-6F0C72773592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bless you gentlemen. looking forward to the next bnt thread so I can crawl out from the shadows with a new ID

>> No.29343744

That’s interesting. People who weren’t delegating but who were happy to be on Bancor for 100 days.

>> No.29343820

wish I had bought in awhile ago but was planning to invest in alpha since it seemed primed for a pump but then i got fucked buy the hack. too late to buy in guys? what do you think?

>> No.29343834

Double checked. Keep an eye on the Grt pool. Space opens up randomly. Keep checking.

>> No.29343844

space will open as liquidity is added

>> No.29343942

I actually like it this way, there is no "we" in making money. It's always every man for himself. And even though it's a tough pill to swallow but at least you don't end up in a GME situation.

>> No.29344623


>> No.29344867

>People who weren’t delegating but who were happy to be on Bancor for 100 days.
There's a BIGGGGG difference between the two. Bancor you can remove the funds in 30 seconds, but you may lose a little from IL. While delegating is:
>when you unbond your GRT, they remain locked and illiquid for a period of 28 days.
not even comparable imo

>> No.29345365

More like already had the ammo and gun prepared as soon as the proposal was opened and quorumed.

>> No.29345884

New here just bought 15k this afternoon on Biz's advice. Can someone handhold me as to what pool I should stake or how that works? I meant to do it earlier, but I had a memo due.

>> No.29346307

and i thought i was a brainlet

>> No.29346465

so basically if anyone calls you or texts you you will lose everything
nothin personal kid

>> No.29347067

I don't see why this is valued so low. Isn't this better than both Sushi and Uni?

>> No.29347302


Congratulations. How does it feel to be early? So early the majority of the market hasnt realized what you just did.

>> No.29347351

Put it in the link, eth, or wbtc pool. The rewards for these pools are very likely to get renewed. I pool in eth since The volume is highest so you are likely to recoup more due to fees.

Don't leverage with your vbnt yet. The peg is bad right now. If you don't understand that last two sentences, Google bancor vortex and read. That's your homework.