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I wake up. The year is 2026
Two 10/10 women are lying next to me and two others are setting the table and serving breakfast
A fifth takes care of my sexual needs
I give them 0.1 Fantom each
>Anon you do not have to give us a whole week's allowance already. You gave us a whole Fantom yesterday
I give them 0.5 more and they all freak out
I go to my backyard balcony and look down at the city while i claim my delegation rewards on my phone
I then go for a swim in my olympic sized pool
After a nice massage and a drink from my bar, i go to my home office and pay this month's expenses directly from my Fantom wallet
Including the salaries for my chefs and housemaids i spend a total of 23 FTM
I go to my garage and pick one of my 12 cars to go for a drive. I tell my driver to stay, i want to drive for myself today
I go to the best restaurant in town for a luxurious lunch
>That will be 0.08 Fantom anon
I transfer 0.1 and tell the waiter to keep the rest as a tip
He tries to hide his excitement and thanks me with a big smile
I then go to a exclusive bar to meet up with my friend and business partner. He also invested in Fantom back in 2021 and is now a multimillionaire living off his staking rewards like me
We have a few drinks and decide to take my private jet to my vacation home in Monaco and have a party
A few hours later we are at the casino playing some poker and having a great time
Its getting late and i invite a few of the women back to my place
On the way out one of the doormen says that he admires my watch. I give him 1 Fantom and tells him to spend it wisely
>T-thank you anon, its way too much
We get to my place and go to bed soon after
I wake up the next day and my only problem is to decide what to do today

>life is good

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>wake up and realize the world actually runs on hBar and not a scamcoin

Good shit OP.

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How can a coin like this pump 20x in just 2 months, up to almost 1 billion, with basically ZERO dapps, ZERO network adoption.
This market has become a clown show.
Its all just Andre Cronje moonboy hype, right?
Theres no way that this price level is sustainable in the long run.

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This is the redpill on Fantom. Fucking fantom is a scam. Do not buy Fantom at all cost. Buy Hbar.

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Then buy something else, and find a thread about your pick senpai

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