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When is the cycle over?

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Institutions are buying in by the billions. The old cycles are dead.

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what are the reasons why institutions buy BTC? especially when BTC is priced so high?

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dyx ded

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The institutions meme is a recurring theme at every BTC peak. Always a big red flag, a bearish indicator, that it's basically over.

So don't listen to that guy, he's either a fresh cryptobabby who fell for the mem, or he's trolling.

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Also, OP, listen to this: https://video-ideas.tradingview.com/6/64414-QN6uc4W-hSU427vc.mp4

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The bull run while probably start in March

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We're done with cycles anon, this is a new age

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2023, the cycle got extended due to 2020 brrrrrrr and 2021 commodities boom.

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Check national monetary bases and commodity prices.

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Institutions are utilizing BTC as an alternative inflationary hedge which competes with gold, since governments all over the world are printing massive amounts of fiat currency. So they're hedging against inflation while also limiting their exposure by spreading the risk.

That's at least what institutions like JP Morgan are saying is the reason.

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your chart is from mid 2019

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They're looking to make money. Setting up trusts and ETFs so people can trade the value of BTC and ETH on the standard stock market in standard and retirement investment accounts, which requires holding BTC and ETH to back up the value of that ETF and allow it to track the value of BTC accurately.
MicroStrategy just announced a few days ago that they're taking out another billion dollars to invest straight into BTC.
Apple Pay now supports Bitpay debit cards so you can pay for things with BTC anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.
Institutions are starting to see more value in DeFi products to save money on their backend costs as well, which boosts confidence in the cryptocurrencies surrounding them.
Like fuck, literally just go onto Coinbase and read all the articles for the past couple months related to BTC and ETH and you'll see what I'm talking about.

But everyone will just dismiss me by saying
>this time it's different hurr
or some shit because they don't understand what is actually fundamentally different about the actions institutions are taking currently compared to 3-4 years ago.

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usdebtclock.org educate yourself

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So there will be no notable crash? How will the next years look like especially for my top 30 altcoin?

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who's the guy?

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>So there will be no notable crash?
No, I don't think so. The price has been rising steadily and you'll notice each time there's a dip the price slingshots back up above where it was when it dipped within a day, that's the power of the institutional money, they're buying and holding that shit every time the price goes down $1-2k.
>How will the next years look
$100k EOY is a conservative estimate at this point. We're going to start seeing "crashes" in the way we see "crashes" with the S&P 500 where a 3-5% loss is seen as a huge deal. No more huge spikes, no more huge crashes, just steady increase in value until everyone has fully bought in as much as possible and then we get stability unlike what we've ever seen in the past.
>for my top 30 altcoin?
I don't know about shitcoins, I'm not psychic.

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Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I am a brainlet.

Just wanted to know how all of this would affect altcoins

What do you think about the video another guy in here posted?


Can someone link me a site where I can follow those interest rates? Don't know what to google exactly.

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We'll definitely be seeing the usual 30-50% corrections, but the usual 90% crash followed by a 3 year bear market might be a thing of the past.

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No. We've only just begun.

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I think he makes an interesting point and I'll probably have one eye on federal interest rates with relation to crypto as well, but I still think any crash isn't going to be remotely as severe as we've seen in the past, no matter what. Once BTC hits $100k I don't see any path for it to crash back below $60k. Part of the reason is that some of these institutions are tying up their crypto assets into backing their ETFs so if people buying those ETF shares on the regular market don't sell then neither can the companies beholden to those ETF shareholders because they'll be legally bound to maintain that value. The more companies we have that get their crypto funds tied up in those kinds of ways, the more stability gets injected into the crypto market.

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doesnt mean we wont correct when we hit 200k

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I suspecting another hard ass correction at 160-200k. I don't expect it to dip below 100k though. Keep an eye out though, fellas.

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it big lenny

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So I will be fine with HODLing, especially given the back that I have a staking coin

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That's what you think, until it happens and you are in year 2 of bear wondering why you didn't cash out and rebuy the dip

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>new paradigm!

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>Its not anonymous
There are plenty of implementations which may sufficiently obfuscate the user

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"this time it's different"
yeah right
Institutions also bought subbrime loans by the truckload not too long ago and we all know how that turned out
this cycle ends in september, be sure to get as much gains as you can till then then get the fuck out of dodge it's going to be the dotcom crash all over again possibly even worse
you have been warned

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>That's what you think, until it happens and you are in year 2 of bear wondering why you didn't cash out and rebuy the dip

Yeah, covid1984 and infinite fiat printing are just a meme, they didn't really happen, right?

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>Institutions also bought subbrime loans by the truckload not too long ago and we all know how that turned out
>this cycle ends in september

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Because Crypto goes through cycles. The whales are still the big players in this game and they know those cycles like clockwork. Anyone who thinks this time round is different is going to get wrecked like all the normies calling for 1 Million EOY

Fiat printing will have an effect but it won't be instantaneous

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i am pretty scared, i think the stock market will have a big crash and the crypto market will follow hard

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>they know those cycles like clockwork
the question is how do you know it's september

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>Fiat printing will have an effect
which effect on it?
bullish but not instantaneus?

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good video. interest rates control everything

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between 80k and 90k, if you know what to look for

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You are really stupid enough to still believe this? Still being deluded enough to fool yourself into thinking you could ever afford a single bitcoin ever again, hm?

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Because it's a cycle and it has happened 4 times before with varying similarity. Bullrun lasts 6 months and then has a 2 year cooloff, before the next accumulation and bullrun phase. I give it until August that's my cash out everything time, whales will be thinking the same. Whether it dips or not I'll have my fiat for re-entry

Printing will devalue our fiat pretty dramatically which will drive people to stores of value to protect it, a lot will come to crypto, but it will take a few years for everyone to onboard, after seeing the massive dip end of year

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they are either diversifying their billions or performing a massive pnd

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Who is this guy and why is he being posted in here with all these braindeads with their
>muh institutions is good

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At this moment gold acts as a deflation hedge. It goes up when interest on bonds goes down.