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WTF is BTC going to go up forever?
I have been waiting for the usual dump but the price gets higher whenever I check on it?

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Yup! My advice DCA

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I have IRL friends who are still waiting for 25k every since the price "crashed" a few weeks ago to 30k.

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You want it for cheaper, I want it for cheaper, Tesla wants it for cheaper, Elon wants it for cheaper, Microstrategy wants it for cheaper, and the big banks want it for cheaper, everyone wants it for cheaper; so why the fuck would it drop?

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Bruh Honestly selling at 30K seemed like a good idea at the time.

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how is BTC going to dump when they print $1B tether a day? It's impossible. Once tether stops, then we will see a dump. When they start printing it means bullrun is back on

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Bitcoin $200k and ETH $10k by the end of the year. This is it. This is the year that we all finally make it.

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It will dump back to 20k eventually for me to buy.

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you will buy once you think it will keep going up. then it will dump.

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yes, it will go up forever since 2009

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Chart says up. No more stops.

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in awe at the size of this lad. absolute unit

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unlikely to be there ever again. it may dip back down to like 75k eventually in the depth of the next bear - we'll see. maybe not even that low though.

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Not if you can actually read charts only a little bit. Then you knew it was retarded.

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21st century digital "gold"/store of value, how do we value it?

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I’d muff you out right here if we weren’t being filmed