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What’s the point of living Biz. Money unironically does not buy happiness. Everything feels bland and pointless. I’m about to break up with my gf. On the verge of ending it all. I finally got my hands on some shrooms thanks to the Anon who gave the suggestion. I’ll be trying it out tonight, wish me luck.

>inb4 some retarded fucktard with lunch money investment tells me to diversify out of Fantom.

No faggot. There’s a reason why you’re poor and I’m not. You will Fomo in at $1. See you again when this poorfolio is worth $6 million niglet.

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>What’s the point of living Biz. Money unironically does not buy happiness.

Yes this is true when you don't cash out and keep it in useless internet tokens

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Congrats fren.
The point of life is to enjoy your time here.
Don't tell anyone you have money. Live like you are poor. I would leave The West and move to Japan or something. Go find a nice girl and have a family.

Go find some friends online and play video games with them. Go back to school and go get a degree in something neat. I suggest engineering and Age of Empires II DE.

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Cash out and actually do something with the money you fucking retarded autist. Are you planning on NEVER using 2 million fucking dollars?

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Thanks fren! I swear I’m not an asshole in real life. I wear flip flops everywhere and drive a beater car. See you on the other side.

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U mean aoe 3 right? Aoe 2 is pure autism

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Nice demo pfolio

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>See you again when this poorfolio is worth $6 million niglet.


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I honestly have no idea why you wouldn't just ride something much safer for a 2-4x between now and the end of the year. Explain to me.

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Another LARP folio


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What is the point on being a multimilionaire if she will never like me?

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A multimillionaire is someone who makes multiple millions annually. You are someone who has two million dollars, at best and you're probably lying about that too.

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nice try sandeep not buying your fucking fantom bags

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>mfw hes just trying to get us to buy his FTM bags

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what beater do you have?
After I made my first 100k I bought a 1994 Toyota XE. After I made my 5th million I bought an old BMW, not really a beater, but I like it.
If you like flip flops you might like vibram five fingers. that's what I wear when going anywhere if its cold.

AoE 2 DE is really fun just get a friend and start playing 2s. 3 was weird as fuck with the cards.

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A multimilionaire is someone with multiple millions. OP have 2x a million dollars, so he is a MULTImillionaire.

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You literally just made the money and you're talking about how it doesn't buy you happiness.
Money buys you free time, if you have no hobbies or interests or goals then fucking donate your money to a good cause and stop your bitching.

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Exactly my thought

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You're retarded.

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This was posted before

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In my first year trading I made 500k, in my 2nd I made 2 million, in the current year I now have over 5 million dollars.

Buy bitcoin before it goes to 200k please. Trade it as it goes up on the ema 8, 34.

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in the same situation as u but worth 250k instead of 2mil

my break up was a few months ago tho and it's fine now

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You are a multimillionaire.

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Based multimillionaire fantom shiller, I kneel

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Japan is counted as "the west"
And they too will succomb to all the troubles we have at this rate, we should make some anti-gaijin party or something, I know it ironic but I want to save them.

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>I watch numbers on my mobile phone why my life sucks???
Lmao some people are just not meant to make it no matter what, u are on of them op

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I hope somebody can say this to me some day. That and "I love you."

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You want to save the degenerates who would rather masturbate to drawn women than fuck their neighbor? You get the nuke too.

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Some of you fags are just meant to be enslaved.

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You don't have two million and you're not a millionaire until you have actual usable money nigger. Cash out and now you have fuck you money. You can do almost whatever the fuck you want.

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>finally got my hands on some shrooms thanks to the Anon who gave the suggestion. I’ll be trying it out tonight, wish me luck.
Today I officially became a multimillionaire and I still feel nothing biz Anonymous (ID: +eO3B38w) 02/21/21(Sun)13:31:05 No.29311757▶>>29311818 >>29312081 >>29312338 >>29312344 >>29312379 >>29312435 >>29312457 >>29312491 >>29312551 >>29312699 >>29312700
What’s the point of living Biz. Money unironically does not buy happiness. Everything feels bland and pointless. I’m about to break up with my gf. On the verge of ending it all. I finally got my hands on some shrooms thanks to the Anon who gave the suggestion. I’ll be trying it out tonight, wish me luck.

>inb4 some retarded fucktard with lunch money investment tells me to diversify out of Fantom.

>No faggot. There’s a reason why you’re poor and I’m not.

hopefully the shrooms will kill your ego. you'll more than likely have a bad trip.

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Share your wealth, itll bring you fulfillment and make a positive game on the world.

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If I had that money, I'd buy myself a slave. Why don't people that anymore

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it's a democracy, it will follow the same path as the west but obviously decades later

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>>29311757 (OP)
>finally got my hands on some shrooms

>No faggot. There’s a reason why you’re poor and I’m not.

hopefully the shrooms will kill your ego. you'll more than likely have a bad trip.

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OP is a bitch and a bummer. Use your money to start a business you see yourself loving! Work business for part time or for time and be happy!

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shrooms is a great move
it will help you look inward and understand yourself better

but remember dont be afraid of what you find, just laugh about it instead

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This is my endgame at crypto trading: to have enough money to start a business.

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This. At least cash out a significant portion and convert to real assets.

Then keep crypto gambling with fake bullshit tokens on the side if you want.

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>Japan is counted as "the west"
Perhaps Tokyo is Western, but that is Tokyo, not Japan.

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>Age of Empires II DE.

Feels. Any Empire Earth fans in biz?

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They do in Africa.

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this is the most retarded statement

tokyo has succumb. it's not long until the whole country is westernized. Japanese people are more onions'd than white americans.

the only future is china and maybe russia if they play their cards right

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Last time I tripped was on LSD and I had a bad time after being fine for the previous 3 trips. How do I escape the fear of bad tripping again if I take shrooms? I feel like the fear during the build up would cause it to be even worse.

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Nobody cares about how much you have, what's important is how much you started with. You are a zoomer faggot with a rich dad.

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by not having fear during the build up?
have joy instead

just eat less until you are comfortable with the dose i guess

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Unironically share some of them with me. Sharing may feel you better and I will send you virtual hugs my friend

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Your idea of Japan is based on Tokyo.

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huh? I thought 3 was the shit one

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You are not a real multimillionaire until you sell your illiquid shitcoins.

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japan's democracy is totally powerless against the western cultural power that comes through twitter, facebook, etc

it is very much like the west and will be even more in few decades

only a brutal authoritarian system like china or north korea can avoid the westernization

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It's like 100k if you don't cash out before crash.

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Set a new goal, become incredibly good at some sport or whatever. Or try to become politician and help your city.

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>I'm gonna kill myself money doesn't matter
>You fucking poor faggot

I think the problem is you, OP.

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Congrats, please rec me coins that you are looking at so I can make it too

>> No.29313968

>>All this to stealthly shill fantom
Kind of elegant desu

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Pls send me 100k, it’s nothing to you but would change my life

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You're dumb as fuck if you think the western virus won't spread to the rest of japan

just like how it's done to every other western country

>> No.29314357

He wouldn't be rich now with that attitude

>> No.29314453

>You're dumb as fuck if you think the western virus won't spread to the rest of japan
What do you think Japan does right now with Tokyo?

>> No.29314470

Japan can't even have a competent military, die to self-imposed regulations, you stupid fuck. They're done form

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Ok then send me 20k and prove it fgt. Put your money where your mouth is


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Stay poor, bhanchod. You'll never accomplish anything but raping your sister.

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Nobody gives money to street shitters, maderchod.

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piss off

>> No.29314855

That’s what I thought fgt

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>holds $2 million in a coin no one has ever heard of
nice try pajeet

>> No.29315103

and this is why /biz/ will always stay poor

>> No.29315156

Well, yes, but there is a point where you can now safely just generate more wealth with the wealth you have with very little risk.

>> No.29315157

3 is the shit one.. AOE 2 DE is pretty good last time i tried it.

>> No.29315197

I remember when this portfolio was worth 400k. Gratz Anon you actually made it. And don’t listen to the retards telling you to sell, they still don’t know what Fantom does.

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You've got it twisted: Japan is America's future sans the homogeneity. We'll all be working longer hours for shittier pay for more expensive necessities and wants. If you've been to Korea or Japan recently. you'll notice that they've already been Westernized. Social justice, racial justice, and feminism have already taken a strong hold of the youth, and because both countries have aging populations, it is only a matter of time before both conservative cultures are pozzed. It'll take much longer, but soon Japan and Korea will be victims of the forced diversity that the US has suffered.

>> No.29315376

fucking congrats, you are wise nigga and deserve all your money. hopefully ur not larping.

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>muh "cash out"
And this is why /biz/ will always stay poor
OP would lose a fuckload of money to taxes right now if he did
Best place to cash out at first is around $4 million if you have the balls
>$1.5 million for taxes
>$1 million for diversification
>Whatever the fuck you want with the rest

>> No.29315666

>S1ss1E ID

>> No.29316178

I'll tell you why OP. Because crypto went from a couple billion to 1.6 trillion in 6-7 years. 2 million today is effectively < $10,000 half a decade ago. The insane crypto growth has inflated away the feeling owning a few million should have.

It's the the hedonistic treadmill but in crypto it's the hedonistic slingshot. Money doesn't feel real anymore, everybody is getting rich, and the number of millionaires crypto has and will end up minting will have a noticable effect on the scarce resources millionaires gravitate to.

>> No.29316837

Give me 1k now whitey It's less than .1%

>> No.29316855

why are you censoring the amount you hold? what do you think could possibly happen rofl

>> No.29317570

Good job OP, not gonna lie I'm pretty jelly. Now take some of that money and get into silver. Go ahead and get a bunch of basic stuff at spot or close to it, but also get some nicer pieces. You've got a bit to spare so a few bars with some really good designs on them will lift your spirits.

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Stop telling anon to sell his fucking Fantom, you absolute dunces

Fantom will go to at least $10...and even then it will be way lower in market cap than Cardano/Polkadot/BSC

>> No.29318768

Nice car anon

>> No.29318786

Hookers anon! Don't be a faggot, enjoy fucking life now, buy a rental property, make money while you sleep. Have a fuckton of sex, give your GF 100k before you leave her it'll make you and her happy.

>> No.29319045

poorfag here with a 100k UNN suicide stack, will it actually moon anon? partnerships seem promising but it's also been fudded nonstop here

>> No.29319174

Why end it all? Spend 1/100 of it on cocaine and hookers and you’ll see how much fun life can be

>> No.29319266

cash out now you retard, buy a house and reinvest the remaining amount in crypto and boomer stocks

>> No.29319533

yummy feels excatly like 2017 early 2018 with they million dollar shitcoin portfolios. Take profits, or you well see how a million turns into 10k or less.

>> No.29319552

Listen up newfags, this is your SELL signal.

¨Rich¨ people making threads about subject X but showing portfolio with shitcoin Y are trying to subtle shill you a shitcoin.

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anon, I...

>> No.29319722

another stupid fuck

Fantom $0.36
Reminder that even at $10 Fantom is still lower in market cap than Polkadot/Cardano/BSC etc

>> No.29319836

Post boipucci sissie

>> No.29320071

>The point of life is to enjoy your time here.

Fucking reddit tier cringe

>> No.29320327

but he is right, what else should you do with your limited time?

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sell if you can

>> No.29320560

quite the opposite

>> No.29320630

>Go back to school and go get a degree in something neat.
That's the most retarded suggestion I have ever heard.

>> No.29320689

What about white slaves though, when do white countries collapse enough for me to be able to buy a white slave. That's all I really want in life

>> No.29320815

You can buy me, though I've been successful in crypto so far, maybe I won't have to sell myself after all.
But am for sale.
Blond hair, pure white skin, grey/blue eyes. So I'm white.

>> No.29320944

>Money doesn't feel real anymore, everybody is getting rich, and the number of millionaires crypto has and will end up minting will have a noticable effect on the scarce resources millionaires gravitate to.
Very true. I went from $200k invested this time last year to, now, $4.5M. Not only does it not feel real, but it seems like everyone else who had low five figures invested in this shit since a couple years ago is a multimillionaire now too. If everybody's rich, then nobody is. So on the one hand I'm planning quitting my job soon, on the other hand, I'm terrified I'll do it then discover a year or two from now that a million dollars really only has the purchasing power that a hundred thousand dollars did a few years ago, and that I can't actually retire comfortable (or even meagerly) on 4-5 mil.

>> No.29320970

you have pussy?

>> No.29321098

cannot believe this portfolio made it so far
what made you go all in in such shitcoins

>> No.29321172

Once you crack the money code you notice its so easy.
Unfortunately the newfags won’t get it.
Also you can never leave.

>> No.29321179

Multimillionaire? LOL

Now pay a 60% in taxes and you're poor again.

>> No.29321236

uhh no he doesn't? those are unrealized, untaxed gains so he doesn't have 2 million

>> No.29321513

>the number of millionaires crypto has and will end up minting will have a noticable effect on the scarce resources millionaires gravitate to.
most of the shitcoins like the ones OP hold will go to zero
these things have no intrinsic value, generate no value, and in the end, the only way to get out a million dollars is for some other holders to lose a million dollars. There is not enough liquidity for more than maybe 5% of the paper millionaires to actually cash that shit out

>> No.29321673

yeah bro post one more than that fantom 10% is lower than blablabla just stfu, you have no idea how tokenomics work and just paste whatever the fuck you heard. do you even have a valid argument for this shitcoin ? shitcoin made by a known scammer, scammed you once, will scam you again

>> No.29321708

Anon, what is driving your anger? Why are you angry?

>> No.29321830

>known scammer

Andre Cronje is basically the god of DeFi, you dickless pathetic tranny

Yearn.Finance - 1.6B market cap
AAVE - 5.4B market cap
Curve DAO - 700M market cap

>> No.29321924

Everything that slav touches gets exploited

>> No.29321973

He's south african like our legend Elon, though... but keep going

>> No.29321986

you really should sell right now

>> No.29321988

I have ftm and can’t cash out cause of gas fees reeeeeeee

>> No.29322047

youre forgetting that out of that 1.6 trillion 90% is in 20-30 assets, lots of stuff has gone to zero but most money is sitting in usd/btc/eth and has only grown as new money has entered. shitcoins are a gamble and most money is made for the owners printing and selling zero-cost-basis tokens, but youre forgetting the insane inflows into btc, lots are cashing out, half a billion was sold by one entity only a couple of months ago.

>> No.29322132

I have a dick, to fuck your ass with.

>> No.29322150

Start a daily meditation practice and take LSD, maybe lift some weights, go into therapy. Life can be so based sometimes, but if you constantly come on here and say it's shit, what do you expect you fucking retard?

look at a wall for an hour and you'll feel peace like you've never felt

>> No.29322339

Nigga, cash some of it out and buy a nice house of your own. Go out and travel and eat the best food you can eat. You have enough money to start enjoying some of the finer things in life. The best thing money like that can buy you is the freedom to do what YOU want to do.

>> No.29322377

my two favorite genres of /biz/ posts in one:
>I have a lot of money but I’m still not happy :(
>thinly veiled shitcoin shilling

>> No.29322511

These aren't real, anyone can type any number into blockfolio and pretend they're a millionaire. These are shills trying to get you to dump more of your hard earned money into their shitcoins. Don't quit your job. Vast majority of day traders make less than minimum wage.

>> No.29322523

doesn't sound like it from his name, but still, you can't deny that his projects get exploited every other week

yes I'm not talking about bitcoin or eth, but very few people actually hold most of the wealth in those assets. But all these newly minted shitcoin millionaires are going to get rekt. As soon as the bear market starts the liquidity will vanish and they will be left with nothing

>> No.29322638

Day or hour EMA?

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Take less. Go into it with a mindset that the shrooms are there to help you. Be friends with it.

>> No.29322701

Positive thoughts fren, think that, these shrooms are good for me, they are good mushrooms, the mushrooms like when you think they are good, they will do what they can to be good mushrooms for you

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File: 85 KB, 251x397, Into_the_Wild_(book)_cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29322883

What the hell kind of a memefolio is that?

>> No.29322997

but my point about millionaire inflation stands precisely because of all the crypto millionaires 85% of them arent in shitcoins, especially given how broken the distribution of most altcoins is.

>> No.29323018

give me half of what it is worth.
I will tell you the "secret" to happiness you inbred philosophical turnip.
It is so fucking easy. You'll regret paying me and you will understand, why I call you these things.

So what is it you faggot? Buy the happiness knowledge from me or stay a 2x mboi

>> No.29323052

money may not buy happiness but if you lost your money that you have right now you would feel a lot more miserable.

>> No.29323202

I will trace your IP and bash your skull in if you dont apologize

>> No.29323478

there are little more than 10k ETH millionaires

for btc, there are about 94k addresses holding at least $1mm worth of btc

for shitcoins it's hard to say, but I would guess no more than 5k people that would have the liquidity to actually cash out 1 million from all shitcoins combined

that is a little over 100k newly minted millionaires, do you really believe this can cause any meaningful inflation? I mean there are something like 50 million millionaires in the world already

>> No.29323522

i know the reason why you feel nothing and i know how to fix it even while keeping your money. i also know about shrooms and its effects on psychological well being.

i do not, however, offer this advice for free.

>> No.29323863

1.Go back to school but go into Business
2.Basically use your time there to connect to other rich ppl
3.this is so you can advance from rich but no connections to rich with connections.
4.Basically continue investing in crypto but have a value business
5.Use connections to be well off even if some crysis were to happen.
6.Find good woman
7.Treat yourself with something you like.

>> No.29324069

Op I have questions for you
1- what app is this ?!
2- how you got this much money ? (Simplest way of explaining it )
3- if You want advice, cash that money out take some of it and go to a safe third world country spend 3 month and see how it will change your mind.

>> No.29324305

are you between 11 and 14?

>> No.29324440

No I'm just new here.

>> No.29324462

Congrats, I hope I will be the same in 5,6 years.

>> No.29324522

Huge sell signal lmao, anyways he just bought a shit load of FTM when it was 2 cents.

>> No.29324543
File: 198 KB, 1080x891, 3F0A8C71-3606-4633-B6A5-1DB72420B339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all i see there is about 1 mil in taxes of you sell op

congrats tho

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Wanna help an anon with $40? I wanna get something extra for my kid's birthday.

>> No.29324604

Larping is truly gay

>> No.29324659

I laugh in Murican Taxes.
Land of the free lolol

>> No.29324699

Dam anon, that sucks. I don't want to think about making it and "feel nothing"

>> No.29324743


>> No.29324786
File: 129 KB, 254x191, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nobody gives a fuck about your kid

>> No.29324798

then send some of that money over to me. It will buy me happiness

>> No.29324810

congrats fren. happy you're making it. my fantasy for you is to buy a regular house in a nice neighborhood. wake up each morning, exercise, meditate. do something you enjoy for employment and ride the gains. good wife will be tough if that's what you want. sorry about your gf. give it some time.

>> No.29324829

fud is for accumulating

>> No.29325081

>tfw nolinkers are making in a few months what took me >3 years

>> No.29325288

You can buy a fucking beach front property and never work again. You are pathetic if you can't be happy.

>> No.29325347
File: 35 KB, 584x512, 6d1ae07bd3d507c9f0f343473cab4b40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do

>> No.29325425

i wouldnt rely too much on address metrics given the prevalence of custodial/exchange cold storage. its low given the amount of old money today, but i think it will contribute to several % of global millionaires once bitcoin is mature, and younger millionaires do not behave like retirement-age ones

>> No.29325472

Congrats anon and I hope you enjoy those shrooms. I’m tripping rn and looking at your portfolio pretending it’s mine

>> No.29325581

>not securing your bag by selling half
>makes a little money and becomes suicidal


>> No.29325764
File: 553 KB, 637x504, 1607844701473.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you are serious about mushrooms, they can help you out a lot. just be aware that they will make you feel shitty about your life and the decisions you have made, but will also encourage you to change it for the better, take their advice.

>> No.29325824

crypto made you blind my fren.

your parents are still working their ass off for $50k a year and would use 100 years to earn what you currently have

>> No.29325932

read the book of John KJV
Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life. None come to the Father but through Him. I'm not saying that Christianity will make you happy, that's not how it works. But you will be saved from hell and that is a start. Plus living in conformity with Gods will is the only happiness a person would want. Obviously God shines on the just and the unjust alike, people can be happy living in sin, living in death, but it is often only during the indulgence of sin that they are happy and until the next hit of sin and vice they return to their baseline. I am also not saying that there are not "good" people that are kind and treat others well and have a positive attitude and are unsaved, because there are. Some of it is chemical but ultimately happiness is a kind of vanity. There is joy to be had yes but ultimately happiness is meaningless. Not that it is not worthwhile to seek it but to seek it for its own sake just makes the pit more hollow. I could be all wrong about happiness in general but I do know that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh and that he is the way and the truth and the life. Anyways I hope that you take my advice bro and read the book of John and maybe you will believe and the Lord will give you a new heart. All the best.

>> No.29326136

3 is the shit one. aoe 2 is king.

>> No.29326314

yes but even if it was double that amount which it certainly is not it is still a very small portion compared to the overall wealth in the world. After the bubble pops again, it will also be reduce by more than 50% again.
>younger millionaires do not behave like retirement-age ones
do you think they will behave like niggers? if they do then they wont stay millionaires for long

>> No.29326386

You can tell who the poorfags are, always reflexively telling everyone else to cash out and buy a house LOL


congrats, OP. I also made it to millions with the all-in approach. I don't know a lot about ftm or its prospects, though.

>> No.29326512

If you don’t cash out then let me do it got you

>> No.29326682

sell and go balls deep on biomeme stocks, you will have 20 million in 3 years

>> No.29326753


what would you do with 20 million anon

>> No.29326934

Hahahah sire, based department is looking for a new manager

>> No.29327079

no, but the number of millionaires in the world is disproportionately full of retirement-age people with 1 million net worth, not looking to buy property or land or other things young people do. crypto will end up bringing the average age of HNWI down. not to mention the world spiraling out of control with porous borders and climate change means your few million might not be enough when people start wanting out

>> No.29327101

Welcome to the club, cash out of those shitcoins and make safe investments in stuff that will grow wealth long term. Don't tell people you're rich. youre gonna make it bro go camping for a few weeks, the Appalachian trail is beautiful and you can hike through nature and disconnect.

>> No.29327102
File: 152 KB, 720x1280, 16D87669-0241-48CA-8BAE-AF4A3F35E3B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulations. You can exit the rat race for life with that kind of money. You made it. Train your neural network to getting fit, find hobbies you enjoy, find wifey material to start a family with. There is no default point written in the stars somewhere, just enjoy your brief period of existence the best you can. Don’t end it yourself, it comes on its own soon enough to end all suffering, experience.

>> No.29327123

When your BOND moons that’s going to be an 8 figure portfolio OP

>> No.29327309

buy a house for 1 million, buy 1million in silver and 1 million in crypto. 1 million for spending spree and traveling in europe. 16 million left in a broad and diversified dividend ETF. Never work my whole life again and have a nice family with 4 kids.

>> No.29327360

to clarify, theres ~<15 million HNWI which crypto "millionaires" would fit into, vs higher numbers that include retiree-age >$1M total net worth incl. home people

>> No.29327373
File: 474 KB, 500x500, thistooshallpass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You cannot fear it, you have to welcome what happens with open arms.
>this too shall pass

>> No.29327457

you can't just add zeros onto the ends of numbers and suddenly feel different

>> No.29327630

It is true that money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure makes it easier to achieve it.
Either way, if you decide to an hero at least send some of your ftm here so I can help my mom, Im still living with her.

>> No.29327749

It's fake internet money that's why you feel nothing.

>> No.29327825

money simply highlights to you what your real problems are, the things that can't simply be solved with money. those are normally the worst or most serious problems and thus money can usually make you feel worse.

>> No.29327916

Holy fuck, I’m a lurker that has posted maybe 20 times in 11 years, but this does it
This is the worst take I’ve ever seen on anything at all

>> No.29327992

>move to Japan
Suicide rate is on a bull run over there.

>> No.29328052

the shrooms will reinforce your realization that money doesn't make you happy, and might even make you realize that happiness is not the goal of life, but the result of doing what you're supposed to do

>> No.29328053

boo fuckin hoo. maybe spend some of that money on getting that sand out of your vagina?

>> No.29328082

Most people at business school are middle class upwards striving. Find people you enjoy being around.

>> No.29328531


Anyone who says shit like this will die in poverty

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