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why are these these dips so punishing to ONLY us

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it's ok kid, you are doing great!
we're all gonna make it!
you're gonna make it kid! you're gonna make it!

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Just added picked up some more Algo's during the dip, feeling comfy.

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Is the dip over?

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hope not, i have unfilled buys

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Fuck no, it's going down hard today before the big climb to $2. God is shining down on you bro, get ready to glow.

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Money chases P&D especially here fren. ALGO is P&D resistant by design and it's performance despite recent substantial dilution to early backer and node rewards getting paid out should be a clear indicator of how bullish people are on this. It just had hundreds of millions of coins added to circulation and it's just crabbing happily along like nothing happened.

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Been waiting to buy. Is this a good time? Looking like it.

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I don't see it really dipping much below 1.25 when the bots decide to stop hunt people and there should be strong news coming in mid to late March.

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What if we get the biblical scale dippening of 2017-18? Will this then lose over half of its value like the other coins?

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Anything can happen but the hedge on this coin is that the short term news could be great and even if there's the inevitable down swing your stack is still growing 8% a year in your wallet. For myself the deciding factor is the reality that ALGO is already declaring partnerships with stablecoins and this first media platform announced using it's service has links to a Bollywood linked streaming service with 30m subscribers and 900m MCAP. The likely announcement of partnerships with CC companies and banks to handle transactions for them which will be worth untold amounts of money and put very large institutions into play by having stakes in the technology. I think short term and long term this project will be rewarding. Personally I am imagining holding for at least 4 years but if this bull run continues in a quarterly pattern this year as some are predicting the returns might justify an early sell just to keep riding the waves of this crazy market.

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I dunno. To me the trajectory of ALGO is identical to a whole bunch of shitcoins that rode on the coattails of BTC/ETH but are now on the precipice of diving back to the bottom.

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>Buying opportunities
The absolute state of /biz/

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Hope it dips more. Got in at 0.40. I need that 10k

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"In the next two months or so there's a bunch of pretty big, pretty interesting things that are going to be announced... We are right at the cusp of being able to put out a number of... fairly disruptive and significant partners." - W. Sean Ford.

Time Stamped https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=3155&v=7-NBZv1KXVg&feature=youtu.be

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I would agree on premise if the intent of the project was not to decouple itself from bitcoin by acting as a service oriented technology platform that generates revenue rather than acting as a store of value. It's also the only of it's kind that can offer keyswaps. It might take a few years but I see it as inevitable.

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I'll be honest nigger. The tokenomics are trash. 40% of the max coins are in circulation. Still a long time to go before sell pressure goes down,

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I’m convinced that swing traders are all over this coin when I watch the buy/sell activity

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>buy at 1.3
>sell between 1.4-1.45
Like clockwork, every single day.

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How much do you need to buy to make it worthwhile? Would $1k be enough?

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Cmon dude, you do the math

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kek that’s fair, just being a nosy nigger

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please gib "bitch I got that algo" meme

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I am financially ruined because of this scam

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looking fly in that custom algo fitted.

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Just bought $3000 worth. Good project, great team, good rewards. Thanks for the heads up.