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Thinking about buying in but worried that I'm too late, don't want to buy in at a huge high and watch it tank right after.

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it's not, on the list of all the defi killers.. ftm isn't even on the list.
think about that

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Next week will be insane cuz andre will release whatever he has been working on. I have a feeling coinbase listing is soon as well

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Do not fucking Fantom. Buy Hbar instead. It is the real defi and eth killer. You are too late with Fantom but not with Hbar.

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Yes, $10 EOY minimum.
Dont be a stupid faggot who fomos into rugpulls because hes too stupid to see through discordtrannie memes and roachnigger shilling.
Do you have conviction to hold a coin that isnt being shilled to death on /biz/?
If yes, you will be rich, if no, you are just a stupid faggot who doesnt deserve to make it and deserves to continue getting dumped on for caring more about memes than substance.

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How can a coin like this pump 20x in just 2 months, up to almost 1 billion, with basically ZERO dapps, ZERO network adoption.
This market has become a clown show.
Its all just Andre Cronje moonboy hype, right?
Theres no way that this price level is sustainable in the long run.

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Iove this pasta

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Hbar has bigger marketcap though

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Fuck you nigger. Hbar is the superior blockchain. Fantom is shit avoid it at all cost.

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I bought ftm and hbar at the same price, .13 2 weeks ago.

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Not only that, but they have a lot of their supply that is unlocked every month causing inflation. So their diluted marketcap is actually even higher.

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"soon" doesn't mean next week it means minimum 1 year otherwise you give a precise deadline

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Enjoy the dump

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I’ve made 30k already, god I hate this scam!

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Buy the hype sell the news

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>don't want to buy in at a huge high and watch it tank right after

Go get a job then faggot

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I'm getting fantom vibes.

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lmaoo you fucking retard you just got BTFO

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$1 waiting room

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a "defi killer?" what the fuck are you on about, retard?
https://discord gg/EMNdWvd come home fantie tranny

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What fucking dump, like we dumped from 0.21?

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