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Guys what the hell is going on with all this fud? I’ve never seen this much before. Is a huge pump coming? I’m not fucking selling, but this fud is insane.

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Organised. But from who, bag holders competitors everyone. Kek this is bullish

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Sounds like you’re really close to selling based on this thread and you should btw

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its cuz all the FUD is true... imagine being such a brainlet still holding this shit

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its link holders bored
you should sell

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reddit link trader discord

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I am fearful, uncertain and doubtful about the state of the Chainlink (ticker: LINK) project. I am demoralized and will be market selling my LINK tokens ASAP. I hope this post will help influence other Chainlink holders to also sell their LINK tokens because I am geniuniely concerned about their financial wellbeing.

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They’re trying to crab us to oblivion. Crabbing is worse than dumping because you could go long at the bottom. I agree something is coming.

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I sold all of my LINK. The constant downward trend, the FUD, the bullying... i'm done.

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Kids in my frat say link is going to 100, they all just recently got into crypto - i’ve been in since 2016 and dont talk about it with anyone. To me this shows an iminent top...do with this info what you will..

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link was always shit

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My mom used to work at Chainlink in 2015 and she thinks the same.

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It’s not working... I’m continuing to buy more each week. Approaching 4K stinkies.

Thank you for keeping the price down, anons!

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I think biz link fud should be metric’d. It’s probably the most bullish indicator. I’ve never seen them more frantic than lately. And it’s clearly not OGs fucking around since you can feel the mean spirited desperation.

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Because you link faggots are the most annoying motherfuckers in crypto. I hope BAND destroys your worthless vaporware shitcoin

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I sold my JEWlink as soon as I learned the truth about it

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Are you going to keep calling it fud when the bull market ends and this heap of shit has done nothing more than 50% and then dumps down to under $20. It's not fud that we can't go up because burger belly dumps every move upwards because fat fucks great idea to create token token to dump on idiots like us to pay to make the system work at all

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No problem.

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>buying at 35$
lmao at this nigger

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Found the twitter faggot

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It's underperforming compared to most of the market and at this point I really dont know why considering most of the space relies on secure oracles. I thought it may be that the supply is constantly diluted but he's been dumping every Friday since before the initial run to 20. So I really don't know but I'm resigned to just hold forever.

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anons were fudding out of boredom then they accidentally fudded too much and demoralized themselves. too much fudium basically

>jew id


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I mean link just started to pump as I posted this and as the fud flooded in. It’s getting hard to tell if it’s link holders fudding or paid pajeets

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>jew id
You need some glasses. Those are F's not E's.

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mean this guy sorry >>29307529

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It’s crab in a bucket shit. While you can get some of the best hive mind collaboration here, you also get some of the most petty resentful people in existence. They know we’re about to make it and they want to drag at least a few of us down.

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Pretty much. I thought it was genuine concern fudding but it's really been performing like shit lately with these sad pity pumps. I diversified into a couple other shitcoins to not feel the pain as much. My idea is that the whales have no incentive to not continue suppressing link. Think about it, why would you let the single most important asset moving forward into the 4IR pump so hard? It would work wonders in your favor to simply continue suppressing that shit and accumulate it as much as you can. Simple really. The chart speaks for itself, the nigger whales aren't going to fuck off anytime soon.

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>most important asset

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All the fud in this thread alone shows that something is coming. I've been around since the beginning. It always goes like this. We're going to pump again soon.

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Hey man

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>trust the plan

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Something is coming alright

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Get help.

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Silence jagajeet!

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Fud is bullish

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You're that same faggot posting these forced memes in the /pol/ thread. Lmao

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chainlink is fucking dead, sirgay rugpulling us as we speak.

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Idk about supression anymore. It doesn't really make sense to me, remember the reddit fud campaign? Most of those idiots bought 2017 tier trash like nano and cardano and since those have gained so much reddit is effectually unpriced out of link. I guess whales don't really give a shit who has link as long as they can accumulate more but I'm trying not to be so schizo about it.

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There is no fud just facts.
I hold 105k linkies, more than most of you complaining about the fud, and I'm all in and not selling because I don't know the next project to moon and been used to hold link.
But we haven't had any new developments for a long time, just promises, mixicles, arbitrum, staking, nothing? Everyday they launch a new price feed, and now they're dumping link to help node operators pay their gas fees? So that the shitcoin these same operators give price data to does a x100? It just isn't fair, and someone should call them on that if they cared. But they don't give a shit, just dumping linkies and not even saying anything about it to their investors, and not even dumping to buy bigmacs, just so defi functions and other shitcoins moon but not us.
Also the bullrun has already started, altseason started as well for weeks now, and we haven't even done a x2 from our ath in august.
And we can moon if he would just stop dumping.

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this coin is going to go down real fast
strap on lads, you're going to lose your life savings

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Alt season has not started dude. Btc is still pumping.

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>why is it underperforming
>i just dont get it
>it must be suppression!

yeah its suppression, 1.5 million worth of suppression every week. sergey is dumping on you retards with literally no end in sight for at least 5 years.

what did you think adding 15%-20% inflation to the circulating supply every year was gonna do for you, exactly?

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this has been a board people ironically fudding link since it took off

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Sergeys been dumping since before the run to 20 so I'm not sure how much the dilution is really effecting price. I think you're spot on with underdelivering on promises though. Still I was pretty shocked that linkbtc broke it's eternal bullish trendline within a week of the WEF news. I really can't think of a more bullish partnership in all of crypto.

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Cab somebody give me the pasta for the nwo reset thing.

You'll own nothing and be happy
You'll eat the bugs

I forget the rest

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I love the daily "all this fud is making me think a pump is imminent :D" posts and it just keeps failing.

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It's up 700 percent and since he started diluting every Friday.

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>Sergeys been dumping since before the run to 20

god damn you're stupid. the higher the price goes, the harder these dumps are gonna hit.

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That doesn't make any sense anon.

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huge pump is imminent. Oracle coins are forming bullish pattern on /BTC chart. Also, real altcoin season is just around the corner according to several indicators. This, and when LINK hits the three figures staking will be released to pump it to four figures. Massive fud is here to shake out weak hands

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BTC went from 5k to 20k in the 2017 alt season.

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>"But they don't give a shit, just dumping linkies and not even saying anything about it to their investors"

This really bothers me about chainlink most they really don't give a fuck about the community and almost have disdain for them...anytime sergey is asked to address community he pretty much roles his eyes. Maybe chainlink will be something huge but i doubt they want us to profit from it

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Anon should I dump another $1000 into link?

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Lol I was just making a thread for fud discussion, funny how it attracts fudders. Like moths to a light.

>> No.29309533

Keeps falling from 12 to 30+. Huh, weird way to fall

>> No.29309602

the whole crypto space is fud btc correction is coming ss this

>> No.29309611

sure, you want to buy LINK as cheap as possible.

>> No.29309629

This fud doesn’t add up when looking at current price and the charts.

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Anyone else expecting a blow off the top. The Highs and low keep getting smaller and smaller.

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It’s coiling. That happens when manipulation is occurring.

>> No.29309803

>105k link
>multi millionaire
>Urg im so sick of it

Stop larping, its the gayest shit ever

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Failing dear, failing. We're in a wider market, if you're dropping against the yardsticks of BTC and ETH, let alone all the myriad of defi tokens doing 500% a week you're failing. Keep measuring against hyperinflationary currencies though lmao.

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But I buy things with dollars. Not btc. Come on now, anon

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Btc did a 350x in the last 3 years?

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Best I could do:

Schwab is the reason I work out. I have this fantasy where we start talking at the local Lodge. We exchange a few pleasantries. He asks what I do. I say I loved him at the Epstein Island meetup. He laughs. I get my first prostate massage. "Well, shit nigger," I say and walk away.
I've got his attention now. How many guys voluntarily leave an encounter with Klaus Schwab? He touches his neck as he watches me leave. Later, as the night's dragged on and the coterie of gorgeous narcissists grows increasingly loose, he finds me on the balcony, my bowtie undone, smoking a cigarette. "Got ze spare?" he asks. "What's in it for me?" I say as I hand him one of my little white fags. He smiles. "A royal bath with me, duh." I laugh.
"What's so funny?" he protests. "Nothing, nothing... It's just... don't you grow tired of the chainigger problem?" "You get used to it," he says, lighting his cigarette and handing me back the lighter. "What would you do if you weren't a Schwablord nigger?" I ask. Bla bla something

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my friend Bob Sacamano told me this is a russian scam, be careful guys.

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itll be an m-shaped correction

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>Guys what the hell is going on with all this fud?



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Anyone who believes the FUD deserves to be poor.

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I am gonna do something that this board never does and tell the truth about my thoughts. I have 100k usd worth of link from 2019 (i am a poor fag) my target goal was hoping for 400k. You can wave partnerships and how chainlink will save the world in my face. We all know from how this bullmarket goes so far none of that shit matters. Let's be real very few people give a shit about the tech. Doge and BNB showed us that the only way is getting lucky on a mania train somehow or market manipulation.

Here is my problem the Chainlink team has no reason to release staking or anything soon. They already have all the cash in the world to make their business a success with 1 dollar link or 30 dollar link it doesn't matter to them at this point. The same reason why Ethereum doesn't give a single fuck about all the FUD coming from CZ. They don't need to hurry anyhing. So most likely i am gonna be a retard and ride this useless fucking token down with the crash. You know why? Because crypto is poison. There is always that thought in your head "What if i sell and it goes x100?". This is all thanks to how BTC turned out to be.

TLDR: I don't fucking trust anyone in crypto. Not the chainlink team, not ethereum, not bitcoin and certainly not binance.

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>didnt trust

>> No.29310846

You can tell link is the best coin based off of how obsessed all other coin holders are with it. It’s like the 2000-2019 New England Patriots

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this fud is bullish, ive been here daily for three years and this is there has never been this level of attempt to kill any reasonable discussion surrounding chainlink. oh and people who have done nothing but hold link are comfy as fucking fuck

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>> No.29311236

What else is there to talk about with Link, it doesn't do anything but crab

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Yes there has you lying nigger. I've been "fudding" LINK alone for months. EAT A DICK SCHWABNIGGER

>> No.29311354

based analogy
lets talk about how much money weve made by holding and never selling

>> No.29311378

You do realise that sometimes the FUD is true.
>OMG what is all this FUD about Enron, I am buying more, so bullish

>> No.29311387

It crabs upward. Every time I check my portfolio, I'm in the daily red. Yet week after week I'm worth more overall. Incredible, really.

>> No.29311521

But the price increase is due to BTC rising

>> No.29311568

the gains are truly incredible if you have any reasonable amount. there is no way people can be genuinely unhappy about it unless they bought late AND are poor

>> No.29311592

Hey man he needs to keep the big mac production facility open somehow.

>> No.29311607

i think the price is increasing due to you being a faggot

>> No.29311644

The issue is that we’re right and all the fudders are wrong.

>> No.29311682

Sick of getting dumped on and slow realisation that this project sees their investors as nothing but suckers to pay to keep their project going...Sergey is not a betrayer hes just a lying con artist but a very smart one

>> No.29311692

>muh crab!
It's only "crabbing" if you're an impatient chimpanzee who stares at minute candles all day. I'm up 30k this week. 300k for the month. That's not crabbing. This board is fucking retarded.

>> No.29311700

these fudders talk like we are still at $4, quite far from it

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honestly I don't think it's some nefarious evil whale campaign to get us to dump. I think it's just really salty losers with <$50k in crypto who are seethingly jealous of us chad linkers.

>> No.29311940

Just get a least 100 and HOFDL

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it would be amusing if it wasn't so obviously disconnected from reality. you can see why the board sentiment is so fucked if you look at how many latecomers are here though, bought late and poor is the harsh reality for most of them

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I only have ~550 LINK so I'm still buying more today.

>> No.29312020

ugh. that chart is so bearish for /biz/

>> No.29312165


It's been bleeding sats since August. Not performing as well as some rugpull PnD DeFi scam is one thing, but when you could have been holding BTC all along and made bigger gains it's pretty obviously not a very good investment as far as cryptocurrencies go.

What you say made sense before the bullrun, but this isn't a normal time. Being up 5% per week is not good when just about anything else in the same space does 50% per week or more. And LINK is going to crash just like the rest of them, we're not immune to that. There is a real opportunity cost here, and it is massive if your LINK stack is large.

I'm not selling because selling my piece of shit that hasn't mooned to chase a pump that has mooned is probably a bad call. At this point LINK is one of the few non-shit big projects that hasn't seen huge gains for the last month or two; it's the logical choice now. But there is no doubt that it has underperformed during a very unique money-making opportunity.

>> No.29312207

true if you bought in august i guess. LOL

>> No.29312233

That's 55 suicide stacks or 5.5 make it stacks

>> No.29312271

this, no one with 105k link would post something so gay

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kek that might definitely be it
wouldn't explain why we aren't at $1k yet tho

>> No.29312319

The downward trend was too much for me too. Sold 100k

>> No.29312333

Daily reminder:

Sergey still has 492 million chainlink tokens to dump on you.

>> No.29312387

I bought some in Late December / Early January, when it was a good decision though.

>> No.29312430

bullish trips

>> No.29312446

Keep casting pearls amongst swine

>> No.29312516

this is not the mindset of someone who bought in 2017/2018/early2019. the OGs of the time told us that there will be things that outperform link in the short term, but there is actually no reason to gamble when you already hold the golden key

>> No.29312545

Lots of whales have dumped link the past few days. I think I saw it reported that the number of whales holding over 1mil has gone from over 280 to 260

>> No.29312576

The fud is really concerning, you should sell honestly.

>> No.29312639
File: 76 KB, 2048x1152, Eud0FENVgAII7F2.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Keep casting pearls amongst swine
aka classic /biz/ posting
others did it for us when we first started, surely some people (even if they are a minority) will be able to discern the bullshit from the truth

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>> No.29312717

We have climbed since the bottom in SATs, but need to get above 80k SATs or this will turn out to be another dead at bounce on the way down to 20k

>> No.29312790
File: 496 KB, 924x530, sn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So we continue to notice the rate at which we put data on chain is the rate at which people are able to make markets and financial products and insurance products and all kinds of smart contracts around that data. And so what we are now reaching is a new chapter in Chainlink’s scalability, where we’re genuinely looking at a 10x increase in scalability so we expect that to create a 10x increase in the amount of data we’re able to put on chain as well as our ability to integrate in many different chains. So what we’re basically seeing is the degree to which we’re able to efficiently put more and more data onto a blockchain and various blockchains is the degree to which people are able to build more and more financial products around that data. And as we are seeing and are in the process of now finalizing the launch of, a 10x in the amount of data we can put on, we expect that to have a ripple effect through the larger defi ecosystem to create even larger amounts of decentralized financial products out there in the market. And then from there we continue to both increase the breadth and type of data that we will be providing, increasing the breadth of the types of smart contracts that can be made on chain, as well as the depth and quality of data that we’re providing to various use cases which will subsequently make them more reliable, larger in the amount of value that they can hold and kind of just create growth. So our goal is to continue to support the decentralized financial movement and ecosystem by providing more and higher quality data and we’ve already seen that our ability to do the allows that ecosystem to grow which is something that we’re extremely proud to be a part of.

>> No.29312879

i hadn't seen it, thanks. reading now and very comfy. don't sell, retards.

>> No.29312979

Me too. After all the harm done to small investors in the GME disaster I highly advise selling LINK now while it's worth something. The token is a scam and people should go to jail.

>> No.29313009
File: 77 KB, 680x500, 1CB1FED4-5A60-47CE-9BF2-F6116E2EB403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LINK is unironically going to 1k and there are now thousands of salty newfags on /biz/ who just realized this. It will only get worse as time goes on so if you can’t handle unprecedented FUD you should just leave. When LINK dumps from $120 to $60 this board will be unusable

>> No.29313063
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> I’ve never seen this much before
Newfag detected

>> No.29313470

100 link to make it?

>> No.29313510

Let me clarify, I haven’t seen this much recently.
Chill out faggot

>> No.29313616
File: 3.19 MB, 1504x1958, boat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yfw your fathers day gift from a few years ago is now a make it stack

>> No.29313732

always has been

>> No.29313789

Anon, you're holding till 2026 minimum. What does tranny fud today even mean?

>> No.29313874

I've been spamming this pasta
today because I think it's really funny. Dont tell me you're actually getting anxious because of some fucking copypastas? Lmfao
Most of these posts are coming from holders you fucking dingus. They're either bored or want the price to go back down so they can acoomulate more.

>> No.29313979

Lament of the linkless

+205% YTD
+5629% 3Y

The love of Chainlink

>> No.29314633

cause sergey and crew are serious dudes trying to change the world and create trillions of dollars of value. they don't have time to circle jerk with the "community" of mouthbreathers on twitter or whatever.

>> No.29314713

>I’ve never seen this much before
Maybe because you are a newfag. The last demoralization spree reached its peak around december 24th, right when LINK bottomed at $8. When those threads become really noticeable it's usually bullish and indicates a big move (up).

>> No.29314728

Even at $35 that is surprisingly cheap

>> No.29315016

Is OCR out??

>> No.29315029

was putting ear drops into my ear when I started reading this post and just spilled it everywhere laughing, downward trend lmao

>> No.29315239

I can't remember, did the zues thing come after the $20 peak or before?

>> No.29315452

pajeets and OG's
i fud all the time and i shit on the fud that is bad

>> No.29315540

>did the zues thing come after the $20 peak or before?
right before or during that pump

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