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>"I would never buy a scam coin like Rubic, you can't fool me Pajeet, do you think I am stupid?"
>Diversified portfolio is comprised of MCDC, HOGE, EGG, Donut, SHIB, WYNAUT, and various shitty chink foodcoin bags, still holding Bitconnect and XVG bags from 2017

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Except EGG is legit

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Don't forget about ASKO

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ASKO wasn't a scam, just overpromising and underdelivering by incompetent devs.

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i like my BAKE and CAKE deal with it pajeet

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down he goes
this is gonna make u reddit bastards weep
LMAO it rise
then LOL it dumps
why you cry like a girl??
ar u lost one more time with your trash algorithm for trading?
> be smart use bot ocean for cex and dex trading, forget about scam strategies

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Hoge? What's that? The new Doge?