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Sold my whole stack last night at a loss. Fuck this shit coin.

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this coin will hit 2 today

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t. retard

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And the Biggest Loser of the Week is...

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I’m still up 200%. What’s so hard about buying and holding.

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I too wish this coin would go up. But, dont they have something in the works with Visa and Mastercard? I have patience and I dont have a binace account and I didnt buy btc at 3k so I guess we'll all have to wait, wont we?

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just pumpchasers getting flushed out. goes to show how many people want to get their hands on dat dere algo

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you're doing great!, kid!
we're all gonna make it.
you're gonna make it kid!

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My uniswap shitcoin is partnered with algorand.
On a scale of 1-10 how bullish is that?

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probably a neutral 5. +7%-8% kibble.

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Anyone know how to connect their algorand wallet in GOAL? I'm new to crypto in general so im not sure what to do.

What i did was:
goal wallet new my_wallet -r [my 25 mnemonic]

i check my balance and its reporting zero. WTF?