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Is this their plan?
Im fucking tired of the whiny. Yes link is underperforming but it overperformed for years. Most alts have barely caught up yet.
You fags killed my excitement for OCR and just about anything

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>low 5 figure to 3 figure stacklets getting demoralized

just as planned. you and your moon boy attitude is not wanted in this project, we will do everything in our power to make you fuck off because "le holder marines" are not in our plans. you will get left behind in the bull market, link will not pump and you will either kill yourself or sell link. either way, we win

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I'm already retired from Link. Or well, if Link has not gone up in price by 2025 I might think of something else. But Chainlink has got me covered for the next 20 years in terms of cashing out. Bought at 20 cents, first sells started at $25. It was mentally pretty hard to watch it pump in august 2020 and not sell any. $25 my original price target, but took a risk and sold some at $30. Now comfy retirement and still holding almost 1 million worth of Link

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Are you really going to let yourself be fucking jewed by niggers when all you have to do is literally hold and not sell?

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I have 23k link mate

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You are one of our targets then

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>Yes link is underperforming but it overperformed for years.

Shut the fuck up. It’s only the “best performing asset” until it isn’t anymore. There’s ZERO indication that this piece of spider manure will ever bounce significantly again. There’s only sell pressure now.
I’m not holding this garbage all the way back down while everything else moons in the bull run.

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It's not part of a plan dumbass. Linkies are tired of waiting and seeing everything moon but Link.

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Sold everything this morning to buy NU
And it took 20% instantly
Forget that shitcoin, it has already mooned
Switch to some coin under 1€ like NU

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poor pajeet fud

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show your stack boy. show how much of a bitch stack you have to the world. how pathetic you are that you're so caught up in a project and dont even have 1m usd so far TOP kek imagine being a broke loser on 4chan after 3 years

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>I'm so tired of the whining!
>Better whine about it

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Oh you only tired of that? Not of the 999999 other spam threads?


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the reason you're getting so upset is because you know you could have dropped at least another 10k in 3 years ago and get a respectable 50k+ stack. the reason you're so demoralized is because you were always a coward and couldn't buy in more and now you're a bitchass stuck in 6 figure hell too much of a bitch to do anything about it

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>4d chess masterplan larp
Fuck off. There is a disinformation/demoralization initiative going on, but you certainly aren't a part of it.

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5 digit stack midwits need culled
all they do is cry about how someone else hasn't made them 8 figures off their $10k investment

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i concur. the reason we haven't been going up are all these low iq fuckwads with 10k market dumping. itll take another 2 months to cull them out but once all the 10-50k link marines are out then the price can truly rise

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>but you certainly aren't a part of it.

I've posted a presale pool for right minded anons to join before ICO and hold over 250k LINK. Our team holds more than 5 million LINK but yeah, we sure aren't a part of it

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good luck on your attempts anon. demoralize the 20k linkers. keep doing it. demoralize them and force them to sell. you are doing gods work. every one of these fuckers that sell will no longer be an obstacle later day the road

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>right minded anons
>right minded
Whatever retard

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oh god just when I think the cringe couldn't get any worse. I love chainlink, but the fucking larping faggots just need to get a life.

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30% of link threads are GPT3 bots, probably worse in tweeter

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What I dont understand, whats the point of fudding likeminded newfags or Linklets here when the faggots on Twitter are out on full force shitting up everything with their shitty memes about a project they barely understand and when Crypto Youtubers are shilling Link to every fucking retard out there?
for example: https://youtu.be/Np1iWnP-qZ4

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Fuck your mother if you want fuck

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Take the ANUS PILL

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Lmaoooo good luck with that. I'm never fucking selling

> t. 20k stacklet.

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demo meta post +54

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same friend, true suffering

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i have been holding since 2018, knew it since 2017. i am so much out of the fucking loop can someone help me? the fuck is OCR and arbitrum? isnt arbitrum another shitcoin?

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imagine not understanding marketcap

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Fudding on here is sad. One day it'll be corporations scooping up the link shares and you'll be wishing you'd been more encouraging for towards new users. Why shouldn't they be part of the Blockchain revolution, just like you battle-hardened gangsters of 2017?

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twitterfags with their 2-3 digit stacks are irrelevant. we want the 5-4 digit stacks that were lucky enough to get in this project because they happened to be at the right place at the right time. the best way to get their stack is demoralize them because they think they are so close to "making it", whatever that means, yet they aren't making it. we've planted the seeds a few months before, then these retards started demoralizing themselves we didn't even have to do that much

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this thread reeks of faggotry

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Major larper. You probably only hold like 5k. You might as well just sell and go buy a little house in iowa rather than wasting your time larping here.

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LINK/BTC volume is drying up. legit getting scared right now.

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>only sell pressure now.
wut? bullrun not even over but yes its time to sell

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>Im fucking tired of the whiny

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I am fearful, uncertain and doubtful about the state of the Chainlink (ticker: LINK) project. I am demoralized and will be market selling my LINK tokens ASAP. I hope this post will help influence other Chainlink holders to also sell their LINK tokens because I am geniuniely concerned about their financial wellbeing.

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>we've planted the seeds a few months before
Mate you couldn't plant a slice of cheese on a quarter pounder. This nigger thinks he's Gordon Gekko. Last time I watched wall street he wasn't larping on 4chan between flipping burgers.

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Kek this britbong is right.

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whatever. you'll see I'm right in the coming weeks. you will either sell or you'll kill yourselves, there's no inbetween.

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>we've planted the seeds a few months before
You talking about Zeus capital or the obvious fake soccer mom Twitter profiles that got spammed here? Good luck with that, never gonna sell my stack, Im still young and have a loooooot of time

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>whatever. you'll see I'm right in the coming weeks. you will either sell or you'll kill yourselves, there's no inbetween
Chart looks fine to me kek

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Lol even if say there were 1,000 OG Link marines here on Biz with 10k stacks (NOT likely) You're talking a whole 10 million link vs the team holding 590+ MILLION. I wonder which one dumps more? hahahah

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I can't believe the level of Schizo. You don't need people to dump their tokens when millions are dumped weekly by the team.

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I will buy more you stipid larping faggot

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>brainlet retards who didn't buy early want early buyers to sell
You and all the other zoomers in your discord are of the highest tier of niggers. I'm not fucking selling.

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So you mean I'll get rich by not looking at the price for a few weeks/months?
Thanks for your service faggot, pump my bag

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It's a fixed rate retard. The unaccounted for 20k marines are a bigger threat

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Yes. Link OGs as they like to call themselves are mostly people who were at the right place at the right time. They can't take a beating like this. They are weak and the fomo gets to them. It will be hilarious to see this shit bleed to $15 and then moon to $200 after the bullrun. Make what you want out of this. Also if you want to fuck fuck your mother

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>The unaccounted for 20k marines are a bigger threat

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>schwabniggers are a threat to the Schwab Reset

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This is what spending all day on /biz/ will do to you.

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He almost at 40 posts in the /pol/ thread too

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A new brand of 42 style thread derailment.

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I think most anons just filter and move on. It doesn't seem to be working

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I only come here a couple times a week because there's really no reason for me to be on /biz/ other than curiosity. All the fud posting looks the same as it ever has, just different themes.

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The thread is dead. Fuck off to the other one your spamming.

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>comes to biz a couple times a week and shits on 42
how about you just dont come back?

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>he wasn't here for when 42 schizo bombed every single thread to oblivion making it impossible to post anything about LINK
I didn't shit on anything retard I'm describing something that actually happened.

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Think about it:
If you bought ADA in 2017 top, you would STILL be in loss.

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42 what do you make of all this bullshit in here?

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