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It's better.

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these are the futures of the cryptosphere. if you don't have a bag of each and every one of these hten ur RETARDED

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Telling anons to buy a tranny token, faggot.

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Theyre completely different use cases

But both useful

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Unironically yes. $3 soon

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It's the Nord VPN of Blockchain

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as long as im making fat gains from this tranny coin i do not care

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is it too late to get into this coin ?
whats the suicide stack, any predictions ?
i just want another alt coin

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not too late but wait for a dip it just pumped 25%

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I rate this bollocks/bollocks.

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10k sui 15 to run a node.
Yes, this will be big but you guys have to stop shilling it. We are still accumulating and rapidly running out of time. No more nu threads until april pls.

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it's gonna hit $1 then bounce off, right anons? i want to acoooomulate more at .75

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I meant to sell my GRT for this but whales like to suppress GRT's price

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>not on binance

why tho?

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It's going to hit $1 then get a normie fomo pump

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wish I threw a few more eth at it
oh well, at least I have 11k already

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this is you isn't it >>29304185

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Dammit wish I’d have bought this when it was .5 What’s the expected EOD , 1.5, 2.5?

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it’s a much lower cap with really solid fundamentals. easy 10x. a low cap like this on coinbase is a nobrainer to me, just bought in yesterday.

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tfw i locked my NU in coinbase vault and can't get it out to sell

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Is it true that they don't have any working products out right now?

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> A coin made by antifa fags with colorful hair

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Pretty consistent growth. Can somebody tell us more about the coin supply?

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Saved from your own stupidity.

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It could be made by 9gag, idgaf, if I can make quick money I’m in

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be grateful anon, it's almost like you had your best interests in mind

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ygmi anon
ideals have no place in making money
you either want to make money or you don't

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>mfw i asked about this shitcoin when it was 1$ and everybody told me i'm retarded
>mfw this happened with ren, reef, pros and will probably keep happening

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oh you can also stake it and run own nodes ?
sounds good, ill probably get a small bag in the next few days

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Nu is the Where's Waldo of mysteries

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>Tfw ignored it at .07
>Tfw i only have 1k that i bought at .66

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explain to me this... "node-running"
hardware requirements?
technical requirements?
t. noob

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No, running a node is the equivalent of supporting the live product they offer. If youre curious just search the token on youtube and listen to some of the engineers discuss what it does.



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hold until NU lands on other exchanges
$10 minimum

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literally dumping now

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Have 100k NU
Run a node
Have to feed it ethereum daily
Break even

Great model

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Yes you can run a node but at present it is not too profitable due to gas fees. However pooling contract is in the works and, as of like a day or two ago, being audited next week to make sure its legit (per their discord)
You have to know python or be comfortable learning it. The discord will help with snags but its recommended you wait until scaling is fixed or just use the pooling when that becomes available (their target is end of this quarter or beginning of 2nd qtr, I believe is what Tux had said last time he did AMA)

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swingies get the rope
try to be less emotionally reactive anon it'll do you wonders

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Buy 15k NU
Get a server
Learn python
Feed it ethereum
Break even or lose money monthly

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>tfw bpd

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He’ll yeah. Then I’m dumping 75% back into LINK, provided it isn’t $80+ by then

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Just cashed out with the plan to buy back in when it crashes. I threw in $250 of fuck you money at this back when it was new. Turned $50 into $100 and then bought another $200 worth for .3 or so. Just cashed out for $900. Not a big stack, but I'm pretty happy to not be a retard who just loses everything due to greed.

See you gets when it drops below .6 and then again before the big 2021/2022 crash.

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Yeah, its almost like youre missing the pooling option and the rest of us saying dont run a node rn as itll burn you due to fees. You are absolutely right but you dont mention the alternative they are working on which makes it seem less like you're about informing potential investors and more about just fudding the coin to buy back in or something.
Solid advice but most ppl here are poor thats why they swing tokens for chump change and then fud when priced out and post red wojacks when it goes down 5 cents. I think most of us just tune them out but im sure they rattle the newfags cages with their shenanigans.

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anyone that looks into this for more than 5min can see how garbage nu is. oh they will fix it, in about a year and putter along doing pointless shit just like so many other shitcoins. this shit is a dead on arrival product with a market cap of 388million dollars.
another thing some other anon pointed out, so this shit doesnt sink they will have to airdrop like a mf to give the node runners money. its not announced but they wont have a choice.

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Ok what about the huge token drop in April? Are you informing biz about that?

All those people running nodes loosing money are going to get 300 million new tokens and they are going to keep it in their zero profit nodes?

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I'm familiar, that sucks anon
best of luck and take care

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Counting on it
Got a .64 buy order waiting.
If it ever goes below .5 im completing the stake stack in one purchase and holding until eth gas fees are fixed (or maybe pooling if returns are good enough)
Have you been through a few bear markets already? If so, curious how low you think grt, nu, and link will drop. Im saving up to take advantage of bear market when it comes. Literally waiting for it lmao.

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bear market won't happen for a while or at least as long as elon keeps tweeting about it or until we stop seeing bitcoin making headlines etc.

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wait for dip like this >>29304948

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dip always comes. just buy it when its red. I've made 40k this bull market buy just buying shit when its red. cant read a chart and I'm not even really sure what "blockchain" is.

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I'm really nervous. Was gonna swing my grt stack at 60 cents and decided to swing half my grt into into Nu at 96 cents. Hope this breaks 1 dollar today

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how big are your stacks

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So you mean i dont have to wait until EoY to buy the dip?
Max supply of 3.89 billion tokens. If 300 million sell thats only 1/10th of 1% of the full token load. I am not bothered with the short term as I dont plan on selling in this bull run as it is.
Tokens that have actual use cases will still be bought up after unlocks, this fud only works with shitcoins whose whole value os based on scarcity rather than the service offered.
That said, i dont recomment nu for people trying to swing or invest short term. Seriously, dont buy it if that is your intent. You will just be mad at the results. This coin crabs upward very slowly, randomly rockets up about 10 cents at a time, corrects for a week or two, and then crabs for another few weeks to a month. Slow and stable growth. Swingies hate it, hodlers love it.

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10k grt 22k Nu

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based pragmatic TA
ygmi fren

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so you buy coins when they are like -30% or something and then wait for them to go up into green?
i use coinbase so those percentages are all i am seeing (new to this).

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sell orders at $1.25

buying the dip in april

very comfy

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i pay attention to what is being talked about (here, on the crypto youtubes). wait for a red day, then buy. it usually lags a couple days because shit tends to get talked about when its already parabolic.

there's no magic number. i don't really have a rule for selling either just when it feels right, i sold half my btc when it was 30k like a retard. but profit is profit.

disclaimer: this will only work in a clown world bull market

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We're playing in easy mode

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But to put in perspective i bought in at .27 in late january. We were at .90 when i woke up this morning. I havent checked since so maybe its correcting and trending down, idk and idc because I am expecting to let go of some of my stack the next bull run at 5 and then some more at the height which i am hoping will at least be 10. Then id keep a nice stack to just hold forever in case nu does some crazy shit and 10x from there. It really all depends on how many adopt nucyphers protocol. But the use case is undeniable and if web3.0 grows into what link marines and graphstronauts are saying then being able to work with and keep encrypted data private (while being worked!!) Is huge stuff. The example Tux gives with keeping phi and genetic info secret from ancestry is amazing. Imagine them mf telling you your dna results but never knowing it. The conspiracies about 23 and me searching for special bloodlines or selling genetic data to bio weapons manufacturers to make targeted diseases would never be able to happen with nucypher. And the pressure from people on companies to adopt truly safe and private methods of working with data will force their hand because the one mom and pip to fill that niche would rapidly soar to big corporation level heights. Its the old Amazon and apple out the garage story. So sure you can say big companies will never go for it because they want to see yourndata and spy but all it takes is one autist from 4chan with some good returns on his neetbux to make a company that changes everything and pivots the industry. So we looked at the data and decentralization is the future and if (((they))) dont join it, we will become the new jewy opportunists and we will pull the rug from under them and shape the future without them. Thank you for coming to my theodore conversation.

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Based, this is exactly what I do as well and I have made very good money doing it.

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Been a nucypherino since 18 cents when it was listed on Coinbase

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use coinbase pro
lower transaction fees
more up-to-date data
>so you buy coins when they are like -30% or something and then wait for them to go up into green?
yes, buy on days when the market is all red and the board is filled with pink wojaks and anons shrieking

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How long before the next crash? I need to stop looking at the charts and stop being greedy rather than holding my current 3x profit and buying back in in a few days or weeks

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Go away

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AHHHHHHH it's going to break $1

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No one knows for sure. Some already liquidated in fear. General consensus is fall would be the earliest timeframe and q1 next year the latest. Some will even say summer or april it could happen but theyre closer in mind to the already liquidated in hear crowd.

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yay we did it

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Not even wtf

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Sorry let me clarify, how long before next Nu crash to buy back in after selling at .98

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It’s been at .75 for the last 3 weeks.

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Just woke up and saw we hit 1$. Feels good.

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i am not worthy

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i bought in at .65 but i thought it was just another random shitcoin so i only put in $100

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We tried to tell you dumbasses to buy NU all week. Sorry pink hair kept you from getting these gains. AWS partnership is probaby going to be announced soon.


This is from 2017 and AWS just followed Nucypher on Twitter yesterday.

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MFW $1

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The market cap has gone from 300m to 400m in the last 12 hours

>> No.29309209

Is that a positive?

>> No.29309231

Now that we broke the $1 threshold the normies are going to notice it do their research and ape in.
>0.4b market cap
>0.4b tokens in circulation
vs grt with 1.2bn in circulation

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kek, I remember all the guys who said they were selling all their NU after the AMA

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suicide stack?

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its almost certainly going to correct crab then pump again in the next few days

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is it really this easy bros?

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>is this the new GRT

no its the new delhi

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Asking for some advice. Is NuCypher looking like a long term thing or should I acquire the gains once I 2x and cash out?

>> No.29309562

If you invest in bluechips like this early and hold thru the crabbing and correction. Yes. Even easier if you have fun fudding it when bored and buy the dips.

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What's the realistic price target on this long term? $20, 50, 100+?

>> No.29309584

Get in on the normie double cash out half at the 2x then let it ride

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One hypothetical example: having ancestry dot com or 23 and me run your dna and provide you the results but never know it themselves.
>you tell me

>> No.29309689

Amazon Web Services GovCloud.

>> No.29309716

What the FUCK was that

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$30 EOY if they officially announce the Amazon partnership

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Oh shit, nigga

>> No.29309820

How do we normify this? How will an average person get in the know? I feel like I'm finally able to get in on something before it explodes in value

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>brand Nu seats, brand Nu smell
>put out the roach light a brand Nu L

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If I would have waited a hour to sell I could have made another 7c per coin, fuck me. Oh well, just happy I 3.5x'ed my money.

>> No.29309987

this shit was 15 cents a coin, you're way late anon

>> No.29310074

Really throwing in the towel this early?

>> No.29310178

That anon will be crying and FOMOing back in at $2+

>> No.29310185

don't take advice from /biz/ so ignore me just like everyone else. But still it's hard to say this is early when it was on fucking coinbase of all places for <.15c

>> No.29310254

lol I made my 3.5x already, I'm just hoping it dips back below 75c or even 60c so I can buy back in. Fuck me for taking good profits eh?

>> No.29310308

We dont. We accumulate until were done. Normies ruin gains by emotional decisions that cause dangerous chain reactions. Bring normies in 5 years from now. If you want to help a friend just tell them to research nu. They wont and then theyll think you were a genius in a few years when they buy at like 20.

>> No.29310431

How much higher can it realistically go today?

>> No.29310439

You do you. Holding since .20 here and not selling.

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I'd be lying if I said I felt like I should have held instead because of this big jump but it's more realistic to take 3.5x profit when you can imo too many people losing their money by missing the big picture. I'm tempted to throw $1k back in but I just can't see myself doing it.

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So glad I didn’t sell when it tabked to .60

>> No.29310997

Anyone else notice the bot attempt to flash crash that took us down from $1.11 to $1.04 in a couple seconds?
chinks are trying to accomoolate

>> No.29311002

>selling below $1B marketcap

>> No.29311027

Transferred $800 from another shit coin @.70 wondering how long to hodl. Guess I'll diamond hands.

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yeah this is going to be the easiest 10x of my life
then a medium term 100x - 500x once it lands on other exchanges
see you guys on the moon :)

>> No.29311403

I'm hoping for another dip to buy more SJWcoins

>> No.29311530

What's your number to buy back in at? I'm looking for .6-.75. I'd throw in another couple grand if it dips to that point.

>> No.29311596

>the Trayvon Martin of bringing skittles to a gun fight
>the Madeline McCann of mysterious kidnappings
>the Charles Ingram of game show contestants
>the Michael Jackson of moonwalks
>the Zyklon B of gas chambers
>the Ganges of Indian public toilets

>> No.29311629

whoever buys into this sjw shitcoin with antifa pink hair dev is a retard

>> No.29311645

0.7, same as you... Hoping my poor weak mind doesn't break

>> No.29311660

>not buying the current dip

>> No.29311684

>I'm looking for .6-.75
That was its previous crab point from the last pump. It's not going back there

>> No.29311742

What's a more realistic goal then?

>> No.29311750

1/10th of GRT

>> No.29311824

i upped my .7limit to .8

>> No.29311831

Until 300m coins are released in April?

>> No.29311833

If it keeps going up will you keep screaming retard? I give zero thought to who made it, nigger, tranny, etc. If I make money off it, I made money off it.

>> No.29311906

>2 million at ICO price
God damn nigger are you a dev or just a rich chad or a madman that went all in

>> No.29311966

It's going to dump tonight and then pump tomorrow. Just wait!

>> No.29311970

2M = 2 months ago

>> No.29312098

Nu to the fucking moon!

>> No.29312113

Just like grt the other week

>> No.29312115

pls dont moon, not until thursday when i can buy more

>> No.29312116

How does pump today and pump tomorrow sound?

>> No.29312127

This fuck this retarded TRANIFA token the pink haired Faggot dev shot his load when the other devs let him come here and shit on potential investors.

Dude’s a self proclaimed ANTIFA Faggot who thinks everyone on biz spends 12+ hours a day on /pol. Went on to say he’s thankful that he stopped using the site at age 11 / 12 because he went on to become a “neo leftist” or some bullshit like that
>his inability to reign in his thoughts and speech when doing an AMA show he’s a liability to the entire project
>the other devs inability to talk him down and provide him free reign show they have no control over him
Fag’s gonna say some stupid shit and stunt his own team’s success and harm the project as a whole. Would not recommend investing

>> No.29312263

Is there anyway I can use the funds in my coinbase account to buy with, it looks like I can only withdraw and deposit those funds to/from a bank account

>> No.29312289

Dude just get out of the thread if you’re not invested into it stop ruining the vibe

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Can anyone give this poorfag some advice? Should I keep my 2k in Link or put some or all of it into Nu?

>> No.29312303

I truly do not care. I'm HODLing because I like money. Sounds to me like you got trolled hard.

>> No.29312358

i converted my 23 euros form link into nu desu

>> No.29312361

if you traded/bought based on fundamentals or technicals instead of your own very fragile emotions, you would be very rich :)
but instead I will be ordering 2 large fries from your drive thru window sir :)

>> No.29312388

thanks just bought more

>> No.29312400

You’ll make a lot by tomorrow and then you can just leave back to link once it crabs

>> No.29312437

Yes sir please buy sir very good

>> No.29312504

kek I thought my 1k Nu bag was small

>> No.29312511
File: 150 KB, 500x333, 07B5AD3B-B7F3-449F-8EC4-FE9E2BDF324C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Faggot alert. If you don’t see the issue in their devs being unable to properly communicate with the public you’re either a bagholder or one of the devs who constantly come here to shill.
You don’t have to care but when one person is an inhibitor to the whole it certainly affects the economics of a project. Could you imagine if dude didn’t come here to shit on the user base?
>every fucking user including myself would be balls deep
>but no, he decided to allow his ego to get in the way of the project and now his face is attached to the project as opposed to the other devs who have a handle over their emotions
Fuck your stupid tranny coin, gonna be scalp trading until he is removed and know of several anons doing just the same.

>> No.29312521

the needfuls must be needed sirs

>> No.29312532

If it were me I'd put it in NU for the easy x2. Link isn't going x2 whereas I'd give this a week or two at most (wouldn't be at all surprised to see us hit 2$ today actually).

>> No.29312559

>constantly battling the swingy in me
I've only ever lost tokens trying to swing NU. I should just close the charts and play videogames.

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File: 119 KB, 225x227, 1480544183100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought 686 @ 1800 sats. Let the dump begin.

>> No.29312695

Most of the buys are from coinbase, don't forget to pay your taxes on every sell!

>> No.29312698

I'm about to do an order too. Remember what happened with grt just over a week ago? Crabbed all the way to a dollar, caught everyone else's attention, blasted off to $2.80 then eventually settled between $2-4. And that's with more triple the coin supply.

>> No.29312785
File: 30 KB, 500x500, dump it.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dump it

>> No.29312806

Checked and this is "why cant i quit yew?" as a real person

>> No.29312829

btc is pumping kings
NU will suffer a dip in the short term but do not be shaken out :)

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File: 216 KB, 360x292, 3B9144E7-D99B-4E33-8F45-12B304323601.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sold right at the top and am prepared to buy back in sub 50 cents. The dev team comes here to shill the board because they realize how badly the pink haired Faggot shit the bed when speaking to potential investors let alone the large handful of whales that frequent. If you check out the sell volume from the days immediately following the AMA you’ll see many of us exited our 200k+ positions in pursuit of projects that understand the importance of optics.

You fags weren’t going to be dissauded by my decision to dump so no harm done there. Others need to have a full spectrum understanding of what this project does (and doesnt) bring to the table.
>if the pink haired tranny learned to communicate with people outside of his self proclaimed “Nu-Male” group I wouldn’t be here talking with you all
He has nobody to blame but himself. Fuck these devs for taking thunder away from something that could have been great

>> No.29312860

Finna buy me a nu house, a nu car and a nu family

>> No.29312882

Yea NuCypher is unstoppable

>> No.29313002

Is it going to dip any lower or should I just buy NU now?

>> No.29313046

if you find yourself asking strangers on 4channel whether to buy or not you need to back up and start doing research

>> No.29313055

I just doubled my holding at 1.05.
I have 288 total now tho

>> No.29313058

Also interested, trying to wait for it to go under a dollar.

>> No.29313073

Just buy now

>> No.29313088

Anon check $MCM

>> No.29313114
File: 34 KB, 399x399, 859D3EB5-2577-48E0-A35B-28854D2C445F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>“Thank god I stopped coming to 4chsn this place when I was 12 or I would have ended up like you Nazis!”
>”we don’t need Nazis investing in our project”
>”we don’t want non-nu males involved nobody cares if you buy or not”
-proceeds to come to biz 4-5 times daily to shill their shitty project because they realize the damage they did polarizing they community-
>”w-we—we won’t need your money!”

>> No.29313188
File: 171 KB, 1000x1000, C858D398-6DDE-4365-BC8B-51DEAB5F636A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s going under 40 cents before the binance listing just buy in then

>> No.29313233

Ah, don’t mind me being a retard then

>> No.29313263
File: 76 KB, 220x210, 80ECE224-5FE5-42AA-86F6-EE061D7C246E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29313266

You are not wrong anon

>> No.29313287

buy pink sell green

>> No.29313314

you got baited so hard amegalol

>> No.29313328
File: 38 KB, 430x327, irssss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29313365


>> No.29313376

thats a real WORKING project. this is literally a pump and dump none of you fucks know how it works. just hurrdurr its gonna moon like graph!

>> No.29313390

yes anon, this is 4channel

>> No.29313414

So it's the amazon of blockchain?

>> No.29313415

I've been saying this for months. GRT is token not needed and horrible tokenomics. It will probably still make it to $10 or so because it has so many retards on here posting about it. NU will be worth much more. The tranny developer is a jewish chapotraphouse poster

>> No.29313422


>> No.29313430
File: 208 KB, 112x112, FED03D7B-DC61-47DC-AECD-61A87E63F435.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fact people are here begging me to leave for “ruining the vibe” shows I’m not the one getting baited. Imagine if Apple’s lead dev went into investor meetings and started calling the group he’s speaking to Nazis
>hurr durr this is different it’s the interwebz!

>> No.29313492

AWS partnership is coming

>> No.29313504

Am I doing it right?

>> No.29313538
File: 24 KB, 385x385, 07r4hq3tuy341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>New amazon
Sell signal.

>> No.29313544

Some anons here are unironically nazis though.
>herpdederp words hurt muh feefees
you leftist.

>> No.29313554
File: 107 KB, 1080x1044, A5C82877-A288-468B-8BFB-9778DF2707EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only partnership with amazon that’s gonna get announced here is muh dick
>sell this tranny shit before you lose your lunch money anons
>whales exited days ago and that’s why threads like this are being astroturfed by the dev team

>> No.29313568
File: 192 KB, 840x569, magic rug pull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29313578
File: 107 KB, 1078x1114, 20200926_010254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man i have only 30 NU but feels good seeing my poorfolio going up

>> No.29313598

I bought in at $.98, will /biz/ fuck me?

>> No.29313604

Proof that the whales exited?

>> No.29313613

bought at .27 and .29
feels alright man

>> No.29313637
File: 152 KB, 680x512, 1613620251925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you didn't trust tux

>> No.29313642

“Some anons are Nazis so lets refer to the entire board as such and tell them how much of a “nu-male” I am for ceasing to use the board before I was 13!”
Trannies get the rope Faggot and you’re no exception

>> No.29313704
File: 100 KB, 1080x732, B6CA9AF1-0AC0-4325-BE6F-30FA2448C0E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at the sell volume in the three days following the AMA. Don’t have to take my word for it
I’d only trust tux to wash my car and even then I’d spit on him and watch him lick it up while thanking me for the opportunity

>> No.29313714
File: 1.08 MB, 961x1876, 11082694-920F-49DB-87E4-68DF05C80D2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>now his face is attached to the project as opposed to the other devs who have a handle over their emotions
I really wish I had the time to get Flute Nigga memes going, the man is unbearably based
>carries and plays multiple flutes constantly
>lives in a bus with his hippie wife and kid
>anti-mask, anti-government, pro unfettered anonymity
>is a level 10 autistic, wears insane clothing and is a crypto savant

>> No.29313722
File: 116 KB, 2436x1125, buy_the_dips_f4ggots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29313784

If flute man was the lead dev and showed he had the ability to get a handle over Tux’s emotions and inability to communicate I’d be balls deep in the project.

Unfortunately it seems him and the pajeets onboard are willing to sit in the background while Tux leads the project into the ground by polarizing his investor base.

>> No.29313787

thanks just bought more

>> No.29313849

Here is the dip

>> No.29313856

tux bux reporting in
should have bought more, but this will be enough to afford my transition when it hits $10

>> No.29313868

Baby fud

>> No.29313965
File: 99 KB, 720x960, C49F20F2-9B2A-4463-A38C-E9FF6AF517AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look how these fags handle legitimate criticism. This isn’t the project your money should be in anons. Won’t be shilling my own bags but think twice before allowing a self proclaimed member of ANTIFA / pink haired tranny dictate the future of your wallet.
>dude’s ego will prevent the project from reaching the potential heights
>once he steps down from holding the project back maybe I’ll buy back in assuming someone with a spine steps up

>> No.29313967

You'll finally be a man.

>> No.29314027
File: 38 KB, 750x750, 1605486588069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought at 0,96
maybe it was a mistake

>> No.29314028

Can someone post the

>it’s the of

copy pasta I lost it

>> No.29314046

>Lets entirely ignore the lead dev’s inability to communicate with groups of people who have differing ideologies to his own

>> No.29314104

>not taking an easy 10x because muh trannies

>> No.29314106

baby FUD, you're assuming we only have this as a bag, baby FUD

>> No.29314126
File: 344 KB, 550x400, D05C22B0-BAA8-4B5C-91BA-E3379271B648.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No shit. This entire project is a mistake with tux leading the charge

>> No.29314130

>the opposable thumbs of fingers
>the blockchain of google
>the double-decker of party favors
>the backbone of defi
>the google for web3
>the google of crypto
>the API for APY
>the lamborghini of ferrari
>the yoo-hoo of chocolate drinks
>the sasha grey of anal porn
>the thai ladyboy of trannies
>the starbucks of coffee
>the katrina of hurricanes
>the never of womanhood
>the anal fissure of ass problems
>the chicken of barnyard animals
>the dyson of vacuums
>the grey goose of vodka
>the amazon of worker exploitation
>the epstein of pedophiles
>the pajeet scam of crypto
>the corona of viruses
>the peter north of cumshots
>the gamestop of melvin capital
>the george floyd of fetanyl overdoses
>the Sam Hyde of mass shooters
>the Dan Schneider of child actress footfags
>the Auschwitz of leisure centres


>> No.29314194

if they couldn't appreciate Nu at it's faggiest they don't deserve Nu at it's most based

>> No.29314212
File: 26 KB, 358x333, 816795F1-6FFB-47BE-8CA0-4DE753DDE0A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>baby FUD
baby FUD
>baby FUD
-unable to address the issue being raised and resorts to ignoring be issue entirely-
Nice project you fags have going here

>> No.29314229

I don’t think Flute Nigga is the lead dev (it’s some Russian I think?) but he does give technical presentations at conventions. I wish I could find the video but he gives a great explainer on the concept of NU (after a long flute solo of course).

>> No.29314304
File: 11 KB, 405x486, 1612918551315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>baby's first jump
You new guys jumping immediately to sell are going to learn a very important lesson.

>> No.29314372

its okay, i know you want to buy more, i do too

>> No.29314383


>> No.29314461

Not even remotely similar

>> No.29314491
File: 56 KB, 640x464, 2fe9nwjcdvt51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a newfag who put my whole 80 bucks on Nu and still knew better, they're just stupid.

>> No.29314526
File: 32 KB, 354x766, fag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you ain't in on NU then there is no helping you.

>> No.29314535

Flute nigga isn’t the lead dev, tux is and that’s the entire issue. Someone with that big or a mouth will only continue to let his ego get in the way of paving forward partnerships and encouraging new investors to be on boarded.
>t. exactly what happened with his biz AMA
Wouldn’t touch this with a 40ft pole and I’ve dragged my dick through miles of glass just to hear a cute girl fart through a walk-in talkie
>inb4 “wat”

>> No.29314641

I bought 1k @97 anon

>> No.29314659
File: 92 KB, 604x604, bizarre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29314685

This anon bought a whole $900 worth

>> No.29314694

Sounds incredibly based, buying more

>> No.29314710

he only needs 1 big partnership.

>> No.29314816
File: 18 KB, 640x354, D9E8A9A4-3B14-4943-99C4-2A92F97ED573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfag. Get back to work shilling on reddit pajeet

>> No.29314901
File: 222 KB, 474x352, C10560CF-6EDB-4CB9-8F38-129F2AD394C6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just wait until the partnership is derailed over Tux’s inability to censor himself for even five minute. Amazon has no room for leniency when it comes to public optics

>> No.29314969

kek im 3x my investment so just riding it out. i get that the main dude may be a snowflake who can sabotage the project but the low market cap + supply + being on Coinbase makes this a no brainier for now

>> No.29315007

Guys, how dare a tranny disrespect me? ME. Of all people to name call and insult. Boy he fucked up big! I know, im gonna make 20 posts in every thread saying the same thing. Maybe anons didnt hear me the first time. Yeah, that must be why they wont dump. Not that i care, i already sold. Im just helping you guys. Yeah, ME, the greatest. Anyway, nu is really disrespectful and hurt my feelings. Please stop making it go up now.
>imagine shilling against a coin for having a gay anarchist on the team and somehow ending up conducting yourself like a bigger faggot than he did lmao

>> No.29315034

Tux isn't the lead dev either. If anything, the flute guy is more lead than tux. For god's sake, the company is completely public, can't you at least read their "Staff" page.

>> No.29315123

If someone investing is congnescenti of the risk involved then all the more power to them. The fact many aren’t aware of who their mouthpiece is causes concern, let alone his past which will result in future consequences.
>An educated investor is a happy investor
The fact not a SINGLE anon could address my issue beyond “LOL NUMBER GO UP” and “SHO NUMALE STOP RUINING THE VIBE” proves the thread is being astroturfed. Why can’t anyone address the issue at hand?

>> No.29315154

>implying all big tech isnt cucked and wouldnt worship tux for being antifa
amazon would probably give him a raise for hating white people

>> No.29315166

No he is too emotional. Feminine trait desu.

>> No.29315172

>got $3 worth of NU and GRT from Coinbase Earn
>they're both now worth $15

Is this what investing feels like?

>> No.29315323

>Censoring yourself on 4chan
>Censoring yourself when speaking to multibillion dollar companies
Idt Amazon will get mad if he called 4chan nazis. They're on their side.

>> No.29315344
File: 1.22 MB, 1200x1200, 3B28543B-2EB0-448C-AE0C-2C8CA1B9CB7E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why shouldn’t a frontman / mouthpiece / dev polarize a huge chunk of the potential investor base?!
>why shouldn’t a dev generalize an entire subsect of the industry by calling them Nazis?
>why shouldn’t a dev shit on a board’s culture then proceed to come to that same board and bait investors for weeks on end
>why should we care about what a dev with a large following in comparison to the rest of the projects’ members says on a public forum?
>why should we care that the members of the project refer to themselves as “nu-males” and criticize anyone from opposing political ideologies
Thanks for proving my point anon

>> No.29315581

>the members of the project refer to themselves as “(insert ideology)” and criticize anyone from opposing political ideologies
90% of the board does the same thing though.

>> No.29315712

Cause it's only an issue to you. A "fabricated issue" if you would

>> No.29315782

The appropriate way to address this would be perhaps
>Yes, tux went a bit off the handle but it was only in response to hateful comments from the community (provide context / screenshots)
>Yes, we recognize there is work to be done in regards to communication with the public but let us show you some examples of how the team has handled it correctly
>Yes, his first interaction with the 4chan community was rocky but he’s looking to do another AMA where he responds to specific questions from the thread on his twitter to prevent brigading
>Yes, we will be putting in more of an effort to allow other devs to show their interests and passions with the larger communities
>Yes, we recognize certain members of the dev team have an oversized mouth piece and will be working to show off the best of our team moving forward as opposed to allowing emotions to dictate our words
The fact not one anon could even acknowledge there was an issue with how the AMA was handled shows there are larger issues at play. Not even a shill, I loved the project and had a FAT bag from the week NuCypher was originally listed on Coinbase. Dude came in like a wrecking ball and fucked up though! If you want fags like me to fuck off then address the issue or quit shilling here — it’s obvious half of you are tourists and we’ve caught devs shilling the project without identifying themselves.
>innovate or move on

>> No.29315812

thanks homie

>> No.29315887
File: 71 KB, 450x320, Cool_story_bought_more.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cool story, bought more

>> No.29315902
File: 2.00 MB, 2774x1506, m41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

id you hear about Baex(#baex) defi binary project? A lot of people try to bring referrals there, and I checked this opportunity. 80% of commissions and 4% of the tokens bought by your referrals, that can be good for passive income.

There are a lot of stocks, indices, crypto, and fiat options, and I want to trade Microsoft and Apple shares, as I see, they are rising, so it will be easy to get profit with them

>> No.29315908
File: 70 KB, 679x437, 52B67921-BF72-4CBC-A39D-65CC53D084FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not all members of the LGBTQ+ community are the same!
>we shouldn’t generalize them as such!
>this is a YOU issue even though anons have been sharing this same sentiment since the moment the AMA was concluded and have appeared in every bread
The inability to address the issue head on will be your biggest hurdle here.

>> No.29315926

>not knowing progressive bullshit like this is the first in line for success these days
>not hoping on the wagon and riding these lefties to the top

fuck jews fuck trans fuck progressives but I want MONEY

>> No.29315981

Honestly based. But anons deserve to know who and what they’re sticking their balls into

>> No.29316050
File: 140 KB, 600x485, BFFEEDB1-09A9-4FE3-BBD8-D84C06795A6C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>polarize a huge chunk of the potential investor base
probably because it's not nearly as big a chunk as you'd like to think

>> No.29316057
File: 307 KB, 480x320, C42EBF31-34B3-4E64-8BBC-2D51FFD02B27.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you can’t just criticize our lord and savior Tux!

>> No.29316123
File: 9 KB, 408x408, C34638EC-8A6D-47A4-BB0A-B3905B87217B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it wasn’t enough to move the market the dev wouldn’t be putting their time and effort into shilling here instead of working on the project

>> No.29316142

Remember Nulink?

>> No.29316244

This. The JMH is indifferent to remonstrating

>> No.29316285

GRT is the new GRT, you high time preference faggot

>> No.29316331

checked and fagpilled

>> No.29316337

Checked and why should we expect the normie sheep masses to think for themselves? Why shouldnt we spend an hour in thid thread crying over being called a nazi?
>numales criticizing anyone from having opposing political ideologies
Fucking where? No one in here is attacking you for being a nazi (which you apparently claim youre being falsely slandered as but then get mad when the dev talks shit on them implying that you are one)
Dude i voted for trump and i fucking hate globohomo and forced faggotry interracial tr00n shit the jews are peddling but you are literally being the definition of the fake oppressed right wing stereotype. Youre the worst sort of right winger because to speak to this mentality at a larger scale, your kind makes false propaganda that actually casts doubt on legitimate proof of the whole of what right wingers warn against (jewry and the like) ive literally argued with nazis for that reason, there is enough real evidence of what is happening that we dont need to fake shit. It just makes us look retarded and wrong. No one attacked you for being a nazi or right winger aside from Tux doing so indirectly via grouping. Toughen up butter cup. And yes. You are more than welcomed to warn everyone in every nu thread but after post 10 or 15 it starts looking a little desperate to repeat the same fud over and over.

>> No.29316379

a big part of crypto is telling our overlords to go fuck themselves. numales over here helping them. but then again they love thought police no rights and big goverment. state enforced transitioning 2035

>> No.29316411

and it fell below a dollar

>> No.29316495

Back to $0.75 we go.

>> No.29316501

It's this one and its great and i unironically bought a 2K stack after watching it. His confident yet loose style is so calm and commanding. His unappolgetic Metroid shirt and spotty at best flute break of Zelda's Lost Woods. The actual tech. Oh man. Easy buy. But go ahead get scarred of pink hair.

>> No.29316516

literally stealing the grt meme. great job numales

>> No.29316575

>forgot link

>> No.29316599


>> No.29316605

Search subject “NuCypher”
>control + f
I’m not even a right winger. I’m an investor who wants the project to address the issue head on so myself and others can feel comfortable buying back in. Many of us exodus’d from the project because Tux comes off as a loose cannon
>even now you can’t address the issue and resort to bullshit to justify the behavior and rhetoric when this wouldn’t be tolerated in any other industry

>> No.29316670

i sure hope so, then i can buy it

>> No.29316690

Tried to warn you

>> No.29316719

But anon I bought in at $.98 ;-;

>> No.29316826
File: 63 KB, 214x259, 1613655152033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too lmao

>> No.29316928

The depth chart looks more indicative of it crabbing between .95-1.05 for a while

>> No.29316957

Yeah no. GRT pumped to 2.80 and this gave out at 1.14 it’s over

>> No.29317051
File: 218 KB, 463x453, 1613014514839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nubros are we gonna under or over a dollar by EOD

>> No.29317075

Sold 2 eth and bought more at .96. Already had a good stack. It's not going back down. Just wait.
>1 minute candles...

>> No.29317132
File: 151 KB, 2000x1995, 1613620336694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now you fools.

>> No.29317200

Pic of trade or fuck off

>> No.29317212

Thanks a lot assholes

>> No.29317221

Staking 1M+ of these, did i make it anon?

>> No.29317571

>even now you can’t address the issue and resort to bullshit to justify the behavior and rhetoric when this wouldn’t be tolerated in any other industry
Yeah, because I dont really give a shit if he wants to come here and talk shit about nazis and muh white incels or whatever. Im not one who thinks his ideology is somehow written into the code to attack right wingers or white men.
>this is unbecoming of the industry!
Dude white genocide is basically full on promoted by big companies. Do you really think anyone is living in your archaic boomer world where optics mattee? Only results matter. Yes, its a shame this sort of behavior is common (papa johns nigger moment) and yes it would have been smart if Tux realized what was happening and scaled back and apologized instead of doubling down on being edgy but he didnt. This is fucking 4chan. Were all retard egotistical autists like 30 posts deep arguing about a tranny coin that some of us dont even have bags in anymore lol
If you cant appreciate the irony to how petty and small this all is in the scheme of things idk what to tell ya m8. Have fun scalping.

>> No.29317665

im not going to becoming a 'nu'male unless this shit dips to 80 again. you guys can keep your tranny coin until then

>> No.29317716

You bought the top?

>> No.29317803

Hope it goes back down, sold at 1.12$

>> No.29317876
File: 3 KB, 125x120, 27578384-90D9-4506-BA65-FA3ED06B8AEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not staking bnt

>> No.29317936

Who ever mentioned white men? Faggot you continue to dance around the issue instead of addressing the issue head on

Anyone who bought the top should save themselves the heartache on the way back down to 75 cents and cut their losses. You’ve been warned (twice now)

>> No.29318127

I'm seeing a lot of lowcap coins with similar graphs. Legit or not, this is starting to look like coordinate pump and dump.

>> No.29318484

No thanks

>> No.29318496

Ding ding ding. And anons are left holding the bag

>> No.29318556

it always has been man. imagine trusting literal antifa to have morals as they’ve repeatedly dumped on their investors

>> No.29318675

The fud is unreal now

>> No.29318755

the only people here buying this trannycoin are nu-biz

>> No.29318760

never selling 2k stacklett

>> No.29318854

This. I mean what the fuck is this antifa bullshit. Still kinda funny tho

>> No.29319216
File: 634 KB, 1242x1000, 1B761BD6-5759-49F0-A3FB-4AA64D3B96F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you not know about their developer’s ama on biz the other day?

>> No.29319223

Well the antifa ties could cause issues if the SEC has to get involved.

>> No.29319290

Next level fud

>> No.29319334

lol at this faggotcoin. imagine supporting this pink haired degenerate. ill only buy a pump and dump on this coin to make a few dollars, but i hope it crashes and burns.

>> No.29319600

When someone in such a position sees potential profits on the table, they will quickly reign in whatever overtly antagonist beliefs they have. There will be no hill for them to die on. Big money will dangle a big enough carrot to ensure that. Ideology and money don't mix.

>> No.29319692

This will pump again. Fucking FUD fuckers quoting an anonymous AMA on 4chan larp. Lmfao, this is getting out of hand. Some Q level shit tying this to antifa.

>> No.29319926

he literally updated his twitter temporarily for verification. go read the thread or just be another numale that thinks they/them know everything. I’m not going to spoon feed you

>> No.29320185

>Ideology and money don't mix
imagine the skeletons he must be hiding to risk it all by being so vocal for “the cause”
these are the demons trying to normalize horror for their own sick perversions

>> No.29320238

The market follows btc we have alt coin seasons that come and go based on that.
Are you guys new to crypto or just trolling?

>> No.29320766

We’re almost back, make sure you guys shill so that $1.00 can be the new floor

>> No.29320840

TUX isn’t the head boss of this the team has like 30 dudes.

>> No.29321141
File: 721 KB, 1242x1303, D91F17AA-F363-4EE8-95C2-3C856EADD331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually here is the thread:
Figure it will be a good ending for anyone researching this thread to know what they’re getting into before investing after nu’s “big” day

>> No.29321262
File: 84 KB, 995x478, nu cvc brotherhood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29321315

if you think the whole team is letting him do pr with radical beliefs contrary to theirs then you’re either disingenuous or full blown retarded

>> No.29321462

We dumped but we established a new floor. 1.50 eow

>> No.29322004

Why fuck off? Its not even a big trade. But ill do it

>> No.29322173
File: 39 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You either die a pumper, or live long enough to become the FUD.

>> No.29322181

cant even figure out there are two sexes. yea this team is legit.

>> No.29322197
File: 6 KB, 1090x65, NU FOMO in lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My total stack is just below 13k on cuckbase

>> No.29322365

when this goes way higher you can always look back and feel good about helping us break past $1 anon