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Are the only AMMs on BSC with no migrator code. (Removed).

2 safest swaps out there.
Rest is rugpull.

Trust me, I am a dev.

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> Are the only AMMs on BSC with no migrator code. (Removed).

You forgot about DONUT you viking shill

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Fuck right off with this rug pull you dirty pajeet.
For anyone that wants to make money they can invest in Swoon

Sailor Moon is a deflationary BSC token with automatic staking. Every time someone sells 3% of their stack is burnt and 3% redistributed to all holders.
Farming also coming in a few days.


Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x88f4f207f5df54e95b53663829412fc4f85a682e

Burnt LP Tokens:

Buy on PancakeSwap:

How to check the price:
On the PancakeSwap page, set the output currency to BUSD and input 1 SWOON to see the price

buy now or rope later!

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Presale? lol fuck off pajeet.

only viking and egg, as I said

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Ranjeet scammy project !
We check the code, didn’t remove the rug pull line code.
Fuck off !!

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Sailor Moon is a pajeet scam 100%.

>Migratorcode still in contract
>Same devs like the pokemon rug pull

Fuck off sailorfag before u get punched in the biz hood

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I doublechecked both.

Both have no Migrator in the contract.
For nocode 80IQ larpers its hard understand.

But trust me, I make 150k a year copy pastaing from stack overflow faggot

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It’s a scam watch out
LP token rug : suspicious
at docs vikingswap posted the diffcheck of Masterchef contract with the goose.
however, there are two different function at 'Address' library.
usually, dev never touches the openzeppelin library functions cause it's a well established library and there's no reason to change.
The different part is the delegation call which can do many things.
this is not a fud and don't know exactly what that function is intended for but do further research yourself and always watch out.

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You are a liar
100% rug pull scam

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can u link the github to the diff? Ill have alook

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oh, you're a dev huh? name all the programming languages then!

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main js dev (fullstack)

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>Forget all the others scams
Bye bye viking
Go rape newfags else where

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kek, front end faggot

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node js is backend language u degen.
I am also a java(Spring) and php(laravel) dev.

Eat my hard cock, ngl

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you also want to know the size of my pipi?

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Fuckoff scammer!!

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Be careful they will rug pull you hard (they didn’t fully removed the rugpull line)

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post me the github diff.

but as I said.

>EGG AND VIKINGS are 100% safu
>Rest is pajeet indian dogshit and indians should get executed

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show me the code ransheet.
its a goose egg fork, you can see the changes on github

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You will never be a viking Rakesh!

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go scam people with your sailor moon crap.
ransheed trying to get the nolife fags into his coin by posting naked hentai.

lol nigga you wouldnt have survived 1945 ngl

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You're telling me a coin called literally fucking "VIKING" is not here to fucking steal your money

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10000% more legit than SAILOR or POKEMON.

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EGG and Viking are the BCS tokens to go for.

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>fork of Goose
>didn’t fully remove migrator code
>trust me

Yep, clearly not a scam

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yes, but pajeet VPN defending sailor moon until they rugpull.

hopefullly newfags wont fall for it

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show me the line where they didnt completely remove the migratorcode.

lieiing pce of shit ransheet

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>sailor moon from new delhi
>go buy weri good 20k APR
>weri gud coin trust me sir
>my name is john

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Schizo talking about sailor scam
When nobody mention it...
You shill skills are really poor

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scroll up, 3-5 pajeets trying to fud viking and shilling sailor moon.

I dont give a single fuck.
I have EGG and VIKING.
And just want to warn people from rug pulls.
No migrator code removed -> gtfo

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They will take your money.
Don’t sailor moon too
They are both scam !!

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viking is unruggable.
if you have tg or discord I can explain you why.

trust me anon