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These two appear to be in competition.

At first it looked like Avalanche had the better system but now that Andre is rolling out the Eth bridge for Fantom, is it likely that people will care once they get faster txs on the DeFi suite?

There's also a point about Uniswap being frontrun due to the selfish mining problem on Eth. Once it runs on Fantom, I assume this will remove this problem?

I'm probably gonna split some of my stack between these.

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$ftm is way better and on the rise

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I was gonna stack on the Sunday sale but it's pumping damnit

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Get the fuck in. We’re going to andromeda

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Same. And I'm worried by the time BTC corrects again it will have set a new floor at like .4 or .5

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imagine investing in a coin made by a known scammer lmao

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and the withdral fees are getting fucked. 150 ftm wtf

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>These two appear to be in competition.
>FTM wish this
there is no competition. just slaty FTM FUDders shitting in AVAX threads.

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This desu

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stinky avax

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Ummmyeah. You guys know Fantom is a scam yeah? Literaly the guys who did the ico ran away and they had so much money just hired Andre a d said make a chain for us. He cobbled together what essentially looks like bsc and EOS. Its shit. You guys have done well to shill it this far though honestly.

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The smart money is on FTM/RBC/ADA simply because they haven't mooned as much as AVAX.

Looking at how there are now dozens of bridges and eth killers all purporting to do the same thing, it's obvious that the "we need an eth replacement" market will be split like 10 different ways. This means BNB will never flip eth's mcap, but as the biggest mover it still 2x.

Overall though the small ones which haven't launched yet are where the money remains to be made. Especially ADA since it's getting shilled by Kissjew.

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AVAX is trash tier, just look how much of the supply is still locked

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>woops I just *infinite printing bug*
>accidentally *supposedly hacked*
>let this coin *sudden rugpull*
>get fucked up *pajeets somehow clone it before it releases and flee with the money*
>but believe me guys *yfi was a one time thing*
>I'm on the level
>t. andre "not blue kirby" cronje

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> small ones

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There's no competition, FTMfags try to force it and never the other way around.

They're not comparable in anything.

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lmao literally no one cares about fantom.

Do you know Andre got the reputation of being a scamming pump and dumper in the crypto scene? Only reason he is shilling fantom now is because it was easier to buy a big bag and manipulate than AVAX that already had his pump.

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FTMfags argument is always "Look how cheap our trash project is compared to other trash projects", Never genuinely want to choose what is really good and progress something in this scam riddled space.

It fundamentally have no place in the decentralized future thus no different than your typical PnD.

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people shitting on andre, didn't AVAX got roached with that major bug that crippled their entire bloackchain?

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We'll see how well your post aged in a year.

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a bug can always be solved. a scammer will forever remain a scammer

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sure but the bug wasn't minor though? Who knows what other bugs like this exist which cripples entire blockchain. Not a good look and scammers can be fired or replaced. I own both tokens fyi

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You've no idea what you're talking about you subhuman cunt.

Blockchain halted because that's how avalanche protocol designed to act in such cases (security over liveness) and it's a non consensus related bug thus irrelevant, especially when funds never were at risk.

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You don't hold avax and your street shitter fudding behavior is leaking

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ftm is a scam, pnd coin

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lol so mad because I pointed some problems that arise on the blockchain and I do own AVAX.

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Sorry I've just read that this thing has about 35 validators lol

Nvm, all in avax

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You don't hold avax and even if you do, your concerns are invalid.

Anyway i'm certain you don't, your phasing is clearly with fudding intent, first propose there's a problem (which's not true as avax handled more traction since the bug than FTM chain did since early 2020, like i said, Not a consensus issue thus a temporary hiccup) then raise an invalid concern, If you're not a filthy pajeet then you're a very dumb individual.

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the bug wasn't on the blockchain itself and it was promptly resolved in 2 days. same or even worse bugs happened on etherium and bitcoin. this is what happens when a new tecnology comes around, you can't test and predict every single bug. but if when the bug comes you solve it in 2 days without forking/reversing the entire blockchain (again, eth and btc) then that's a really really good sign

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Fantom is going to explode

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>Andre = Yes

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Bro avax literally waited for the bearmartket to end before going public. LMAO, what a shitty coin

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How about Fantom vs Harmony?

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How can a coin like this pump 20x in just 2 months, up to almost 1 billion, with basically ZERO dapps, ZERO network adoption.
This market has become a clown show.
Its all just Andre Cronje moonboy hype, right?
Theres no way that this price level is sustainable in the long run.

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Copy pasta

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They have nothing in common.

And Avax is a Turkish double spending coin.

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The holy shit moment for Fantom

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avax is turkish turd kek, fantom and anyswap are the winners kys kys kys kys

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Avax ftw

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new ftm fud pasta

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I got some good returns on this

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AVAX was in the limelight and flopped badly. Network halted.

Time for king Fantom to take that spot

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Bridge is built on Anyswap. ANY is the new UNI. The halfwits on this board just don't know it yet.

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Yet no one is talking about Bitcoin SV

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Big if true

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Tell me that’s a joke. 150 FTM to withdraw?

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he doesn't want you to easily escape his scamcoin

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I love BSV. AVAX and FTM too

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Fantom has less validators than XRP and barely more than BSC

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and BSC is $45B market cap while Fantom is $700M

Reminder that even at $10 Fantom is still lower in market cap than Polkadot/Cardano/BSC etc

You will be blown the fuck out

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Lmao the fudders are straight up lying now. Neck yourself we’re going $1 minimum eom

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i was just swapping some ftm for any on anyswap with opera mainnet, so smooth and poor friendly

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So what does Fantom offers than BSC does not?

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what is BSC? bitcoin shatoshi vision?

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1500tps currently
Tens of thousands of tps with the future Fantom Virtual Machine implementation

Korean government and Fantom

Afghanistan government and Fantom
Fantom in Health -https://forbes.com/sites/lukefitzpatrick/2020/07/06/fantoms-blockchain-tech-is-being-trialed-in-afghanistan-to-solve-a-surprising-world-health-organization-who-problem/?sh=350264aa3844
Fantom in Energy -https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blockchain-firm-fantom-unveils-pilot-193717908.html
Fantom in Chamber of Commerce -https://fantom.foundation/blog/acci-fantom-pilot-program/
Fantom in National Standard Authority -https://fantom.foundation/blog/ansa-fantom-blockchain-issuance-program/

Dubai’s government and Fantom
Fantom in Smart Cities -https://cointelegraph.com/news/smart-dubai-initiative-receives-a-boost-as-dag-platform-comes-on-board

Ukraine’s government and Fantom
Fantom in CBDC and IPhttps://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/ukrayinska-delegaciya-pid-golovuvannyam-volodimira-zelenskog-66549

Fantom is the biggest non-ETH DeFi platform with over $170M TVL. All the DeFi projects are porting to Fantom

Flashloan Wrapper deployed on Fantomhttps://ftmscan.com/address/0xa89a83890cc5d43d710846cefcb4a41007a37347#code
DAI will deploy on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/tx/0x483876ba9d5132272397a51de82499fe465a1a5f67e4e63979ef91052c71983b
Keep3rV1 launched on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/address/0x7aeb9634c4e7b30ffa169ef17d0be29c86ee82f0#code
Cover Protocol contracts were deployed on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/contractsVerified
UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets -https://fantom.foundation/blog/unilend-integrates-ftm-and-fantom-synthetic-assets/
yearn.finance and all of Andre Cronje's multi billion dollar projects are coming to Fantom

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a tea pot, broken and repaired, is the strongest tea pot.

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lol, imagine thinking that any enterprise is going to adopt AVAX after that big flop. Nobody wants to invest time and money into some network that fucking halts randomly. It's damaging for any company

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someone post it? the one from last week,
>out of my way niggers
>oops, didn't mean to break 2000

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lord of teapots checking in, this man is correct^

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Why are we even talking about AVAX when its network was compromised ? You only get one chance to make a first good impression.

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Sold all my AVAX on 46$ and bought FTM on 0.15$

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Fags still calling it a double spend, lol. Learn a thing or 2 about what you're investing in.

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funny because companies are pretty much only investing in btc. you're new in crypto right?

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Imagine being this ignorant lmao
AWS network has problems every month, fucking useless faggot

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comparing a double mint/spend issue with amazon servers going offline. holy shit at this idiot

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you guys think avax will pump in march ?

>> No.29312958

you mean right when they're about to inflate the supply by 2-3x ? KEEEEK

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ekekekekekekekek guise

you sure know whats gonna happen in the future buddy, pass me that crystal ball of yours for a minute

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thats why im asking, im close to selling most of my stack and buying it back in march once the tokens unlock
some anons also say that its already priced in

>> No.29313362

WTF is this guy talking

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>some anons also say that its already priced in

How can it be already priced in when the tokens weren't unlocked ROFL

Fuck, what these avax holding scamming pigs would to to prevent people from dumping their bags

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