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It's not too late though...

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inb4 uniswap trannys seething for their HRT pills and dilation dildos

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Bought in earlier this morning. Fell for the chainlink memes early January when I stumbled in since/pol is in bear season. Missed grt pump and aave pump for the link. What am I missing now by buying this shit?

>> No.29301551

by buying this, you arent missing the bnt pump.

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Every day bnt doesn't rug or get hacked is another day where I make 600 dollars.
Suppress link all you want you kikes, I've already won.

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I own BNT and a BNT T-shirt

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Isnt this just a coin that chainlink chads shill so that they can sell their profits? No one is going to keep link there if and when staking becomes available.

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That must be it. These link guys get me everytime. Fuck.

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>What am I missing now by buying this shit?
the link pump

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>When link staking becomes available

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>buyed 20k when it was shilled here at 1.5$
Thanks bros. This shit made me kinda rich for my conditions

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I wish I could buy this but I am holding a different crypto just to avoid losses (went lower). I'll be so jealous of you all in a few weeks.