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What's the coin next steps?
Is it only to be used for liquidity?
If yes, should it keep low value for high volume meaning there will never be a lift-off?

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Basket inc

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There is token utility when the app gets released.

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scam coin

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Fake screenshot u fucking retard

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Wait for .04c and sell this shit, it's going nowhere.

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lmao is not going to 4 cents ever again, zoom out, its probably going under 3 cents this week

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I'll be holding till next week regardless. I'm feet way too deep into this shit to quit now.

Wish I never did, really.

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could sold at .45 but i had some hope, what is all the FUD from anyway?

ive heard some talk about the FUD not being backed up by any facts

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4C nice to meet you again, soon.

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I lost a bit (not too much) but sold just cos I was sick of worrying about it all the time. The ceo looks about 12 and spent the last couple of weeks suppressing the price. Fuck that.

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The only facts you need are as follows

1. Denko can dump 30m tokens on you a day
2. Telegram admin is named kumar

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that fucker that sold his massive bags and bought cake bake and burger instead, is banking rn, and i remember biz saying never buy food coins lmao

fuck this im buying next food coin

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you faggots have no patience. this is a good project. dont fall for the fud. hodl and we'll make it.

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Rocket is starting for take off! Are you in?

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Its about time we see some giant green cock

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fucking 0.0385 piece of shit stable coin

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Its gonna go right back down again lol

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This looks like an organised pump for people to get out.

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I'm on the phone with Penis Detrov right now. Just told him someone is trying to manipulate the price of reef, he said there's no need to worry he just needs a few minutes to get the tokens for this to make it go back down again.

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need to break the falling wedge trendline or it's coming back down

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dont worry boys daddy Penis wouldnt really let it get above .040

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You want sucky sucky fifty euro

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good job fudders, we made /biz/ buy high and sell now

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Nigger, why did you not start with that? I'd be gone after seeing the pajeet name

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I can’t tell if it’s just one guy trying to fud this coin in every thread

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personally, i'm fudding and shilling this coin just so I can get stupid money out.

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It's literally just retards who FOMO'd in during the hype last week and got burned. Just ignore them.

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4 cents rejected, enjoy another crab week

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>Doesn't know what's coming

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whats coom ing?

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Long term hold all in

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a giant dump to sub 3 cents

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Indeed. He doesnt telegram

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Enlighten me with your telegram wisdom.

It's about the pajeet admin blocking everyone?

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I am fearful, uncertain and doubtful about the state of the Reef Finance (ticker: REEF) project. I am demoralized and will be market selling my REEF tokens ASAP. I hope this post will help influence other REEF holders to also sell their REEF tokens because I am geniunely concerned about their financial well-being.

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Honestly in Reef threads it is the EXACT same fud posts over and over against, day in day out. It's either anons with too much time on their hands and trolling, or a genuine, concerted effort to fud Reef.

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Lots of people that missed out on buying low so now they are desperately fudding to try and drive it down before we get our release date.

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Good work Mr. Penis, but he almost got out on that emergency exit pump.
Continue dumping slowly, but pump 2% every day to keep him in.

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>So basically

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When I cut the lights, use the opportunity to move the assets. Etherscan won't work in that brief window.

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I'm riding this out until whatever happens happens, but this is a POS shitcoin. The fud is not just fud

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it's our old friend Ujeem the dead dog

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More like a cat I'd say

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zoom out retard, it's your fault that you didn't buy when reef was 0.01

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Make sure you hold until it goes back there because that's where this is headed full speed

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zoom in retard, if you haven't sold yet soon penis will clear all orders and nobody will be left to buy your bags

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>What's the coin next steps?

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he mean 0.008

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Daily chart is fucking healthy. I’ll admit I’m a little bit concerned about the volume, but if we get some good news or releases the coming week it’s gonna blast off