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drop AMP, buy BNT

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Sell the shitcoin that ETH has become and buy ADA

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buy quickswap and matic

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Lmfao drop something thats about to 50x for something thats already 49xed

Ok kid


You gonna make it kid

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He is just pumping his bags.

Ignore. Hold amp. Buy more if possible.

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Looking into grabbing a MATIC bag
Polygon is getting listed alongside IPO right?

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Where to buy and hold AMP

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sell eth for ada or dot

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Youre gonna make it with AMP alone but trade all your ETH for SALE, easy 2x-4x EOM

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Or use Uni

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Ive been waiting for coinbase which is very soon.

Imagine not owning the mastercard of crypto thsys already at 45000 locations?

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put in more money

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What’s the price prediction EOY

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Take more risk. Go 50/50 on two low-med cap alts you trust.

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ignore him

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For Amp

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What's the guarantee with AMP (why should I buy it)? what do you think is the make it stack?

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Yes. Two coins is one too many

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Imo 75 cents to a buck

Remember, coinbase is coming.

That alone will pop us above DOGE. Once people start reading that whitepaper and start seeing that flexa is available at lowes, gamestops and other places its going to go parabolic dude.

People not knowing about amp is the greatest thing ever right now. Coinbase even refers to its old name FLEXACOIN in its last press release. Fucking totally under the radar, less than 3200 wallets hold this RN
$5 in 2022

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I've got 275 avax. I'm thinking of waiting for it to hit 100 then transfer it all into AMP if it stays at a relatively low price.

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Just getting started, missed a few things and only made a few bucks by trying to catch swings, when I could've just holded.

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Might buy a bag 25000 coins worth

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Shhh dude.

We don't talk about AMP here.

Also Matic. Don't talk about that either.

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While im bullish as fuck on AMP.

Where are you getting 5 dollars?

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ADA or DOT unironically ?

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ETH is a safe bet to make a respectable but not anything life changing.

You gotta get dirty in the shitcoins to make it

Good luck Anon


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Too much eth at the amount you've got, unless you use it for uniswap/1inch flips.
There are better projects to all in to get out of three digit hell.
Inj sounds good in principle, personally don't have confidence in the team.
Too diversified, half your holds are junk. The other half I'd consider getting in those ratios past six figures.
Don't know a thing about these, assuming you got the last two for free.

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I want to move the BTC to one of the other coins, not picked which one yet.
Any tips in general with my poorfolio?

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LTO has been such a disappointment just crabing just sold 1k to buy coti. Should I sell the rest and buy something else?

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R8 away

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Imagine tens of millions more dollars in the flexa retail network. Now read the white paper.

If at anytime the value reaches the networks maximum capacity the token will go through a hyperinflationary like revaluation.

Right now at its current price the network can manage 1.2 billion dollars in transactions.

Imagine a world where flexa is known and people are buying teslas with dogecoins that 1.2 billion will get exceeded quickly..the coin must inflate to act as collateral.

Im telling you dude on the low key..im not making a shill thread. This is big. Flexa already has been integrated in brick and mortar. Theres no competition here.

Picrel is me buying ice cream with litecoins and eth using flexa app

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I'm thinking of moving my BTC in to another alt, any suggestions?

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See my post above you

Amp is the way

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Jesus posts like these make me want to double my initial investment.

Still in the red but I believe in the project.

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Probably an unpopular opinion here but if you want a safe investment (probably why you put it in btc?) I'd put it in eth. It's been bleeding against bitcoin for a while now since it's in price discovery mode. Eth is the first to go when bitcoin stops with the volatility.

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40 40 20

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Its a long term hold man..i would do it. I think the days of 1 cent are over tho. The coinbase effect will give us a pretty easy 5x cushion

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I swear I have made my best position from stacking BTC during dips when it was below 50k. Haven’t bought since it broke that number. Same for LTC. Those have been my best investments though I haven’t bought within the last week (missed the dip yesterday ffs). I’m in it for the long position. Same with ETH though I’m not as invested there it seems like I’m investing in a gas station. I’ve made maybe a couple bucks on shitcoins.

40% BTC
30% LTC (cheaper to stack)
20% ETH
Rest of my 10% is split around shitcoins I got for cheap. CVC is not mentioned anywhere it’s doing better than my XLM go figure and I see that often. Got out of OXT. Looking at ALGO or COSMOS but both seem “meh” for me. Same with LINK it feels like even early Jan was too late to jump in.

Like I know what I’m doing....

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Also its not a "project"

Swipe and nano are projects...unfinished at that with few if any partners

flexa/amp is already in many retail stores and growing. They added Lowes last month. Its all about getting the word out: Crypto is now suddenly real money

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Where can I buy AMP?

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Gate io, Uniswap or Gemini

Coinbase probably in the next 30 days. Its been in coinbase custody since december. Its probably rolling out when they do IPO

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So, what? Do I wait until I can get it on coinbase, or do I register with Gemini now and buy? Can I safely transfer later?

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I use uniswap, transfer with ethereum, but the gas fees are pretty high. You can use gemini as well

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It’ll almost certainly be after they IPO, and not sure when that will be. I’m AMPed for it though, currently have 130k.

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Bro get on gemini and buy.

The coinbase effect is like an IPO. If you are waiting on coinbase..you are probably buying higher

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Thanks bro.

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Same. Ive excited. I never been so sure of something in all my life. Its the perfect storm. Low recognition, coinbase listing overlooked becase a name change, quiet integration into brick and mortar. Growing subreddit . Winklehoss twins integrating it into gemini wallets already.

Its looking really good man

Its a powerball ticket with a guaranteed prize

450k here and still stacking

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Shill me some mid or low cap. Just sold my vidt and rsr

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have i been shadowbanned, not salty just genuinely curious based on other threads lmao

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What app is this?????

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Is what it is

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>Holding that much litecoin
Undeniably high IQ and incredibly based, hats off to you, my good man

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low amount goes into low mcap retard if you like your 5x at the end of this great run be my guest

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just do it retard don't listen to the other pajeet replys

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SODA... staking starts tomorrow... don't miss out anon

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Am I doing it good?

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Smelly hands typed this post

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Newb here. Profitted $200 in two weeks. It's a start I guess

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Hey man, I can't create a Gemini account as it is still not deployed where I live unfortunately.
I saw that we can buy AMP on Blockfolio, do you think it is a good idea to buy it there ? Or should i privilege other platform such as Gate.io ? Uniswap fees are a little bit high for the poorfag that I am.

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Just find a way

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Is there something I should or should not have when you have exchange apps in your phone? e.g. tencent games

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I bought on Bilaxy
t. burger

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Dont knoe enough bout it

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I don't get what people think with this "log term" meme ?
You mean it is better to keep 4000$ in value during 2 or 3 years in a bear market than passing on stable coin right now or in some weeks and re buy in a better occasion ?

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It means you hold it long term till you make it

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You should all know that you will not make it.
All of you.
1. it's great to put money now (not a lot) to experiment the process of a cycle.
2. You need to buy when everybody says crypto is over.

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with 4000$ ATH bag ?

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I have 3.5K
90% GRT
10% ALGO

want to get ADA but not until I have more money

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seething unitranny typed this post

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Don’t hold eth, you need to invest in potential 10x or so. I personally recommend PRQ, FTM, and GRT. This is my portfolio in the order of which stack has the highest value

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oof, sorry for your loss

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Should have posted here

What to do in the next few days?

I cashed out 75% of UNI yesterday in case a correction is coming for BTC.

I can't make a profit on 1inch yet because i bought at the top.

Also if a correction comes should i just reinvest in defi, or diversify 50-50 with bnb?

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What’s your 3 months return on investment?

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can i get advice too? low 5 figure here

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Nigger nigger nigger
Fuck kikes niggers Jews trannies and jannies

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this is my roi

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Any wants ten bucks from a coinbase referral? I have to sign up so I can pass from it to gate.io.

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Am I doing this right? Dump eth more into ADA?

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Some advice appreciated. I would like to buy more inj for dem 100 tokens, and either bnt or amp. What do?

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Am I gonna make it?

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This is a stablecoin, faggot.

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Sorry friend, too late.

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Aaaaa why dont I ever get replies on my poorfoolios

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check out ARK and do your research

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Thots ?

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I'm not sure if I want to put more into ADA or DOT

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>only going up 30% in two weeks
literally how you dumb monkey

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Do you trade on Baex binary assets exchange(#baex)? I found their system with Microsoft indexes, price is rising fast, and it is easy to get rewards. All IT sphere is developing fast, so I think Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon share can be rather profitable. What do you think about it?

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whats the response to this ampBros?

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what are you saying?

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Response is faggot confirmed and not sure what he's posting.

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Did you just buy that atom dip, anon? It's looking good.

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Dumb nigger. Bnt already mooned. Im up 300% in AMP

Amp is going on coinbase..people have a hard time buying right now. We bout to see how stable its going to be nigger

Stay poor. I legit want you ti dump your lifesavings into something that up 9999% this year and cry when sell off happens

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Am I gonna make it with my chink scamcoins?

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Which app is this?

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I know I'm probably too diversified, but I simply can't choose one and reliably say:

"this is my best shot..."

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>can't choose one
stay poor

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Please rate my retarded shitfolio

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wanatha doesnt do anything. trust me i read that time travelling post too LOL

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I bought Reef at 0.022 and don't want to give up till the client releases.

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It doesn't do anything yet, but reading up on the project has been interesting

>> No.29317268

fellow swede trader

>> No.29317270

Bought REEF early too but the FUD got more and more real as time went on.

>> No.29317309

I second this. This board hates eth for some reason but it's easily one of the best holds in crypto.

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Am I primed to be rich?

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ETH doesn't deserve its gains considering the shitty gas fees imo

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>check how they are trying to shill that trash platform on /biz/

sounds like this thread is already dropped with scammers
think I am clever to forget about it and don’t come to hell

>my purse has been connected to Bot Ocean system and I wait for full release to use their bots for trading and analysis

but you can follow them and buy this scam

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Here's a suggestion, get more AMP

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im using DOT as a temporary stable to take profits while my EGG climbs.

gotta love BSC. maybe i can reach 5 figure hell

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Put it all in $SHIB and thank me later you cuck

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70% vesper
30% EGG

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I'm the most poorfag in all of /biz/
I have 0 in my poorfolio lads

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Contemplating dumping the grt for nu.

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2/10 trash coins
6/10. Trade reef for grt or nu

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you didn't "profit" shit you absolute retard until you cash out. your % went up on your screen, that's it. don't forget to sell if you want to "profit".

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>400 link
i'm gonna make it. bought in at 6 last year, and now i'm never selling.

>> No.29321692

i hope that i will make it