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Stay poor eth kikes enjoy your $200 gas fee

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This will not end well.
You have been warned.

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based CZ
funds are safu

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Centralised in a communist country. You do the math.
Nobody in their right mind would blindly trust the CCP.

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hes mad because ETH is nothing but a stable coin that will inevtiably crash

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China isn't preventing me from buying stocks to protect certain billionaires

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I'm from Israel believe me when I see kikery I smell it thru my internet connection.
This is beyond rugpulling this is taking over the Market move.

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No chinamen ever called me incel

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When is the Mark Cuban interview.

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yes I kneel

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when the rug finally gets pulled it's going to make 2018's crash look like a sunday dip

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it's maltese anon

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you sound like a boomer talking about crypto
>new asset threatens the status quo

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>le poor xenophobe

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The dip?
You mean CZ's dump?

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ffs don't fall for his bait.

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why CZ should rug pull when he's already making millions by fees?

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China has fairer markets than the US.

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literally would rather trust chinaman than the fed or israeli bankers.

when you actually have a real defi that actually fucking works, i.e. not ethereum, call me. till then, im with CZ for this period in time. bsc will hit $1k there is no stopping that.

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>he still thinks Binance is chinese and has anything to do with the CCP
ok anon, keep missing out because you don't have 5 minutes to DYOR.

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>pink IDs
pink wojaks soon

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The actual autism is strong with this one. Holy fucking shit I cant believe retards like you havent died yet.

Let me spell it out for you. Binance the biggest exchange in the world. Crypto has not gone mainstream yet. They will be the biggest player once adoption starts. Why the fuck would they rugpull for your measly mcdonalds slave wage?

do the world a favor and neck yourself.

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see the funny thing is that binance was already like a centralized shitcoin dispenser like BSC. he's just managed to advertise what is essentially the same product twice and make money from it. lol.

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these are all retards that don't know what they are talking about, they had years to buy BNB below $30 and now they are coping.

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lmao seething americucks will tell you it wasnt a big deal

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so you're a fudder

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yea, these newfags are really getting annoying. Good thing they'll all fuck off back to /pol/ after selling the bottom of the next 30% btc dip that causes their shitcoin portfolio to go to $0.

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it's no fud, no memes, only the truth
binance's days are numbered

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What's the point of bsc and pancakeswap honestly? Why not just trade on Binance and not pretend it's 'decentralized'? I have nothing against Binance per se, I use them all the time

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so you're a schizo

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Take a look at this newest dex, polkadex. Introducing feeless transaction.

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You do realize that it is like saying the NYSE is going to rugpull everyone. Tell me your logic besides CHINK COIN BAD CCP BAD. jesus christ look at the fucking jews in the US instead

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want to know the difference between the NYSE and binance?
everyone knows where the NYSE is

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it's just alt-coin frenzy when we used to do this shit with bitcoin forks. everybody is just forking shit and hoping to strike gold. BSC and binance are essentially the same product. the neat thing he has done is essentially leverage his company by selling BNB, which isn't a security, so he doesn't owe any legal obligations but still makes money because he controls the entire supply of BNB.

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Unless Eth2.0 significantly reduces the space required to run a full node Eth is on its way to being pretty centeralized too. I don't think Joe Average is going to be buying 8-10tb hdds just to run an full node.

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right, this is a flaw in eth that needs to be addressed the same way all blockchain tech has this problem, chain bloat.

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DAG was all the rage in late 2017, early 2018, why did that never catch on? I thought it was supposed to solve the scaling problems? I haven't followed any technical developments so I don't know if it is still a thing

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imagine still falling for the CCP fud

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Seems like slightly less counterparty risk since it's basically a copy of eth so basically the same benefits to using a dex like uniswap. Eth is centralized anyway, 70% premine, contentious dao fork, devs changing emission rate at random, and so on

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/ptg/ is not /pol/
Only /ptg/ goylems fall for the "muh CCP" psyop.

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I dont get where people get the idea that the CCP is behind binance. The CCP banned crypto and binance moved to Malta.

These people will never make it. I'll give them a small tip at the mcdonald's next time