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This is your last chance to become rich. Buy now or regret later! You've been warned!

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Chart is looking pretty bullish. Might this be the end of the long crab?

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What does this do that LINK couldn't?

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Yes, the fire rises.

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This literally just confirms that it's a shitcoin

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Nothing. It's just a wallet that stores LINK.

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A month long accumulation
Six announcements in six weeks
Parsiq is going to go parabolic

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rocket is primed to launch, GRTrannies will be left in the dust

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I have 1700 snippies what can I expect

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Goddamn imagine bagholding this shit while absolutely everything else is mooning

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How does $20,000 sound?

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>like a reverse oracle
How could normal oracles EVER compete.

Enjoy your moon mission anons, I hope you make money and drop this retarded shit as close to the top as you can.

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when is PARSIQ coming to binance

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Read the whitepaper and the Stansberry Research Group report
soon fren, it's one of the announcements coming in the next six weeks

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Show me one funny Parsiq meme and I'll consider it.

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Okay fine, I'll look later

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End of month, year or decade?

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>link and prq are crabbing together
>tfw they're both going to have a singularity that sucks all the wealth out of the other shitcoins
I cannot fucking wait

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this happened months ago lol

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No, don't read it. Keep everything in link please and fuckoff

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How the fuck are we flirting with resistance on a sunday with absolutely no news? IYKYK >>29299122

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yeah this is abnormal.
There must be something astronomical coming. $3 EOM.

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At this point no news is news, we know the team overdelivers on their promises and they've said everything is on schedule for the roadmap for Q1, the next 5 weeks are going to melt faces.

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face melting confirmed

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Where can I buy this where I don't have to pay crazy eth fees?

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There's practically no volume there
Not a burger

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I like what I see

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poors are pretty much fucked

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Appreciate in value

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wym no volume