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LOLOLOLOLOLOL WTF happened to this shitcoin? Where are all the neckbeards who said this was the next LINK?


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It became a fucking wine registry

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proof of humanity is coming out pretty soon huh

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This tweet right here is what killed kleros. It was already down in the dumps but this was the final nail in the coffin. Kleros was in need of a staking announcement but instead that fucking faggot took a selfie from a fucking vineyard and tweeted it.

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Nothing happened except the whale dumped the price. How many PNK do you hold since you bother to make these fud threads?

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Would you pay the gas fees? Ik I wont

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Already priced in. I feel bad for my bros who are waiting for a POH pump. It might break 10 cents for a brief moment but so many people are waiting to dump this fucking shitcoin that it will never fucking moon. Doesn't help that we already KNOW that no new exchanges are coming.

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Please do not make fun of me sirs. PLEASE. It was supposed to be the next big thing.

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pajeet rugpull

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I'm very comfy with my stack of 300k pinkies. You will rope your neck this year. I'm sorry for your family.

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just waiting for the proof of work. without proof of work this thing is useless.

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विष्णु द्वारा, मुझे जल्द ही चंद्रमा पर जाने के लिए Kleros की आवश्यकता है या मैं आर्थिक रूप से बर्बाद हो गया हूं
दयालु महोदय do the needful यह छोटी सी बात मेरे गांव में समृद्धि लाएगी

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Imagine still holding this literal absolute fucking dead shitcoin
Every 2017 scam performs better

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Elon plays videogames too.

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It's like fucking REQ isn't it. Fuck sake

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The fud for once was on point. The concept behind it is retarded (and the same is true for the team).

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stop comparing anyone to elon, he has one of the highest energy states while fred is drinking wine

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So what? There was a time when Elon had nothing. And he smokes weed on tv.

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Predicted the election wrong !! kek

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ya when he was 10, stop coping and start accepting that your investment will turn into dust

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Into dust? lol. I bought at half a cent. I own 300k. Proof of Humanity coming. Vitalik shilling Kleros. Jack Dorsey following Kleros. Binance coming. Alt season coming...

You guys don't understand crypto.

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I know this is a hard and challenging to time to be a pnk holder, especially as a new investor. But if you have a bag of pnk, just. HOLD! remind yourself of why you have invested in the first place (even if you didn’t DYOR).

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300k? You know something that most don't...is there a /biz/ TG by any chance?

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>judging a project by short term price action

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500k holder, willing to go to 4 or bust

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It is the next LINK. You’re obviously too new to remember the agonising three years wherein LINK did absolutely fucking nothing but slowly crab upwards then violently dump and erase any gains.

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So what's the secret to PNK? It's obviously more than just a decentralized court. Red pill me on why all you guys are REALLY holding PNK despite the terrible price action and dead court platform.

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Can't tell if this is sarcasm.

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I don't know. It's hard seeing scams moon left and right. I'll give my stack 2-3 years and if doesn't deliver I'll give up. I bought in at a little over half a cent so it's not like it cost a lot

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kleros has been launched around the same time as link
theres none

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>LINK was quickly listed on big exchanges
>LINK's product is extremely important for the entire crypto
Also PNK team is absolutely retarded
>staking passed, tweets about how you are blowing ico money on booze instead
>not willing to get on a cex

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Massive cope. That was also during an absolutely brutal bear market where every alt was getting fucked, not a bull market where 80% of coins are mooning

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PNKs potential is in subjective oracles and proof of humanity, although the team is too retarded to comprehend it.

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This. Even absolutely dead 2017 scams like ARK are mooning.

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>Where are all the neckbeards who said this was the next LINK?

Right here, still saying it is the next LINK.

If you're still not in at this point I don't know what to tell you Anon, except the obvious good luck lmao

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do you really think that you are more intelligent than 99.99% of the crypto market, making such statements?

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And it only really took off from mid-late ‘19. Most “all time” PNK charts don’t even have price data from before then.
>LINK’s product
what product? Read more.


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Imagine thinking PNK even has competitors.

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Get rekt smug faggot. I enjoy seeing cocky assholes like you lose all your gains but still cope about it and try to somehow spin it as bullish while schizophrenically saying some delusional nonsense about the future

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Unfortunately biz goes to shit during bullruns because we get overrun by newfags that see crypto the following way:
>price high = good coin
>price low = bad coin
If we start mooning during this br, biz will start FOMOing in at around 50c. That could get us to $2 during this cycle. Regardless if that happens or not PNK will be at $20 within 5 years.

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That's the entirely wrong question to ask.

It is interesting how much seething one can cause by simply stating that you're holding onto and still believe in PNK/Kleros. Its not like we are actively shilling in masses, we will have a thread about Pnk a few times a week and that's about it.

Yet just look at all the hurt and anger we generate.

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Kek I’m glad I dumped my backs and got Statera. Money corrupts most of the leads in crypto, we seem these before their basically using the funds gained to party.

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This. Now is the time to buy something like PNK. Good fundamentals but FUD keeping the price down. Seems to me we are seeing the textbook capitulation phase.

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Lmao. Dumped your bags for an even bigger piece of shit. At least Kleros has a somewhat competent team even if they’re retarded in some ways

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Woah there I also sold part of my stack to get on the STA train but that hasn't exactly been a smooth ride now has it?

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>The concept behind it is retarded
>the same is true for the team
Unfortunately, yes. Total fucking waste

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>I’m glad I dumped my backs and got Statera.
So you're glad of getting rid of one of the most promising projects in crypto to buy the most blatant scam in biz? Some people just can't handle money. Seriously.

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As opposed to drinking alcohol?

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They’re teaming up with cardano to help end corrupt judicial systems in many foreign countries

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This project has a long way to go. Adoption will literally take years if it makes it. Statera is lit with a growing community.

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This thread is for PNK holders, if you’re not a kleroschad then just go away

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Those bags are heavy there son..I know I can tell.

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Is that why Statera is trading above your pos. You guys are on a down trend stay delusional.

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>teaming up with ADA

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Are you really getting money or not stop confusing me

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Like I said:
>price high = good coin
>price low = bad coin

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there is none. it's the tranny trying to shill cardano once again. she (male) doesn't even hold pnk anymore

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>we will have a thread about Pnk a few times a week and that's about it
Try a few times per day, might be closer to the truth.
And the hurt and anger is not about making these threads. It is directed at the team who are incompetently mismanaging one of the few coins with a genuine usecase.
The waste of potential here is staggering, and it is down to the hubris and general arrogance of those in charge.

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I agree even though you're a faggot, Brent.

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I sold my stack for RBC a few weeks back. I bought PNK at 0.02c so it wasn’t that bad when I sold it. Wish I sold at .18 tho.

Now my rubies are comfy af. Best decision of my life.

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Actually, it looks it was like it's dropped well below a trendine. Could be an easy 2x over the next month.

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>we will have a thread about Pnk a few times a week and that's about it
Also on that note, a few threads on /biz/ doesn't count as a marketing campaign. Unless pnk really is just a pump and dump.

The team need to recognise the concerns of the stakeholders, and release a statement to that effect.

They need to let people know they are actively addressing the issues which are brought up in every one of these threads and on telegram, or more and more holders will unstake and sell.

Instead we get tweets from the vineyard and videogames...

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I've got 100,000 pnk and I'm not selling until $1!

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Never, NEVER give money to the French.

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if kleros goes the req way, im absolutely done with the french and will carry a huge bias towards business with them. I will still go there for fucks

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People still think trump won? Biden won get over it

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>international team
>CEO with a large network, holds a phd
>CTO is a french autist, but the right kind of autism, the one that makes you rich, like vitalik
>in a few days Proof of Humanity gets released with UBI experiment
>team has a large backlog of integrations of projects wanting to integrate with kleros
>infrastructure for airdrops soon done, 1mil PNK dropped every month for 12 months.
>biz claims its dead

you want to get in before the parabola; sooner or later it pops off.

I'll admit one thing, kleros got fucked with the ETH congestion, the only brightside is with uniswap v3 getting released soon on a layer2 network that 30-40% of the congestion hopefully moves away from layer1

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GUYS the token is worth less money than it has previously been worth therefore the projects bad!!!!!

Everything's a shitcoin until it isn't. Even link at $30 today will look microscopic in 10 years.

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