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Anons I fucked up. My gf just saw my crypto portfolio and she flipped out.
I only have 5 figures but she grew literally poor and has lost her mind and is telling me how many things we'll be able to buy with that money. (notice the 'WE')

What the fuck do I do, I dont want to end up giving her my hard earned money, fuck holy shit Im scared shitless

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instantly break up

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shouldve told her its virtual money and you were just looking if crypto trading was for you

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Break up with her.

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Kill yourself

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say you made a programming error and accidentally froze all your accounts for 10 years

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Don’t be a pussy, dude. Just tell her that those are your savings and it’s not her place to spend it, just as it’s not your place to spend hers. If she freaks out about it, dump her. Any girl who thinks herself entitled to your money is not a keeper.

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You fucked up big time. You hace 2 options:
A- Draw the fucking red line. It is your money. You invested, you took the fucking risk.
B- Be a cuck and cash out for your gf.

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Don’t be a fag,

She have a gun to your head?

Teach her about investing, explain it to her like a child. It’s possible, my 11 and 8 year old spend their bday money on crypto/ stocks.

Buying useless crap is what makes you poor.

Why does this have to be said to you?

Are you retarded?

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This post reeks of someone who has never had a gf before. Women don't respond to reason when it comes to money.

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Dude If you lost your money she will dump you instantly. Now you invest YOUR money with YOUR risk and she wants half of them because you are with her. Just dump her and find someone who won't go crazy because money

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this post reeks of someone who has never had a keeper.

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make up some stupid ass tax laws like crypto-to-crypto is taxed and short-term capital gains tax is like outrageous like 60%. make up some bullshit that you gotta hold for more than a year for it to be consider long-term cap gains. by that time, the bull run should be over and you can dump that materialistic hoe.
or she kills you in your sleep and takes your private keys

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I have a fiancée you choad. If you’re only capable of pulling shitty gold-digging women then that’s your problem, not mine.

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Cash out 10% and give her to spend. If she consooms, break up, if she upgrades household/herself/puts a bit aside, consider educating her about investments, if she makes new 10% gains, marry

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checked and based. theres no WE, theres no selling and theres no dictating what you will do with your money unless you have a child and its some sensible shit. Tell her to consoom her own savings

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If she's already plotting to waste your money on normie shit then the battle is already lost my friend. You can't let her waste your bags on iphones and lobster dinners.

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Fuck all these anons coming up with elaborate tails about how to spoof your gf regarding your crypto. Just tell her to get fucked. You owe her no explanation.

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>not even wife
grow a set, OP

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>my crypto portfolio
>my hard earned money

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>be me.
>Same situation.
>Show GF my GRT gains.
>Come home a few days later.
>See fan pointed at her computer.
>Go to move it.
>Tells me she needs it pointed at her computer.
>Ask her if she's mining Bitcoin.
I'm going to breed so many fucking kids out of her.

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>how many things we'll be able to buy
You do not have a keeper anon. Sorry, but it's the hard truth.

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Blessed, madeit

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What a conflict avoiding pussy thing to do. Just tell her no.

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Honour kill.

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If she's not willing to be frugal with you as you are building your wealth she doesn't deserve to make it with you. You might be able to explain to her that spending money is retarded. How do you feel about the girl?

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kek you many sats a day? 5-10?

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The best part is she's from South America, so when I introduce her to my parents we've agreed to pretend she doesn't understand English and that I bought her using Bitcoin.

>This is what my normie parents get for making fun of my internet coins.

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These post reeks of being a brittle spined cuckold that would let his gf peg him if he asked

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Are we all just going to ignore how fucked up that cat looks?

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Are you fucking joking?

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I told my gf about my crypto a couple months ago, and I talk about the gains I'm making quite often.
Not once has she tried to make me sell, not even when I finally entered 6 figure hell, or when I fell back into 5 figures for a brief moment.

If you can't trust your partner with those kinds of things, you have to break up.

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Lmao an incel calling out normal people, only on 4chin

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why cater to their freak-outs? if they freak out dump em

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Tell her you lost it all in a bad trade.

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That cat's teeth is uneven, he might be frequently in fights or have a generally bad lifestyle.

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When my ex fiance found out about my gains she made me cash out cos "WE COULD REALLY USE THAT MONEY" Then she would keep checking on me to make sure I wasn't investing anymore cos she was so conservative and had no fucking concept of investing. Thank fuck I walked outta there. Same day I left her I emptied my bank account into crypto. Best thing I ever did

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Im a pretty bad liar and I'd have to pretend to be depressed as fuck for months.

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I folded my gf about my Chainlink about 5 months ago but she’s starting to act weird. Last night I swear I saw a patch of thick chest hair on her tits. She has a penis now and wtf I’m gay?? OMG I’m a proud Muslim pregnant man and I hold Chainlink!

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You have yourself a good one, well done

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This board is becoming /r9k/

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Spotted the fucking poorfags. Of course your gf/wife wont change after seeing your sub 7 figure poorfolio.
Once you actually make it, you'll realise I'm right. But obviously you're all NGMI.

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Many such cases

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Kill her then kill yourself.

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tell her it's just a game and isnt real money
otherwise just ghost her

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If ya cat doesn't have chipped teeth and chunks Missing from his ears and scars all-over his face you have failed in letting you cat live a full life of block domination and siring kittens and I you are a bad person for it .

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If you're larping, fuck you.
If you're not, fuck you.
It's easy, don't listen to what the whore has to say. Women respect authority. If you let her run all over you on this, she will continue and become even more assertive and you just a beta faggot.

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I think you are*

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>t. doesnt know how women work

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>5 figures
She’s not the only one literally poor

Still, you got dubs

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Say no and your not cashing out till you can buy your dream home

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>t. will tolerate any women that give him attention just to get a crumb of pussy

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looked like that cat was wearing a yamaka.

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Checked frendo, here's what you do
>If you love her and want to have babies with her
Take your head for a shit. First you get the money, then you get the tattered piss-flaps. Don't burden yourself with a consoomer roast before you've made it. Dump her and move on
>If you're just using her gut locker to store your cummies
Based, and if you want to keep her around for fun then just tell her you went short with leverage and lost it all

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is that a jew cat?

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Tell the bitch thats YOUR money. She isnt entitled to your hard earnt money. Make your boundaries clear. Women need to understand that just because they are with a man they are not entitled to everything the man has.

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Tell her that money is for your future children only and see the reaction. This will show you her true nature.

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Tell her to fuck off

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fuck golddiggers, she doesnt deserve you

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great advice tho

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what's up with these retarded LARP threads lately? It's getting pretty boring desu

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oh shit, if you fuck this up and she tells the favela guys about your wealth you will be "treated" by them until you give them your keys...
ouch, sucks to be you. even if you should lose it all, even rumors could be the end of you now

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>My gf just saw my crypto portfolio and she flipped out.
whenever someone makes a post like this it's because they "accidentally" showed her.
You wanted her to see it because you're an insecure little faggot who can't handle keeping the fact they own money to themselves.

You deserve everything that comes next.

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Id always tell them it's just blockfolio and all theoretical because you never had the money to really invest

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1. dump her
2. "forget" password
3. buy tesla after this cycle and fuck new woman/women while driving on autopilot

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Sorry anon its over

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Top kek, look at the fucking cope on this one. This is exactly what someone who married a succubi would say, I can hear her rinsing your wallet for a pedicure as we speak. Don’t hate us because you made shitty life choices and are a poor judge of character.

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Transfer it to a new wallet and then show her the portfolio and fake about being exit scammed.

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Break up with that leech

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Definitely listen to a bunch of girlfriendless nerds on /biz/, but also none of that money belongs to her.

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that cat needs braces

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Have you considered saying no?

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You need to be sneakier than that.

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Where did /biz/ meet their girl? I'm a wageslave right now and can't see myself ending up with anyone from work, bars are a total fucking meme and I don't do enough social stuff outside of work to meet people on weekends
Is it worth giving online dating a shot?

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This. Tell her it was not a reall account but a simulation.

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i like this plan. blame pajeets.

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Tell her women are financially retarded and that you will be handling all major financial decisions. Use her irrational expectations for you to go and spend your portfolio on frivolities as evidence for her financial retardation.

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Some dating websites and apps are decent for people looking for a long-term relationship with a solid, like-minded partner. Most of my friends who have S/Os met them that way.

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Unironically, Church.

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Who cares man why are you asking this at all just say it’s your money. If she carries on you got the wrong one chief and you’re ngmi

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I give her a weekly status.
She is suportive, but she doesnt care much about it.
I dont play games, I dont drink or party. I usualy spend 20% of my income on food and bills and stuff, rest are goes into savings. She is happy because at least I do something productive about the money and not spend on some childish shit

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Serious problem. More if she tells other people. Tell you have to pay former expenses

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my husband found out as well
"We" stake stable coins now. Managed to sell him sex for 150 Linkies to gamble with, at least

>> No.29293455

>"yeah babe sure we'll do something nice"
>don't actually do anything
wow that was pretty hard

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Just beat her in minecraft

>> No.29293576

show bobs

>> No.29293577

Hit her in the head with a frying pan. Maybe she'll forget.

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i just lie and tell everyone i only buy verizon and general mills for long term stability and dividends. it's not exactly bad advice, so i dont feel bad.

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You are such a fucking pussy.

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tell her to risk her own money.

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/r9k/ is much better then this board dude lol

>> No.29293720

>Managed to sell him sex for 150 Linkies to gamble with, at least

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>create account on an app that allows a "practice" trading account
>put in like 3 million dollars
>show it to her
>"see it wae just a practice account so shut your fucking face"

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You are not a man, grow a spine

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I don't have boobs
Chainlink holders. Check urban dictionary
Husband found out about my crypto stack, 150K, a suicide stack and various shitcoins. Big argument, he thought I was hopelessly in debt and broke, he owns the house, I love him, not willing to give it up over money, managed to settle on stable coins for a few percent, after that I threatened with no sex and going to get off elsewhere and I got back 150 stinkers. I swear if he catches the bug and wants me to buy back the Link at 60 I beat him to dead

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Jesus Christ you need to seriously stop dating whatever type of Ogres you usually go for. I've never had any issues with women finding out I had 6 figures savings.

Find better women

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Works for me(TM)

Financial independence is healthy for a relationship. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, it has nothing to do with love.

Me and my gf keep everything separate in principle, together for 13 years happily. We have a common household expenses account in which we put our monthly part of the household budget. If you want to help your SO with investing simply open an account in their name with their funds and make the trades.

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only option.

>> No.29294094

Tell her it's inspect element. Early April fools.

>> No.29294261

Swim club training.

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It's your money. That's the end of it, that's what you tell her. Say that you've invested as much as you are willing to lose and that it's 50/50, either you make it or you don't, it's not her business.

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You now have to live with the knowledge that your gf is retarded consoomer.

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This bitch is literally a retard. Gl fgt.

>> No.29295028

She clearly doesn’t understand boundaries or the effort that went into making it
>cut it and dip

>> No.29295150

Based anon steer her in the right direction

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Anon... crypto to crypto is taxed and short term capital gains tax is literally 60%, it's not even made up.

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Whew just... whew

>> No.29295457

>inspect element in mobile app.

>> No.29295579

Is she retarded?

>> No.29295599

OKcupid has these questions that you and your potential match answer. You can immediately elimate girls that say they'd have sex on the first date, don't need an emotional connection for sex, like drugs etc. The best part is that these girls don't see anything wrong with their behavior so they'll actually give honest answers. Also retarded answers like "yes, capitalism has the world a worse place" give you extra sorting potential.

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uninstall blockfolio, say the money is gone

>> No.29295831

Should've let him go he sounds like a dipshit. If he was too retarded to try and understand crypto and instead his first reaction was going to leave you're ngmi anyway.

>> No.29295841

Easy fix. You keep your finances. She keeps hers. You tie the knot you get a prenup and open a shared account to deal with bills and shit like that. If she wants crypto gains offer to help get her started. Buy her some long term holds with her money or maybe entrench yourself in a more secure position letigiously by giving her a small start up amount. “Your honor all of her crypto gains came from my initial investment.” Bitch fucks it up and sells with paper hands its her fault. If she is a total spazzoid and starts buying crazy shit expecting you to foot the bill move on. She is destined to be poor.

>> No.29295958

>t. will get divorceraped

>> No.29296016

either break up, or post ropey update in 2024, kek

>> No.29296172

In a Wetherspoons - unbelievably a keeper

>> No.29296204

You have two choices. Do you have any kids with her? If so, give her all the money and KYS. That's the penalty for being a retard. No kids? Do not put your penis in her ever again, and break up. You dun goofed, son.

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lying to your gf is not okay

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break up and fix your opsec nigger

>> No.29296483

Jesus. Break up with her and get a boyfriend, you pansy.

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>> No.29296578

>"babe thats 5 figures of BTT, its worth like $200"

>> No.29296689

Break up now!!!

>> No.29296712

Those gains already belong to her, anon. Give her what you owe her - 100%.

>> No.29296828

>Women don't respond to reason when it comes to money
which is why you fuck em off when they try to get their claws into YOUR hard won gains

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>> No.29296916

>teaching a female
You live in a fantasy world

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Kill her and eat her womb + ovaries

>> No.29296994

She's a disease

>> No.29297103

Cuckold hands wrote this post. If she has a problem with what you do, then leave

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>having a gf
>having a ((wife))
>having kids
>getting married
Anon. These are the WORST fucking mistakes you can do in your life. Trust me. Break up. And, this is coming from a divorced dad of 2 kids from which one kid is in rehab due to heroin overdose.

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File: 173 KB, 958x1280, 5CEE52F7-F0AB-486D-8287-9F586916F17E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being a shity dad and husband
Kill yourself

>> No.29297314

>she made me cash out
I refuse to believe this is real

>> No.29297346

Neither is taking your boyfriends money at pussypoint

>> No.29297456

Leave her, she's already making plans with money that doesn't belong to her.

>> No.29297562

> if he asked

>> No.29297637

You will never make it

>> No.29297675

Surprise! Poor people don't understand money. You need to teach her finance properly and then she won't be a threat due to ignorance. She won't care about your crypto gains once you give her the gift of her own gains.

>> No.29297690

That’s your fault. You’re a terrible father.

>> No.29297733

Move it to a different exchange / wallet.
Complain about being “hacked”

The end...

>> No.29297739

>daily incel bait thread
>100+ replies

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Anons I fucked up. My bf just saw my crypto portfolio and he flipped out.
I only have 5 figures but he grew literally poor and has lost his mind and is telling me how many things we'll be able to buy with that money. (notice the 'WE')

What the fuck do I do, I dont want to end up giving him my hard earned money, fuck holy shit Im scared shitless

>> No.29297788

And then she ruins your home life like the cunt she is

>> No.29298297

>together for 13 years

Congrats on your eternal childhood I guess - I can't imagine having wasted that much time.

>> No.29298354

It fucking sucks ass that ever since Gamestop there will be redditers here.

>> No.29298585

Feral cats deserve to get shot. They piss on peoples houses and kill native birds. If you buy a HOUSE CAT and intend to let it run around town, don't be surprised when a based nature lover culls off that abomination. Feral cats should be fucking illegal.

>> No.29298647

Seriously and even if she was the waifu then tell her you're the head of the household and you decide.

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all women are whores and men are possessive, how does this work?

>> No.29298924

If u want a family someday, don't take advice from the "dad" posting on 4chan about his failed relationship.

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are you two still having sex?

>> No.29298982

and also

>> No.29298987

this board is full of men, /r9k/ is not

>> No.29299072

Mine does, she is excellent with money.

>> No.29299090

Tell her you don't want to spend it. Simple as that (not even considering stacking is the reason she's poor)

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Patrice once said:
my bitch is the 4 most important thing to me
1 me
2 my mother (family)
3 my career
4 my bitch

>> No.29299171


>> No.29299202

Put he in her place. She’ll secretly respect you.

>> No.29299282

>Taking relationship advice from niggers

>> No.29299309

Why do you have to do anything? She's not your wife. Tell her to fuck off

>> No.29299329

Give her a cat and she will forget about it.

>> No.29299334

I love these tales

>> No.29299354

white women are the niggers of white people

>> No.29299415

Who is that fat currynigger?

>> No.29299451

Post nose

>> No.29299483

Then you obviously dump her ass
Don't be a bitch boy

>> No.29299602

You're LARPing on a slovakian chicken breeding subreddit because you've developed a parasocial relationship with the community.

>> No.29299604

no, but I'm a dutch noble

>> No.29299702

This. Fucking this. If she just assumes the money is also “her’s” thats an instant break up, who does this woman think she is??

>> No.29299772

big brain move here, best post itt

>> No.29299839

>mining BTC on a home computer in current year plus five (5)

Nice LARP, have sex loser

>> No.29300939

Fucking this. Ditch that bitch, thats your wealth and not her fucking house do-over money.

>> No.29301289

If you seriously can't be honest like that you are weak. I've always been straightforward with women and it always works as long as you're firm.

>> No.29301437

Explain is savings, its not for buying.
She will not get it, you will get weak because pussy is a literal super weapon, you will be poor.
Dont be weak anon, dont buy stuff.

>> No.29301534

I oded on heroin. It cost 7000$ for one night in the hospital. Luckily I somehow broke the habit and shitcoins is my new addiction. Plus world of warcraft.

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File: 741 KB, 832x503, 1611569871015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fuck holy shit Im scared shitless
You sound like a bigger woman than she is, which is likely why she feels comfortable with telling you how to spend your money. You should go inform her that she is, in fact, a lesbian, and then think hard about your choices and the person you want to be.

>> No.29301829

Even better she'll immediately dump OP and his problems will be solved.

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File: 738 KB, 224x253, 1599440852172.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>'how many things we'll be able to buy with that money'
>say sure and ask her what shes thinking of buying
>car/furniture/holidays/expensive restaurants
>say no
was that so hard anon?

>> No.29301966

>cryopto to crypto is taxed
>capital gains tax is 60%
at least make it believable, no country is cucked enough for that

>> No.29302271

Diamond hands & slow explanations.
Good luck anon, don't let all ur bitcorns vanish into shoes

>> No.29302396

Best suggestion

>> No.29302769

That’s sounds like a (You) issue.

>> No.29303039

I met my fiancée off Tinder when it was for casual sex. We had casual sex, then kind of just continued to have it. Then I got her pregnant and we got a house and dogs. It was like I was at a crossroads in my life and decided I wanted it to be as chaotic as possible.
I'm bizarrely lucky, though. By rights, my life should be fucked and I'd strongly advise against finding a mate this way.
Right now she's at the Goodwill outlet where she buys items in bulk by weight, then sells them. She gives the money to me to buy btc.

>> No.29303069

>Plus world of warcraft.
sjw's ruined it.

>> No.29303245

Dump. She’ll give you everything, marriage, kids, for money. When she spends your money you’ll have no more and sge’ll leave because she’s superficial.

>> No.29303571
File: 488 KB, 1258x1050, 1611926388761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LITERALLY this-- maybe give her one last chance and say this is retirement money, if she still continues to beg, break up. If you break up, she'll become desperate and want to get back with you, however DO NOT LET HER MINDFUCK YOU. SHE WILL TRY TO MINDFUCK YOU AND GUILT TRIP YOU INTO COMING BACK. only come back on YOUR terms, youll see the worst side of her during this, and you might actually change your mind about her and want to leave her for real after.

>> No.29303678

women are retarded...
>buddy is married to his second wife for 15 years
>happy, has kid, everything is good
>she mid life crisis's and calls for divorce, accuses him of cheating
>she moves in with a guy right after announcement (of course)
>buddy says he just wants the house, he will give her 30k & she keeps the car
>she says nope lawyer up
>2 years later, 20k lost on each side, bloody battle
>buddy looses house but gets basically everything else, even a part of her pension

>> No.29303839


>> No.29303958

leave this place normalfag

>> No.29304071

Based bond.

>> No.29304170
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>2 posts by this ID

>> No.29304593


tell her it´s your retirement savings account, end of story.

>> No.29304821

This, don't risk it. Your 5 figures may become 6 or 7 figures eventually, and you can't and never should take the risk of not having all of that. I know, it sounds bad, but leave her and don't tell girls about your money

>> No.29305341
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>> No.29305345

wdym? Its called hypergamy and "mate guarding". There are biological/reproductive benefits for men and women to exhibit these tendencies

>> No.29305410

This sort of happened to me 4 years ago

>> No.29305688

I had a chance to impregnate a 10/10 escort that liked me but for some reason I pulled out every time. Should've made her a mother kek. Fuck the marriage scam

>> No.29305727

>what is nicehash

>> No.29305797

Canada my dude

>> No.29305882

Get fucked christcuck, marriage not needed for us, not legally and not symbolically.

>> No.29305971
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Lol bro you're never gonna make it. You're supposed to tell her you have holdings but its not worth very much now but its a long term hold situation that you aren't selling. Then never bring it up to her again, and she wont bring it up to you because she doesnt know shit about crypto.

>> No.29306138

BASED patrice

>> No.29306184

how do i find a girl that just isn't totally fucking useless? ahh iv'e got mommy issues, probably never happen.

>> No.29306310
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in a way it's good they ruined it. I'd still be lazing around doing jack shit if there was anything worth playing. Last game I really liked was Bloodborne.

>> No.29306385

Honestly based and insightful pilled. Feeling like bizzaro /biz/ here with all the fags naysaying this obvious truth

>> No.29306837

This, just beat her