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- Price predictions
- Portfolios
- Redpills

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Heyo, by suggestion of >>29281280, I am posting this here. I would like to share some technical analysis, and hopefully get some outside input as well.

Based off of what I can see in the pic, we have an ascending triangle, the RSI is making a bullish move, and while the MACD was in the red, the value stayed relatively stable. If it goes above the top of the triangle, I am expecting it to keep going.

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I believe Bancor's steadying over the last few days will continue into Monday evening and we will start to see another surge of about 15-20% over the week until Friday. DYOR (not financial advice)

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If it bounces off the bottom, I might put a bit more into it in case it jumps while I'm gone.
I would also like to know if the coin has any actual usage other than just making money out of this bullrun.

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every day i'm hustlin'

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How much BNT for staking to be worth it?

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it can be paired well with defi coins like SNX and AAVE... it will emerge as a blue chip coin within 6 months IMO (dyor). plus it has Israeli developers so you know the chances of success are higher

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i dont stake so not sure

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i also think it looks bullish

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Ah, that gives me a bit more confidence in it. With a high market cap, it should be less volatile.

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how do i get to this point

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Make the right moves 6 months ago.

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Now is 6 months ago from 6 months from now

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>500 stacklet
Will I make it bros? I can still afford to get around 200 more.

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spoonfeed meeeeeee

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Dew it.

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Buy low caps that have a trending history of coverage by prominent crypto youtubers and redditfags then?

I personally bought link on a whim in 2017 and somehow that worked out.

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BNT right now, in my opinion, is at the same level as Aave at $50...

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TVL up 12% from 800 to 900m in 1 day. all other major players down ~3%. Bancor now leading the majority of all LINK transactions thru 1inch. Big shits poppin'

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Now it's just crabbing...

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which channels?

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based israelis

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Sorry, could you please explain what I'm looking at here? What is this indicating for BNT?

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bancors gonna dethrone uniswap and become the biggest AMM

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What website do you stake on?

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1. STFU dumbass.
2. We are discussing BNT,
3. We need to each make educated decisions before buying in.

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thank you

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I'm the creator of this thread, retard
I own a 1.4k stack you stupid nigger

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how does $50000 sound?

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>>29281391 (update)
Guys, I might have been wrong; it may break out in the next hour. Don't take my word for it; just watch.

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>another day making 180 euros a day from staking my bancies
Feeling comfy right here

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Fine. You negated my 3rd point, but the rest still stand.

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Oh snap I didn't even realize we took over as #1

Damn that's awesome

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we are on the same team, fucker
i still consider you a friend even in light of your fuckwittery

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3k stack enough to be comfy?

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Sorry friendo. I realized EOY means End of Year. So many cryptos these days that any abbreviation looks like some fucking crypto name.

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are you fucking serious lol
peace bruv

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Yeah, took me a minute to remember.

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do i take a loan against my link to buy bnt and stake that with my unaave'd link or sell link for bnt and stake the remainder?

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lol poorfag with a do nothing stack begging people to give eoy porn so you can pretend like you own enough. Probably bought within the past two weeks. You will never make it even out of 5 digits with any of your investments because youre so fucking poor and pathetic.

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it's night mode. you should only use night mode.

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wouldnt be selling LINK if i were you fren,

just take a portion of your LINK and take a loan with a safe health factor and manage it actively, then stake together with the rest of your non-loaned LINK. both should do quite well imo (BNT and LINK will both benefit from Arbitrum coming out soon hopefully)

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BNT initially targeted LINK and has become dominant. It will now move onto other blue chips.

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Based, I only recently got my LINK on bancor

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is this why the APYs are so high?

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stacking BNT, we're gonna mek it bruhs

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Enjoy your impermanent loss when link rises soon fucking lmao. The play was months ago not now.

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never ever make another bancor thread again
you fucking make me sick banclet retard

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i leveraged

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ok thanks for your consideration into my financial wellbeing

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the bastard child will perpetually seethe

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why are bancies so touchy about people just buying and selling their token for profit

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because you're probably doing it on Binance like a fag, taking away our profits. on top of that, you're an idiot for not staking it.

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Traded all my vbnt for bnt at 0.73 then got into Fantom and back out again. Literally x1.5'ed my money in 48h while still raking in sweet fees from bnt.

Bancor is the most degen platform available. $100 EOY.

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I accumulated 10k of BNT last summer and dumped it after the botched V2 launch,,,

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turn to dHEDGE and win

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ngmi, once alt season starts BNT is gonna moon

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Because the more you stake the higher TVL we have which means higher liquidity which attracts more volume which means more fees. The more BNT people stake the more money we all make.

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what do I do with vBNT? Want to leverage BNT liquidity but rate is 1.3, will I be able to make it up in rewards?

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The peg will always fluctuate.

It's a big fucking degen button. If you know what you're doing, it's a money printer. Actually Bancor is the money printer and vortex is a new money printer inside the bancor money printer. Fuck.

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What will happen to my linkies if it sky-rockets? I have to wait until impermanent loss is negated right?

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I don't know what I'm doing though.

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No. After you have 100% IL protection, you will get the full value of your linkies back out if you withdraw. IL protection just means the loss is compensated with BNT tokens (which you can immediately trade for LINK).

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>I don't know what I'm doing though.
Then maybe just buy more BNT, stake it and wait for its value to appreciate while degen apes drive the price of BNT up.

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I sold my bancies at $7.30 but looking to buy back in.
Is this shit gonna dip or what?

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>impermanent loss
>on bancor

good morning chads. time for another day in the comfy club. the explosion could continue at any minute.

there’s also been some discussion of being able to stake the BNTEEs and earn liquidity mining rewards etc against them. i have 10 BNLMs. lads, i am making it within 3-6 months.

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When I try to stake the website doesn't see my ledger or BNT balance.. Wtf am I doing wrong? Anyone have the same?

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so is the BNT/VBNT pool already open to the public to just stake their VBNT? it looks like it, but vbnt side is always full (of course), so all I can do is put in BNT and watch some bot snipe the space i created before i can put in my vbnt? great

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it's been crabbing at 5.3/5.6, don't think it's gonna go much lower than that

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This particular thread reeks of plebbit and curry. Predictions for grt apr and the odds of lm being added to it?

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>> No.29286706

you've already made it anon

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True but I am not convinced in bitcoin's movements these past two days. I hope this shit calms down so some BTC could flow to alts. This is when we'll see BNT bouncing back imo.
Will wait till tomorrow and if everything is alright, I will buy another 10k lolz.

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yeah the pool is small as fuck so they gotta vote to increase it soon

>> No.29287032

Which relies on bnt retaining value lmao. He's going to get rekt.

>> No.29287137

I guess you can start to worry about that when link performs better than bnt lmao

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GRT is being added. This thread has no curry you pleb. Big brains saw this happening 4-5 months ago. You understand this now because threads were made explaining it.

GRT you’ve to offset the delegation apy, I’m doing half and half. I’ve 50k delegating and 45 k grt available in about 2 weeks for Bancor.

This is not the one you sell

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I've been invested following the ico disaster kek
>plebbit spacing
it's clear to most who've been around for a while that nubiz has invaded. Yes, grt is being listed, I asked for speculation regarding the apr. Marginally beating the 15-20% apy offered by stable indexers is not going to be enough to win over sufficient liquidity, especially considering how one is almost guaranteed to be locked into the grt pool for the full vesting period unless they want to get decimated by il and the volatility of grt.

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>900m liquidity
that was fast

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it might form cup and a handle but to me shit looks about to break out

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Look at that beautiful chart

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Breakout soon

You were warned

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could anyone make us a bancor version of this apu? it is my favourite one in the whole world. i will be in these threads forever so i will catch it if you post it any time. t-thank bancorchads

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You seem jealous and or angry

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this is the original

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meaning you're gonna be rich holding this jew coin

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$900k protected wtf

>> No.29290584

and just surpassed 1INCH

>> No.29290617

$6 waiting room

>> No.29290648

Whats the stack tier like for BNT?

>> No.29291207

10K suicide
100K makeit

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Kek don’t even talk to me about nubiz. I helped write the fucking proposal to list GRT you poorfag. You haven’t a notion of what’s going on. We’ve discussed it for a while, the apy on Bancor vs apy on GRT. Don’t stake your GRT there then. No one is making you. You probably won’t be able to do as the gas to stake is worth more than your stack.

You ask about speculation, which will be dependent on the swap fees. Bancor is a hot pocket of high cex/ low dex volume that is absolutely ripe.

Also I’ll gladly take 100 days with better apy vs delegating to an indexer who might just completely change their rewards and my apy falls through the floor, and there’s a 28 epoch cooling off period. I’ve screenshotted your message to post on every Bancor thread about you saying people won’t provide liquidity to Bancor, based on.....a hunch? Your market analysis? Do you understand how Bancor works? You obviously didn’t 5 months ago, but maybe you do now since it’s been dumbed down to threat/ Twitter posting level.

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Anyone who doesn't believe in DeFi and Bancor needs to be shown the light. The daily volume for Forex is 6.6 trillion $usd. When central bank digital currencies become tokenized, where do you think they will be traded?

>> No.29291407

I can feel it comin, all strapped in for the moon mission soon

>> No.29291428

I have 400 bancies bros am i gonna make it? pls respond with how does XXXXXX EOY sound

>> No.29291446

Wow seems attainable

>> No.29291584


Well they’ll obviously sell half their position for ETH and throw them into a LP token on uniswap. Yeah, they definitely won’t go near Bancor. I’ve heard JPM are actually in talks with the Mods on the sushi discord.

Uniswap will always have its shitcoin casino. Bancor will be the dex for all blue chips, it will be a sign of industry standard to be put on Bancor. whitelisting proposal on Bancor governance will mimic CB listings (not to the same extent) in the future

>> No.29291628

how does $25,840 sound?

>> No.29291704

900 bancies. aigmi

>> No.29291782

no, but you can buy treat yourself with something nice

>> No.29291791

this is bancors website

>> No.29291854

I like treats

>> No.29291931

guy is literally retarded.
I wonder if its the same guy that said everyone would simultaneously pull out their LINK if LINK pumped

>> No.29292136


He’s a complete idiot. Couldn’t make a right move with a bag of bananas in a monkey whorehouse. Ngmi

>> No.29292253

how does $400,000,000 sound?

>> No.29292263

Anyways, thanks for proposing GRT
I was early on LINK BNT and GRT I am so comfy right now

>> No.29292279

> everyone talking about a BNT moon mission
You do realize you're buying the top right? It's x5 in a week fucking lmao.

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the comfiest of comfy holds. On that note, any artists here? Would love to shitpost some comfy bancor frogs

>> No.29292381

>he has no idea of the fundamental value of the coins he invests in
>just looks at the meme lines for the next rugic

>> No.29292528

> "New Paradigm bro!"

>> No.29292651

>5x in a week
Its barely over 2x since the beginning of February you fucking retard

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Dude BNT is probably the safest bet you can take right now, while other coins can drop 20-30% in an instant, you won´t get a bigger drop than 5%. And even if it drops that much, you make the money back with the rewards in an instant.

>> No.29292834

Guys, we’re going to make it.

>> No.29292876

At this point we don't have a choice

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1100 Bancor. Which pool is best for a newbie staker like me? Also have 1500 Link but not ready to stake those.

>> No.29293067

ETH is the most consistent pool, get in there.

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>> No.29293155

the DAI or Tether pool have the highest BNT rewards right now. ETH pool has the highest fees.

>> No.29293228

This is Gigaponzi pump. It's gonna pump up until a single whale decides to drop his bags. Know that.

The STAKE and repay in BNC creates a deflationary environment while keeping the created BNC out of the market. This pumps like crazy up until a single bag is dropped. Then it's game over.

>> No.29293291

>not a single whale out of 900+ million of liquidity has exited a sizable position

lmao what??

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Can you provide liquidity on both tokens in a pair? Can this be done in single transaction? Does this still have protection against impermanent loss?

>> No.29293382

yes no yes

>> No.29293434

lol it's very obvious that you have not even a surface level understanding of bancor
for one thing, there is a lot of dilution at the top, not to mention the other 5 dumb things about your post
yes we are frens

>> No.29293547

Yeah the first question was dumb.
So lets say you provide liquidity on a pair with BNT that is full on the other side. That means someone can frontrun your order to stake on the other side, right? Assuming that doesn't happen, if you provide 1k usd liquidity in BNT, that opens up the same amount in usd on the paired token?

>> No.29293697


>> No.29293760

Just be aware, whale sentiment seems to not to extend rewards on stablecoins. Expect to see a proposal and bote on this soon...

>> No.29293794

312% this month.

Yeah buy buy buy!! Don't want to miss the pump!

>> No.29293806

>Marginally beating the 15-20% apy offered by stable indexers is not going to be enough to win over sufficient liquidity
>This means people won't provide liquidity
>Do you understand how Bancor works?
>I've been invested following the ico disaster kek
Your poor comprehension makes me believe you did indeed play a part in writing up that pitiful proposal; 6% apr (it's not even apr, much less 6%), price and volatility being talked about using data from when the token was valued at 1$ kek. I'm in the unique position of being invested in both as well as being an indexer and was trying to gauge other peoples' opinions regarding the possible listing. Wish I knew where the incessant circle jerking came from.

>> No.29293870

yea and it's still undervalued, but to each their own.

>> No.29293899

Yeah, the bnt devs call that sniping. When 2.1 initially launched it allowed you to stake both sides in one tx, but apparently there was a way you could game that by immediately doing another tx and j think withdraw one side maybe? They say they are trying to work out a fix that prevents abuse ..

>> No.29293927

what´s your fucking point man, you can´t make money in crypto without any risk. If you want to have no risk, keep your money in your bank account and get fucked by inflation.

You don´t have to buy the fucking BNT token, you can also just park your ETH, Link, Badger and probably GRT in the pools

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File: 1.83 MB, 1170x2532, 77DDF179-9A95-4524-9A96-38E5720C322D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he didn’t buy a shirt

>> No.29293987

friend. you don't know from whence you speak. i advise you to glance at this twitter thread posted yesterday by an unbiased third party analytics company:
if you still want to pretend that you know better than us and BNT is overvalued then go ahead

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I think that no may also be a yes.

>> No.29294071

It's literally like buying LINK below $10. I remember VERY vividly when people were making the exact same argument about LINK last summer. tl;dr: stay poor fren.

>> No.29294072

They are literally shilling bancor in the most jewish way possible. Also pretty it was written by someone from 4chan

>> No.29294116

This is the thing i keep saying. Ether being used as the base currency for swaps is nonsensical. Bancor is trying to be the currency of ethereum. Ethereum is a smart contract executor, uts not money...
I have to give credit to uni, they realized the concept above was to hard for smooth brains to understand, uni is a runaway success, bancor is turning it though, hopefully the vision can be realized.

>> No.29294392
File: 834 KB, 1429x960, blood_sacrifice_by_6kart-d7j9xah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uni is a scam and people only realise that when it's too late (ie. when IL strikes). their ux is tuned for NPCs and their game is listing every shitcoin on the planet. their gov token is worthless.

if bancor pulls through they have a chance to become the citadel of crypto. only in democratised form. they are not tied to eth. they have an eos bridge and are working on something for polkadot. it's still a big bet, but if they succeed, you're looking at a 100x-1000x. idk fren, for me it's a risk worth taking. after eth and link it's now my third largest crypto position since mid january. i will hold this until the end. the upside is just too insane to let this one go.

>> No.29294510

Frens, I need advice: I've lost 10k LINK in 2018 and since then I've been trying to get my stack back. I went all in BNT at 5.50 USD (34k tokens) and I just want to ride this pump short term to get my 10k LINK stack. I know, I'm just a journey man, but how soon are we going to hit 10 USD? Is it going to outperform LINK short term? Should I stake it and wait? So many questions, no idea what to start with. I know this is a short sight vision but I have been sleeping with anxiety every single day since i've lost my 10k stack, I want to join back in.

>> No.29294531

Link has utility, this is a glorified farmed token.

>> No.29294606

low iq ngmi. bancor lets you trade and leverage your money with bnt

>> No.29294614

Bancor has a product, link is a glorified utility token

>> No.29294631


>> No.29294640

when's the best time to buy BNT today?

>> No.29294650
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is FUD being this unintelligent actually bullish?

>> No.29294652

sold 150k BNT at 5USD. should i buy back in?

>> No.29294720

I bought BNT with the intention of holding it for at least 2-4 months to see how it performs. I'm quite confident it will increase substantially in the coming months partly due to the tweet in >>29293987 as well as my own research.

>> No.29294737

swingies never learn

>> No.29294769
File: 18 KB, 1174x154, Screenshot_2021-02-21 Bancor Network.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Retard here can someone explain how long it takes to actually get the 9,64%?

>> No.29294804

it might be a steady ride, in that case 1-2 weeks
or else its gonna be a total breakout 40% in a day, in that case maybe 2 days

I think it's a pretty good entry point now, set buy order at $5.50 maybe

>> No.29294862

I saw it too which made me get into it but I kinda got scared of the code fud, apparently their v2 launch was screwed because of their code. Otherwise, this seems like a nobrainer at this point, hope that link wont fucking pump suddenly.

I've made a huge mistake and I will never make this mistake again once I reach my 10k stack.

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File: 92 KB, 1280x1280, 1611103635592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking at the chart and we might not go that low actually, $5.65 is good

>> No.29294888

9.64% is APR based on the volume of last 24h. Without LM rewards.

Let's say you put in 100ETH. If the next 364 days are like the last 24h in terms of trading volume and fees, you will make 9.64ETH just on fees. But LM also provides extra rewards and volume is going up.

>> No.29295137


>> No.29295399

just market bought some more bnt, im feeling it bros

>> No.29295448

is BNT gonna dip tonight ?

>> No.29295561

If king shitcoin does than probably a little bit

>> No.29295715

Im with you, ive been in bnt since ico, i have almost 40k bnt staked..
The price of the uni token is literally one of the most blatant manipulations ever seen for a literally zero value voting token.

>> No.29295737

bro if you are reading this can you PLEASE approve the proposal for RLC to be added to be the liquidity pool? It requires 25k BNT.

BNT chads and RLC chads can live in harmony

>> No.29295884

you could also do it bro it would cost you nothing and would send hundreds of RLC holders on biz over the moon

>> No.29295908

Thank you to the anon’s shilling this 3-4 weeks ago in the Blue Chip threads. I have never been so confident or comfy in a trade before - literally the Uni killer. We will begin acceleration at $1bn TVL, then fully-swing acceleration at $1bn mcap

>> No.29295913

Cost of staking will be $335. What the hell is that about?

>> No.29295997

It is ethereum.
The more complex the contract interaction is, the more gas gets burned.
The bancor contracts are quite complex.

>> No.29296099

This shitcoin barely has any volume.
Binance says this shitcoin is pretty much dead.

And on a serious note. No one uses this shit.

>> No.29296109


Do you use MetaMask and link it to Ledger? That integration is often buggy. Try plugging in your Ledger and log in to Ledger Live before opening Chrome and MetaMask.

Yeah the upfront gas fees are absurd. This is about low/average compared to what you might se during the weekday too. If you're a burger, Saturday/Sunday nights are usually the best time to execute these smart contracts. You may be able to get it down to ~$280. That said it's probably best to just start off with a massive staking stack so you meet your ROI quicker.

>> No.29296112

Please BNTchads


>> No.29296117

>$1bn TVL
so tomorrow? just wait until defi normies start buying at $10+.

>> No.29296150
File: 277 KB, 1265x660, bncrisk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29296235

>And on a serious note. No one uses this shit.

okay fren stay poor.

>> No.29296314

this is overstated imo, you can get gas for under $200 quite easily but yes wait until right time
>people sometimes sell their tokens
>therefore this project is a ticking time bomb

>> No.29296316
File: 192 KB, 1024x891, 1283102705692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will vote no because RLC is digital dog shit

>> No.29296353
File: 126 KB, 1280x1274, 1613871381795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. That's how every bank works. Enjoy fetishizing the doomsday scenario

>> No.29296420

Thanks, am in the UK. Gas fees seem to be at their lowest early morning here, so I'll try tomorrow. I assume when you eventually reinvest rewards, or unstake altogether the cost is about the same? Only have 1100 to stake, is it really worth it?

>> No.29296891

Keep staked until Arbitrum which should be coming soon

>> No.29296924

this, how surprising that the UNI token suddenly starts to moon over 30% in a single day after the BSC took over.

>> No.29297259

11:1 UNI:bnt mcap is criminal

>> No.29297817
File: 11 KB, 236x253, 12435453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds like an opportunity to me

>> No.29297832
File: 8 KB, 249x249, 1613843111144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the last call for sub-$6 BNT. all aboard.

>> No.29297940

Classy, gonna be a good week

>> No.29298034

won't it sundip tonight though ?

>> No.29298136

Trade vBNT for BNT when ration is .7 or higher and wait for the ratio to drop down to .5 or below to swap back BNT to vBNT?

>> No.29298142

> literal who 200 follower account that joined this month and has only shilled bancor

>> No.29298159
File: 83 KB, 803x1024, 1613612648267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

perhaps anon. are you willing to take that risk?

>> No.29298253
File: 41 KB, 874x454, EueF5wYUUAALzo8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29298264

the account looks like a shill but the data is real

>> No.29298330
File: 112 KB, 390x390, 1613728765837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am pleased that you have not been able to refute the data presented anon

>> No.29298359

oof, good catch. those analytics aren't complete bs though

>> No.29298561

>$335. What the hell is that about?
For any amount?

>> No.29298636

bancor theme of the day

>> No.29298642


>> No.29298712
File: 3.50 MB, 498x280, 1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29298727
File: 26 KB, 474x356, 53106583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29298740
File: 6 KB, 214x250, 1552299266239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29298780
File: 23 KB, 732x499, NsR3iai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are we off again lads? or not yet :)

>> No.29298843
File: 1.15 MB, 1242x1233, 1612736150059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am now blasting this loud. strap in for a big night lads. $10EOD. let's fucking go. i am hitting divine levels of comfy.

>> No.29298902

Probably a single large purchase, but the price is going up steadily as well.

>> No.29298910

I’m leveraging my vBNT heavily right now. Went in on a moonshot, I’ll either come back with my shield or on it. If I succeed going to be grabbing more BNT and invest in a local business

>> No.29298925

I'm sure you'll get more followers soon friend!

>> No.29298939

the pump is in

>> No.29299036

Bancor is making me step out of poorfaggery and I'm not even staking yet

>> No.29299038

You have to go back

>> No.29299211
File: 124 KB, 1110x876, 1610741805366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29299234

I’m a retard. Why shouldn’t I swap my vBNT for more BNT to stake?

>> No.29299250

ohhh fuck im gonna BAAAANC

>> No.29299263

thats the vortex sucking up the competition

>> No.29299313

>tfw poorfag
>1k to invest, all in on bnt

>> No.29299319

Balancer, we coming for that ass

>> No.29299346

Does BNT acquires through vBNT swaps have the same staking value as normally acquired BNT? or ia there some sort of reduction curve that the BNT gains having been derived from vBNT?

>> No.29299423

I don't think it will drop to 0.5 again. Pool size will be increased in some time and THEORETICALLY it should oscillate between 0.6 and 0.8.

You could literally write 5 lines of code bot. Buy when ratio > threshold, sell when ratio < threshold.

>> No.29299464

Just bought 1800 bankies? Is that right? Wheres the bathroom around here? Im moving in this bitch.

Heres your sell signal btw.

>> No.29299485

$335 in gas to stake 1100 BNT.

>> No.29299503

1 BNT = 1 BNT no matter how you acquire it.

we are gonna pass balancer AND sushiswap in the coming weeks/months.

>> No.29299513


>> No.29299514

17 days until the 12 week reward cycle concludes. Is the link pool expected to have its rewards cycle extended, multiple times even?

>> No.29299535

Still buying more, this will easily overtake Uniswap in marketcap

>> No.29299625

>Is the link pool expected to have its rewards cycle extended, multiple times even?

Yes. All high volume pools will be extended with high probability. My guess is ETH and LINK will be extended for the entire 72 week duration of the LM program. Stablecoins maybe one or two more months depending on how things go.

>> No.29299665

Am I going to miss the bull run on this? I have 6k staking and I won't get 100% IL protection until mid May. My fear is i'll have to hold through the top of this BR before I get my IL protection

>> No.29299668

I personally believe that the protocol is pricing itself up on swaps and is criminal, but I couldn't prove it ..

>> No.29299716


>> No.29299730
File: 1.94 MB, 1280x720, web.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29299780


>> No.29299782

Have you tried Google?

>> No.29299813


>> No.29299862

80% of 50% added exponentially to foundation is a good investment at the very bottom when 100% was already returned by other investors. White boy + nigga shit and you won't get another shot on me until next time my frens

>> No.29299894

You don't need to wait for IL protection. It's there if needed but impermanent loss isn't a given.

>> No.29299931

First crypto buy. Already doubled. Within a few weeks I will be able to pay off my truck. Thanks anons.

>> No.29300001

The angle of the dangle is the language of the opposing opposite opussys

>> No.29300028
File: 13 KB, 255x216, at last i truly see.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're gonna make it lad

>> No.29300128

Where can I calculate this?

>> No.29300211

same gas fee no matter how much you stake. $300 is very high though so waiting a couple of hours might be a good idea

>> No.29300251

ASKO DAO peace

>> No.29300423

>>2930021 111/11
Check mate

>> No.29300580

I really hope you didnt spend your bancies on a ram or ford

>> No.29300590

If I can get a loan with 5% annual interest, would it make sense to take that loan, buy fitting crypto with it (like BNT itself) and stake it in Bancor Network? Seems like a no-brainer to me, am I missing something (and yeah, I wouldn't take "too big" loan, just something I would be willing to lose in this "gamble"; already balls deep in crypto so no liquid money available plus not willing to sell my linkies etc at this point)?

>> No.29300604
File: 174 KB, 386x246, 1613820017138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, are you lost?

>> No.29300635

Alright thanks, I only wanted to invest 1k. Ill just buy BNT on binance and try to profit of that.

>> No.29300712

my 300 bancos are sitting on coinbase too

>> No.29300900

Metamask showed $335 after going through the staking process. Just tried it again it's now showing $222, so things are improving, I guess.

>> No.29301354



>> No.29301572
File: 23 KB, 297x373, 1278956259378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29301631

Your APY on bancor will beat the annualized interest so yes if you trust Bancor

>> No.29301655

Sold 130k UNI and bought 300k BNT. Fuck Uniswap and their trash governance token.

>> No.29301679

whoever makes the next thread make sure to put $1bn TVL waiting room in the title so that my dick can stay hard for the entire evening until it pops

>> No.29301779

youve already made it, congrats

>> No.29301817
File: 158 KB, 1199x1359, 1595697152932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bancor will be the standard and the moneymarket of the fourth industrial revolution. Simple as.

>> No.29301837

richard. congratz. which pool u stake in?

>> No.29301857

Bancor: $820,901,495 mcap
Uniswap: $9,012,605,844 mcap
SushiSwap: $2,238,179,486 mcap

Looking at this at least a 4x should be possible?

>> No.29301980


>> No.29301985


honestly can't believe sushiswap is at 2.2 billion. This is gonna blow past it and be on the heels of uniswap within a month.

10x soon

>> No.29302005


Thanks. Haven't put them to work yet, but I'm looking through the list and reading up on everything as we speak.

>> No.29302131

don't rush in whalechad, take a week reading/lurking at least
not because of risk but because lots of options and some much more +ev/-ev than others

>> No.29302266
File: 9 KB, 358x359, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably do just that then.

>> No.29302358

This discrepancy is evidence of manipulation in such an insane way.

>> No.29302384

so I should convert my 800 UNI to BNT huh? it would put me over a 4k stack

>> No.29302519

put 400 uni into bnt. then you wont be sad when uni moves more.

>> No.29302566

I dont know. Uni is insanely manipulated and who knows how high they are going to jack that shut. In the long term, its a good trade i think, but right now the stupidity around uni +10 yesterday makes literally no sense...

>> No.29302567

Keep in mind I still keep around 50k UNI, just in case V3 turns out really good, but as of right now Uniswap is lagging behind and I think others will gain on it. I also bought 300k 1INCH for the same reason.

>> No.29302719

almost 1 billion liquidity already

>> No.29302739

Holy shit. Well, you are winning fucking huge on uni, congrats

>> No.29302759

no bully please. Trying to stake single sided. Which pool do I add liquidity to? Just find highest apr?

>> No.29303313
File: 188 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210221-111904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Got in @ 2.10 after watching the vortex proposal video. This actually might be the opposite of a financial Mistake

>> No.29303621

Hell yeah anon, very comfy

>> No.29303742

Also holy shit, we're going to hit 1B TVL today aren't we?

>> No.29303873

Help me out like I'm a brainless pls. I have 1000k BNT on a ledger. When I go to connect wallet it asks me to insert my security key into the USB port. My ledger is sterile and this feels wrong but its safe yes?

>> No.29304067

You catches it right before lift off
Welcome to 6fig hell later this bullrun

>> No.29304115

You bet your ass we are.

>> No.29304142
File: 24 KB, 541x529, 1613824210298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you asking if you need to use your ledger to do things with the wallet stored on your ledger?

>> No.29304164
File: 23 KB, 400x321, 5F8777AC-45C2-4C49-843D-37E4A4B9CE8B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

which pool do I stake 1500bnt only???

>> No.29304235
File: 55 KB, 544x725, 1608494842960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big shoutout to sam for shilling this so aggressively in early January. I know you're reading this. You're the best.

>> No.29304287

I wish I bought earlier but at least we still have a long way to go

>> No.29304384

you managed to transfer 1k BNT on your Ledger and somehow you are not able to stake it? This is impressive

>connect Ledger
>open ETH app
>pay fees
>see BNT staked under protection

>> No.29304516

>tfw only 176 bnt, bought at like $5

>> No.29304573

how does 10 gorillion dollars sound?

>> No.29304750
File: 259 KB, 640x640, 1604706587742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29304802

this coin is designed to pump a little every day. $8 next week

>> No.29304844
File: 94 KB, 888x1025, 1591569034530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29304857

is pumping harder today. $8 EOD

>> No.29304920

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA stop pumping I need to buy more

>> No.29304931
File: 14 KB, 251x234, 1425358092228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw brainlet and want to buy BNT but I don't know how
Trough binance/coinbase I can buy other coins with my credit card but this one doesn't appear to be an option

I want to jump on this wild ride too ;_;

>> No.29304988

how does 100k sound?

>> No.29305010

anon...google it

>> No.29305023

>credit card
Just get USDT and trade for BNT

>> No.29305088

Godammit. Only bought 150$ worth at 5.99 instead of the 1/2k I wanted to put in.

>> No.29305095


>> No.29305099
File: 43 KB, 500x502, a_gorillian_dollars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29305175

On binance you just need to convert your fiat money to USDT (tether). You then use that to buy

>> No.29305304


>> No.29305333

GUYS, in case you were skeptical, it has broken the previous high from a few days ago. It will now keep rising. Expect at least $9 before another three day crab. Either buy now, or never get it this cheap.

>> No.29305427
File: 20 KB, 745x409, breakout.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this, we're in breakout stage rn, volume rising
$7 quite possible today
I will cool down a little before $8 imho

>> No.29305447
File: 46 KB, 641x389, base.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Strap in bancies. 1B tonight. $10 within a week.
$100 (13.6B Mcap, rank 10) by June.

>> No.29305448

Anons, please help, had a lucky beginners spree with AVAX and GRT and went 300% in a couple of weeks, now I'm stalling. I got $4k at this point and thinking fomoing 50/50 FTM and BNT. Could this work or should I wait for both of them to cool down a bit

>> No.29305512


>> No.29305564
File: 136 KB, 1195x400, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I can't buy it with my credit card.

>> No.29305761

stop..i can only get so erect

>> No.29305854

Hey guys, can I get rich in this thing? Thanks

>> No.29306006

What are you buying/holding now?

>> No.29306025

You can't buy it DIRECTLY. First you deposit your money, then you convert the money into USDT, then you buy whatever you want. EU fag btw, maybe amerilards have a different process

>> No.29306251
File: 91 KB, 1280x1040, 1613770448418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello fellow Bancies. I was out for a couple of hours, did anything unexpected happen?

>> No.29306429

We got richer

>> No.29306486
File: 387 KB, 680x708, Pink_Wojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29306743


>> No.29306978


Last call confirmed


The memes, the liquidity black hole. It was all true.