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I am a billionaire.
I am a billionaire.
I am a billionaire.

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>he bought fantom
yup, this checks out

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>he didn't buy idle

not gonna make it.

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no you arent faggot

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Hello good sir. How is the whether in Ethiopia today?

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checked 33rd degree mason digits
90% these threads are fake but there are some mind-shatteringly wealthy people who still post here for whatever reason

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Oh hey Elon.

I really want to set up miniature nuclear power plants underground all around the continental united states to power a high speed underground vacuum tube maglev network.

It would integrate with local networks of similar tunnels that would connect to roadways and metropolitan public transit hubs.

The powerplants would each be enough to power a city of about 100,000 people, so will easily feed into to a national grid, or use excess power to charge batteries, next generation capacitors for power consumption spikes, and mine bitcoin with the remaining excess.

I have a PhD in math, worked in an applied physics lab at Johns Hopkins, will you hire me?

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What's wrong with that guy? Why are they so large? Large Marge? Who's in charge? Do they live on a barge?

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In my mind, I am a millionaire.
In my wallet, I am a nillionaire.
In my heart, I am a faggot.

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wow look at these gains

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my wallet's getting so... huge

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Is this a wishful affirmation, or a statement?

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post portfolio or stfu

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I am a multi millionare

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Oh yeah? Cool
epic check my friend
Ummm lay off the cookies there pal?
Please provide evidence to refute them. You literally can't even.
How do you know thye live in ethalopala?
damn, thats crazy. Check these digits btw.
Interesting idea my friend, check your metamask wallet ;)
D*mn, please dont say the f slur, my boyfriend might look over my shoulder and see it on my phone's screen.
Big wallet? Big money? Big prizes? I love it!
Affirmative, over and out laugh out loud.
Yeah, post the portfolio port favor!!
Oh yeah? can you prove that claim my good sir?

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>im good enough
>im smart enough
>and doggonnit
>people like me

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How can a pup like me profit from scabies?

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I don't want your dirty peasant money I'm a trillionaire it's not worth my time now if you'll excuse me I have a meeting to attend to.

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What happened to that anon who would unironically pray to Satan every night for gains. He would repeat “I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire” over and over again

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Repeat it until ARPA moons and all your Bella are worth $50

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