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Cuckdano hasn't even gotten started.

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Lol why the fuck is it a top 5 coin right now

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guys which coin will be the xrp of this bull run i thought it would be link but now im not so sure

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just hold both, that way you cant lose

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why the fuck would i hold a coin that doesn't work over a coin that works now?

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from what ive heard neither one of them work ha

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one has >200M in liquidity.
the other has no smart contracts at all.

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No one knows. That's the weird thing about ada, it just goes up and up when it's basically just a set of blueprints

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you know what else was just a set of blueprints? bitcoin

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bitcoin does exactly what it's supposed to do. cardano still has zero smart contracts after 5 years. i unironically think ETH 2.0 will release before cuckdano completes their roadmap

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Hype. There's absolutely no reason for it to be.

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theoretically for the "potential"
but cardano is shit so no potential there

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cardano does exactly what its supposed to too which is scam people out of their money to support some basedboys 50 acre farm and lambo