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When it comes to who is behind the manipulation of the Ethereum price, you gotta ask yourself... who stands to gain the most from suppressing ETH? Could be some greedy whales/BTC maxi's looking to short the absolute FUCK out of ETH. That tends to be my first choice. Perhaps its financial institutions, entities like Grayscale who may be trying to suppress the price so they can acquire more, its a good possibility. F2Pool's name has been popping up ALOT, on Twitter and YouTube. Since they were caught suppressing/manipulating the price of Bitcoin, many believe they were ALSO manipulating ETH as well. This may be the more probable scenario in this case seeing as how they are one of, if not THE biggest mining pools in crypto.

However, recently Ive been enteratining the thought of a much deeper theory, one that involves a few exchanges. Ill spare you guy the long read but I'm thinking either Bitfinex or the likely case, CZ and Binance. Is it coincidental that BNB token happen to EXPLODE recently just as the news came out about the Ethereum "Berlin" hardfork being announced for April? So who stands to gain the most from killing Ethereum? CZ and Binance perhaps? They do seem to want to take over the entire crypto space like some crypto dictator.

I saw a tweet where some guy had a theory about The Ethereum gas fees. He said the reason they might be so high is because Binance opts for the highest, most expensive gad option every time during trades to set the bar super high for future gas fee prices. kind of raising the standard for the price of gas. Not sure if that is true, you never know in this space.

One thing is definitely for sure, something feels awfully AWFULLY fishy about the Ethereum price. There is obviously price manipulation occurring in the background, most people would agree, but WHO and WHY is the big question mark at the moment.

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this reads like some qanon conspiracy shit
try harder next time OP

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Yeah try harder op

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stale pasta nigger

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Not a fan of Q so thats rather dissapointing

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Of course the one time I decide to uses spaces in between paragraphs I get called a a pasta. figures

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ETH is spaguetti code. ETH 2.0 ain't delivering a workable product this year

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I get that, I've been a huge critic of ETH despite the fact i own a bunch. The issues with Ethereum really should impact the price THIS much. That's why everyone thinks something shady is going on behind the scenes. ETH is super bullish right now. Institutions are buying it up and its disappearing more and more from exchanges. We are in an ALT season at the moment which should mean Ethereum should be pumping like every other crypto right now but the charts tell a different story.

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If you think ETH price is fishy, you need to take a few steps back and look and how fishy the entire market is. Bitcoin was the original coin and we don't even know who's holding 1.1 million BTC (Satoshi's largest address, untouched in 10+ years), worth USD $63.84b or so.

ETH has the market share of developers right now, the movement of this stuff is heavily manipulated and there's huge whales at massive wars that most of us are just spectating.

When you have 5 or 6 figure ETH you can drop sell walls whenever you want. If BTC and ETH's prices can be so heavily influenced with just $10m or so, you need to understand how much liquidity is completely in control by larger players.

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So let me see if i understand. This shitcoin that should be in double digit area is at 2k dollars right now and youre saying people are supressing it? Holy fuck you people are seriously mentally ill.
No one wants to pay fucking 50 dollar fees dude, get that shit through your retarded skull. If anything, all of this garbage is being manipulated to the upside, not the other way around. Get a fucking reality check you absolute delusional moron

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china binance cz cocksucking shill detected

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look at this seething china binance cz cocksucking shill. holy shit you're so desperate to defend cz and biance and their manipulation of price and eth that you sperg out like a low IQ queer raging he cant get cock in his ass

kill yourself shill queer

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I mean it's got a 200 billion marketcap I'm not saying that price suppression doesn't exist yeah it's moving slow as fuck but can you really expect exponential growth for something that's already that big of a cap? yeah yeah marketcap is a meme and all that bullshit but its done a 20x since last years low whats there to complain about? If anythings fishy its LINK, ETH remains a stablecoin but have you seen the pure blatant manipulation going on with LINK? Mother of god its fucking disgusting

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When people say Ethereum is spaghetti code it immediately exposes how ignorant they are. Ethereum is a protocol, it has multiple code implementations. Neither go-ethereum nor openethereum would be considered spaghetti code by any industry standard, can't speak for other implementations.

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The entire market is heavily manipulated to the upside you low IQ ape. Once tether goes down and the rest of the stablecoins get fucked in the ass by hard AML KYC law this shit market is going down to 0 where it belongs

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Miners are dumping ETH to help the BTC price. This is why Berlin fork is being implemented along with EIP 1559... BNS never had a chance.

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You're just now figuring this out?

>be me
>screaming gook
>create exchange to trade meme tokens
>invent counterfeit internet money printer pegged to usd
>use counterfeit usd to pump meme tokens
>create own meme coin by ripping off existing meme coin byte for byte
>literally exact copy. Nobody cares.
>use USDT to pump new meme coin, meanwhile spam USDT on old meme network to drive up TX price.
>normies flood to cheap network
>use normie real money to offload counterfeit meme money
>turn off stack of toasters running new meme network, rug the entire world.
>mega profit

I'm just patiently waiting to see what those chinks will pull next. Crafty lot, them.

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Fck BTC... Fckn Nigger miners...

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Justin Sun pulled the same shit... Fck chinks... They have been stealing and copying ETH for years... The hammer is going to drop. The BTC miners are in on it too... They are dumping and suppressing the price of ETH. They mine ETH and then put the profits into BTC... Fck the miners...

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...ETH itself benefits from price suppression. if ETH goes up more the network will become useless when no one is transacting on it due to gas price.

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>No one wants to pay $50 fees
And yet the network is constantly at high traffic, so they are regardless.

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this but completely unironically

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The miners are suppressing it for BTC... When EIP is. Implemented there's going to be hell to pay... ETH will go to 3000k at least...

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>something feels awfully AWFULLY fishy about the Ethereum price
they proved in 2017 that it couldn't scale, had 4 years to fix it, still can't scale
the long term outlook for ETH is looking worse every day as more competitors pop up

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why are you spending that much gas?
most exchanges it is $5... 0.0025 ETH

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that's why I'm HODLing

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FUD much nigger...? 7k developers say your full of shit. What do you have? 200 at best...? What are you an ADA shill? You idiots have zero partnerships... Berlin is dropping in April. EIP 1559 is coming in May or June... it will make ETH more deflationary than BTC... ...And your shilling your shit coin...?

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be silent cz/binance shillqueer

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I love eth fud. Super bullish

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Ethereum is the only BTC killer

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When does this EIP happen?

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