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Is a 20k dollar loss worth killing oneself over?
I have nothing now.
Nothing before crypto, then I had a cool bag and now its gone and I have nothing again except wasted time.
I seriously can't sleep, eat or do anything right now besides wretch into a bucket.
I am a fucking retard, a greedy fucking retard.

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20k isn't life changing money unless you live in a third world country. Forget about crypto and go live your life anon. You're free now.

What did you lose it on anyways?

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I think this dead thread says it all really.

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What did you do

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How did you lose it?

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How could you handle bigger loses if 20k makes you want to kill yourself? Granted I did not lose it all, and was able to make it all back in this bullrun, I lost probably 500k last year through unrealized gains.

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If you lost it to the scam coins being shilled here then link me your amazon account to send you a rope and a stool

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It was to me, not 3rd world but not in a good situation either.
Fucking BSC APY coin. They all look alright and that "I'll just sell while it dumps" but theres always those that get burnt in it.

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How does one lose all of their money in crypto? A 10% dip hurts sometime... come back but it hurts on the spot... 100% isn’t possible.

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You can lose 100% via gambling, an exchange hack or a smart contract hack

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Live and learn. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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I’m sure you would think someone losing $500 couldn’t understand. Some of us around 2017 watch their portfolios bleed from 250k to 10k thinking it would just go back up. Chin up soldier, you’ll find a good trade in no time

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I probably couldnt. I haven't even sold yet, just praying that I can get back half and leave crypto forever but everything is bleeding and Im losing hope and I look really pathetic right now.

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which meme coin did you lose you money on?

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i lost 2 private keys worth 150k together. ended up making it back and then some. still in the game too

if you hold WAVES, you're welcome. 7.7k out of circulation. wings was the other, but i think that project is dead

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sounds like OP lost it in unrealized gains, so not even his actual money... kill yourself faggot OP

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No fren. I’m 41 i’ve lost and gained lots of money over the years. Money is fake and gay why would anyone off themselves over kikery

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Nah... You need to learn from the mistakes and be motivated by the fact that you got up to 20k at all. That just shows you its possible to do it again.

I was in the exact same shoes

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you make 20k a year for working at mcdonalds why would you kys yourself retard

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>unrealised gains
I would've lost far more if I counted those but thinking about it makes me sick.
No I aped into a top and watched it dump.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if they pump again. The super high risk stuff though, you take your 10-30x and LEAVE. Bears get to eat. Bulls get to eat. Pigs Are GREEDY and get slaughtered.

What coin in bsc?

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people spend way more than that on cars, big whoop. you can make that back with cautious investment in no time. Is 20k the money you actually put in?

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You suck at this game but don't kill yourself.

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Just bee yourself, OP.

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How long you have been to crypto? I'm not some super oldfag, but during the corona dip last year you probably would have kyssed right away. I think I lost 300k in a day at the worst panic, then months of total pessimism and crabbing

It all came back and went literaly 5-10x from here when the Bullrun started recently.

I'm prepared for another dip, I'm pretty sure I will lose 300k of unrealized gains, but all of that is for long term hold for 2025. I've already cashed out 12 years of not-working (after taxes) in this bullrun. Stop panicing and invest in long term projects with price targets instead of just staring at the fucking charts and zooming in eventually losing the big picture and panic selling

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Exact same thing happened to me OP. Feels awful. I’m not going to kill myself over it but it could have been life changing money had I just withdrawn. Would have been a year of rent I could have had while finding a decent job in a new city but now I’m stuck at my parents for the foreseeable future again.

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man the fuck were you thinking buying into a BSC shitcoin with that much money man? hey look I lost a over 20k buying the DOGE top on one of elon's tweet, cut losses quick. It was the worst fucking trade of my life but I said fuck it man it was a good lesson to never get greedy. You'll fuck your shit up so quick.

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No, don't do it. I lost that much last week, and according to my life insurance policy my like is worth more than 20k so going for the rope doesn't make sense. I'm not a richer or anything and I feel stupid about it, but come on. 20k?? I'd need at least triple that to kill another person let alone myself.

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I bought the literal top of litecoin back 2017 with 16k. I was 20 at the time and that was everything to me. Fast forward today I have 250k now. I still have the coins for perspective and how stupidly close I was to killing myself multiple times during April 2018 lol

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Just wagecuck for some more money and don't make the same dumb mistakes. Crypto is literally an infinite money printer given enough time as long as you don't invest in retarded meme and scam coins. Stick with the established ones. You'll be fine.

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lost 13k over three weeks this month, made half of it back in a day. $20k loss isn't big at all.

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im ready to kill myself and i havent lost anything

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No amount of money is worth your life. Your life is worth an infinite amount of bitcoins. In fact your soul is made of green dildos.

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No .. 20k is nothing . You’ll earn it back anon

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Just get fucking over it. I know how you feel right now and everything will be allright. There will be so many opportunities to come back in the future

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stop being a faggot, it doesn't matter how much money you have got now, if money is the basis of your existence you are doing it wrong, your greatest assett is your mind, so develop your mind and you will find a way to make money.

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What rugged you? Wynaut?

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I wasnt thinking. I put an eth into it amd it tripled, put some more in and it doubled. went all in seeing as it was still so early and it just collapsed. I was in full adrenaline ape mode.
I was going to move out with that money, Ive been a burden on the family far too long.
Not gonna say incase you're right and I am able to get out by the skin of my teeth but it really is looking grim.

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Lol bsc fags literally get the rope

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That money had I cashed it out would have allowed me to be a better me. I could have moved out and paid rent. Bought furniture.
Invested in other aspects.
Instead I blew it all over a fucking meme coin.

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>I wasnt thinking. I put an eth into it amd it tripled, put some more in and it doubled. went all in seeing as it was still so early and it just collapsed. I was in full adrenaline ape mode.
same fucking thing happened to me man, I opened a long at .40 was up like 5 grand then I decided to sell 100k+ of my link and buy the doge top like a total retard.

>Your life is worth an infinite amount of bitcoins. In fact your soul is made of green dildos.
fucking kek

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You were greedy... bsc shit coins are fun with >5% of ur portfolìo not 100%. Hope you learned ur lesson its drepressing af but u can revover op

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Hey OP let me tell you my story and don't kill yourself whiny bitch.
>be me
>lose 26k in 2014 paying off worthless liberal arts degree
>lose 24k in 2017 cyrpto bubble, fell for hodl Meme
>lose 15k in 2020 in stock options when covid first hit in March
>be me be engaged
>finance lies and gets me falsely arrested for assault *he strangulation me*
<jail for 4 days with nothing but joggers only white man
>niece tries to put out *hit* in me in jail through joggers and corrupt CO
>come home to ransacked apt
>60k worth of property gone
>all my designe, wardrobe, jewelry, precious metals, electronics, cyrpto ledger, 2 maltese dogs, guitars, recording studio equipment gone
>joggers had chimp out sessions took everything left me with nothing
>paid 15k in atty to get felony assault charges dropped
>to this day none of joggers have been held responsible
>finance fucked another guy without a condom and sucked his dick three or more times (guy was a manlet)
>finance contacted me trying to extort me to figure out how to use stolen ledger

Basically your situation is a joke. If I have to live through this than fuck you.

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Are you that guy posting last night about being in 1-figure hell?

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I save more than 20k a year working a blue collar job at 55k (38k after taxes). How retarded do you have to be to think that's worth becoming an hero over? Just keep your expenses low and save it back up, don't be as dumb next time.

Did binance ignore your sell order? Lmao, scambase did that to me and I woke up with 15% of my portfolio gone forever. I don't know why we put up with this shit.

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Your terrible events dont take away from mine but I am sorry that happened to you. I dont know if I really will kill myself but I have been up like 40 hours now not being able to sleep and havent eaten. This is the lowest I can remember.

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Wagecuck while living with your parents and you should make 20k in under 3 years

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If you lost everything and are sitting at zero (no debt) you are ahead of 90% of dumb fuck americans. Remember that.

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You'll make it back, one way or another. Or not, whatever, I think most people here have lost $20k at some point or another, possibly multiple times.
Next time don't let yourself go down to $0, and you wont have to go work at McDonald's or give blowjobs, or whatever faggot job you have.

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You don't understand, investing in your mind is free, it doesn't matter where you live, you can always buy books and study and learn and develop your own mind, then the doors will open for you, you will find ways to get out and be succesful, a good mind is the basis of succes, now you are turning it around, you equate money with a good basis but it's never the root of succes it's always the fruits of succes.

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you have us anon

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I have a lot of debt.

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Which fucking coin did you buy?

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My God your fiancé is a total bitch whore

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Just think about how much happier you made some other people. :)

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3k here, still holding in hopes of another elon pump.

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No don't be a pussy. If you haven't sold, your losses aren't solidified. Focus on more stable stable projects instead of pnds. By the time most shitcoins are shilled here it's pretty much top for them.

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Watch this maybe it will make you feel better
youtu. be/9V7oheq630E

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Why anon? Don’t kys or anything but why buy into one of those BSC pump and dumps? Anons were warning all day about this shit. If it sounds too good to be true, it is

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you can put 20k in your savings account in less than a year. 2 years if you are slow.

>> No.29276209

Why are you fucking around with crypto then

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Ive pissed away everything on multiple occasions Anon. Been homeless on multiple occasions. The strong never throw in the towel. Weak twats cry amd rope. Grow a pair and rebuild.

>> No.29276221

Did you all in on fucking wynaut or some shit? Retard

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No anon, it’s not worth it. This was your 20k education. Be more careful and never fomo again. Do not abandon crypto or you will suicide when the top 10 10000x in the next 10 years.

Also, make sure your Rubic is Cubic.

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I lost $200k in 2017 (started with $10k). I made $180k this cycle. Never give up and learn from your mistakes. That's what life is about.

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Tell us more about your situation? don't you have the seed backed up somewhere?

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Why is your exfiancee still playing minecraft?

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really? because after reading that i have to say fuck you and your 20k, chump change in the grand scale i pissed away 25k on my wife's car that she wrote off after 2 years of driving it without ever putting oil in the engine. i got 200 bucks in GRT right now come sit here with me and my poorfolio and we can watch the little numbers go up

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I was able to recover cyrpto, worth about 20k. They stole my old ledger and left my new one. Just ordered a new power cable and transferred cyrpto off it. They stole my seed phrases but lucky are too retarded to know what to do with them

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Good question. She lived off pawning my stuff and now contacts me to extort money from me. >I'll give back your louie Vuitton belt for $210
This kind of shit

>> No.29276882

no, unless you're old you should just take it as a lesson.

Invest in stocks until you have 4 - 5 figures that you're willing to risk. Be mindful of the fact that "make it" screenshots are representative of like 1 in 10,000 cases regardless what anyone here tells you, and that you're objectively more likely to lose money retail trading than you are to make huge returns. This is doubly true when trading the most volatile asset class on the planet (i.e. muh coins)

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no, but it is a massive fuckup that should humble you

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I lost $4000 and it made me say FUCK

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I know guys who work jobs (VP of random corps) who lost and squandered bitcoin wallets that were worth $10M today.

Its fine. they're fine.

The logic is that they would have sold before it would ever even take off

atleast you aren't like this gu y

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probably either
>break into her minecraft server and take back your mods
>change your number bro

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you a beast g. respect

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Anon, just get the TULIP MANIA airdrop. You'll make it all back.
There are so many airdrops now that you can just make that 20k within a month if you're diligent about it. Don't end your life over arbitrary numbers on a screen
Just go out in nature and live, it'll change your perspective

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why don't you record this shit and give it to the police, have the bitch arrested and ruin her life she tried yours?

>> No.29277327

She plays innocent victim calls police and lies while simultaneously committing felony theft. She filed a protective order on me to keep me from retrieving property. Everything is a *gift* or *lost*. Complete psychopath. Stuff is gone im not giving into terrorism. She planned whole thing on NYE. Waited until I was drunk, went to car, cried for cops. I was caught completely off guard. Got uhaul next day and had jogger family ransack everything.

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This is why you don’t interact with women.

>> No.29277667

What the fuck is this, where do you live?

>> No.29277744

its okay, i dumped 10k into actually legit coins and i feel like ive lost all my money too, except ive only lost 1k so far but its temporary wtf are you doing buying scamcoins get rekt noob

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No, I make +-50k every day. 20k is chump change. I would pay 20k to fuck my highschool crush

>> No.29277937

Was with her for 5 yrs before she did this too me. Her family planned it coached her. True evil exists. She brought her new guy to court wearing my Armani suit to mock me. Emails me from disposable accounts telling me to kill myself at least once a week

>> No.29277974

Baltimore. Dont go here if not a jogger.

>> No.29278031

what the fuck is a jogger

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it's all a bunch of numbers and you probably would've just spent the time masturbating anyway.
poorfag to poorfag nothings changed get a min wage job and you'll have it back within a year

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God, at this point I'd genuinely be planning her murder. Don't know how you put up with it.

>> No.29278156

do you want to die poor?
I dont, so I'll keep pouring money into something until I make it.

>> No.29278198

>buying a BSC shitcoin with 20k
dude why
when people say don't invest more than you can afford to lose they're not memeing and that goes double for all these pump and dump BSC scams

>> No.29278224

This didn't age well.

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negroes my man

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lol why are females so obsessive

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I lost the exact same amount of money back in 2018 to some crappy ICOs and was left with 1k. It was eating away at me and I still think about it almost every day, despite my net worth being at $500k now. It's not really the "I lost it", but much more the "with that amount of money in crypto I should've been a multi-millionaire by now".

>> No.29278505

Context retardo.
Was that 20k everything you had ?
Did you use margin trading with more than toy money ?
Yes to either one of these means yes, you need to kill yourself.
To make the world a better place.

>> No.29278548

Lmao literally me.

I had 900k in the last bull run and I legit watched it go down to 5.5k before I was like okay fuck this depression shit I gotta do somethin, so I sold it all at a loss and started trading again.

Back up to around 770k from this bull run.

>> No.29278565

Jesus fucking christ. I will never tell any woman anything about my financial situation after reading this.

>> No.29278587

Of course not. Take some mellatonin and go to sleep.

>> No.29278628

Are you kidding me? I've lost way more than that and didn't even flinch. Just use it as a lesson and go earn some more.

>> No.29278744

it's just money and not that much. imagine crashing a car you underinsured. just move on and stop gambling.

>> No.29278820

Haha you sound like a chad though.

What a mind set.

I love you. You're my new anon hero. Whenever I feel down, I'm going to reflect on how you're still here and doing your best.

Also LOL bro this was your entry to manhood, all men must be burnt by a woman.

Never make that mistake again.
You trusted a woman, you never trust women. Ever.

>> No.29278860

Don't let them live with you. I was happy and then my life went to hell. Yes, women can lie, imprison you, and steal everything and there is nothing you can do about it.

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Why did I read this

>> No.29278939

This is a keylogger.

>> No.29278979

You're a degenerate gambler

>> No.29278982

this sounds so far fetched it has to be fake. but then again, it's an amerilard

>> No.29279051

Why is this board filled with Redditfags? Yes OP fucking kill yourself. Jump off a building and do a flip.

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Too fucked up to make up anon.

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What’s the point in killing your self when they are going to kill us with the vaccine in the next year or so?

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My best trade was the one I made after getting rugged for $25,000. Always move forward.

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Most of the best traders I've come across including my self didn't truly become good at what we did until we incurred significant losses and had our backs up against the wall. Learn from this mistake, etch it into your fucking brain and don't you ever fucking forget what it feels like to yolo in on a trade like an undisciplined moron. Study technical analysis and charting, study fundamentals, study the basics of market psychology and fucking diversify holy shit. (theres more than enough resources on youtube (avoid the clickbait douchebags) and follow the best traders on Stocktwits. Don't only focus on Crypto, you can get 1000%+ even 10000%+ in the stock market trading everything from warrants to options, to penny stocks. Do you lack confidence in your ability to pick big winners that you have to go all in on one? If you split your $ into 3 different 10x plays and they all go up 10x you're going to be up the exact same amount as if you went all in on the 1, except you take on less risk. If one of them doesn't pan out, oh well you didn't lose everything and you made cash on the others. If one rockets up before the others, take profits and shove that shit into the laggards and open a new position elsewhere. Stop being a fucking degenerate and you can make it. Rocket ships and moon emojis wont make you rich and focusing on the hand full of retards on here that lucked into back to back roulette table wins isn't something that you can replicate. Good luck anon, I've been in a similar boat before.

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you made it, anon.

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>buying shitcoins
And I thought I was being a complete retard for losing 2/5 of my total money on stock market.
Thanks, I feel a little better now.

>> No.29279983

500k of unrealised gains is not 100k of unrealised gains

>> No.29280047 [DELETED] 


>> No.29280138

>guy was a manlet
Kek I bet that's what hurt the most.

>> No.29280153

I fell for BSC shitcoin ponzis anon, I lost about 30k of profits that I made on binance a couple weeks ago.

It sucks but at the end of the day I never really worked for that money or even had it in my hands for more than a couple of days, it was just play money and I was a retard.

As long as you didnt lose your initial investment when you first started crypto, you didnt lose anything.
We kinda got what deserved desu, participating in ponzis knowing that we just earn somekne else's money by pushing more people to fall for the scam is imo just as bad as setting up the scam itself, whatever, learn your lesson, take your loss and move on.

>> No.29280332

On one hand I want to assume it's bullshit, but on other hand much worse things happened in the world.
Jesus fuck.

>> No.29280449

I lost 2k in GME and honestly i'm totally numb to it. That money is just fucking gone there is nothing to be done. I put my money in BTC, seems like the only safe play right now.

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If you were going to kill yourself for losing 20k, then how about you instead go find some niggers & rob them of all their jewelery & drug money & any loose cash they have

If you die in the process, then you killed yourself over 20k
If you don't die, then you've made a lot more than 20k

>> No.29280505

Is a 20k dollar loss worth killing oneself over?
No. You'll do better next time.

>> No.29280537

holy shit
man the joggers are the worst though. i have been threatened in broad daylight with violence and im sure its only a matter of time until i get robbed by one of them. what is their problem?

>> No.29280548

>safe play
*sweats profusely*

>> No.29280583

Damn nice idea. Now to mention it's pretty liberal, diversity in the profession, after all.

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Lost 20k on some single days
Blasting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUhlRoBL8M on my way home is always helping.

Who cares? It's just money.

>> No.29280636

From my point of view Life is more exciting if I either get rich or just lose everything so I have a pretty high risk aversion.

It would be worst for me to be just an average normie who is wagecucking and waiting for his death.

You tried. you lost this Time. the Next opportunity will come. Just don’t stop believing.

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Why did you gamble?

>> No.29280750

>so I have a pretty high risk aversion.
Didn't you mean high risk tolerance? Like you're not averse of risk?

>> No.29280860

Damn, you are right, I just see that I used this word wrong my whole life. Thanks, anon....

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I'm a recovering alcoholic and lost 25k BTC by being a stupid fucking drunk. Chin up fren, stay strong. I think you said you haven't sold yet - hope you get some back, or cut your losses and then have some acceptance and move on. God speed bro

>> No.29281181

>They stole my seed phrases but lucky are too retarded to know what to do with them


>> No.29281524

Hindsight is 20/20 anon. You were gambling. The only thing you did wrong was think you were being a smart investor. Let it be a lesson and start fresh.

>> No.29281540

>Was with her for 5 yrs
How come people you have been for so long can become so evil? Was she frustrated about not having children or what?

>> No.29281587

No probs, we ESLs must stick together.

>> No.29281724

You sound like the one who came from r*ddit and is trying to fit in. Shut your worthless fucking mouth and go back.

>> No.29281789

no. As long as you don't have debt you're doing better than most burgers

>> No.29282397

Nah, your reactions on this subject are woman like. When was the last time you tipped your benis into bagina?

>> No.29282466

if this is real god is testing you

>> No.29282548

when are you planning to sell? or are you gonna let the story repeat itself?

>> No.29282577

How do you know? ?

>> No.29283555

100% real and experience drove me to be born again

>> No.29283666

1/2 jogger 1/2 beaner. The 1488 stuff on /pol is not a meme. Don't make my mistake. She had a undergraduate degree conducted herself well, but at end of day resorted back to tribalism and desire for gibmedats.

>> No.29283765

>1/2 jogger 1/2 beaner.
Oh God, a race-mixed subhuman female.
No wonder you got fucked over, aren't those pretty much protected by the state?

>> No.29283948

Worse I spent over 30k on her wardrobe, 10k on her tits, and she hasn't paid rent, food, or any bill in 5 years. And she still stole all my stuff.

>> No.29284037

You have got an interesting tale and the means to of held 20k. Try live in fucking Pakistan or some shit hole before you check out.
It’ll get better anon. x

>> No.29284269

Pay the toll

>> No.29284343

All the /pol memes are truth.

>> No.29284585

Lost 10k in the Gamestop shit, don't care because I made it back two weeks later on Z1P

>> No.29284864

> bag
how the fuck do people get bags this big.
80% of your investment should be in bitcoin, eth and chainlink.
20% should be sprinkled like seeds in promising non meme coins with good backing and or whitepapers.

>> No.29285962

holy simp
never ever blow this much cash on a woman who's not your mother

>> No.29286126

Honestly this.
It wouldn't even be a very expensive car.

Sure, it sucks. But who would kill themselves over losing their lower middle class car?

>> No.29286174

>buys chink food tokens
>surprised when you get rugged
you have no one to blame but yourself op

>> No.29286207

What the fuck did you buy? Something of a miracle that you managed to not make money from march2020 until now

>> No.29286260
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i love this place

>> No.29286310

I hope for you that you take profits this time

>> No.29286348

I just joined recently and I pretty much tried daytrading...

>> No.29286381

If you never cash out
You never lose

>> No.29286419
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>> No.29286647


>> No.29287308

Don't worry you'll find out