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BCC just mooned from .06 to .14 in about an hour...

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Yes, free money. I don't see the problem?

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chart pls

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You mean immediately selling while everyone else was also selling was a bad idea??

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>Actual Bitcoin is holding 2700

It's fucking nothing

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where do you trade it?

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It's crashing back to .07

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How do I access my BCC? What wallets already support it (I would have to import my private key, as I am on Mycelium right now)?

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Hold it faggot. You'll thank me next month.

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I want to hold it, just somewhere safe.

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heh I'm holding it and I think it's the right call. I know many on /biz/ would love to see it disappear but it's not going anywhere.

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> $0.14
> "mooning"

gtfo newfag

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I sold mine at 0.115. That shit is going to crash like no other.

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First day?

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I'm holding it because it was literally given to me for free and I don't care what happens to it. I'm not about to get emotionally attached to something so retarded.

If in 2 years its still around and interesting, good. If not, so what?

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0.14 bitcoin, dear sir

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>anyone who bought a significant amount at .5 and sold at .14 is now in lamboland and it only took maybe being active at the screen from 8 am to noon
k buddy

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T. Brainlet

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I would recommend anyone who has BCC to sell that sale as fast as possible.
It is not known how long there will be so many idiotic people so willing to buy.

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HAH! We ain't seen nuffin yet.

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Or maybe you're the idiotic one, wanting to sell so early?

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This. New coins will always tank first, You can sell now and buy cheaper later, if you're still interested.

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>tfw accidentally FOMOed into BCC because I saw the thick +4k%
When will I ever learn to buy red and sell green.

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what did he mean by this??

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Its not a moon if it has only existed for a day. Its simply what the market deterinea the coin to be worth

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>Holding on to potential free money

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it is 07:00 in china. they wake up right now and will fly this BCC into the sun.

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HOW DO I GET MY BCC ? i have my BTC in electurm , and i have my private keys exported before 31 august , what do i do ?

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get a load of the finance major and his fancy college words.

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>tfw sold at .11

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selling immediately was a king meme

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Sold at .103 less than 20 minutes ago god fucking dammit reeeeeee

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how high is this supposed to go?

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Just one more coin for the hold collection

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>all these fags who fell for the sell-as-soon-as-possible meme
oh god

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/biz/ told me to sell all my bch immediately


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>mfw I sold all my shitcoins and went all in to BCC at 200 dollars

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I hope some /biz/raelis sold immidiately and then bought the dip.

I put everything in alts and I kinda regret it, but at least my blood pressure remained stable.

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Where can I buy BCH right now?

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I think maybe some whale is trying to pump it.

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It's a piece of shit coin with block boat issues lol.

This is all FOMO buying and people with eletrum wallets/exchanges that hold the BTC are still getting their shit together and getting BCC.

They will dump it hard, give it time. This is a fucking trap, do not touch this death spiral.

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Been hovering around .12 at kraken for quite some time

.15 at bittrex

bittrex price going to crash hard in the next few minutes

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well this seems like a good time to sell

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I think it will pump to $500 tonight dumping there

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Not literally "immediately" lmao, if you saw buy orders, why would you sell? Sell orders are pilling on now though, I'm calling ~.15 ATH so sold half my BCC at .148

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kraken dropping to .11

wait for the bittrex dip

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1 post by this ID

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t. Romanian paid shill

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got out at .14 feels good i literally did not do anything except hold btc and now have money wow thanks chinks

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> just a picture of some idiots getting fucked.

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How can anyone be paying 14287500 sat in this fucking coin? I would not even pay 1 sat.

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lel, you don't know deterinea? get a load of the summerfag.

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Dumb to buy during the next fall?

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>buying a coin being pumped this hard

You're asking to lose your money.

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I would recommend getting away from this shit. A lot of people will come out crying from there.

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sold at .0107 before it dipped earlier and thought I was lucky. I guess it's not the worst thing I could have done.

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I'm suspicious that Bitcoin Cash will happen to the same thing that happened to CFI, only worse. Much worse.
Worse because the crash will be bigger and will have no chance of recovery. CFI at least has the chance of recovery.

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Anyone else unable to use bittrex wallets?

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Yep. As soon as the Bittrex wallet opens up for me to deposit by BCC I'm selling this hot potato.

It's literally vulnerable to 51% attacks now. No way am I holding this shit.

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meant .107

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yea but at this rate it'll take a week a to deposit anything.

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yeah, my only regret is not keeping all my BTC on bittrex so I could sell the BCC. Feels like the reverse of what I would normally say.

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Leveraged long

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dumped at 0.065. bad move, but don't care.

fuck this coin, it is taking value from BTC and this fucking fork had me on the edge for a month.

BTC could already have been over 3k without this greedy Chinese miner coin.

Here is to 20$ in 2 weeks.

(but with my luck, BCC will overtake BTC)

Whales, start fucking dumping already.

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15 minutes, then it is 08:00 in china. then the real mars mission begins.

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can't wait to see this shit

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It looks like it has a whale, or some, pumping BCC. It will continue to happen as long as they think they can take money from the suckers.
I would stay away from that.
Look at what happened between 35 and 30 minutes ago. That was a whale.

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i fomoed here

whatever man, fuck this crazy shit, when bittrex open the bcc walet... oh god

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Sure is easy to say that in retrospect

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Welp no sleep tonight. Been waiting for this shit show since June.
Also that ticker, BCH.
What timeline is this?

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Where do I buy this shit?

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AAAAAND im out.
bought at
and just sold for

became too risky, i felt the greed, this had to stop.

i made 2 dollars. yes, i am poorfag.

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I said it as it was happening. Shit doesn't just rise like that without correcting. BCC was jumping by over a million SAT at a time.

How could you not deduce that it was a transparent pump designed to give you FOMO and steal your money?

You must be new here.

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Being given enough money for a decent used car for not doing anything except selling free coins is nice as fuck. No idea what to report my cost basis as on my taxes though, $0?

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Enough degen gambling for tonight.

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congrats. i made $1.75 on SC. Feel rich

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You'll only lose in the long run

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I stopped.

Made a little chump change, I'm out.

I usually dont do this, but the volume and fomo on this coin is insane, so I took a risk to ride the gooks and their pump n dump.

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fucking hell I haven't had a night like this in months

looks like meat's back on the menu boys

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it's been a comfy night, even without sleep. Currently making about 350 every wave. such a nice night.

everytime it rises it finds a new floor and stagnates for a while. so comfy

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phew thats some very scary day trading thankfully made positives on all of them

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this so much, i've been buying the dips after every high and been making comfy profits every time

best part is that my play money was literally free

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>my first day it crypto
>dump a grand into bcc at 8 dollars
>its now almost 600 dollars.

welp, ill be cashing out now and retiring. thanks for everything guys. that was easy :)

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best part is I'm on vacation time from work, so I can put all of my attention on this.

fucking hell hope this keeps on mooning so I can quit working

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its fuckin 0.197
i cashed out

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You did good man. How many gains did you make?

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you could buy it at 8 dollars? I thought it got in at like 0.1

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>How could you not deduce that it was a transparent pump designed to give you FOMO and steal your money?
it's still going up

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0.19 actually makes me scared shitless.

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Thanks man, had 4 bcc
might go up more but fk it

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managed to sell at 19999000. wanted to put a sell order at 200, I knew it would go there but I was scared it wouldn't be filled entirely so I gave up at the edge

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Still not selling guys

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How do I sell BCC? As in which exchanges accepts it.

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Who knows, it's free money anyway.

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I sold at .2 so if it cracks that I'll feel bad but like you said it's free money

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Get out now, it tried for .2 twice and failed, this thing is going down to .1 again.

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Look at it this way. An ancap guy I know purposely put his BTC onto coinbase for security. He fucking cucked himself out of all potential earnings and coinbase pocketed all of those duckets. Even if it moons above .2, you still made a shit ton of money in the course of a day while doing nothing except having steel balls, and there's a slew of people out there like him that didn't make shit. Even alt fags like me still made a profit today. Remember, if you sold out now you're still a five star fucking trader compared to tether pussies and coinbase cucks.

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We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we’re going down swinging
I’ll be your number one with a bullet

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I hope it continues like this until Bitcoin reaches at least 2,400. From there onwards it can plummet.
I want to buy Bitcoins below 2500 and Bitcoin Cash has helped to devalue Bitcoin. When the money returns to Bitcoin, it's probably $ 3300.

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why is it so fucking tough for these exchanges to tell you how much you're up, and your profits/losses?

Jesus fucking christ, we can put a god damn mother fucker on the moon, take pictures of pluto, but god fucking forbid these exchanges give you actual tools to calculate percentages of current holdings, and trading volumes in real time as you trade.

Current setup: Click multiple windows, check out wallet, get "esitmate" of only 24 hour gains, check your calculator for 8 decimal places to factor in percentage of exists, and only get little green arrow to indicate volume.

I love bittrex.

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Does bittrex charts lag for anyone else?

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>we can put a god damn mother fucker on the moon, take pictures of pluto,
you probably thought trump was a better candidate too.

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yeah you and me know who the REAL leader of the free world is.

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first world powers are set up by occult and magik leadership. satanism of all kinds.

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What's with the webm? I don't see what it's trying to say. Guy does a flip, other guy stops him drifting down after. Not even slightly gay.

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molochcoin is gonna explode

why isnt it 50 satoshis ahead!

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Where can I dump this shitcoin? I got all my money out of the exchanges in fear of boy getting by BCC, now I'm getting cucked by them from dumping

>> No.2930404

was gonna buy some right now due to fomo.

>order didn't go through
>imediatly went from 198 to 193

I should not be trading shit when I'm drunk

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>yesterday biz told me I would cry tomorrow if I fomo bought into this
>decide to do the opposite of what biz tells me
>wake up with x2 money
I have finally found the optimal investment strategy.

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How's that going for ya?

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>tfw bittrex will enable bcc deposits after it has crashed to nothing

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>he hasnt sold already

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Anyone in here reads /r/Bitcoin ?
It's the worst place to get your news about BTC, they have 270k subscrubers and they tell people to "dump the fakfe bitcoin asap before it drops to $1".

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When bittrex does allow you to deposit BCC from other wallets, how exactly do you do it?
>have btc in wallet 1
>move btc into wallet 2
>now wallet 1 only has BCC

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who's the retard now?

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I sold my btc at 0.115 right at the beginning and felt really clever.

Goodbye cruel world.

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I don't understand where this coin got its value from in the beginning? Who pumped it to its starting price and why?

>> No.2933398

probably the chinks behind it

they'll be left holding bags in due time

>> No.2933418

New money Whales are trying to buy as much as possible so they can manipulate it in the future.

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Fuck me, it's already going to 0.5 on bittrex. Missed out on easy 1k+ here.

>> No.2933591

Part of the money comes from short BTC on Bitfinex and Kraken, that ended up with negative BCH

Everyone wants to settle their negative BCH positions as early possible but there's no way to deposit BCH, so they're driving up the price

>> No.2933595

Protip: theres more of them => their market is bigger