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>It's easier to get $100k than to get a gf

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Takes a minute to get a GF though

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i know

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>got gfs with $0 net worth
>tfw can't buy genetics

Born too early frens

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>tfw it's easier to get a gf than $100k

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At least you have money, bragging faggot

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$100k? Try a million.

It's to the point where you can make it and go live among exotic beauties overseas before you find a cute wholesome gf in the US

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You still haven't killed your inner simp

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>You're rich but missed out on teen and twenties love.

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It's been easier for me to become the top 10% networth of my age group than to get a gf.

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It really is awful. Zoomer males have it rough. I'm lucky I got to experience my teenage years before social media, smart phones, and dating apps.

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its easier for me to get a gf, that isnt easy either though

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>You still haven't killed your inner simp
offer less vague advice

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>. Zoomer males have it rough
fuck you
you know too much

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I just want to smell a woman’s asshole at this point.

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Are you hideous or something? Imagine having 100k+ and being unable to get one girl on your dick lol. You're doing something incredibly wrong.

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you would kill yourself when your gf breaks up with you

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this. The less you give to a woman the more she gives back. Otherwise, those who pay for sex basically get starfished. Money is a good carrot but I doubt this board knows how to use it effectively instead of wining and dining some slut

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I had a decent looking gf when I was a neet with 0 dollars to my name. She paid for dates and drove me around since I didn't have a car. Stop being an autist

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Rational Male, read it. And internalize everything Rollo says about women and relationships.

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the ladies that see potential in you even when you're broke

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Just be like me bro

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>Unironically reccommending Rational Meme
You can’t make this shit up

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I got to 131k surprisingly quick without really trying just auto payments to vanguard in my Roth, 401k, and taxable.

Still no gf. Actually no friends at all lol I don’t even go outside or attempt to talk to people maybe it’s my fault?

Trying to save a million before I die tho

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Is it wrong that I just want to play vidya with frens and jerk off?

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Wealth is more security and peace of mind plus a little bit of consooming anon
Getting a gf is just doing /fit/ and working on building confidence by asking people out repeatedly

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reading books with 'tips' to subvert human behaviour in a manipulative way is fucking disgusting, don't do this, you will forever be an incel.

just believe in yourself a little guy

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the number 100.000 is literally arbitrary
he could wrote 10.000.000 and it would not have made a difference

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