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>Uniswap (UNI) market cap - $9,479,136,522
>PancakeSwap (CAKE) market cap - $1,833,724,906

You were warned.

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Thatd be chainlink

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anons will ape into it soon enough...it's still under the radar, even here. i'm shocked by the number of people in BSC-related threads asking how to buy stuff like cake, egg, berry, bunny, bake, soda, etc. Cake is like the simplest of them all to get into, and anons still can't figure it out. We aren't even at beginning plebbit stages yet.

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will there be a cake airdrop

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link was a good meme in it's time, but we've moved past that. it might get to $50-60 eoy, but that's absolutely nothing compared with projects on pancakeswap, which can do 50%+ in 24hrs

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you can bet on two horse anon

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CAKE is still super fucking early - /biz/tards have been shilling it with low to medium frequency over past few days, but it really hasn't made it into normie spotlight yet. Given the race to beat UNI it's going to explode.

I predict $40 by EOM.

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The volume is the sells from people swapping their liquidity out.,

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I have 20 CAKE. Will I become a billionaire of I hodl?

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on which exchange can you buy cake?

and how much should i invest so i can buy low and then sell high when it moons?

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just stake it...i'm making like 13 cake/day in the syrup pool (though i've got like 3700 cake), which, even at these prices, is +$200/day for doing absolutely nothing. comfy

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I'm all in on CAKE / BNB , hope It pays off

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better to stake cake for cake or BRY?

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How the fuck do you do this?

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pancakeswap...you need metamask with some bnb in it. just watch this boomer's tutorial...he even explains how to farm it

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Bro same - it's unbelievable comfy making 20 CAKE per day. Hope the APR doesn't get fucked as more people FOMO in.

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How much cake do u have staked? 3700?

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How much cake do i need to stake make 5 cake a day

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I've staked 20,000

It's gonna be a golden goose but be EXTREMELY careful if you're using metamask in your browser. I use a virtual sandbox when trading to isolate from rest of env.

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Ok, I'm holding 80% of my portfolio in BNB now. Convince me that CAKE is a better investment.

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sorry meant 2,000

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Can’t you use trust wallet too?

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I posted this exact thing when cake's market cap was $600m. Still a good buy though

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what do you mean by this? I do use my metamask in a separate browser dedicated for that with no other addons. But do you mean that there is risk even in just interacting with Pancakeswap website?

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Well for CAKE you can actually stake and harvest over time. BNB is a good choice too as its "agnostic" of anything in the BSC ecosystem. I'd personally just split it 50/50.

The right comparison is UNI vs. CAKE if you're trying to gauge mc potential.

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No pancake swap is prob fine, but its extremely easy to get phished for your metamask password. Be very wary of clicking links that prompt you to unlock your metamask passwords - I get multiple messages daily on discord for "free airdrops" that are just phishing attempts. Seems stupid but a lot more people fall for these than you would think once their ape brain (hurr free money) kicks in.

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Don't get me wrong, it's undervalued especially as one of the few non-eth dexes that gets used but there's lots of washtrading going on and it shows when you look at the website visits per day.

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I've got 1200 and make around 4.9 per day

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it's just that pople move stuff around more becuase they don't get raped by 50 dollar fees each time

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muh wash trading
are you retarded? it costs nothing to trade tiny bits. absolutely the most undervalued coin right now.

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the higher volume is because transaction fees are much lower so people do more transactions. Once the same # of ppl/coins are on BSC you will see 5x+ the volume.

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On Uni you mean?

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It’s not that the transaction fees are that much lower, it’s that they are virtually inexistent

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>Cake -> Uni
>JUL -> Sushi

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I fell for one after being up 24 hrs from hype.
I managed to save 1/2 my meta funds once I realized, but I still lost 1k. That made me feel worse than losing 5k on a crash. js guys be careful

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If BNB keeps doing well, CAKE will do even better. The downside is about equal as well.

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Can you teach a brainlet poorfag how to do this step by step ?

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set up binance smart chain on metamask, send bnb through binance or use the binance bridge, then go to pancakeswap to swap bnb for cake, and then go to the pools sections and stake your cake
if unsure about any of those steps you could search it on youtube or google

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>If BNB keeps doing well, CAKE will do even better.


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Normies are still working out how to set up BSC wallets
Next week we're flipping UNI

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>wash trading chink scam is undervalued! Look at all this volume despite having less than a 3rd of the daily active users and thousands of less coins
Yeah this chink rugpull is going to be hilarious when it all falls down

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screencapped, see you next month at $50

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because BSC tokens are traded on pancakeswap (cake). Fees are paid with BNB. I'd say more room for cake in terms of mc growth

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how much would $1000 investment make me in a month ?

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around $400 if you compound daily and the apr stays the same, but porbably more like $300 as more people will stake and the apr will go down because of that

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that's literally nothing, i thought this cake would make me a richfag

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You're staking for cake though right? So in theory if cake goes up your returns will be higher?

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lmao imagine calling a 40% return in a month for sitting on your ass 'literally nothing'
plus cake will probably reach $50

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yeah that scenario was if the price stays the same, but it'll probably go up so most of your gains would come from holding the token

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awesome, thank you fren

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When can i see 6 or 7 figures

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You know that BNB's primary mover is the binance exchange right? And BEP2 is the majority of BNB, not BEP20/BSC

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what do you mean if you compound daily? how do I do this?

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it depends on your luck, but maybe in 4 years

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when you stake, there's a 'coumpound' button, which stakes the cake that you've generated so far
you could also use something like autofarm or pancakebunny, which compounds it for you multiple times a day with no fees
they're able to do that because they collect everybody's cake and stake it in one wallet so they save on fees

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bnb and swing to bake when it reaches 0.006

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and how do I know I won't get rugged on autofarm/pancakebunny?

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Yep...3701 and change...I sweep the new cake I’ve earned into the pool every day as well

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OP you're not wrong but BAKE has more moon potential right now. Might be better to swing it first

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you don't but they seem to be trustworthy and are audited
you could also get rugged on pancakeswap to be fair

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pancake is listed on binance, funds safu

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yeah you can ignore auto and bunny then, that's what I do anyways, just compound every morning after waking up

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Quickswap 25M marketcap as the only functioning L2 dex with liquidity and yall are buying a $2B marketcap eth dex? baka

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>hey guys!! Please pump my chinkjeet scamtoken!!
lmao fuck off retard stop trying to sell innocent anons your chink rugpull vaporware scams. Lifetime bans for posting BSC scam threads can’t come soon enough

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Sounds really sustainable and totally not like yet another chink pyramid scheme.

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Imagine thinking you can make money on something called "cake" via "pancakeswap" utilizing a "pancakebunny"

you're going to lose everything retard

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Okay? Not sure I get it. Exactly what a chink would say before rugging you? And why does your image imply that ETH will get killed by BNB? Binance holders just got a once in a lifetime pump for a week straight and ETH has been fudded nonstop and you’re still nowhere near ETH. I’m just a little confused I guess

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unironically sustainable due to the various burn mechanisms
just this monday 90+ million dollars will be burned because the presale of berry was oversold by 18700%

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how the fuck are you supposed to do your own research on this crap though. it's not like you can google "CAKE crypto" and find any meaningful conversation or research at all. it's a dice roll

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2/10 fud, you tried sirs

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It's just a meme phrase saying "your loss is your own fault"

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>Binance holders just got a once in a lifetime pump for a week straight and ETH has been fudded nonstop and you’re still nowhere near ETH
This statement is 100% objectively true, literally the opposite of cheap fud

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Fuck cz fuck china

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Cool, its still a pyramid scheme with early whales at the top. I mean, have fun making money of retarded pajeets aping into pnd scams, but dont shill this garbage here you faggot.

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If someone tells you to do more research on a token and the only thing you know how to do is a google search then you're not even remotely equipped to be buying anything except bitcoin.

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Yeah I have 4k CAKE and make like 15 CAKE and 3-4 BRY per day. And between AUTO, BUNNY, ACS and XVS farming I make like $500 per day. It’s crazy how unbelievably comfy I am

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it's not a pyramid scheme retard, and I call shill whatever I want, this is going to $50

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Why do I care if we're near ETH? All that matters is gains, and no one is making anything on ETH other than gas fees LOL

>> No.29271178

You’ve been cashing out $500 per day? That’s really good anon

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Shit hes going to make it guys

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>Why do I care if we're near ETH?
I dunno, you really cared a lot 15 minutes ago though

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wait that's like $55k bros wtf

Of course hes going to make it with that kind of capital

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>ETH crabbing
>BNB mooning

What can't you understand?

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I mean I don’t actually cash it out, some I sell back into BTC but most I just compound it to keep the passive income getting even higher. Once I feel that BSC has temporarily topped out I’ll remove some funds but right now I think there is a lot of growth in the ecosystem left. Most defi projects still have low market cap to TVL ratios especially compared to most ethereum defi projects

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Why do ETH maxis get so helplessly enraged at the realization that $100 gas fees are unacceptable and most people were desperate to drop ETH as soon as a legitimate competitor emerged? Is it the thought of the thousands, tens of thousands of dollars they've wasted via fees? The realization that the overwhelming shift on /biz/ from ERC20 tokens to BEP20 tokens is an undeniable sign that the market is about to shift away from ETH, and their shitcoin is going to dump? 90% of their portfolios in ETH but too emotionally attached to it to take profit and abandon their sinking ship?

I don't know, but it's fun to watch. I hope you all hold until ETH hits $200 and you realize that you missed your chance to make it. Remember: the current BSC hype is just a tiny preview of what's going to happen once all the ETH competitors, dot/ada/ftm/etc start rolling out platforms and updates and ETH fades into irrelevance, only occasionally mentioned in reference to the bad old days, 'Can you guys believe we used to pay $100 per trade? Fucking unreal that we put up with that garbage for so long."

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What should I go hard on mr going to make it guy?

>> No.29271457

decentralized exchange on a centralized chain. okay

>> No.29271771

>helplessly enraged
I mean I’m not writing a novel about it or anything. Come to think of it I’m not even holding any ETH. Gas prices are way too high I’ll give you that

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If going by low market cap to TVL ratios BUNNY is unironically still massively undervalued despite the stupid name. AUTO is undervalued by a good margin in this department too but it’s also higher in market cap whereas bunny is still only like 25-30 million market cap but has a TVL of nearly 400 million

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How to access BSC: https://link.medium.com/OmMsMew02db

>> No.29272372

Which will 2x first, CAKE or BNB?

>> No.29272515

It’s arguable that CAKE is more undervalued to UNI than BNB is to ETH. My money is on CAKE outpacing it, but the right low caps will outpace them both. Once the gains people made from BNB/CAKE start flowing back into these they’re gonna go insane

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Lol at the people thinking pancakeswap are going to do a rugpull. They are the easily the biggest BSC dex. This is like buying UNI the week after it went live.

Nobody is going to release ERC20 tokens until ETH fixes its shit (6 months at least).

CAKE is one of the easiest buys, just ape in and hold you complete morons and you'll be taken to the moon

>> No.29274056

What I mean by that is we'll start seeing more legitimate BSC based tokens over the next few months, and people need BNB and liquidity via CAKE to get into them.

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Do i stack or farm?

Farm seens to give a way better income

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