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Are you going to make it?

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Made for big white Nordic cock.

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>using women to promote products
>on a website full of incels

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Why did this female wipe her asshole on my metaphorical finger?
Normies meme better than biz. Its total non sensicle but in like 8 years i know this will make sense.

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Made for bbc

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>Are you going to make it?
probably not

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bros why are women irl lewdposters like this now

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This checks out.

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I’m in the process of making it right now and I can confirm that it is, in fact, very based.

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It's the zoomers. They've tapped into absurd nihilism much better than millennials ever could've dreamed

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>non sensicle

Why the fuck does /biz/ have so many newfags/retards?

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what a whore

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I'm going to jail fellas

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Why are eurocucks so pretentious? Every one of you thinks youre an english teacher

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women's content is so trash. how are people not burnt out on it by now? how many pussies and tits do you need to see until it just gets boring? just coom into a sock and stop wasting all of your time watching these who'res

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honestly based, but really she is made for creating superior aryo-nordic babies

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you're looking at women who exist to get views, of course they act like whores. not all of them are like this, although it does reflect a negative trend in society in general

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Too old but Bancor is my strongest hold and the only product I'm willing to throw new money at.

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I don't have a choice but to make it.
I'm staking BNT

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>They've tapped into absurd nihilism much better than millennials ever could've dreamed
cringe zoomer