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I’m starting to think that chainlink is not the essential technology biz makes it out to be

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then sell/short

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its literally not needed at all
sergey has to subsidize the nodes by selling off 1MM LINK each week

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Is this real? That is too funny to be true.

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gas fees are murdering LINK nodes
circulating supply went from 350MM to 408.5MM and 1.5MM increase was this week alone

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It's false, it's 1.5m lately. PAIN.

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Link is a 4chan meme. Don't fall into it. It is literally just a JSON Parser and no one needs it. Also it is outperformed by bitcoin most of the time

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The problem it pretends to solve is actually untractable but linkies are too stupid to realize this

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It is and it's hilarious.

t. LINKBTC shorter

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I was big into link until I realized this. Everything a smart contract interacts with will literally just parse the info itself/at the edge/whatever. It's unnecessary, still made a fair bit of money from it though lol

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Fucking clown world man.

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Are you retarded howd it take until 2021?

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AAVE and CREAM use Chainlink, maybe they should be paying more if they're able to generate so much money.
Also CREAM just got flash loan attacked what i presume was their own devs

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Nevermind im retarded. I'll leave it up so you can make fun of me

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fucking sergey market sells link for eth to give node operators eth to pay for gas fees
only the miners are making it, wish I got me a couple rtx cards before they went extinct

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does any oracle do it better? API3?