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aaaaaand we're back

that was fast

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Shit I sold, thats why it went back up. FUCK YOU BOG. I won't buy back in. I bought DOT instead

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the real question is, will bnb go non stop after reaching 300 again or drop

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where are my diamondhand bros at

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>mfw he doubted the safu man

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Should have held. Fuck now I've only got 1.4 instead of 1.7

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Based Chinese always save us.

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>mfw sold at 300 rebought at 240

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Sold at 290 & 260, bought back in at 238 and 243 lets goo

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Thank you wise China man

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To 40 you go .

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200iq macro right there

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i really should just tether before bed. cause i know europe or america is going to ruin everything

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>they all got caught in the bull trap
I'm sorry boys but you're hitting the peak, every second wasted is a dollar lost, sell now and rebuy when it bottoms

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ignore the fud

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Tell that to the charts, don't burn your gains on potential that's almost certainly not going to pull through

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what's the bottom? 200?

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Would be a good place to peg though I have a feeling it might go further, 40% of peak is usually a safe bet, light buy at 60%, take a chunk at 40% and inhale at 20% if there's a LOT of resistance, if it dips below that panic sell and recoup what you can, don't FOMO if it bounces up just before it a couple times
This is all assuming you want to play it a little longer term though, if you just want quick gains play at 280-300 at most, that's a good safe range, anything above and it's higher risk, play that at your own peril, also use 1m bars with how volatile it is right now

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the bogdanoffs are watching you

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refreshing to see actual advice on this psychopathic board.

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I just traded BNB for SXP at the bottom of the dip.

It's a smarter move for me. I just wish I could have maximised the trade.

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I'm just kinda sick of screaming wojaks, knowing people won't FOMO onto a really bad gamble is kinda nice though

If you made a profit and you felt comfortable doing it, it's a gain, never for any reason look at missed potential as a loss, hitting at the peak and the bottom of the dip are rare and not betting everything on it is a good move

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I have half my BNB in Binance staking and the other half just sitting in my Exodus wallet. It doesn't hurt to just send that over to my binance account and stake it on the launchpad, does it? Or do I keep that half in case I'm chinked

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>If you made a profit and you felt comfortable doing it, it's a gain, never for any reason look at missed potential as a loss, hitting at the peak and the bottom of the dip are rare and not betting everything on it is a good move

Uplifting and wholesome.

I had 4 BNB on different account for gas when they were 20 dollars. I could have kept them, but even if they 4X from now, it's not life-changing money. But if SXP moons like some are predicting, it is life-changing money.

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I waited for the dip to enter around 268. I believe when it goes past 300 it will reach a new high before dipping once more on the way to 1k.

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Might be worth it to stake it if you feel confident about the alt, I have a pretty good feeling BNB is going to dip hard tonight unless something drastic changes

I still need to look more in to SXP but a few friends brought it up and sounded fairly confident, if it jumps as high as it sounds like it should it would be worth a shot, if not, just make sure you get out before it craters

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it's all fun and games until his servers get raided in MALTA and everyone loses all their money, that day will be pink wojack bedlam

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and that's why you full node every coin you trade seriously if you can, anything short term goes BTC/XMR

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>I still need to look more in to SXP but a few friends brought it up and sounded fairly confident

The use of the coin changes every 5 minutes. It's like being on a bus to to Chicago and then the driver changes the destination to New York. It's worrying, but also kinda makes sense in the rapidly changing crypto landscape.

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Plus, they don't explain how all the big things Swipe has coming will benefit the token long-term.
But if they don't throw token holders under the bus and make sure SXP is integral to all their shit, it could be huge.

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It's obvious bull pattern. You guys should bake your bags in or regret on Monday

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thanks, yeah i'm feeling uneasy about bnb/bake/cake considering how quickly they pumped and they're all pegged to bnb. I made the right call and sold my egg last night, sold my bnb for now too, ill wait for the correction.

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never thought I'd see apdo here kek

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its soo easy to BUSD up with pancake swap bros. i swung my stack and made almost 3 BNB's. Crazy to think this shit dipped into the 220's today

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interesting concept, I might have to put a bit in just in case

any time, enjoy the cash you managed to hold on to

It's hardly peaking at 50% of the last peak right now, seems to be starting to bear flag, if you really wanna ride it it's your money but that's a pretty big gamble

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bought at 340 almost sold at 270

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wish this shit would stop crabbing

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277 stable coin

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what's the pattern of it right now? another bear?

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>bought in at 160 and keking at people at this nothing dip

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looks like it, not really enough traction on the green right now, it's struggling hard to stay green at all, seems like it starting to burn off momentum, might see a few kick ups as we drop down in value tonight hitting a few holdouts like 274 but I don't see it spiking

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__ _____/?
Cup and handle hourly, MACD looks good.

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>tfw sold at $270 and bought back at $270

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lol I bought at 320 and OP got my hopes up FML

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276 right now, $6 is more than you started

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Never trust the shills, watch closely and make a play when you feel comfortable, don't get baited into taking someone elses bags

Blues starting to dip on 1m, most of the volume seems to be sell offs and green volume seems pretty weak

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wtf are you talking about its still sub 300

>> No.29270512

Think it's starting to wedge, might be about to see it drop soon

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Is binance bugged? I've never seen a depth chart this pointy

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I wonder if what they were saying about the gooks washing BNB was true, could also be people holding for a higher return, don't think they're gonna see it at this rate though, dropping a lot of volume as we speak

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How much longer we crabbing?

>> No.29271134

Probably got a ways to go, still a lot more red volume, just keep your eyes on the volume charts from the 1 minute range for now

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slow drop to 235

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Crabbing hard. I really dont know which way its going. With my legendary luck probably down. Pls Xi jin ping save us and i ll burn my winnie the poo vhs tape.

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Doesn't sound completely unreasonable with how things have gone so far, drops a bit resistant but it's definitely not mooning any time soon, this is still a down trend it seems
I'm in desperate need of sleep though, don't go FOMOing on this, the margin for success is way too tight right now, can't make it if you blow it all on bad rolls

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just go to sleep. its a long term hold. even if it dumps now it will go up sooner or later. I made a huge loss by panic selling and rebuying but looked at the bigger picture. CZ will NOT tarnish his brand by letting his coin disappear out of the top 10. He will promote and develop the fuck out of it

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That's a good outlook on it, I'm sure it'll pick back up in time
You guys all have a good night

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same. waiting for rebuy. learned a good lesson these last 2 days tho: take profit.

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same mate

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This shit is gonna convulse all weekend, just wait for the stable climb on monday

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bnb to $1,000 is inevitable

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It's dumping again

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Centralized Chink tier Robinhold coin... Enjoy it while it lasts...

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Comfily sitting after buying more at 240. We're all gonna make it

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this isn't fair. you cannot just copy etherium with some marginal improvements and eat the market

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